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Two-Handed Warrior Build in "Skyrim"

Just a robot girl that likes thinking and plays a bit of RPGs when there's nothing else to do.


Underlying Concept

This build—as well as all my other builds—is based on auto leveling. When playing Skyrim, you should keep in mind the following: you get 1k HP, the enemy gets 1k HP as well. So the lower your level is, the higher damage you deal relative to the enemy's HP. So we don't use what we don't need in the endgame. No trading, no sneaking, no restoration, etc. Such a restriction does not make the game worse, it makes the game better. For example, this way you will start valuing what you find in treasure chests, mining will make more sense, and quest rewards such as gold will be of a greater importance as well. The game will look completely different.


Breton. Bretons are the best. 25% magic resistance is OP. Some say Orcs are good because of their racial power. Racial powers can be used once a day only and last next to nothing. I would stick to a Breton for sure.

Stats and Skills

  • Health Mana Stamina. All goes to Health. You don't need anything else. Every point you spend to raise stamina is wasted later in the game when you absorb it with each hit.
  • Enchanting 100. Extra Effect is a must here. I consider enchanting to be the most important skill in the entire game. We will also reduce the weapon charge consumption to 0. Running out of charge is very annoying.
  • Light Armor 100. Smithing allows almost every armor set to reach the damage absorption cap. With the Light Armor we get more stamina regen. It is very helpful when... running in towns and dungeons, hah. So I suggest using Heavy Armor only in cases where smithing is skipped. Here we use Light Armor, obviously.
  • Smithing 100. It will increase the damage significantly.
  • Two-Handed 100. It is the core of the build. We do not block here by the way; we crash everything with repeated power attacks.
  • Everything else 0. This is the principal idea of all the builds I make.
  • Distributed Perks can be found here.

Endgame Gear

You will need the following enchantments without the Unofficial Patch.

  • Head - Fortify Destruction
  • Amulet - Fortify Destruction/Fortify Two-Handed
  • Ring - Resist Magic/Fortify Two-Handed
  • Chest - Fortify Destruction/Fortify Destruction and Magicka Regen
  • Hands - Fortify Two-Handed
  • Feet - Fortify Two-Handed/Fortify Stamina Regen
  • Weapon – Absorb Life/Absorb Stamina

With the Unofficial Patch, you can do this, provided you have Seeker of Sorcery, Enchanter's Elixir, and Ahzidal's Set to boost the skill.

  • Chest - Fortify Destruction/Fortify Health

You can also replace Fortify Stamina Regen on Boots with anything you want.

Initial Walkthrough

Follow these steps to make it work:

  1. Get 770 gold. Chop wood or do some quests. It will be needed to hire Teldryn. (20 to get to Windhelm + 250 to get to Solstheim + 500 for the guy) He is the best mercenary you can get for now.
  2. Complete the Book of Love quest and take the Lord Stone. This will make you a bit more tanky.
  3. Clear the Kolskeggr Mine. Make gold rings and keep them for enchanting. Revisit the mine in 30 days.
  4. Level Smithing to 30 and take the Dwarven Smithing perk.
  5. Start the Mages Guild. When you get to Mzulft, start collecting all the dwarven scrap. Once you and Teldryn are full, leave it and level Smithing. This will get you to level 10 very quickly.
  6. As soon as you are level 10, start the Dawnguard DLC. Get Serana and keep her as a second follower for a while.
  7. Finish the Mages Guild. Craft a Storm Atronach staff.
  8. Farm Mzinchaleft, Nchuand Zel, and Alftand to get Smithing to 100 and Enchanting to 90.
  9. When Smithing reaches 100, start killing dragons and make dragon gear. You will need to start Discerning the Transmundane as well to enter Blackreach. It seems to be the easiest way to get Ebony Ore that is needed to make a dragon weapon (map).
  10. Go to the Raven Rock Mine and get Scholar's Insight.
  11. Level enchanting to 100 with Skill Books.
  12. Craft some good gear.
  13. Get Seeker of Sorcery and Ahzidal's Set to boost your enchantments.
  14. Use the Enchanter's Elixir and the Blacksmith's Elixir from the place where you fought Durnehviir and craft your endgame gear.

Some miscellaneous tips:

  1. I usually get 5000 gold ASAP to marry someone. This is the best income you can get without trading.
  2. Atronach Scrolls are very useful before you get a staff.
  3. Killing dragons is a good source of income as well. Make sure to open all dragon lairs on the map so you can revisit them when they respawn.
  4. Every time you level enchanting, don't forget to switch to the Mage Stone and sleep in an inn to get 30% boost to skill growth. The same refers to Smithing and the Warrior Stone.
  5. Craft dwarven arrows to level Smithing, When you have iron ore you can craft dwarven bows.
  6. Spend all the gold after purchasing a house to level the Light Armor skill.