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10 Mind-Blowing Video Games Like "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

The expansive nature of "The Witcher 3" can be found in these similar video games.

The expansive nature of "The Witcher 3" can be found in these similar video games.

What Games Are Similar to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

Finding games like The Witcher 3 is difficult, as nothing comes even remotely close to what this game has to offer (except maybe Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption 2).

It’s a huge game — so huge that even after 50 hours, I barely scratched the surface. Every time I felt like I knew how things would turn out, The Witcher 3 surprised me with its sheer variety of quests and new areas.

In terms of gameplay, being a squeaky-clean character without a record is nearly impossible. Even the smallest decision will leave a lasting impact—and most of the time, it will not turn out to be the way you want. The consequences are nerve-wracking sometimes.

I inadvertently got an innocent man hanged. I didn’t like it, but that’s how this game plays out. Be prepared for the worst, even when you are doing good deeds. On the other hand, sometimes you'll think that you are playing the devil, but it might be good for someone else. It’s a grim, dark, and to some extent, depressing game. But it's real, and that’s why so many people love it.

I could go on forever about this game, but let’s save it for some other day. For now, let’s focus on the games that are similar to this great game.

Games Similar to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  1. The Witcher Series
  2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  3. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  4. Gothic 2
  5. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  6. The Fallout Series
  7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2
  9. Assassin's Creed: Origins
  10. Cyberpunk 2077

It’s not easy to find games that offer a similar experience crammed with tons of things to do, monsters to slay, and people to save. Nonetheless, some of the games mentioned below definitely come close to the experience that The Witcher 3 offers.

1. The Witcher Series

The first two games of The Witcher series are just as breathtaking as the third. If you have a PC, you must play The Witcher 1 and The Witcher 2. Both of these games provide a better look at our protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. Although it’s not necessary to play the first two games, I wholeheartedly recommend going through them to better understand Geralt and his companions.

The first and second games are carefully woven experiences. While they are not open worlds, an amazing story and the option to choose your own path are still present. Just like The Witcher 3, your choices matter. Whatever you do, there will be consequences.

"The Elder Scrolls" is one of the most popular open world series.

"The Elder Scrolls" is one of the most popular open world series.

2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is the latest entry in the legendary Elder Scrolls series—one that has been the leading RPG game for several years. Even CD Project Red, the developers behind The Witcher 3, admitted that they were inspired by Skyrim. You can tell by how The Witcher 3 was designed. It embraces the open world design of Skyrim while keeping the fluff away.

Coming back to Skyrim—it’s not the kind of game you want to rush through. Bethesda worked on it for nearly five years, giving it everything they had. There are many sites to explore, dungeons to clear, and powers to unlock. Doing all of this could easily take hundreds of hours, and you’d hardly realize it.

If you are playing it on PC, don’t forget to install some useful mods to make this game look and play better than the vanilla game. With just a few tweaks, you are in for a spectacular ride.

Since the launch of The Witcher 3, people have been unfairly comparing the games, which is absurd. They don’t consider Skyrim to be a last-gen game. While it’s not perfect, it’s certainly a masterpiece that deserves your attention. Skyrim’s world is full of curiosities and content, making every step an exciting one. There is always something waiting for you just over the next ridge.

This game's map is broken up into multiple regions, which are unlocked as you make progress.

This game's map is broken up into multiple regions, which are unlocked as you make progress.

3. Dragon Age: Inquisition

85 hours. That’s how long I took to get the credits rolling, ignoring the numerous side-quests I did not complete. If I wanted to finish the game 100%, I would have easily racked up another 50 or more hours. There have been bigger RPGs than Dragon Age: Inquisition in terms of world size, but rarely has any game been so packed with meaningful things to do. It’s difficult not to stumble upon a quest every few minutes.

That being said, it's not exactly a sandbox game like The Witcher 3. Inquisition is more of a semi-open world game with its map divided into different areas. Some of it may feel restrictive initially, but as you progress, you are granted access to more areas and interesting things to do. Surprisingly, none of it feels like filler, thanks to some clever writing and well-delivered dialogue that makes every quest feel like more than just a kill-fetch quest. Even in my 85th hour, there are still a lot of places I haven’t set foot in. I am still discovering new things.

