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"Pokémon Platinum": Beating the Elite Four and Pokémon League Champion Cynthia

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Welcome to Your Next Challenge!

Hello everybody!

I assume that if you're here, you have already made your way through Victory Road. Congrats on making it through! After getting through Victory Road, your party of Pokémon should be a lot stronger and tougher. Now you are on your way to becoming the newest Pokémon League Champion.

I thought it would be helpful to write a guide about beating the elite four and Pokémon League Champion Cynthia, so here it is. I hope this helps you avid gamers succeed.

Just before you head through the doors to finally challenge the elite four, your best friend/rival suddenly pops up behind you and asks you for a Pokémon battle. Take him up on his offer and show him what you’ve got.

Items You'll Need

Before you head into battle against the elite four and Cynthia, make sure that you bring along a lot of useful items. You can’t head back to heal your Pokémon once you pass through the inner entrance to the Pokémon League, so be sure to stock up prior to moving forward. Going forward, you'll need the following:

  • A lot of Max Potion – Believe me, you might have taken out your rival, and your Pokémon might have really grown stronger, but the Elite Four are much stronger than you think! Make sure you have enough max potion to fully recover your Pokémon’s HP during or after winning a battle.
  • A lot of Full Restore – You'll really need these when your Pokémon are low in health and awfully afflicted with status conditions. Use this item when your Pokemon are poisoned, paralyzed, etc.
  • Max Elixir – During each long battle, your Pokémon might use up all the PP of its learned move/moves. This will leave your Pokémon without their most powerful moves to use. So stack up more of these in your bag before you take on the challenge.
  • Max Revive/Sacred Ash – It's inevitable that your Pokémon will faint during the battle with the Elite Four and Cynthia. Use Max Revive to revive a fainted Pokémon. This will fully restore the Pokémon’s HP, or you can use Sacred Ash instead, which will revive all of your fainted Pokémon to their full health.

Now you are fully prepared to take on the Pokémon League. Brace yourself for the toughest battles!

Bug-type Pokemon user

Bug-type Pokemon user

1st Opponent: Elite Four Member: Aaron

Aaron’s Pokémon

Yanmega: Level 49

Drapion: Level 53

Heracross: Level 51

Vespiquen: Level 50

Scizor: Level 49

  • Aaron is a Bug Pokémon trainer. He starts the battle by using his yanmega.
  • His yanmega has the ability Speed Boost, which raises its speed with every turn. This enables Yanmega to attack first, which gives Aaron the firsthand advantage. Moreover, his Yanmega uses the move Air Slash—a move with a high likelihood of impacting your pokémon and making it unable to counterattack. The bottom line is that the more turns there are during your battle with Aaron (against his yanmega), the fewer chances there will be that you can defeat him. So, defeat his Yanmega immediately with super effective attacks like Flamethrower or Thunderbolt. Other options are Rock-type, Ice-type, and Flying-type moves.
  • The rest of Aaron’s Pokémon can be taken down easily with Fire-type moves except for his Drapion, which is a combination Poison-type and Dark-type Pokémon. Take out his Drapion with powerful Ground-type moves like Earthquake.
Ground-type Pokemon user

Ground-type Pokemon user

2nd Opponent: Elite Four Member: Bertha

Bertha’s Pokémon

Whiscash: Level 50

Gliscor: Level 53

Golem: Level 52

Rhyperior: Level 55

Hippowdown: Level 52

  • Bertha’s a Ground-type Pokémon trainer. Effective move types against her Pokémon are Grass-type, Ice-type, and Water-type moves.
  • Two of her Pokémon, Golem, and Rhyperior, have more move-type weaknesses that are both dual Rock-type and Ground-type. Aside from the move-types listed above, other options that inflict heavy damage on Golem and Rhyperior include Fighting-, Ground- and Steel-type moves. Moves of these types are Brick Break, Earthquake, and Flash Cannon.

Defeat the rest of Bertha’s Pokémon by using strong moves like Solar Beam, Ice beam/Ice Punch, and Surf/Waterfall.

