Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, Part Six: Mt. Kolts

Updated on July 16, 2016

With South Figaro thoroughly ransacked and at their backs, Terra, Edgar and Locke are off to Mt. Kolts. The Returners base is somewhere on the other side of this mountain range… it's just a matter of crossing through unsteady, unfriendly terrain to get there. Sounds like fun.

Mt. Kolts is home to two sets of enemies. The first set, found outside, aren't less dangerous those located in the caves, though they're likely to inflict poison status. Star Pendants are a staple if you don't want to cast Poisona after every battle. The indoor enemies hit harder, but they're lesser in amount. Either way, use Auto Crossbow to mow through any foes in your path. The only enemies he isn't likely to kill in one hit are the Gorgias, and they can easily be fried with Fire. Try not to use normal attacks on these brutes, as they'll retaliate with the brutal Gore attack.

Go north on the first screen to head indoors, then east inside the cave to emerge back outside. Enter the next cave to your right to find a northern passage. Check a short ways to your right to find a partially-hidden passage leading south to a Main Gauche. Return to the main northern passage. Ahead you'll see a bridge, and next to it the ground extends a short way before terminating. Check the wall to the right of this cliff edge to find a hidden path leading to a Gigas Glove. Backtrack when you've collected everything and take the northern exit.

Thieving Guide

Common Steal
Rare Steal
Mythril Claws

You'll see a shadowy figure running around outside. Follow it behind the mountain. On the next path, check the first cave you find for a Tent and the second for the way ahead. Cross through this cave, and the bridge in the next outdoor section, to find a save point. Use it, and consider putting up the Tent you found if Terra's been using her magic a lot.

The next outdoor section is a long, spiralling path down to another cave. Follow it until you spot a man, who jumps in front of the way through this area. Talk to him and you'll learn that he's Vargas, son of a renowned martial arts master, and he seems to know Edgar's brother Sabin. He's not a cheery man, and he'll attack after some brief chatter.


Vargas enters battle with two shaggy Ipooh that will block any attacks on their master. They don't have a ton of HP, and their Claw attacks can quickly sap your HP, so focus your strikes on them while Terra heals any wounds. Once they're out of the way, target Vargas with normal attacks, Fire, and if you bought one, Edgar's Bioblaster. He'll use a combination of physical attacks and the all-hitting Gale Cut to do damage, though neither is terribly strong. It's possible for Locke to steal Mythril Claws from Vargas, but chances are much better that he'll get a Potion instead.

Do enough damage and Sabin will appear. The rest of the party will be blown away, leaving Sabin to fight solo. Use his Raging Fist attack via the Blitz command (left, right, left and A) to beat Vargas in one hit. You only have sixty seconds to do this before Sabin dies, so don't waste any time.

Sabin will join the team after the battle, bringing your party up to four members. Hooray! Go through the cave Vargas was blocking to find a Tent, and, down a short staircase, the exit of Mt. Kolts. You're now mere steps away from the Returners base!


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