Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, Part Twenty-Two: Blackjack Exploration

Updated on July 13, 2016

Terra is back to normal… albeit with some new powers… and she's ready to take her place as an ambassador of goodwill to the espers. Banon needs her back in Narshe to kick off this process, and with the Blackjack under their command the team will be in the frozen north in no time.

Head for Narshe once you have control of the Blackjack. When you approach the front gates a soldier will escort you to the Elder's house, and everyone will settle on a plan of attack: head to the Sealed Gate and try to make contact with the espers in their own world. They may be able to help stop the Empire in its tracks. You can head there at any time, so long as Terra's in your party.

But why leave right now? You have an airship! You can roam the world with impunity! And you might as well - there are new things to see in many of the cities of the world. We'll start with Narshe.


The first notable thing about Narshe is its new stock of weapons and armor. As far as the next area goes (as well as the rest of the first half of the game) Locke's Hawkeye weapon is an incredible buy. Locke will use a special, high-damage attack on any floating enemies he targets. The Hawkeye is a must-have weapon, and you may want to consider getting two and giving Locke a Genji Glove.

The second is the opportunity to get a new character! Check the house on the bluffs in the eastern part of Narshe, where you previously found a ton of treasure chests - and one locked. Inside is the thief Lone Wolf, who managed to open the locked chest. Follow him away from the building and north, into the mines and up to the snowfields where the Frozen Esper is waiting. Lone Wolf will have taken a Moogle hostage. Wait a few seconds for the Moogle to break free and you'll have a choice: help the Moogle or help Lone Wolf. Do the former and none other than Mog (whose name you can now change) will join your team. Do the latter and you'll get a Gold Hairpin, though you'll lose the chance to recruit Mog for a while. Gold Hairpins are good relics, but having Mog is better.


Now that you have Mog, you may want to make the most of his special ability: Dance. If you used him during the battle to protect Terra, you'll know that Mog learns new Dances if he fights in certain areas. You can't get all of his Dances right now, but you can get most of them.

Wind Rhapsody - Fight in any grassy area.

Desert Lullaby - Fight in a desert area.

Forest Nocturne - Fight in a forest.

Earth Blues - Fight in the outdoor section of mountains. Mt. Kolts is a good place to get this Dance.

Love Serenade - Fight in towns and building interiors. Zozo will do.

Twilight Requiem - Fight in caves. If you used Mog in the battle to protect Terra you should already have this one. If not, you can get it by fighting in the Narshe Mines.

Water Harmony - Fight in or near water. This is the problematic Dance. There are two places in the first half of the game you can get it: the Serpent Trench and the Lethe River. Both require you to abandon the Blackjack and essentially redo Sabin's entire scenario. It will be much easier, as the Phantom Train and Imperial Base can be completely bypassed, but you'll still have to make a roundabout trip. You can get this Dance in the second half of the game, though you only have one chance - and it's quite a powerful weapon for the next few areas. Why not?


It's been a while since Gau has visited the Veldt, and with the Blackjack you can return and collect a slew of new Rages. Not a bad time to earn some AP for your newcomers in the process, as well.


East of the Veldt is another continent with a single town on its eastern tip. This secluded village is called Thamasa, and its people are almost universally wary of your approaches. Nevertheless, the monsters around here are strong and great for stockpiling both experience and AP. Just don't expect to be able to use Thamasa's Inn without significant cost - the innkeeper charges 1,500 gil to strangers.

Triangle Island

In the northeast corner of the map is a small, unassuming island with seemingly no significance. Land on it and fight a few battles, though, and you'll come across the Intangir. These oddball enemies begin battle invisible, though if you use any spell on one it will awake, use Meteor, and go back to sleep. Meteor will mash your characters. It's very difficult to beat an Intangir at any point in the first half of the game, especially right now. If you can beat an Intangir, you'll earn 10 AP. Not too shabby - if you can manage a kill.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to get one. Teach at least one of your characters the Stop spell and have them use it on Intangir until it sticks. This will make Intangir appear, but it won't use Meteor on your team. Use this moment to assault the creature, heal up after Stop wears off, and repeat. With time you'll kill the Intangir. (At this point your team might be too weak, so you may want to come back to Triangle Island later.)


Tzen is as beat-up and occupied as always. It has a new occupant since the Magitek Research Facility, though, and if you check the forest just north of the Relic Shop you'll find him pacing amid the trees. He has the magicite Seraph for sale for 3,000 gil. You can get this magicite in the second half of the game for a mere 10 gil, but why wait? Seraph's great for restorative magic. Buy the magicite now.

The world is officially canvassed. Next stop: the Imperial Base blocking entrance to the Cave to the Sealed gate.


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  • Demon Of Song profile image

    Demon Of Song 

    6 years ago

    Sounds good, this really is a well put together walk-through. Screenshots can be so helpful in a guide, over reading a guide on gamefaqs.

    Also, considering the game was just recently released on Android and iOS, I'm sure a few people out there will appreciate a well written walk-through

  • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

    Matt Bird 

    6 years ago from Canada

    Fair enough. Thanks. I'm planning on putting this walkthrough on a different webpage and then completing it, so once I get around to that I'll incorporate your suggestion.

  • Demon Of Song profile image

    Demon Of Song 

    6 years ago

    This hasn't been updated in over a year, but on the off chance that the author reads this, you can also learn the Forest Suite at this point in the game by fighting with Mog in the Phantom Forest. It's a pretty much guarantee that you will learn this if you opt to go to the Serpents Trench route to learn the Water dance, but still.


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