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"Genshin Impact": Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Guide

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In Genshin Impact, there are many valuable treasures scattered across the landscape, but few are as sought-after as the Shrines of Depths. A long time ago, a mysterious ancient civilization built these ruins all over Teyvat, and when that civilization vanished, the shrines were sealed off. You must find special shrine keys to unlock their secrets, and each one is worth the trouble, because inside are luxurious chests that give a generous 40 primogems and several 4-star artifacts, among other prizes. Here is a guide to finding each shrine and earning all of the keys for the country of Mondstadt; there are 10 keys and 10 shrines in total. Once you plunder all 10 shrines, you'll get the "Sanctuary Pilgrim: Mondstadt" achievement and 10 primogems.

Where to Find Shrine Keys for Mondstadt

You can obtain four shrine keys from domains around Mondstadt:

  • Temple of the Falcon - complete the Windy Cliff domain
  • Temple of the Wolf - challenge the "Trial: Scorching Fire and Raging Lightning"
  • Temple of the Lion - clear the Secret Hideout
  • Eagle's Gate - explore the Fallen Fortress

You will also receive 3 keys from completing your first adventure rank ascension quest, which is assigned to you automatically when you reach Adventure Rank 25. For this quest, you will need to clear out some ruins in the Midsummer Courtyard domain, fighting enemies around level 35.

Once you finish Mondstadt's archon questline, a world quest called "New Horizons of Adventure" will open up. Katheryne from the Adventurer's Guild will have you take a letter to the Katheryne of Liyue Harbor, and once you do this, not only will you receive a Shrine of Depths key, you'll also unlock the ability to receive commissions in Liyue.

Your last two keys will come from tasks in the adventurer's handbook. The first task is in chapter 4, where you must upgrade the Mondstadt Statues of the Seven to level 6. The second task is in chapter 5; to complete it and get a key, you must open 100 treasure chests in Mondstadt.

Shrine of Depths #1: Starsnatch Cliff

The first Shrine of Depths is not far from the beach where you first began the game. It's easiest to reach this shrine from the Midsummer Courtyard domain, although you could climb the cliffs to the south of the Starsnatch Cliff beach waypoint. Head northeast from the Midsummer Courtyard domain along the same cliff level, and you should see the shrine towards the ocean.

Shrine of Depths #2: Springvale

Head due east from the Springvale teleport waypoint, and keep yourself on the higher ground. You should see this Shrine of Depths on a cliff overlooking the city with trees surrounding it.

Shrine of Depths #3: Dawn Winery

From the Dawn Winery Statue of the Seven, walk north towards the city of Mondstadt. Eventually you will see the Shrine of Depths on the other side of the ravine. Use the conveniently-located pointy cliff to reach the shrine without having to glide over, unless you have Venti complaining ("Wouldn't gliding be faster?").

Shrine of Depths #4: Above the Cliff Near Windrise

Although this shrine is on the cliffs overlooking Windrise, it's easier to reach it by going to the waypoint by the adventurer's camp at the entrance to Dragonspine, and heading northeast. It will be on top of a rock on the other side of the ravine.

Shrine of Depths #5: Dadaupa Gorge

From the Dadaupa Gorge waypoint, head north-northeast up the cliff, and you should easily spot this Shrine of Depths on the hill overlooking a large hilichurl camp.

Shrine of Depths #6: Near Dragonspine

From the Dragonspine adventurer's camp, you'll need to follow the road to the southeast for a bit, then continue southeast climbing on top of the rocks. Eventually you'll see the Shrine of Depths on the side of the hill.

Shrine of Depths #7: Wolvendom

From the Cecilia Garden domain, climb south-southeast up the cliffs, and you should see the shrine right in front of you once you're up.

Shrine of Depths #8: Stormbearer Mountains

From the Stormbearer Mountains waypoint, head north to the Anemo Hypostasis arena, and then go up the cliffs to the west to find this Shrine of Depths.

Shrine of Depths #9: Brightcrown Canyon

This Shrine is in a particularly scenic location in Brightcrown Canyon. From the teleport waypoint, head north up the cliff, and you should see it overlooking the waters of Cider Lake on the next cliff over.

Shrine of Depths #10: Near Ridge Watch

The final Shrine of Depths is to the northwest of Dragonspine, near the Liyue border. From the Ridge Watch domain, head west along the top of the cliffs. Eventually you should see the shrine when you look down, with a scenic view of the Dawn Winery across the water.

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