4. Gothic 2

With a 2002 release, Gothic 2 is the oldest game on this list. This action RPG builds on the foundations set by its predecessor. Set in the world of Khorinis, Gothic 2 marks the return of some of the old characters and places from the first game while adding tons of new places to explore.

Don’t be fooled by its dated graphics. It’s one of the most complex and intricate games you’ll ever play. While the world is nowhere as big as The Witcher 3, the amount of choices and decisions in Gothic 2 comes close to what The Witcher series offers. It’s one of those rare games where your actions will always have consequences. No good or bad deed goes unnoticed. Even after all these years, Gothic 2 still remains one of the best action-RPG games to this date.

This game is littered with side quests to keep you busy for over 100 hours.

This game is littered with side quests to keep you busy for over 100 hours.

5. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Released in 2006, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is still regarded as one of the best RPG games of all time. Oblivion delivers on everything that made The Elder Scrolls series so famous while improving upon the weaknesses of its predecessor. While Morrowind was an amazing, action-packed RPG, it was plagued by a steep learning curve. Only those who were hardcore fans of The Elder Scrolls series could get into it. Gladly, that’s not the case with Oblivion. Even if you have no interest in the RPG genre, it’s hard to overlook this beautifully crafted world.

The main quest takes about 50 hours to finish, but there are other activities and side quests to do, which should take you over 100 hours to complete. You can join different guilds and factions, fight bandits that are hiding in dungeons, help out the locals, and so much more. It’s overwhelming!

6. The Fallout Series

All of the Fallout games take place in a post-nuclear world. China and the U.S. nuked each other in 2077. What’s left is a huge radioactive wasteland teeming with ghouls, super-mutants, ghosts, and some lucky human survivors. In most of the games, you step in the shoes of a vault dweller who has been underground for many years—just itching to see the outside for the first time.

It is pretty straightforward from there. You emerge from the vault and explore the huge wasteland and see what’s left of the world.

The first three Fallout games launched back in the 1990s as 2D games. Then Bethesda purchased the license to this franchise and made 3D Fallout games. So far, they have developed Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and the newest addition to the franchise, Fallout 76, which is its most contentious entry to this date. A spin-off entry, Fallout: New Vegas, was launched in 2010 and is still regarded by the community as the best title in the franchise.

If you are looking for games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, stick to Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4. While The Witcher 3 takes place in Medieval times and the Fallout games take place in the post-nuclear war era, they have more in common than you'd think.

Both titles emphasize giving players the ability to play however they wish. You have ample choices that will shape the world around you. You will decide the fate of the people around you. The sheer amount of content in this series is dizzying. Once you get sucked into the universe, you’ll be playing the Fallout series for days on end.

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" is fairly historically accurate for a video game.

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" is fairly historically accurate for a video game.

7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Set in medieval times, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a hardcore action RPG. Developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver, Kingdome Come: Deliverance takes place during a war in Bohemia, the heart of Europe, in 1403. You play as Henry, a son of a blacksmith, who is on a quest to fight the invasion and restore Bohemia's rightful king.

After playing for nearly 60 hours, I can tell you that Warhorse Studios has delivered on its promises. This game is filled with so much to see and do that it's almost impossible to experience everything in the first run. Unless you make the same choices in every playthrough (I see no logic in that), you'll encounter different versions of an intricately woven storyline.

If you're used to the mechanics of The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, the combat in this game will take some getting used to. Thankfully, there is a lengthy tutorial section to help you learn the ropes.

Since they were both developed by Rockstar Games, "Red Dead Redemption" and "Grand Theft Auto" are fairly similar in terms of gameplay mechanics.

Since they were both developed by Rockstar Games, "Red Dead Redemption" and "Grand Theft Auto" are fairly similar in terms of gameplay mechanics.

8. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games' epic Wild-West, third-person, action-adventure series is back with a bang. As a huge fan of 2009’s Red Dead Redemption, I couldn’t have asked for more. The sequel is bigger and better in almost every way. The graphics, gunplay, and storyline have improved immensely.

Rockstar Games seems to have taken a page from CD Project Red’s book. For the first time in the series, your actions will have consequences. Red Dead Redemption 2 does what Witcher 3 did, but better.