Fire-type Pokemon user

Fire-type Pokemon user

3rd Opponent: Elite Four Member: Flint

Flint’s Pokémon

Rapidash: Level 53

Houndoom: Level 52

Flareon: Level 55

Magmortar: Level 57

Infernape: Level 55

  • All of Flint’s Pokémon are Fire-type, and two of them are dual-type Pokémon. Houndoom is a Dark- and Fire-type Pokémon, and Infernape is a Fire- and Fighting Pokémon. All of Flint’s Pokémon are naturally weak against Water- and Ground-type moves.
  • Fighting against Flint isn’t that much of a challenge if you have strong Water-type or Ground-type Pokémon. I personally suggest Floatzel or Empoleon (if you chose Piplup as your starter Pokémon). For Ground-type Pokémon, I’d recommend Rhyperior, but keep in mind that it has many move-type weaknesses, so perhaps it's best to settle with Gliscor.

Rock-type moves also prove to be super-effective against Flint's four Pokémon, with the exception of Infernape. Take all of Flint's Pokémon out using the powerful HM moves Surf or Earthquake.

Psychic-type Pokemon user

Psychic-type Pokemon user

4th Opponent: Elite Four Member: Lucian

Lucian’s Pokémon

Mr. Mime: Level 53

Espeon: Level 55

Bronzong: Level 54

Alakazam: Level 56

Gallade: Level 59

  • Your fourth elite Pokémon battle opponent is Lucian. Lucian is known to be a Psychic Pokémon trainer, and his Pokémon have varied weaknesses.
  • Inflict heavy damage against his three Pokémon, Mr. Mime, Espeon, and Alakazam, with Bug-, Ghost- and Dark-type moves.
  • Cut off his Bronzong’s HP with twice the damage using Fire-type moves, and beat his Gallade with Flying- and Ghost-types moves.
  • You are good to go if your Pokémon knows the moves Flamethrower and Shadow Ball.
  • Do you think you can beat him now? Don’t be too self-assured. Lucian is still a very skilled Pokémon Trainer, and he's the strongest of the elite four. Battle him with caution.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you will be able to defeat the illustrious elite four. If you succeed, you will have proven yourself worthy as a Pokémon Trainer. But there’s one last trial that awaits you—battling with the Pokémon League Champion, Cynthia, and emerging victorious.

All-around Pokemon-type user

All-around Pokemon-type user

Pokémon League Champion: Cynthia

Cynthia’s Pokémon

Spiritomb: Level 58

Togekiss: Level 60

Lucario: Level 60

Garchomp: Level 62

Roserade: Level 58

Milotic: Level 58

  • Cynthia’s an all-around-type Pokémon user. So, apply all that you have learned throughout your journey in Sinnoh. Show her what you are made of in this last battle.
  • Cynthia’s spiritomb has no type weaknesses. During the battle, spiritomb frequently uses double-team, which raises its evasiveness and makes it difficult for your attacks to land. The more turns you waste during the battle, the fewer chances you will have to defeat her. So, avoid this scenario and beat her spiritomb as quickly as possible. Cut her spiritomb’s HP with high-damage inflicting moves.
  • Take out her togekiss with Electric-, Ice- and Rock-type moves; Fire-, Fighting- and Ground-type moves deal heavy damage on lucario.
  • Beat garchomp with Ice- and Dragon-type moves while scorching her roserade with powerful Fire-type moves. Finally, strike her milotic with Grass- and Electric-type moves and win the battle.
  • Keep in mind that Cynthia is the strongest opponent you will ever battle against in the Pokémon League. Being well-prepared won’t assure you of your victory; you must also have a little bit of good luck too. Be wise and learn when to switch your Pokémon during the battle. The best thing to do in your battle with Cynthia is to strike her Pokémon with super-effective type moves as early as possible. Knock out her Pokémon first and avoid taking massive hits as much as you can.

If you defeat Cynthia, you will enter the Hall of Fame! All of your Pokémon will receive Champion Ribbons and will have their names marked in the history of the Pokémon League. Good luck!

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Samuel Franklin on September 09, 2015:

I'm currently replaying all Pokemon games from the beginning (starting with Yellow) so I'm still a few games away from Platinum (currently 1/3 through an Emerald playthrough). Very much looking forward to tackling the Elite 4 there though it's probably one of my favourite Elite 4 groups.

Gane on January 05, 2015:

How could any of this be better stated? It con'tuld.