"Final Fantasy": Which Type of Mage Are You?

Updated on July 21, 2020
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Jeremy casts spells in between his careers as a chemical analyst and campus manager.

A White and Red Mage
A White and Red Mage | Source

The Many Mages

Final Fantasy (FF) games feature characters who wield swords, staves, guns, and other various weapons. Many FF titles let you choose the class your party members specialize in. One of the most common and useful classes is the Mage.

Mages lack attack power, and are physically fragile. However, they offer powerful spells to decimate adversaries and heal their team. The several types of Mages include... Well, let's take a quiz to determine which type of magic-wielding combatant you'd be, and then browse the various results!

Now that you have your result, check out the abilities and artwork of the numerous types of mages!

Black Mage
Black Mage

Black Mage

You are the powerful Black Mage. You use a stave, but you should avoid melee combat, as you are quite frail. However, no other mage uses offensive spells as you can. You focus on harmful spells to assault foes, and you have a variety of hexes to damage opponents. Whether you're sizzling them with flames or freezing them with ice, you take enemies out before they can harm your team.
Groups of you have been known to form bands, too.

Blue Mage
Blue Mage

Blue Mage

You are the versatile Blue Mage. You start off without knowing much magic, but you learn many spells throughout your quests. You easily grasp the methods adversaries use, and employ their own tactics against them; most of your arsenal comes from magic your foes have used. In addition to your adaptable spells, you are one of the most physically gifted mages, and you can fight competently with a blade. Though sometimes underestimated, you prove a useful addition to any team.

Red Mage
Red Mage

Red Mage

You are the multi-talented Red Mage. You aren't a master of any group of spells; rather, you are a jack-of-all-trades who can fill any role competently. You harness both White and Black Magic to heal comrades and harm enemies. Additionally, you are more skilled in brawls than other mages, and you brandish a sword and armor. Though you don't specialize in any one area, your ever-changing combat role will benefit any team.

Time Mage
Time Mage

Time Mage

You are the crafty Time Mage. You often wield daggers and wear simple robes, but that doesn't decrease your combat versatility. You brandish Time Magic, powerful spells that can hasten your team's actions, slow your enemies, or completely freeze your adversaries in time. This makes you an excellent ally to have in battle. Additionally, skilled Time Mages may learn powerful offensive spells such as Gravity and Meteor, making them competent warriors even when fighting alone.

White Mage
White Mage

White Mage

You are the medically talented White Mage. You fill one of the most important roles in your team, as you skillfully utilize healing magic. In addition to treating wounds, you learn some spells to shield your party from further damage. You brandish a stave, and you aren't the physically weakest of the mages, but you're not the strongest, either. Most groups will travel with at least one White Mage; no one is better at fending off an early demise.



You are a powerful Summoner (also called an Evoker or Caller). Though you are physically frail, you are talented with whips. However, your real strength lies in your ability to call forth powerful creatures to help you battle. These creatures, sometimes called Aeons, Espers, or simply Summons, have a variety of effects and attacks, leaving you with many options to choose from. Summons are very powerful, but quickly deplete your stamina, so ensure you select the right beast for the job.

Future of Final Fantasy

I hope you enjoyed reviewing the various types of mages and discovering which suits you best. Final Fantasy has had some missteps in recent years, but fans are optimistic about a triumphant comeback for the series. Look forward to more Final Fantasy content and thanks for reading!

Your Mage

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