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"Final Fantasy XV": Character Leveling Tips and Tricks

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Update: 6-11-2017

Hi Everyone!

Using CTRL + F will help you look for specific information within this ever-growing article. I have been very careful to make titles for each section of the guide to help you out. :-)

I've spent the last month since my previous update to do some more research and move the game forward to Chapter Eight. Currently, I am level 90 and just finished clearing Vesperpool area of any quests and dungeons that were inaccessible until then.

Many miles of walking around in the game on foot has garnished me a Skill Max for Ignis' Cooking, Prompto's Photography and Gladiolus' Survival. Noctis' Fishing Skill is at 5 but I am saving that side-quest for now.

At this time, I've learned that each character has rather unique accessories and weapons that only the corresponding character can use. For example, The Camera Strap which only Prompto can equip allows him to get more pictures each game day. I will be starting a separate guide for weapons and accessories today after I finish this huge update.

I will post new additions to this article covering these two subjects as well as trying to provide a better understanding of how you can stack Noctis' Weapons Stats.

Final Fantasy XV: A Foreword about the Guide

Final Fantasy XV has one of the most complex leveling systems ever put in a game. This point might be easily argued except in the real aspect of leveling that I am referring to. There are numerous weapons upgrades, the Nexus sphere grid, the character's individual skills, individual character levels, Elemancy and even the Regalia all have obtainable upgrades. The intent of this guide is to cover each individual aspect of leveling.

Here is the known list of up-gradable characters, items, and magic: (Each part of this list will be carefully covered individually and in depth.)

Weapons: Weapons marked with a yellow cross can be upgraded by taking them to Cid, Cindy's dad. Each weapon you have Cid upgrade becomes a Side Quest, in the game. This comes in real handy when you're looking for a key item Cid needs. Be warned though, the higher you upgrade a weapon, the longer it takes Cid to finish the job and that can take, 'Game Days', where you will find yourself having to make do without that weapon. So, bear that in mind.

Machinery: Machinery can be upgraded by Cid, as well. Just like with Elemancy, Machinery can and will affect your team as it does the monsters your fighting. Definitely, bear this in mind before using either.

Techniques: Techniques are used for a variety of reasons during battle and are leveled up by use. The main drawback to using techniques is the way the camera switches to the character issuing the technique while you are still in the middle of fighting which, leaves you vulnerable. It's best to save techniques for when you are, "Hanging".

Ascension: This is your sphere grid in Final Fantasy XV. Each node, or Nexus, allows you to boost eight various aspects of the characters and game. Most guides recommend starting with Ignis' Nexus, Aftertaste which increases the duration of the side effects gained from eating his cooking at camps. However, I say go for anything that boost AP such as, Happy Camping. Ability Points, or AP, is used to pay for everything in Ascension and can cost up 999 AP for a single node. Opening up the character accessory slots is always a good idea, as well. Either way, both Nexus nodes are under Ascension>Exploration.

Skills: Each character in the game has a unique skill. Initially, the most useful skill would be Ignis' cooking quickly followed by Gladiolus' Survival Skill. The meals Ignis' cooks, grants really great and long-lasting side effects. The Survival Skill allows Gladiolus to find better item drops from defeated enemies. Noctis and Prompto's Skills are more of a novelty at the beginning of the game.

Elemancy: In Final Fantasy XV, you actually get to create spells simply by mixing and matching items with elemental properties. In a return to Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XV uses draw-points for gathering magic. However, just like Machinery, Elemancy affects everyone, friend or foe, in range of the blast. It's actually funny to watch your team rolling on the ground and twitching after using Thundaga. LOL.

Character Levels: Experience gained from battles, side-quests and unlocking certain Nexus nodes, will accumulate throughout the course of the game-day. When a character obtains enough experience, they go up a level. Gaining levels increases character stats and can unlock new techniques, skills and abilities.

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I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something that I will come back and add later. For now, let's take a real close look at each of these.

Final Fantasy XV: Tips and Tricks

Warp-Striking is an awesome attack but Warp-Hanging has it's benefits too!

Warp-Striking is an awesome attack but Warp-Hanging has it's benefits too!

Final Fantasy XV: Tips While Playing

Final Fantasy XV is a beautiful game with lots to discover and explore. However, as many of you may have figured out from my Fallout 4 Guide Series; I enjoy sucking all the goodies out of a game.

Recently, I bought a copy of Final Fantasy XV and the journey began. Right off hand and really quick, all the copyright stuff belongs to Square Enix and kudos to them for making an awesome, “Hack-and-slash”, RPG that is really a lot of fun.

