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"Grand Theft Auto Online": Solo Missions C–E

This solo guide will help you make it through "GTA Online."

This solo guide will help you make it through "GTA Online."

Sometimes, it's hard to find a friend, and sometimes, it's hard to wait for one. That's why I've created this guide to help you complete the missions from GTA Online, solo-style (though sometimes it's necessary to have a partner). Some missions will get removed or added back from update to update.

Before We Continue

Some of these missions, mainly the low-level ones, can be played at any Rank, but all missions open up at a particular Rank. This guide was written using a Rank 185+ character, but I mention at the end of each mission recommended Ranks on a case-by-case basis and why they are recommended. In this guide, I will also list the following at the beginning of each mission:

  • Given By: The character in the game that gives you the mission. Lamar, Simeon, and Gerald give you lower level missions, while Ron, Lester, and Martin give you tougher missions, but with better pay.
  • Rank Unlocked: You cannot get this mission until you have achieved this Rank. You can be invited to any Mission regardless of your level, but you should not bite off more than you can chew.
  • Possible Pay (after patch 1.16): I started writing this guide before Patch 1.16, but the mission payouts get adjusted, from update to update. I will post here what I got for the strategy you will read. Just keep in mind that the pay is time-based, so the keyword here is “possible." Results may vary.
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Once again, if you are a particular Rank, then you probably won’t have the weapon(s) I recommend. You should be at least Rank 60 so that you have a Grenade Launcher. 120 would be even better so that you have everything, but unlike Solo Survival, I have to judge each mission as it comes. I'm going to be vague with the weapon selection unless the mission is best played with certain ones. New updates come out with new weapons and everyone has a different preference, so this will be mainly open to those options.
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: In GTA Online, you can buy and store up to 20 vehicles (as of September 16th, 2014). You should have at least one of each vehicle type in your garage (for Races), in addition to whatever you fancy. Here is where I will point out the best Vehicle for a particular mission. Most missions will require speed but some will require a strong battering ram approach.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Sometimes, you get invited to a mission and it starts halfway across the map in somebody’s garage. That’s not kosher . . . There was a time when Rockstar had us start at the mission’s most important point, and that is the case with some or when Replaying it from the voting screen, but when you’re playing a Solo Mission, this spot is where you want to be when you launch it.
  • Rank Recommended: What Rank should you tackle this with? Would bringing another player along be a good idea? What items are necessary or helpful? Does anything differ version to version?

Other Ways to Play Solo in "GTA Online"

Caught Napping

  • Given By: Lamar
  • Rank Unlocked: 20
  • Possible Pay: $9,600 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Pistol (any kind, just not the AP Pistol), Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Ammunation in Rockford Hills/Morningwood
  • Rank Recommended: You could do this mission at Rank 10, but you have everything you need at Rank 20.

Rescue Leroy

Drive toward the light blue circle on the mini-map. Leroy is being driven around in a black van. Pull in front of the van and shoot the driver in the head. Do not use a Micro Uzi or AP Pistol unless you can control your bursts. Otherwise, you could kill Leroy by accident.

Take Leroy to His Store

Once the driver and the passenger gang member are dead, take cover behind your Personal Vehicle. Ten Ballers, with two gang members each, will appear on the scene. Once they are all dead get in your car, with Leroy, and drive to his store to complete the mission.

Video Walkthrough


  • Given By: Simeon
  • Rank Unlocked: 5
  • Possible Pay: $9,150 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Micro Uzi or AP Pistol
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something big but fast
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Franklin’s House in Vinewood Hills

Retrieve the Coquette

The Coquette will be driving around Vinewood Hills. The best strategy to stop it is to block the street, long ways across both lanes, and spray the driver with the AP Pistol. Once he’s dead jump in the Coquette. Keep in mind he might get past you and you will have to give chase.

Lose the Cops

You will get a two-star Wanted Level. It is very easy to Lose the Cops up in Vinewood Hills. Exit the vehicle and hide in someone’s backyard. Alternatively, you can call Lester and spend $400.

