Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough, Part Sixteen: Zozo

Updated on January 20, 2017

The search for Terra is drawing to an end. There's only one place left to check on this half of the continent, and that's Zozo. A den of criminals, brigands and liars, Zozo is the last place anyone would want to visit. Guess where you're going next?

Despite being a town, Zozo is more like a dungeon. The streets and buildings are plagued by random encounters, and you're almost immediately faced with a puzzle befitting a dungeon. Your first instinct will probably be to get out of Zozo as quickly as possible. Don't be too hasty, though - this place is worth a thorough once-over.

Zozo is located far to the northeast of Jidoor, secreted in a mountain range. You may want to rent a chocobo or pitch a Tent before you enter, as you'll want to be at maximum health while you're travelling. The enemies here are pretty nasty, and can wipe out your party if you're not careful. Some tips on each:

  • Gobbledygooks aren't strong, but they have the annoying tendency to disappear, rendering themselves immune to physical attacks. Magic and most special attacks will uncloak them.
  • Harvesters can heal themselves, and other enemies, with items. Very annoying.
  • Hill Gigas have a lot of HP and can all-hit your characters for a lot of damage. Focus your strongest attacks on these things before they can lose their might on you.
  • Veil Dancers don't have much HP, but they use incredibly powerful magic that can one-hit your characters. Always kill them first when you're indoors.

The main 'dungeon' begins by entering the building marked by a Relic Shop sign, just south of the Pub. Ignore it for now and begin a sweep of the streets of the town.


The Pub is the first building you'll see in Zozo. Climb to the top and you'll find two doors. One contains an Ether; the other is rusted shut. You'll be able to open it after the halfway point of the game, but not now.


The Inn is a tiny building with naught but an unwound clock in it. This clock's proper time comprises Zozo's sub quest, wherein you must set the proper time. You do this by talking to everyone in town to learn the correct time. Problem is, everyone in Zozo (save one guy just south of the Inn) is a liar who can't be trusted. The key is to listen to the answers and eliminate the ones suggested to you as possible answers. You'll ultimately come up with this time: 6:10:50.

Use that on the clock and you'll open up a pathway to the Inn's second floor. Up here is the Chainsaw, a ridiculously-powerful Tool for Edgar that can do a ton of damage with a normal hit or potentially one-shot an enemy (though this second form never works on bosses). If there's one weapon that's unbalanced at this point in the game, it's the Chainsaw.

Armor Shop

There's only one thing in this shop: a chest with a Potion. Yay.

Weapon Shop

There are no items in here, only a man and his broken (or not) clock, part of the Chainsaw puzzle.

That's all for the streets of Zozo. Head to the Relic Shop (by now you probably know not to expect a salesman behind this door) and go inside.

The next few rooms and platforms are straightforward. Join the line of people and continue through the hallway to another section of the high-rise. At the top of the first flight of stairs is a hook you can use to ride past the line and get out again. Ignore this and keep climbing. At the top of the flights you'll find a small room with a Brigand's Glove.

Go back down the stairs to the black space on the left side of the building. You can hop between buildings here. Enter the next building, go to the end of the hall, and walk down the hidden path to your left. Check the pots and buckets at the other end for a Hi-Potion and an Ether. Go south and back outside.

You can hop between buildings again here. Enter the building on the opposite side and climb the stairs. Keep climbing back outside until you see a door. Check inside for a Burning Fist. Head back out and keep climbing until you find your path blocked. Talk to the man and, despite his friendly demeanour, he'll attack.


Dadaluma is deceptively easy, though only if you use the correct attacks. If you use Fight or Magic on him too many times, Dadaluma will respond with vicious attacks that can easily kill one character in one round. The secret is to use special attacks (Throw, Blitz, Tools, Rage, Bushido) to whittle down his HP instead. Do this and he'll only respond with weak attacks. Halfway through the fight Dadaluma will use a variety of restorative and status-boosting spells and items on himself, but this will only delay the inevitable. If you take too long Dadaluma will whistle up some Iron Fists to help him, but they're a piece of cake to kill. Regardless of your team you shouldn't have trouble with this guy. You'll receive a Twist Headband for winning.

After Dadaluma's done for, enter the building behind him. Inside you'll find two chests containing a Hermes Sandals and an X-Potion and… Terra. She's asleep, so her overseer, a man - esper? - named Ramuh will explain her true nature. After a short conversation Ramuh will transform himself into Ramuh Magicite, a jewel you can equip on characters to learn spells, and gift you with three other pieces of magicite: Cait Sith, Siren and Kirin. You can equip these jewels via the Abilities menu. Woo! Magic!

Terra's not fit to go anywhere right now, so you'll have to leave her behind. Head back to the entrance and you'll find other party members you left in Narshe waiting. You'll watch a sequence of conversations between the group, and at Zozo's entrance Celes will decide to return to the Empire to try to free the espers still detained there. Locke forces himself onto the team. Pick two other members (minus Shadow if you hired him, as he just left) and prepare for a trip to the heart of the Empire!


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