Getting the hang of the controls takes a bit of doing but there is the in-game tutorials to help you get the hang of the basics. However, something you need to know right away is how to use items in battle and the game is anything but clear on the matter.

During battle, press R2 on your PS4 Controller or RB on the Xbox Controller. Doing so bring up your item list so you can heal. Also, clicking the R2/RB and pressing right on the directional brings up a rather unique option… you can use the camera to take pictures. You can also click R2/RB when free-roaming to use items and snatch pictures as well.

NOTE: Before bedding the group down for the night, make sure and check your experience. If you have gained a nominal amount, camping is your best bet but if you got lucky and took out a Cactuar in the Weaverwild, staying at the hotel in the Longwythe Rest Area for 300 Gil, will garnish you a 1.5 X Experience, bonus multiplier.

Final Fantasy XV: Paul's Advice


Final Fantasy XV: Paul's Advice on Ascension

The key to any aspect of the game is to slow down and read everything. Final Fantasy XV is an awesome game with a lot of details. However, if you take the time to read the descriptions, you will avoid costly mistakes.

Paul pointed out to me that any Ascension Sphere that says, "...number of levels gained", means just that and the effect does not continue to work with each additional level you gain after taking the perk.

In short, avoid taking any of those spheres until you are maxed out on levels. HP times Level 99 is much, much better than HP times level 10.

Instead, focus on the exploration spheres for bonus AP and EXP as well as the accessory spheres.

Basically, for maximum usage of any, "...number of levels gained", simply means waiting until you are Level 99 before unlocking them.

Final Fantasy XV: Master Mechanic Cid

Cid can upgrade your weapons and machinery...with the right item.

Cid can upgrade your weapons and machinery...with the right item.

Final Fantasy XV: Cid and Upgrades

Being a master mechanic, Cid provides a unique service after you leave Galdin Quay with the help of Dino, a reporter. The service Cid offers is the upgrading of any Weapons or Machinery earmarked with a yellow plus.

In order for Cid to upgrades these items, he will require certain odds and ends to do so which, luckily become small side-quests. If you have taken the time to run around the Hammerhead area, you should have some of his earlier, and easier, requests on hand.

Again, do not forget that when you upgrade a weapon or machinery, it can take several game-days for Cid to complete which equates to you having to play without the item you have him currently upgrading.

Currently, I have upgraded the Engine Blade to Engine Blade III based on items I found while staying within the Hammerhead region. In order to upgrade from Engine Blade III to the Ultima Blade, you need a, Sturdy Helixhorn.

In order to obtain a Helixhorn, you will have to venture to a region in Cleigne called, Lestallum Outpost. Talk to the local Tipster for the hunt, "The Last Spiracorns". Take the hunt but be mindful, when you fight the Duplicorns, focus on attacking their horns to increase the chances of getting the Sturdy Helixhorn drop. If you don't get one, repeat taking the hunt until you do. Once you have the Sturdy Helixhorn, head back to Cid to finish the Engine Blade III side-quest and to receive your, Ultima Weapon.

It will be some time before I make it to Cleigne, since it is located far west of anywhere I have access to at the moment. Still the Engine Blade III is totally doable early on and boosts MP, Strength and Magic, dramatically. At level 28, Noctis and the Engine Blade III have a combined attack power of 382.

Cid also upgrades Machinery. In order to upgrade the, Auto-Crossbow, you will need a Cactuar Needle which can be obtained in the Weaverwild from a Slactuar but only very early in the morning does he appear.

The Bioblaster is upgraded by Cid using an item called, Dynamo which is a rare item that dropped by Midgardsomr outside of Glacial Grotto Dungeon located in Cleigne. You can also obtain the item by defeating high-level Magitek Arm mechs during the quest, Engaging the Empire.

Courel Whisker for the Drain Lance III can be found outside of the Keycatrich Ruins later in the game. Just pop into the area from time-to-time after each story progression until they appear in the area.

As more weapons and machinery is discovered in the game, those will be added to this list along with relevant information.

Final Fantasy XV: Techniques

Techniques, both good and bad.

Techniques, both good and bad.

Final Fantasy XV: Character Techniques

Update: June 22, 2017

Update: Ignix has a technique called, "Enhancement". Unlock this technique as soon as possible. The technique allows Ignis to add the best elemental to Noctis' attacks. Not only does this cause Noctis to do more damage, but it's a fairly easy and quick way to know which Elemancy is going to be the most effective.

