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"Genshin Impact": Inazuma Shrine of Depths Guide


Some of Genshin Impact's most valuable treasure chests are locked away in a Shrine of Depths, an ancient temple that requires a special Shrine Key to open. These shrines can be found all over Teyvat, and the lightning-plagued islands of Inazuma are no exception. Dodge the specters, the rifthounds, and the manifestations of the Electro Archon's wrath, and you might net yourself some great loot. By opening all of the shrines, you'll also get these achievements:

  • Sanctuary Pilgrim: Inazuma Tenryou (I) - Open all shrines on Narukami Island, Kannazuka Island, and Yashiori Island.
  • Sanctuary Pilgrim: Inazuma Tenryou (II) - Open all shrines on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island.
  • Sanctuary Pilgrim: Tsurumi Island - Open all shrines on Tsurumi Island.

Here's a guide to help you unlock all 10 shrines in Inazuma.

Where to Find Shrine Keys for Inazuma

Shrine keys in Inazuma are going to be a little harder to obtain than they were in Mondstadt and Liyue. Only one key is given from a quest, the one where you first encounter the Raiden Shogun. The others are given as rewards for upgrading Inazuma's Statues of the Seven, or from upgrading the Sacred Sakura's Favor. So you'll basically need to find all of the electroculi and open a ton of chests to get every key.

Statues of the Seven Keys

  • Level 2 reward
  • Level 4 reward
  • Level 6 reward
  • Level 8 reward
  • Level 10 reward

Sacred Sakura's Favor Keys

  • Level 8 reward
  • Level 18 reward
  • Level 28 reward
  • Level 38 reward

Shrine of Depths #1: Unnamed Island

To the northwest of Narukami Island, there are several small unnamed islands. Use the waverider north of Ritou's Statue of the Seven, and then sail to the second island in the chain from the waverider waypoint. You should see the shrine on the western shore.

Shrine of Depths #2: Chinju Forest

From the Chinju Forest Waypoint, head directly east across the river, and you should see a tall cliff overlooking the ocean. Climb to the top to reach this Shrine of Depths.

Shrine of Depths #3: Near Mikage Furnace

Start at the high waypoint on the cliff south of Tatarasuna, then make your way north and downslope. When you are next to the Mikage furnace opening, head west. You should find the shrine on the side of the cliff overlooking the ocean. Or, you could simply find the word "Tatarasuna" on the map, and head to the west of it.

Shrine of Depths #4: Southern End of Kannazuka

Begin at the waypoint near the Shakkei Pavilion domain, on the southern end of Kannazuka Island. Jump off the cliff to the southwest and you should see the shrine down below (remember to glide or you'll go splat!).

Shrine of Depths #5: Overlooking the Maguu Kenki Arena

Start at the waypoint to the south of the Momiji-Dyed Court domain. Then head down a level on the side of the cliff to the northwest. You should see the shrine overlooking the Maguu Kenki arena.

Shrine of Depths #6: Near Jakotsu Mine

You should be able to see this Shrine of Depths from the location of the previous one, if you turn to the southwest. It's on a high cliff to the west of Jakotsu Mine, overlooking the ocean.

Shrine of Depths #7: Watatsumi Island

To find this Shrine of Depths, go to the teleport waypoint north of Sangonomiya Shrine, and make your way east around the edge of the island. This shrine is tucked away in an alcove at ground level underneath the cliffs in the northeast, next to a waterfall. Use the map image provided if you're having trouble finding it.

Shrine of Depths #8: Seirai Island

This shrine is simple to find. Teleport to the Koseki Village waypoint and go west. You should see it on a cliff near the Seiraimaru shipwreck.

Shrine of Depths #9: Northeast Tsurumi Island

Assuming you've cleared the fog on Tsurumi Island, this shrine should be easy to spot from the east road waypoint. Head northwest and you'll find it on a cliff overlooking the Chirai Shrine area.

Shrine of Depths #10: Northwest Tsurumi Island

This waypoint should be spottable from the location of the previous waypoint once the fog has been banished from Tsurumi Island. Go to the western side of Shirikoro Peak and you should be able to find this one on a cliff towards the base of the mountain.

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