Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough, Part Thirteen: Narshe

Updated on December 28, 2016

Terra, in a fit of unbridled magical energy, has transformed into something and sped off into the sky. The Returners aren't keen on losing one of their members, and everyone sets off to find her. Will they get to her before she hurts anyone? Or herself?

Before leaving for Figaro Castle, you will probably note that you have a new resource at your disposal: Narshe! The town's guards are no longer looking to kick your team out of town, and their newfound benevolence allows you to explore to your heart's content. Let's have a look around.


South of Arvis' home is a storage shed filled with treasures. An old man standing on the road below the house will tell you to take as much of the treasure as you like. Check out the chests to find 5,000 gil, an Earring, a Thief's Knife, a Reflect Ring, a Thief's Bracer and a Hyper Wrist. There's another chest in here that's locked. You'll discover the contents of it after your next big adventure and return to Narshe.

Item Shop

This small store sells the usual assortment of goods. If you were left hurting after the war against Kefka's forces you might want to stock up.

Armor Shop

The Armor Shop only has one new item you haven't seen in stores before: Mythril Shields. You shouldn't have much trouble affording enough for the entire group. Bear in mind that you only really need to buy these for your active group.


Despite it being your unofficial HQ for the time being, Arvis' House is not open for sleeping. Nevertheless, the inn is not where you should sleep! More on this below.

Weapon Shop

There are only two pieces of equipment you'll need to buy here: the Chain Flail and the Moonring Blade. Both of these weapons allow their bearers (Locke and Celes) to attack from the back row with no ill effect to their attack power. Not bad… though if you like to steal, Locke's Thief Knife is a better pick. After you've outfitted your troops, note that you can sleep in the owner's bed, through a door behind the counter. (You could also just use the bucket in the Adventuring School.)

This store is supremely important much, much later in the game. Mark its location for now.

Relic Shop

Nothing terribly new to speak of here. If you've been relying on Star Pendants to ward off poisoning, you might want to upgrade to Fairy Rings to also prevent blindness.

Elder's House

Narshe's Elder still hasn't quite made his mind up about supporting the Returners, and he continues to muse over it if you visit his house in the northwest part of town. The only thing worth getting here is the Elixir from the clock.


Located north of the Relic Shop, up a set of stairs, this house is empty and seemingly useless. This is nevertheless another extremely important location to your team much later in the game, and you'll want to come back here ere Final Fantasy VI draws to a close.

Narshe has yet to betray the full extent of its treasures, but you've done all you've can with the place for now. You can explore the snowfields where you fought Kefka, if you wish, but your next destination is Figaro Castle. Head south to the desert castle.

You won't find a whole lot changed in Figaro Castle unless you bring both Sabin and Edgar. Sabin will run off when you first arrive, and if the team sleeps he and Edgar will share a moment of reflection. You can do this whenever you want. Additionally, you can use Edgar to get discounts from the vendors. This is especially handy for buying two more Tools for Edgar: Flash and Drill. Flash is so-so, while Drill deals devastating amounts of damage to a single enemy. Not half bad, and worth the money.

Once you're done looking around, talk to the old man down the left set of stairs near the castle's entrance. He'll offer to take you to a town called Kohlingen. Accept and the entire castle will sink beneath the sands and travel under a mountain range to reach new territory. Huh. Kohlingen it is, then!


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