If any of you are old enough to remember Killer Instinct: Gold for the Nintendo 64, then you probably recall the biggest issue with the game. An issue commonly found in Final Fantasy XV and Techniques that amplify the problem even more.

When using a technique, the camera changes to the character during the Technique's cut-scene. This leaves Noctis vulnerable since you won't be able to see him. If you thought the fight going behind the bushes was frustrating for blinding you, using a Technique totally leaves you with zero options for changing the view or swinging the camera around, so to speak.

To fix this problem, before using a technique, have Noctis warp to a Hanging-point before issuing the command. This way, he's safely out of the way and instead of getting killed, he'll heal up during the cut-scene.

Since Noctis already has the family wizard's blood in him, he doesn't have Techniques available. However, his teammates do. Each technique levels up as it is used and more techniques are unlocked by leveling up, among other means.

The Snapshot Technique of Prompto is gained in Ascension and can be upgraded to garnish AP as well. These nodes are available under the Exploration Tab of Ascension.

Final Fantasy XV: Skills

Still got some fishing to do but the Noctis Fishing Guide is it's own article.

Still got some fishing to do but the Noctis Fishing Guide is it's own article.

Final Fantasy XV: Skill Overview

Update: June 22nd, 2017

Update: Here is the promised Skill Updates.

The characters in Final Fantasy are very unique in a broad spectrum of ways. One such way is that each character has, “Skills”. These skills influence the game in variously different ways.

Ignis prepares their meals when camping out. Noctis likes to go fishing in his spare time or when a side-quest requires it. Prompto is a shutter-bug and takes pictures you can save and share. Gladiolus, however, has a rather unique skill. He grabs everything after a battle and the higher his skill level, the better the items he gets.

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis and Fishing

Noctis catching his first fish!

Noctis catching his first fish!

Final Fantasy XV: Fishing Skill Overview

The, "Bait and Tackle", menu houses a lot of information requiring a more in-depth article and a lot more research!

The, "Bait and Tackle", menu houses a lot of information requiring a more in-depth article and a lot more research!

Final Fantasy XV: Prince Noctis

Prince Noctis going incognito! LOL

Prince Noctis going incognito! LOL

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Update: June 22nd, 2017

Update: After starting the Fishing Skill side-quest for Noctis, I discovered just how huge this undertaking will be. So far, I've discovered fifteen fishing spots and are indicated on the map by a fish with a hook sitting on top. It will take time to learn everything about each spot for an article dedicated to this subject alone.

Noct, as his friends call him, has several unique abilities that will be covered individually. However, fishing is a Skill that only levels up by successful catches.

Footnote of sorts: I just found the spot where I can fish in Leiden which is the map posted above. Leiden is massive and takes game days to move around while exploring every nook and cranny. Still, perseverance paid off and I found a spot to level up at. Now, the trick is finding time in between treasure, ore and food harvesting but more on that later.

Noct can acquire fishing lures throughout the game but take a moment before you start fishing and be sure you’re using the right bait in the right spots. In your item inventory, you can check out your bait and tackle. Each bait has a brief description which includes which type of fish the bait is best suited for. A Horned Bluegill was my first catch in the Ostrum Gorge.

Final Fantasy XV: Hammerhead Fishing Location

Ostrum Gorge fishing location.

Ostrum Gorge fishing location.

Final Fantasy XV: Ostrum Gorge Fishing Area

Ostrum Gorge

As clearly marked on the map, there is a nearby camping ground for catching rest between fishing trips. Also, in the area are Leiden Tomatoes that sell for 100 Gil each and the usual magic draw points. Nice tribute to Final Fantasy VIII.

In my free time this week, I will be hanging out at the campground and spending my days fishing until I get Noct’s fishing level up. Here is my recommended set-up before you begin your fishing trip at Ostrum Gorge.

A) Leave your car, The Regalia, at the gas station in Hammerhead. Talking to the guy at the diner will renew almost all plants, treasures and ore in the region. So, be sure to go see him each morning after camp.

B) Either run back to the camp in Ostrum Gorge or, if it was the last place you bedded down, warp to the campsite.

C) Gather all of the items in the immediate area near camp, including the tomatoes on the other side of the storage/fort.

Once you’ve rounded up everything and killed a few Sabertusks… their claws sell for 90 Gil a piece… it’s time to go fishing.

Fish during the daytime. Fishing at night garnished zilch on my hook and until I obtain new lures, the lures currently available seem to work best during the day.

Footnote: Although the lures work best for certain types of fish, they have been known to hook other types as well.