Deliver the Coquette to the Dealership

Once you’ve lost the police just drive to the yellow marker. Don’t worry about damaging the car or trying to repair it.

Note: You have a Micro Uzi at this point, so all you need is a fast car and quick wits to evade the police.

Video Walkthrough

Chasers II

  • Given By: Simeon
  • Rank Unlocked: 16
  • Possible Pay: $4,740 (after patch 1.16) $2,370 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Micro Uzi or AP Pistol
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Simeon’s dealership

Retrieve the Tornado

Drive to the location of the Tornado. It’s driving around Vagos territory. Block both lanes with your car and spray the driver with a Micro Uzi or AP Pistol. Once he is dead, get in the Tornado.

Deliver the Tornado to the dealership

Gang members will come after you once you steal the Tornado. You could either stop and fight them or just drive to the dealership, it’s not far from here. It’s up to you what you want to do. Either way, stop in the yellow marker at Simeon’s back parking lot.

Note: Like Chasers you have a Micro Uzi at this point, you just need a fast car.

Video Walkthrough

Check Out Time

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 35
  • Possible Pay: $10,050 (after patch 1.16) $7,540 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Micro Uzi or AP Pistol
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Ammunation in Little Seoul/Ginger St. (you'll start down the road near the Tattoo Parlor in Vespucci Beach)

Take out the Witness

You would think that maybe there would be some freedom to this mission; for example, taking out the witness from afar with a Sniper Rifle but the witness gets spooked immediately and drives off. So the best thing to do is block them with your car and kill them from behind the wheel with a Micro Uzi or AP Pistol.

Photograph the Witness

Once the witness is dead, get out of your vehicle (or you can do it from behind the wheel if you can get a good angle) and take their picture by pressing up on the D-pad and selecting the Snapmatic app.

Lose the Cops

After taking the picture, you will get a two-star Wanted Level. Get back in your car and drive into a nearby alley (without the cops seeing that of course). Then wait and avoid the blue cones of vision.

Go to Madrazo’s House

Once the police are gone drive to Martin’s house and stop in the yellow marker.

Video Walkthrough

Set your SUV up like this before hacking the terminal.

Set your SUV up like this before hacking the terminal.

Chemical Extraction

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 65
  • Possible Pay: $19,710 (after patch 1.16)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: AP Pistol, Light Machine Gun or Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, RPG or Minigun, Grenade Launcher
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: An SUV, for better cover.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Convenience Store along the highway between Sandy Shores and the Humane Society

Go to the Humane Laboratory

Drive to the Humane Laboratory, when you’re following the yellow line (no matter where you started) keep in mind that you can shortcut across the railroad tracks and drive up the hill toward the Humane Laboratory road. Once you get to the main gate, either shoot or run into the mercenary guarding it. While still behind the wheel, shoot the next merc as you follow the road right.

Hack the Terminal

Park your SUV long ways and take cover behind it. Shoot every mercenary you can from here. Watch out for those on the high ground, on the top of the building, and on the catwalk. You could snipe them from here before approaching the garage or rush their position. Once they are gone, approach the Terminal between the garage doors and press right on the D-pad. Press B/Circle to exit the hack screen and take cover behind your SUV (see picture). Take out the mercenaries that attack. Once they are dead, go back to the panel and press right on the D-pad. The hacking mini-game is the same as it is in Single Player. If you’re not familiar with it just read the tutorials that appear at the upper left corner of the screen.

Steal the Van

Get in the van and drive it a few feet out of the garage. One of two things could happen. You will either be attacked by a helicopter and a bunch of angry mercenaries in Patriots, or it will just be a helicopter and you’ll have to deal with the Patriots later. Dispatch the helicopter with a Minigun or RPG, you could also spray your Minigun on the Patriots full of mercs if they appear at this point.

