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"Final Fantasy XV" Liede Treasure Locations- Including Hidden Ones!

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Liede Procurement Points

Liede Procurement Points are added by the local Tipsters. However, hidden locations exist as well!

Liede Procurement Points are added by the local Tipsters. However, hidden locations exist as well!

Loot Locations

In the game, you can use the blue crosshairs to highlight various points of interest on the map to see what they are, to a certain degree. However, highlighting treasures will not tell a player what that treasure is. This guide comes to the rescue.

Thank you Square Enix for making the Final Fantasy series for all of these years, starting back when it was Squaresoft. Final Fantasy XV is a very expansive game with lots to do and plenty of wide open spaces to explore... and that's just in the region of Liede, your adventure's starting point.

Liede is loaded with everything, and everything, for the most part, respawns! Most enemies, treasures, ores, and plants reappear. It is important to note a few fun facts about these procurement points before looking at them individually.

First and foremost, a single treasure spot is capable of spawning three different items by percentage. Obviously, the better the item, the less likelihood of it appearing in that location. However, there is a way to work around this. If you can gather up 99 of the common treasure item, the percentage of the rare items increases exponentially, making it even easier to obtain rare items at every respawn.

Speaking of respawning. Here's a nifty little trick. After clearing an area in Liede, head back to the diner and speak with the Tipster behind the counter. He will update the local procurement points, resetting most of the items within the cleared area.

Footnote: There are random treasures that appear throughout Liede. There are also some treasures that respawn that will not be listed by the Tipster. No worries, a special section for hidden treasure spots will be added.

Food Procurement Points

Plants provide three unique uses!

Plants provide three unique uses!

The Versatile Plants

In Final Fantasy XV, harvesting wild plants will serve you well in three ways: As part of a recipe, as part of crafting Elemancy, and to sell.

On occasion, when finding a new species of plant, Ignis will get inspiration for a new dish. As you might know, each meal he prepares provides certain Stat Bonuses. The great thing about the produce you find is that it always reappears in the same spot. Also, some species of produce will grow within a fairly small area.

The two most notable plants in the region are the Lieden Tomato and the Lieden Pepper. The Lieden Tomato sells for 100 Gil each. There are three of the plants in or near the Ostrum Region of Liede. Three plants times three tomatoes per plant times one hundred Gil gives you a total of 900 Gil in one shot.

The Lieden Pepper is very abundant in the northwest region of Liede. Lieden Peppers are great for using as a catalyst in Elemancy. They are also cheap to buy. Either way, mix 99 Lieden Peppers with 99 of each element for one very nasty spell!

Ostrum Gorge

Ostrum Gorge is a hotbed of wealth early in the game!

Ostrum Gorge is a hotbed of wealth early in the game!

Starting at Ostrum Ridge

Ostrum Ridge is a great place to start out in the game. Harvesting the tomatoes, as mentioned before, tallies up 900 Gil. Also, there's a Giant Hairy Horn just northeast of Hammerhead worth 1400 Gil.

Close to the northern edge of the main road is the only fishing location until you reach the beach. Currently, I am working trying a host of fishing lures I picked up in Galdin Quay. Once I get back to this location, I'll write an entire article dedicated to fishing, including this hidden fishing hole.

If you follow the dirt road as indicated by the yellow line on the map, you will find a passageway leading to an overlook. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for a few well-worth getting items.

There are also two campgrounds in this area with their own Procurement Points for Elemancy. There is also another treasure located in the area that usually provides an Electrolytic Capacitor.

Another great aspect of harvesting this area is a hidden treasure that respawns. Note the following image for the exact location. Approach the yellow pipes crossing the road from the north side and walk across to reach the treasure. usually a Mega-Elixir. The local Tipster does not mark this treasure but it reappears as frequently as the other items in the area.

Sabertusks and Dualhorns roam the area mostly. Sabertusks usually drop a Sabertusk worth 90 Gil each. You would be amazed at how fast you will wrack up this item in drops. Normally, I end up with around 20 of them.

So, here's the math:

Sabertusks : 90 Gil Each times 20 equals 1800 Gil

Lieden Tomatoes: 100 Gil Each times 9 equals 900 Gil

Giant Hairy Horn: 1400 Gil

1800 + 900 + 1400 = 4100 Gil

Not to bad for a days work. Not to mention the other perks you will pick up along the way.

Ostrum Gorge Hidden Treasure

Approach from the north side of the road and walk across where you will usually find a Mega-Elixir.

Approach from the north side of the road and walk across where you will usually find a Mega-Elixir.

Hammerhead Rest Area

Hammerhead makes a great home-base in the Liede Region!

Hammerhead makes a great home-base in the Liede Region!


Hammerhead makes for the ideal spot to hang your hat, so to speak. To the northeast is the Bandersnatch stomping grounds. To the northwest is the occasional encounter with a Cactuar and there are is a treasure spot that gives out the common Bronze Bangle with a shot for it's second and third better forms.

There's a campground to the north and your Local Tipster provides hunts, food, and one very awesome aid. When you talk to the Tipster, they will renew most treasures, plants, and ores within their area. Luckily, almost all of Liede is under the influence of the Tipster at Hammerhead.

Hammerhead has occasional side-quests worth doing, outside of hunts and the main storyline. The local gas station sells repair kits and helping folks broken down on the side of the road is an easy way to get Gil, Exp, and AP just for having a kit in your pocket. So, always keep one or two on you.

The local armorer is relatively useless. You can snag bangles for free from the treasure directly behind the camper by the diner.

Cid is your best friend since he handles upgrading your weapons.