Final Fantasy XV: Gladiolus Amicitia Skills

Platinum Ingots is well-worth walking everywhere!!!

Platinum Ingots is well-worth walking everywhere!!!

"Fitter Survival" - A certain chance of obtaining more items after defeating an enemy during battle.

"Fitter Survival" - A certain chance of obtaining more items after defeating an enemy during battle.

"Fittest Survival" - I really should break down and stock pile AP until I get this one. LOL

"Fittest Survival" - I really should break down and stock pile AP until I get this one. LOL

Final Fantasy XV: Gladiolus Skill Levels

Update: June 22nd, 2017

Update: Gladio's Ultimate Skill was a bit confusing since the other nine are geared towards healing and refilling but his final skill, "Platinum Puller", was a bit off-center. However, this skill is awesome! Every time Gladio picks up one, you just made 10,000 Gil. Also, there are Ascension Skills that will help assist him in acquiring more of any item he gets.

Gladio, as the guys call him, is the powerhouse of the team with a serious knack for grabbing items off of defeated foes. Fact is, picking up items after battles is his Skill and one well-worth leveling up.

With each Skill Level, Gladio grabs better items after battle. At Level One, he picks up Potions but by Level 5, he is capable of grabbing: Potions, Remedies, Hi-Potions, Ethers and Elixirs.

In order to Level up Gladiolus’ Skill Set, you simply have to run around… a lot. The easiest way to accomplish this is to leave the Regalia in Hammerhead and walk around the entire area while fighting and collecting items.

At the end of each day, any Skill experience gained will be added the same way Experience is added when the group camps.

Final Fantasy XV: Ignis and Cooking

Ignis is a campfire gourmet!

Ignis is a campfire gourmet!

Final Fantasy XV: Ignis Scientia Cooking Skill

Iggy, as the team calls him, is a campground cooking guru. Although leveling up his cooking skill will unlock a new dish for Iggy to create, the real inspiration for his dishes comes from a variety of sources.

Ignis only cooks at campgrounds. Bear this mind, as he will not prepare their meals at campers and hotels.

Dining at restaurants will sometimes inspire, Ignis. Be sure to try each dish a diner carries for more inspiration and new dishes.

Sometimes, harvesting a new vegetable will inspire a recipe. By the same token, defeating certain enemies might inspire a new menu choice.

Oddly enough, reading certain signs or posters will unlock a new idea for Ignis to whip up in the kitchen, so to speak.

Ultimately, his culinary skills come with the great undertaking of exploration. Look everywhere and check everything. Read the signs and billboards and try out all the local cuisine.

Final fantasy XV: Best Recipe for Experience

The Stacked Ham Sandwich!!!

The Stacked Ham Sandwich!!!

Final Fantasy XV: The Stacked Ham Sandwich

This ultimate Dagwood is definitely one heck of a sandwich and as such, it lives up to it's size.

This is a really great recipe that's fairly easy to obtain once you get out of Liede. Simply to head to Wiz's Chocobo Ranch and take on Wiz' Quests. Doing so will unlock, The Chubby Chocobo. Buy the sandwich and Ignis will get inspired for the, "Stacked Ham sandwich".


Garula Sirloin

Fine Gighee Ham

Aegir Root

This is a really easy recipe to get the ingredients for. All around Wiz's Chocobo Ranch, you will find herds of Garula.

Fine Gighee Ham can be bougth from the shop in your car.

Aegir Root grows just east of Hammerhead Rest Stop near the campground closest to Insomnia Main Gate. I believe there might be some growing close to the ranch but I will have to check first.

Final Fantasy XV: Food and Favorites

Telling the difference between Retro-Characters and their counterparts in cooking, can be tricky at first.

Telling the difference between Retro-Characters and their counterparts in cooking, can be tricky at first.

Final Fantasy XV: Dishes and Dinners

The menu Ignis can create or unique and based on whatever inspires him. However, cooking for the team bears great side-effects worthy of mentioning in detail.

Individual characters are represented on dishes with a Retro-Character design. At first, I had difficulty telling the difference between Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis. Finding the four of the represented at a weapons shop solved that small mystery. Prompto’s blonde hair was a dead giveaway.

Not only will the food give the team a boost in a wide variety of ways, it also builds relationships. By cooking a meal a particular character likes, that character receives various bonuses.

Try working on Ignis’ Aftertaste Nexus which increases the duration of every meals effect. The duration increases with each activated node starting at the default, until nightfall (max: 12 hours). The first node has a maximum duration of 24 hours with the remaining two consisting of 36 and 48-hour maximum lasting potential.