Deliver the Van to Lester’s Safehouse

Drive the van around to the main gate. If Patriots full of mercenaries didn’t attack you when you first got in the van they will show up once you drive out of the gate. Do not use the van as cover, if it gets destroyed the mission is over. Take cover behind the gate, the cars in the nearby parking lot, or your SUV (see picture) if you want to leg it back to the garage and grab it. Grenades are handy here. Once all of the mercs are dead, drive the van to Lester’s safehouse.

Note: Having the Minigun or RPG would be helpful but an MG with Scope and Extended Magazine can deal with the helicopter. Just aim for the pilot. The Grenade Launcher that you unlocked five Ranks ago is good for dealing with the mercenaries in Patriots.

Video Walkthrough

Chopper Tail

  • Given By: Trevor
  • Rank Unlocked: 70
  • Possible Pay: $17,760 (after patch 1.16) $15,540 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: An Off-Road vehicle that helps you get to the top of the hill.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Barber Shop in Sandy Shores

Go to the Vantage Point

This objective sounds easier than it is since the vantage point is on top of a large dune-like mountain. The GPS also takes you on a tour of the area rather than highlights the paved path that leads up to the top. Just drive cross county to the yellow marker on the mini-map.

Get in a Dune Buggy

There are three Dune Buggies to choose from, they are all the same and is good for going cross country . . . which you’ll be doing in a minute.

Follow the Helicopter

The helicopter will show up behind you after a few seconds and is not marked on the mini-map. You will have to keep it in your sights, if you lose sight of it don’t worry, it’s heading west. Just keep heading west until you get to the meth lab (see picture for location). If you can outrun it, you can go ahead of the helicopter.

Go to the Meth Lab

Once the helicopter arrives at its destination and lands you will get this objective. Drive up the hill on the right side of the meth lab and around to the back to avoid the police who have the entire driveway guarded. Also don’t blow up the helicopter if you decide to rain Grenades down on the line of police cars and SUVs. It will cause you to fail the mission, even though you don’t need it anymore. Also, don’t hit the Granger parked next to the meth lab.

Protect the Meth Lab

Pull out your assault rifle and shoot the police below, starting with the two chopper pilots, and make your way down to the house. Take cover behind the Granger, parked under the house’s awning, and kill any cops that survived the grenade bombardment.

Retrieve the Equipment

Get the Granger with the equipment crate(s) in the back. There is a weak point in the fence (see picture) that you can drive through to avoid the wrecks in the driveway, and get out of the area faster.

Deliver the Equipment to Trevor’s Trailer

Either stay and fight the two Grangers full of N.O.O.S.E. that respond to the scene or ignore them and floor it to Trevor’s trailer. I obviously recommend doing the former at least for the first two that show up. There are others along the way to Trevor’s but you can easily outrun them once you pick up speed. When you get to Trevor’s trailer park in his garage. (As of patch 1.21/1.07, only one Granger of N.O.O.S.E. seems to chase after you.)

Note: The new foliage and fire spread systems make blowing up that cop car near the helicopter a big no-no. The fire will spread to the target Granger, set the engine ablaze, and then fail the mission in an explosion. Every vehicle on the other side of the meth lab, feel free to nuke. Also, the new foliage system blocks your view of the driveway, from up on the hill, so make your grenade assault from near the front porch.

Video Walkthrough

Cleaning the Cat House

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 45
  • Possible Pay: $12,420 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: SMG, Tear Gas, Sawn-off Shotgun
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Ammunation in Sandy Shores

Rescue Anna

Pull your car up in the parking lot of the abandoned motel and take cover behind it. Kill the Lost over by their bikes and the guys on the upper balcony. More will come from around the corner from your spot. Toss Tear Gas up onto the balcony if you can’t directly hit some of them. Once they stop coming, equip your Sawn-off Shotgun and head up the nearest stairway. Make your way along the balcony, taking cover and shooting enemies. Use Snacks if you need them and go to Anna.