Apart from a riveting storyline that keeps you hooked for over 50 hours or so, you can partake in side quests like hunting, playing poker, and fishing. If you want to see and do everything this game has to offer, prepare to invest at least 100 hours into it.

This game has set the bar for other RPG games to come, dethroning The Witcher 3 and becoming the king of the RPG kingdom. It will take some doing to better this epic title.

If you're already a fan of this title, check out this list of games similar to Red Dead Redemption 2.

"Assassin's Creed: Origins" allows the player to make a variety of creative decisions.

"Assassin's Creed: Origins" allows the player to make a variety of creative decisions.

9. Assassin's Creed: Origins

Here's some good news for the estranged fans of this series: For the first time in the long history of the Assassin's Creed franchise, Ubisoft has made a full-fledged RPG, ditching its classic style in favor of something more enchanting.

Without the dreaded “Templar vs. Assassins” storyline that plagued the Assassin's Creed series in almost every game, this choice-based RPG has allowed the developers to flex their creative muscles.

From riding your camel in deserts to exploring every nook and cranny of a pyramid, I guarantee that you'll be playing this game for quite some time.

10. Cyberpunk 2077

Both Cyberbunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 implement similar stylistic choices, as both titles were developed by the same studio. After watching the hour of gameplay footage taken from the alpha version, I can tell that this open world game includes branching storylines, an amazing cast, and impressive graphics. If you love The Witcher 3, playing a game by the same studio guarantees an enjoyable and nostalgic gaming experience.

Open Your World With These Games

With nearly every developer tackling the open world genre, there are plenty of other great titles out there. If I missed some games like The Witcher 3 that you enjoy, please let me know in the comments section!


Alex on July 12, 2020:

Playing the Witcher 3 and dlc multiple times have been great beating 100% of game now there only one thing for me to do and that’s to wait for there next game cyberpunk , yet I’m alittle numbed they couldn’t make another dlc for the Witcher 3 would have been nice to see another story line after ..

Rahul Pandey (author) from Delhi, India on June 25, 2020:

Get in the line!

Codingmonkey on May 26, 2020:

I'm not even halfway through witcher 3 story, and I'm already reading articles like this... playing through rdr2 left me sad and empty, and I already feel witcher will do the same to me.

I didn't know games could do that.

I had that feeling with books a lot (have all the witcher books on my shelf), a little with movies and series, but never with games, and never so strong.

I think I'm in love with Yennefer.


Natalie Smith on November 20, 2019:

Witcher 3 was the best game that I have ever played. I feel lost now that I have completed the game and extensions. Trying to figure out what would be an good comparison to play next. Cannot seem to find anything that will keep me as entertained and excited as Witcher 3 did. That game left me filled with all different emotions, and the ending was both sad yet enlightening. Awesome that I completed the game but truly missed.

Witcher, Game of the Century on October 28, 2019:

Witcher 3 is the only game that you become more enthusiastic when you finish the main story. All other games lose their luster when the main story is complete. It is by far the best game ever. I hope it continues in 4, 5, 6,...

Maxwell Scott Goodman from Somewhere nice on August 08, 2019:

I played through this game 3 times, each of my playthrough I was surprised by something happening, a new quest, a new outcome, always something new to look forward to. This game however has a HUGE downside. Once you play it, the bar is raised so high that there is nothing else quite like it.

On a side note, Baldur's Gate 2 was a monstrous achievement and was the king of RPG for more than a decade. A bit old but such an grand adventure. Also let's not forget Mass Effect :)

name on June 18, 2019:

there is no game like witcher 3:)

1&2 are a little bit different

Bop on May 28, 2019:

Because its the same developer.

Lop on May 06, 2019:

How is cyberpunk 2077 like witcher 3? CP2077 is a shooter and a first person game its also set in the future.

Jesper Berg on January 17, 2019:

Great article Rahul! The only problem with The Witcher 3 is that there's simply no game, RPG or otherwise, that can really compete. Cyberpunk will probably be great too, but it won't have Geralt. :( I haven't got around to Kingdom Come yet, some say it has a lot of bugs. Did you run into any?

