Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, Part Ten: Locke's Scenario

Updated on March 5, 2013

(Note: South Figaro is full of treasure which you could have picked up on your first trip through. If you sped right through town, check out this part of the walkthrough for a complete listing of what you can find in South Figaro.)

One lengthy journey later, Sabin is on a clear and easy path to Narshe with a few new friends. He has to pass through South Figaro first, though, and a certain thief was visiting the beleaguered port town not too long ago…

Locke's scenario begins on the outskirts of Narshe. The thief himself is being chased by an Imperial soldier, though he gets away. He desperately needs to get out of this town. Save in Duncan's House, equip Locke with the best stuff you've got, and get to work.

In order to proceed through South Figaro you have to employ two disguises, that of a merchant and a soldier. The soldiers have most of the avenues of approach blocked - you definitely don't want to talk to the Magitek Armor nearby - so try the Item Shop first. Inside is a merchant whom Locke will attack. Use Steal to take not only a Plumed Hat, but the guy's clothes. Locke is now a merchant.

Thieving Guide

Common Steal
Rare Steal
Plumed Hat
Main Gauche
Heavy Armor
Iron Helmet
Vector Hound

(You may want to use this chance to stock up on items. An upcoming battle after the scenarios are over will tax your healing abilities, and if you've been playing in the order of this walkthrough this is your last chance to buy Potions, Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs before the end.)

Run south down the previous set of stairs and enter the house. Go to the bottom floor and the boy guarding the stairs will let you through because you look like a merchant. Head back out onto the streets and go north, past the Weapon & Armor Shop, onto the outer wall of South Figaro. Follow it all the way west and south to find a soldier in green armour. Steal from him for a Potion and his uniform.

Get off the wall and head to the Rich Man's House. It's blocked off from here. Talk to the soldier south of the House and, with your uniform on, he'll think you're taking over for him and leave. Go south through the gap he left and head into the Pub. (You might also want to take this opportunity to talk to the soldiers around town. They won't chat if you're outside uniform.)

You'll find another merchant in the basement of the Pub, the delivery boy of the old man's cider. Attack him and Steal his clothes to simultaneously acquire his Cider. Run back to the house with the boy blocking the stairs and talk to the old man upstairs. He'll tell you there's a secret passage in his basement, though he can't remember the password. Talk to his grandson and give him the password 'Courage' to get through.

The passage will zip you through to the Rich Man's House. Enter the house and you'll hear whistling wind. Follow it upstairs to the Rich Man's room and check behind the bookshelf to find a staircase. Head downstairs (change or don't change, it's up to you) and you'll watch as two guards mock a prisoner in a small room: former general and current traitor to the Empire Celes (by default).

Enter the room and undo Celes' bindings. With some persuasion Locke will get her to follow him out of South Figaro. Check the sleeping soldier for an Old Clock Key, equip Celes with the best stuff you've got, and head out into the hall. The next door down the hall has a save point; the door at the end leads into a storage room. Use the Key on the top-right clock in the room to open up a passage nearby.

The next area is littered with random encounters with two types of enemies: Commanders and Vector Hounds. Neither is especially tough, but they can whittle down your HP over several battles. Fortunately, new recruit Celes is capable of using spells, and knows Cure. She also knows Ice, which can obliterate most enemies down here, but you're safer reserving your MP for healing. (Most enemies won't require more than a single hit from a sword or dagger anyway.) If you're in trouble and facing Vector Hounds, kill any enemies save the Vector Hound. The remaining Hound will flee if it's left alone.

The path out of town is tough to navigate thanks to blind pathways. Head east to the first stop in the path and go through. Check south for Iron Armor, then double back and continue east. You'll hit a looping pathway that leads to two chests, one with a Great Sword and the other with a Heavy Shield. Put these three things on Celes to bring her up to speed.

Follow the loop back the way you came and go directly south through the wall. About three steps down this passage, go left. You'll find a different path to a set of stairs. These lead to a small room containing a Hi-Ether and an X-Potion. Check just south of the X-Potion and you'll find a Ribbon hidden against the wall. Ribbons prevent all status ailments when equipped, and are always worth getting.

Go back up the stairs and continue down the adjacent passage to the south. Check west at the intersection for an Earring (a perfect fit for Celes) and west for a staircase leading out of the passages. Celes will question Locke's motives and you'll get out of South Figaro scot-free - but that's only half the battle. Now you have to make it through South Figaro Cave. Head north to Sabin's cabin if you need healing, and keep using it, or the Cave's spring, if you intend to power level in South Figaro Cave.

And why would you do that? Because the cave is now populated with new enemies! The Gold Bears seem like the biggest threats, but the Acrophies should be targeted first. Their annoying Numbclaw attack can inflict stop on a character, potentially rendering your team helpless to other attacks.

The Cave is otherwise no different than your last visit, save for one detail. If you ignored the chest sitting in the room by itself near the Figaro Castle entrance last time, you can open it this time to find a Thunder Rod. This item can be used to great effect in the next major fight. If you decide to leave it again, though, you'll get a Hero Ring in the second half of the game. Either course is fine, as Hero Rings aren't that difficult to get.

Thieving Guide

Common Steal
Rare Steal
Gold Bear
Eye Drops
Tunnel Armor
Air Knife

When you reach the recovery spring the shakes that periodically filled the cave before will get worse, and if you try to leave the cave a massive Imperial mech will crawl out of one of the walls. Boss battle!

Tunnel Armor

The Tunnel Armor is an imposing enemy, though it's not as bad to defeat as it looks thanks to Celes. It likes to use magic often, but Celes can use her Runic command (assuming she's holding a sword) to harmlessly absorb the attack and gain a minor amount of MP. Have Celes use Runic throughout the fight while Locke Steals from Tunnel Armor (either for a Bioblaster or an Air Knife, hopefully the latter) and then attacks once he has an item. Put Locke on healing duty whenever Tunnel Armor attacks with Drill or a normal strike and your party will be quite safe.

… or just use the Thunder Rod you may have grabbed to kill Tunnel Armor in a single hit. Up to you.

Once Tunnel Armor is toast you'll receive an Elixir and the path to Narshe will be clear. Scenario complete!


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    4 years ago

    In the advanced version you don't need a guard uniform where the building bridging the stream meet visual, up, you can wait to the pub


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