Take Anna Back to Madrazo’s House

Once Anna is following, you can either take cover and shoot every Lost gang member that appears on the scene, or lead Anna to your Personal Vehicle and escape the area. If you choose to do the latter, just kill the ones that appear on the scene with motorcycles while taking out any you missed while going to Anna’s room. Once you have fought your way back to your Personal Vehicle wait for Anna to get in and drive to Madrazo’s House. If you decided to flee the area you will be chased by Lost members on motorcycles. Getting chased by enemy vehicles is not something I abide by so it’s better to hold your ground, but motorcycles can be easily knocked off the road in a four-wheel vehicle. Either way, take Anna to Martin’s house to end the mission.

Video Walkthrough


  • Given By: Listed Misc (Martin related)
  • Rank Unlocked: 25
  • Possible Pay: $17,550 (after patch 1.16) $13,650 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Grenades
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Does not seem to matter.

Steal the Truck

Drive up the hill to the right of the dirt road, toward the ridge, and park your car by the edge (see second picture). Pull out your Sniper Rifle, take cover behind your Personal Vehicle, and snipe the enemies below around the truck. DO NOT use explosives, not yet, or you can risk blowing it up. Once you can’t hit any more from this position drive down to the truck. Park your car at an angle, take cover behind it, and kill every enemy with your assault rifle. If you want to use a Grenade on the guys hiding behind the Grangers you can, the explosion shouldn’t destroy the truck from this distance. More enemies on the beach to the left from the truck will spawn.

Deliver the Truck to Madrazzo’s Lock-Up

Get out of the truck and take cover behind your Personal Vehicle and kill the Grangers of goons that show up. Once they are dead, get in the truck and drive it to Madrazo’s lockup.

Note: The Grangers won't attack until you get up onto asphalt. There will be a lone Granger along the way with two gunmen waiting at the top of the dirt road.

Video Walkthrough

Cops Capacity

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 19
  • Possible Pay: $15,310 (after patch 1.16) $11,480 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Grenades
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast and durable if the yellow Dominator gets destroyed
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The tattoo parlor in El Burro Heights
  • Rank Recommended: You have Grenades unlocked at this point, even without that you can do this Mission on your own from any Rank, since they give you some at the beginning.

Collect the Supplies From the Warehouse

Drive to Lester’s warehouse and collect the Grenades if you don’t have any. Get in the yellow Dominator—it is specially tuned for this mission. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but it’s bulletproof and very durable. It’s also fast and if it gets blown up you’ll have your Personal Vehicle on standby. There isn’t much time to call the Mechanic later on so I recommend taking it in case you blow yourself up by accident. There are also 16 Grenades here if you don't have any.

Destroy the Cop Cars

Drive toward the police station and equip the Grenades, at no point during this mission do you have to leave the car (except for maybe destroying the riot van later). Toss a Grenade on each of the cop cars, and speed off.

Destroy the Riot Van

Don’t do the put-on-mask-to-remove-a-wanted-star trick right away, you can only do it once and you’ll be getting more Wanted Levels later so it’s a waste right now. Drive to the next police station, the only way to get into the parking lot is to enter through the North end and head down the ramp (see third picture). Drive down into the parking lot and toss a Grenade toward the riot van. Alternatively, you can bypass driving into the parking lot altogether, and toss a Grenade on foot from the railing over-looking the lot (see fourth picture). It's up to you.

Destroy the Police Bikes

You will get a three-star Wanted Level. Drive back out of the parking lot the way you came in and head toward the next police station. Toss a Grenade in the open space between the three police bikes, the explosion will take all of them out simultaneously.

Destroy the Prison Bus

Keep evading the police and make your way out to the Penitentiary in Blaine County. Don’t try to lose the police yet, just keep moving. Drive into the prison parking lot and toss a Grenade at the prison bus.

Lose the Cops

Ok now is the time to do that mask thing, but only once you are out of the view of the police. Also, stay off the roads and keep to the hills, you will have a two-star Wanted Level after the mask thing, so there are no helicopters to worry about. (Just as a reminder, you’re playing a Lester mission so his “Remove Wanted Level” ability will not be available.)

Go to Lester’s Safehouse

Lester’s safehouse is the same as the one in Chemical Extraction so it should not be a very far