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“Ghost of Tsushima” Essential Tips and Tricks

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Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a fantastic action-adventure game that has broken PlayStation records since its release in July 2020.

Jin Sakai, a samurai in feudal Japan, fights to protect his island from the Mongolian invasion. Critics and players were impressed by its historical accuracy, combat, beautiful graphics, and a rich open world brimming with side quests.

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your playthrough, collecting trophies, and getting the best items.

1. Follow the Golden Birds

Jin will be able to see golden birds flying around sometimes, accompanied by distinctive twittering sounds. Be sure to follow them! These birds lead Jin to important locations, such as hot springs, bamboo strikes, and collectible items.

These things can be easy to miss without the birds' help, so be sure to pursue the ones you spot.

Follow the golden birds

Follow the golden birds

2. Follow the Foxes

Golden birds aren't the only wildlife to look out for! At every fox den, you'll see a fox. Follow it to find an inari shrine, where you can work towards getting a new charm slot for your weapons.

In Japanese culture, foxes were seen in inari shrines as messengers. One impressive aspect of Ghost of Tsushima is its keen attention to detail in real Japanese history and folklore.

Follow the foxes

Follow the foxes

3. Put on Omamori Charms as Soon as You Get Them

Omamori charms can be found by climbing to shrines and praying at them. They provide boosts to your bow, armor, stealth, and sword. Others allow Jin to find extra loot. Keep an eye on what Inari charms you have equipped and switch them out when his situation changes. For example, stealth charms are useful when you are infiltrating a Mongolian logging camp.

A good charm can be the difference between victory and defeat, so be sure to keep Jin equipped.

There are dozens of charms you can collect in Ghost of Tsushima.

There are dozens of charms you can collect in Ghost of Tsushima.

4. Observe Camp Leaders

Killing camp leaders improves Jin's legend and earns him skill points. Since observing leaders (approaching them while hidden) allows Jin to learn more about his enemy and get closer to learning new Stances, it's worth doing so before attacking the respective logging camp.

5. Memorize Stances

Speaking of Stances, it's a good idea to remember which Stances are which for certain enemies. You can quickly change Stances by pressing R2 and the right control pad to choose. You can upgrade Stances and learn new combos wi skill points.

  • The Stone Stance is for swordsmen
  • The Water Stance is for shieldmen
  • The Wind Stance is for spearmen
  • The Moon Stance is for brutes

Using the correct Stance brings bonuses and new attacks to Jin's disposal, so be sure to pay attention to which one you're using.

The different stances in Ghost of Tsushima

The different stances in Ghost of Tsushima

6. Equip the Traveler’s Attire Outside of Combat

Jin's armour, mask, and helmet can be changed anytime, and different outfits grant different bonuses. Be sure to pay attention to these as you find yourself in new situations.

While exploring and traveling the vast Tsushima Island, equip Jin with the traveler's attire. Your controller vibrates when you're close to a collectible, so it can help you pick up artifacts and other items. Just be sure to change back to other outfits if you run into enemies!

7. Bow to Dead Bodies

Swipe down on the PlayStation button in the middle of your controller and Jin will bow. Doing these to NPCs will elicit a bow of their own, but do it over dead bodies and sometimes our samurai hero will have extra dialogue. Give it a try.

8. Bow When You See a Sign With a Bowing Man

To game doesn't even tell you about hidden altars: small signs with a bowing man on them. There are a total of ten in the game. Bow to these signs (hidden altars) and something strange may happen. No spoilers here. Try it out for yourself!

A guide to finding all ten of these hidden altars is below.

This fantastic game continues to impress fans and entertain millions all over the world. With these tips, you'll easily make the most of your playthrough and be well on your way to achieving the platinum trophy!

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