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Future War Cult: Soldiers of the Battles Unseen

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Even though their origins are debated, their mark has been found across the solar system, dating back to the Late Golden Age. Despite their secrets, they're valuable in the fight against the Darkness, earning them power and respect in the city.

Even though their origins are debated, their mark has been found across the solar system, dating back to the Late Golden Age. Despite their secrets, they're valuable in the fight against the Darkness, earning them power and respect in the city.

Theorists of Infinite Timelines

Future War Cult. At face value, it's an odd combination of nouns to slap together, and their secrecy as to what they do behind the scenes doesn't help much, if at all. Compared to Dead Orbit, who is ready to jump over legal and moral lines for the sake of humanity, Future War Cult sees that there's no escaping the Darkness. Or at least that's what they claim. Naturally, a cult by definition is a secretive organization that does things that are deemed questionable, or at the very least "odd." But, being the anomaly that FWC is, the fact that their actions have time and again proven to be the for the overall benefit of the City and its people is rather astounding in hindsight.

One of the few times that sentence can be uttered.

That being the case, why should we care about FWC?

I'm glad you asked. FWC, as mentioned in the caption above, has its origins traced all the way back to the late Golden Age. The Destiny Universe, as the fanbase guesstimated, takes place in the 28th century, give or take. the Golden Age was a time of roughly 200–300 years after the Traveler was discovered in the 21st century. So arguably, FWC is the oldest faction of the three, boasting at least half a millennium worth of secrets. And we're gonna sift through and try to look into as much as we can, starting with the current representative: Lakshmi-2.


The Pioneer of Time and Space

Exos, in general, are mysterious beings. But out of all of them, Lakshmi takes the cake. A survivor of the Dark Age era of the Destiny Universe, she's seen some things. Countless wars, the Fallen House of Devils infesting London, a band of knights in India fighting against the forces of Darkness, along with countless attempts of kings rising and falling soon after. She's like an immortal drifter, observing the world as time progresses. By comparison, for Doctor Who fans, she's like Ashildr, a girl who was made technically immortal by alien technology and lives her life from the 9th century onward, never aging and keeping her teenage appearance.

Aside from that, like FWC, Lakshmi is very mysterious and doesn't open up much if at all about the inner workings of the organization. Regardless, she tirelessly works for the benefits of the city, seemingly cherishing every moment she has, because, from their perspective, it's very limited. That said, aside from vague talk about timelines and baseless statements, that's all we got about her.

The Not-So-Secretive Members

Due to their secrecy, FWC's members are known few and far in between. That's not to say though that we don't know about the existence of some of them. Though not explicitly stated, Ana Bray, a legendary Guardian we run into during the Destiny 2: Warmind expansion, is assumed to have ties to FWC in some capacity. During the "Not Forged In Light" quest, we pledge to FWC and are sent on a quest to aid Lakshmi-2 and go on a quest to uncover a dead ghost found in the Vault of Glass by another Guardian Praedyth, who'll be tackled in a second. We come across a bracelet belonging to Ana and Lakshmi says that their inner circle is grateful to have come across this.

What's interesting about this is the fact that by the end of this quest, we get the "No Time to Explain" Pulse Rifle. This rifle, being a recolor of the Stranger's Rifle is notable as it links to the mysterious Exo Stranger, who, in Destiny 2, is implied heavily to be Elsie Bray, the sister of Ana Bray. That in mind, Ana may have been a member, or at the very least the Bray family has heavy ties with the FWC as a whole, possibly due to Clovis Bray being a research facility, existing during the Golden Age, around the same time, as the Ishtar Collective, a fellow facility along the jungles of Venus. And speaking of which, let's turn our attention towards them for a second.

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The Ishtar Collective was a group of the greatest minds of the Golden Age.

Stationed within the Ishtar Academy on Venus, the FWC presumably have derived their name from the goddess herself Ishtar, who is the representation of both Love and War. It was here that humanity had their first run-in with the Vex, thanks to Maya Sundaresh and her team, the former of which is regarded as the founder of the FWC.

She and her team, after discovering the Vex, realized after careful study, that the Vex "discovered" humanity through them. They realized that they were at the mercy of these mysterious creatures and used a Warmind to aid them to break free from this, saving 227 simulated copies from the Vex. As a scientist, despite the risk, they pushed to see how far they could go in their research, only for it to have severe consequences some time later on. As it stands, its unknown what her fate turned out to be, as there's different versions of her team continuing to investigate hundreds of years later. Even so, FWC has taken it upon themselves to continue the collective's research, and theoretically speaking, the inner circle could very well have ties to the collective directly. But at the time of writing, that's neither here nor there.


The Timeless Phantom

Praedyth was the name of a Warlock that was lost within the Vault of Glass. For most Guardians, his existence was a myth at best, as we learn that the Vex erase people from history. A fate worse than death, as they wipe your existence, past, and future. Praedyth is one of these cases. That is until we intercept a transmission from him.

In the aforementioned questline, we discover his Ghost, tagged in FWC colors and uncover the mystery of his disappearance. We, unfortunately, discover a skeleton possibly belonging to him deep within the vault, but not before intercepting transmissions from him. Entering the Vault of Glass is like stepping into an inverted time machine, where time is flowing around us. Hence, why like Praedyth, if you die, then you are stranded in time, lost for all eternity with your existence, erased forever. At least, that was the case until this happens.

Yet again, this mission helps the FWC learn more of the Vex, the machinations of their time travel antics, all for an endgame that they continue to hide from the rest of the Guardians for one reason or another. But, as we approach year three of Destiny 2, and year six of the Destiny franchise as a whole, there's no telling what secrets will arise concerning our enemies across the cosmos.


Fighters for the Past and Future

The Future War Cult's intentions and actions leave us outsiders with many questions. Lots of them about their past, even more about their plans for the future. But from what little we gathered, at the end of the day, their Guardians fight the darkness and whatever plagues humanity with just as much pride as their brother and sisters in arms. As we fight the forces that threaten us head-on, it's assuring to know that we have those who're watching our backs, and our fronts as well.

So, one faction seeks to save humanity by moving them to the cosmos for a new world. Another faction wants to save humanity by fighting the wars before they happen. But we still have one more faction, that is fighting for the here and now, and is focused on aiding humanity rise up to the best of its ability. And that is what we're gonna cover next time as we go over the 3rd faction: New Monarchy.

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