Final Fantasy XV: Ignis Skill Set

I would give anything to try some of these dishes... like, Kenny's Salmon.

I would give anything to try some of these dishes... like, Kenny's Salmon.

Final Fantasy XV: Prompto Argentum Photography

The guys enjoying the great outdoors!

The guys enjoying the great outdoors!

Selfies! From time to time, Prompto will ask Noctis, who would he want to see more pictures of.

Selfies! From time to time, Prompto will ask Noctis, who would he want to see more pictures of.

Final Fantasy XV: Photography Skill

Update: June 22ns, 2017

Update: Prompto can get an accessory called, "The Camera Strap". This accessory can only be used by him but it allows him to capture more pictures. He also has a Technique called, "Snapshot", that is unlocked in Ascension.

Prompto Argentum enjoys being the group shutterbug. After you choose to call it a day and bed down, you will be given the opportunity to save pictures Prompto took throughout the day.

Prompt, as his friends call him, does have one drawback… he only takes a maximum of ten pictures at a time. However, to cob that problem, you can take up to 200 pictures by pressing R2/RB to bring up the item menu. Using the direction, press to the right and follow the onscreen commands while playing as Noctis.

While looking at the pictures, the guys will make comments about them. Also, if select a picture during review, or from archives in your main menu, you can press, “Share”, on the PS4 and then, “Triangle”, in order to save a screen capture.

When Noctis is taking pictures, take advantage of the zoom feature to scan the area. With the added ability to jump, climbing in the game to the top of hills and anything you can work your way up, will garnish some spectacular views and photographic opportunities.

Just remember, Noctis cannot take pictures in battle. However, using zoom, you can grab pictures of most monsters, or Daemon, from afar. The best use for this is to scout the area around a Daemon to make sure there are no other enemies lurking nearby.

Final Fantasy XV: Battlefield Photography

If I thought my publisher would let me, I would post every picture I have saved from the game.

If I thought my publisher would let me, I would post every picture I have saved from the game.

The Infamous, Red Iron Giant...

The Infamous, Red Iron Giant...

Classic Battles around every corner with a ton of new and unexpected ones.

Classic Battles around every corner with a ton of new and unexpected ones.

Final Fantasy XV: Elemancy and Noctis

Magic is as wide-open as any region in the game!

Magic is as wide-open as any region in the game!

Final Fantasy XV: Elemancy Drawback

Magic is a two-edged sword. Use with extreme caution!

Magic is a two-edged sword. Use with extreme caution!

Final Fantasy XV: Killcast

So far, my most powerful spell!

So far, my most powerful spell!

Final Fantasy XV: Elemancy

Update: June 22nd, 2017

Update: As you level up, Spells will start to take less and less of a toll on your team. Of course, having the right gear on the guys helps a lot, too! Celestriad can be won by playing Justice Monsters Five and getting 99 Treasures in the game.

Also, my opinion of Elemancy has changed drastically. Granted, it is hard to get the hang of at first but it really does deserve to have its own guide and with that thought in mind... I will be publishing one soon enough.

When you first start the game, Elemancy can be very overwhelming. As a take from Final Fantasy VIII, Noctis will find draw-points normally near campgrounds where he can draw fire, lightning and blizzard.

Just to forewarn you, all spells you cast in battle affect you and your team. Why, I have absolutely no idea and it is really annoying. However, use a little creativity when composing spells and you will do okay. For example, mixing any element with an antidote provides the spells with the element plus poison. As stated, this will poison you and your team when used in battle. To fix this particular issue, equip your teammates, and yourself, with accessories that null poison. However, that's only one solution to a much bigger problem.

When mixing drawn magic with items, and each other, you can create all kinds of powerful spells. Once you have the spells created, you can actually assign them to Noctis or the other characters.

One spell I created was made to cast either, Firaga, Thundaga or Blizzaga with a nasty side effect of lowering an enemies attack level by 99. Unfortunately, when I used the spell, the enemy, and my guys, were all running around hitting each other for zero until the spell wore off.

Final Fantasy XV: Elemancy

Sheer Power!!!

Sheer Power!!!

Final Fantasy XV: Experience Tips

The better the lodging, the better the experience multiplier!

The better the lodging, the better the experience multiplier!

Final Fantasy XV: Experience Tips and Tricks

The core component to leveling your characters is experience which is gained by a variety of means. Whether you run around defeating daemons or complete side-quests, there's always ways of earning Experience and AP, throughout the game.