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Top 5 Worst Characters in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Galaxy of Heroes

To any scruffy-looking nerf-herder who doesn't know, Galaxy of Heroes (GoH) is a mobile strategy game where players select squads of five Star Wars characters and participate in a variety of contests. Collecting and strengthening your fighters takes much time and effort, and you'll have to decide which champions are worth investing in.

Well, let me tell ya, not these guys. Today we're reviewing the banthas of the bunch, the warriors who will make you "have a bad feeling about this." Now, GoH does update and occasionally balance some of its weaker characters, but honestly these slouches probably aren't worth the trouble.

Ability Guide

  • Basic: A character's default attack. Has no cooldown, so is always available.
  • Special: An attack or ability that requires a certain number of turns to pass before it can be used again.
  • Unique: Passive abilities that are always active for the unit.


5. Stormtrooper

  • Imperial Marksmanship (Basic): Deal damage to target. Has high damage variance.
  • Stormtrooper Bravado (Special): Taunts and grants Empire allies Defense Up. Stormtrooper has a chance to remove some Turn Meter from each enemy when hit while Taunting.
  • Wall of Stormtroopers (Unique): Stormtrooper gains extra Defense for each living Empire ally.

Hard to blame Vader for killing his own men since he had to work with these dinguses. Stormtrooper functions best in an Empire team, so he's already situational in use, and even when in his prime, there are far better characters. He has a decent Taunt, but is limited to a terrible basic attack while waiting for the Taunt's cooldown, or if he gets hit with Ability Block.

Plus, the Wall of Stormtroopers ability really only shines in Empire teams, and if you're going that route, you'll want Imperial Royal Guard as your Empire Tank; he brandishes a far better basic attack while still offering stellar defense.

Hoth Rebel Scout

Hoth Rebel Scout

4. Hoth Rebel Scout

  • Bold Maneuvers (Basic): Attacks with a chance to gain Turn Meter for all allies.
  • Rebel Assault (Special): Attacks with a chance to Stun. Also gain Turn Meter on a Critical Hit.
  • Hope of the Alliance (Unique): Scout gains Turn Meter whenever an Empire foe perishes.

The first of two generic Rebel troops from Hoth (we'll get to the other in a second) disappoints. His basic attack isn't awful; gaining Turn Meter for your entire team helps, despite the low activation chance. Rebel Assault can Stun, and gains Scout Turn Meter if it lands a Critical. Unfortunately, Hope of the Alliance barely adds anything. It only activates when an enemy perishes, and until it's completely maxed out, it only applies with Empire foes, rendering it useless against most teams.

Hoth Rebel Scout's best trait, his ability to gain Turn Meter, just pales next to other units who can do that and more. Try Captain Phasma if you're searching for someone to hasten your entire team as she can also debuff foes with Speed and Defense Down.

Hoth Rebel Soldiers

Hoth Rebel Soldiers

4. Hoth Rebel Soldier

  • Cover Fire (Basic): Attacks with a chance to inflict Offense Down.
  • Hold the Line (Special): Taunt and give Rebel allies Defense Up. Small chance for HRS to also gain Health Up.
  • Rebel Momentum (Unique): HRS gains Defense Up whenever an Empire foe perishes. He also recovers health and gains a chance to Counter while he has Defense Up.

Don't be hating on my favorite character from the original trilogy, Hoth Rebel Solider. So what if Hold the Line and Rebel Momentum stink? He may be weak. He may be puny. He may be situational, and even in his element (teamed with Rebels and fighting Empire groups) still pathetic. But he's got heart, even if he doesn't have an actual name. Move over Luke Skywalker, we know who the true hero of the Rebel Alliance is.

Nightsister Acolyte

Nightsister Acolyte

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2. Nightsister Acolyte

  • Strike from the Shadows (Basic): Attack with chance to gain Stealth.
  • Sacrificial Magicks (Special): Attacks a foe. If this defeats an enemy, gain some Turn Meter and dispel all negative status effects from allies.
  • Thrill of Victory (Unique): Acolyte gains extra Critical Chance and recovers some health upon landing a Critical.

If you don't know who Nightsister Acolyte is, then what rock have you been living under? Darth Vader? Get real. Acolyte is the one and only powerhouse villain of Star Wars.

Seriously, where to even begin? Acolyte's basic attack is lame. It can give her Stealth, but by itself, Stealth isn't particularly helpful; most characters who utilize it have abilities that strengthen when stealthed. Acolyte doesn't. Sacrificial Magicks only has an extra effect if it manages to defeat a foe; otherwise, it's just an attack. Passive ability Thrill of Victory helps slightly, but nowhere near enough to compensate for Acolyte's terrible attacks.

The final nail in the coffin, as of this writing, the Nightsister units in GoH are in dire need of more members and good Leader abilities, so Acolyte just doesn't have a place in competitive play.

And we thought Jabba was ugly

And we thought Jabba was ugly

1. Ugnaught

  • Break Open (Basic): Attacks foe. Deals double damage to Droids.
  • Droid Experts (Special): Attacks all foes, chance to Stun Droids.
  • One Step Ahead (Unique): Ugnaught gains Evasion for each Droid Enemy, and gains Turn Meter whenever he evades an attack.

Ask any movie critic which Star Wars movie reigns supreme, and they'll likely answer The Empire Strikes Back (that's true). Ask them to name the most interesting character from that movie and they'll undoubtedly name the Ugnaughts, the elderly Hobbits who really saved the day (that's sarcasm). These guys were in Cloud City. I hope that tidbit fascinates you, because it's the most interesting thing to be said about them.

In combat, Ugnaught's arguably the most situational unit in the game. Against Droids, he's decent, as he has extra Evasion and a Special that can Stun them. Against everyone else, he adds next to nothing. No debuffs for foes, no buffs for himself or allies. I've seen him in competitive play just once, and even then I think it was a taunt from a cocky player. I mean, what could be greater shame than losing to an Ugnaught?

Your Vote

Though these guys fail to impress, every unit can be useful in the right circumstances, and even this bunch can surpass any challenge when trained enough.

Eh, never mind. They're pretty abysmal. Feel free to vote for your champion of mediocrity, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

© 2016 Jeremy Gill


Gamenight999 on September 08, 2020:

I think acolite is bad. You are assuming she is with mother tralzin, Daka, and zombie. Even then there are far better options like talia. Stormtrooper though is ok with turn meter gain, and ok damage under like vader, or thron , or really any ok empire character even tarkin and DT he won’t suck but won’t be great ether. Replace underworld police with trooper is what I am saying. Other than that great article

Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on March 15, 2018:


Hey, to each their own, but I respectively disagree. Even in her element, she hasn't impressed me.

That said, my attention has somewhat shifted to other games, and it's possible the developers have buffed her in the meantime.

BS on March 15, 2018:

Agree with all the selections here, except NS Acolyte...

on her own, she is uninspiring and squishy yes, behind a Mother Talzin lead and an undying NS zombie.... her stealth mechanic becomes a Defense shield that would protect her from all but planetary bombardment.

Pick a fight with her in Territory War with your unprepared team if you dare!!

Shayne One on February 19, 2017:

I agree whole-heartedly with this list, except I'd put the Acolyte in the #1 spot. I haven't played all the characters in the list, but using them as team asissts led me to believe your list is accurate. I few other slightly useful/completely boring gaming characters are Dengar, Greedo, Coruscant Underworld Police, Ewok Scout and IG-100.

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