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"Genshin Impact": Liyue Shrine of Depths Guide

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In Genshin Impact, there is a unique source of long-lost loot, the Shrine of Depths. Left abandoned by an ancient civilization, these structures lay scattered across the lands of Teyvat, waiting for treasure-hungry adventurers to come loot them. To unlock their secrets, you will need special shrine keys, obtained as quest and domain rewards. Since the shrines contain luxurious chests that give out 40 primogems and a ton of other presents, they are worth the trouble of hunting them down. Here's a guide to help you find every Shrine of Depths in Liyue so you can earn the "Sanctuary Pilgrim: Liyue" achievement. There are 10 shrines and 10 keys to look for.

Where to Find Shrine Keys for Liyue

Liyue's shrine keys can be obtained through completing domains and quests.

From domains, you can earn four keys:

  • Domain of Forsaken Ruins - Complete "Lucky Encounter in the Clouds."
  • Domain of the Wayward Path - Clear "Tarry Among the Peach Blossoms."
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula - Finish "Voyage to the Sanguine Sky" and "Travels of the Moonlit Venturer" for one key each.

As for quests, you can obtain six keys:

  • Three keys can be earned from completing your second adventure rank ascension. This quest is automatically given to you when you hit adventure rank 35, and it raises your world level from 3 to 4. To do it, you'll need to head to the Midsummer Courtyard domain in Mondstadt and clear the trial inside.
  • "The Chi of Yore" gives one key.
  • "The Tree Who Stands Alone" gives one key.
  • Treasure Lost, Treasure Found" gives one key upon completion of part two.

Shrine of Depths #1: Stone Gate

To find your first Liyue Shrine of Depths, head to the Stone Gate teleport waypoint, and then climb the cliff to the east. The shrine will be nestled into the other side of the hill. Look downhill from the peak and you should be able to see the top of it.

Shrine of Depths #2: Wuwang Hill

Start at the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain, and then head west around the mountain, descending to a lower level as you do so. Eventually, you should see a large waterfall with a cave opening next to it. This cave has the Shrine of Depths inside.

Shrine of Depths #3: North of Mingyun Village

Teleport to the waypoint north of Mingyun Village, then walk northeast until you come across a lake. The Shrine of Depths should be easy to spot beside a waterfall.

Shrine of Depths #4: Guyun Stone Forest

Simply swim, glide, or ice bridge your way over to the southernmost island of Guyun Stone Forest to find this shrine.

Shrine of Depths #5: Jueyun Karst

Glide east of Mt. Aocang, following the path of the river, and you should see a tall rocky outcrop with a Shrine of Depths on top.

Shrine of Depths #6: Bishui Plain

Start at the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain, and head northeast along the cliffside. Almost immediately, you should spot this shrine on an island in the middle of a lake.

Shrine of Depths #7: Minlin

Start at the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain, then head south and look for a dragon statue. Enter the tunnel next to it. Take a right, and then another right, and then a left. You should see a narrow tunnel, marked on the map in this picture. Head inside to find the Shrine of Depths.

Shrine of Depth #8: Tianqiu Valley

Start at the waypoint to the south of the Tianqiu Valley on the map. Climb up the mountains to the east, and you should see the shrine on the other side, overlooking the Dunyu Ruins.

Shrine of Depths #9: Lisha

Teleport to the Domain of the Wayward Path, and then head south until you see the mouth of the river below you. Glide down, and then turn around to see a cave. Head inside, and you'll find the Shrine of Depths partially submerged at the bottom.

Shrine of Depths #10: Nantianmen

Either climb up the cliffs to the east of the Nantianmen waypoint, or teleport to the peak further to the east and glide down to this Shrine of Depths.

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