Jam on September 25, 2018:

Dragon age origins was good, the other 2 suck. Don't waste your time with Inquisition or 2, unless you are into ugly manly chicks. Bioware used to concentrate a huge part of the game on building romance options with beautiful fantasy women, then we get stuck with nastified butch dykes, screw them.

Steve on February 09, 2018:

Amazing article.. Keep it up dude.. I know takes time to post and write in detail.. But the witcher 3 blew me away.. I play it on xbox 1.. Thanks brah..

Martin from LA on October 10, 2017:


Dominik on September 09, 2017:

You know, Kingdom Come is a Czech game.

Alexis on August 26, 2017:

I haven't played any of the Witcher games (they're on my 'someday I need to play this' list). I did like Dragon Age and Skyrim.

Andrew from Rep Boston MA on July 29, 2017:

Wow great article! I have the Witcher and Witcher 2 but haven't come across playing Witcher 3 yet (mainly due to not a good enough steam sale). This is a very detailed and helpful guide into looking at the world of Western style RPGS!

Simar Singh on June 13, 2017:

In love with fallout 4

lindyloo2 on May 30, 2017:


Sander Brouwer on March 25, 2017:

Nice list, unfortunately for me I have played all games in the list. I was looking for something new

However I think couple game sare missing.

Far Cry Primal

Shadow of Morder (previously mentioned)



Even though last two are MMO's they are still really good.

Bill on December 28, 2016:

The problem is there aren't really any open world games at the level of witcher 3 in terms of all around features. The game is just amazing once you really commit to it.

Rahul Pandey (author) from Delhi, India on November 18, 2016:

Well, this was the best I could come up with. Witcher 3 is benchmark for the other RPG games out there. Nothing can even come close to what that game has to offer. If you have some suggestions, please let me know.

Aleks on November 08, 2016:

I am sorry but Fallout 4 and Skyrim/Oblivion are not even close in terms of story writing and impact your decisions have. They are all Open World and that's about it.

Bathesda games in general were never with good story-line. And before you argue Fallout 1/2 weren't actually made by Bathesda.

Was hoping this list will provide some ideas as to what I could play after the Witcher that has amazing story, but the moment I saw Skyrim(enjoyed the game btw, but it's just miles away from the story-telling in Witcher 3) there - I knew it wouldn't happen.

Chad Crouch from South Africa on September 29, 2016:

The Witcher 3 is definitely worth it as well as both expansions. I am keen to test out Shadow of Mordor as well.

MasterPsycho from Earth on September 14, 2016:

good collection with some wonderful gems in there. they have their good and bad sides but every player can easily have fun with them for more than 100 hours, they definitely worth their money.

Ced Yong from Asia on June 21, 2016:

One thing about all these current generation OW games, they are incredible value for money. I've completed the main story for Skyrim months ago, and still there're loads of things to do in the game.

hssh on December 26, 2015:

Its Czech not Polish

Brad on November 10, 2015:

Witcher 3 has good combat as well as the RPG story mode and ability to roam freely. That's what makes it different. I'm not a huge RPG game fan, so I started out killing monsters and humans with a sword for fun. When I got into it more, that's when I started learning how to make potions, bombs and cast spells. But I can still run around slicing and dicing everyone if I choose. I'm not sure about all the games mentioned, but I do know the ones I played don't combine those elements like Witcher 3. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Fallout was kinda lame. But Witcher 3 is seriously the only RPG game I've liked since Zelda: A Link to the Past on SNES. Yea I'm a little older. But it's my favorite game besides the Call of Duty first person shooters....which are completely different. It got me interested in that genre again.

Czech on November 03, 2015:

Nice article. But the studio which is working on the Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not Polish.. It is a studio placed in Czech republic. And lot of the guys who is working there are the same guys who brought us a Mafia franchise. Well do not know if there is a planty of them but at least Daniel Vavra the leader of that studio worked on that. And the place where the game is based is Bohemia. Which is part of Czech rep.

Rahul Pandey (author) from Delhi, India on September 13, 2015:

I'd add both of those games to the list. Thanks.

Santhosh N on September 12, 2015:

and also Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning.

Santhosh N on September 02, 2015:

you should have added Middle Earth: shadow of Morder. its so amazing. like wither 3.