God Eater: Resurrection - Beginner Tips

Updated on September 7, 2017

1. Pick the Weapon that Suits your Play Style!

In God Eater: Resurrection there are multiple weapon styles. Each one features it's own style of gameplay needed to masterfully wield said weapon to succeed in the challenging battles ahead of you! Take your time through difficulty 1 - 3 to experiment with each weapon type and decide which one you want to "main." You can wield a melee style and a ranged style, so be sure to try them all and choose carefully!

God Eater: Resurrection - Variant Scythe
God Eater: Resurrection - Variant Scythe

Melee Weapons

  • Short Blade: Close-range melee weapon with high attack speed and combo chaining ability. This weapon deals slashing and piercing damage.
  • Long Blade: Close-range melee weapon. Average reach, speed and power. This weapon deals slashing attribute damage. From Zero Stance you can fire off the long blade's special attack after a slashing attack - "Impulse Edge."
  • Buster Blade: Close range melee weapon. Slow attacks, but incredible reach and power. This weapon deals both slashing and crushing damage. The special thing about buster blade is its ability to dish out unrivaled damage via it's "Charge Crush" ability that slams the weapon down after storing up energy.
  • Boost Hammer: Close ranged melee weapon designed for crushing attacks. Crush is this weapons primary attack attribute. It has short reach but devastating power and it's "Boost" ability will have you dishing out the hurt in no time flat.
  • Charge Spear: Close range melee weapon with incredibly long reach and amazing mobility. This weapon specializes in piercing damage. Using this weapons midair charge attack "Charge Glide' and it's backflip, you will find yourself easily controlling the distance between yourself and your enemies.
  • Variant Scythe: My personal favorite! A close range melee weapon specialized in slashing attacks. The highlight of this weapon is it's "Extend Bite" which transforms the scythe into multiple blades that you can use from a medium range to deal devastating damage to the enemy from a safe distance - great for debuffs such as poison, hold, etc.

God Eater: Resurrection - Sniper Rifle
God Eater: Resurrection - Sniper Rifle

Ranged Weapons

  • Assault: This gun type has a very high firing rate and can be fired while moving. Using the "Drawback Shot" ability further enhances your mobility.
  • Sniper: Long ranged gun type. This weapon does far more damage to enemies weak to piercing in comparison to the other gun types. Using this gun's "Stealth Field" ability makes the user undetectable by enemies - giving even more chances to snipe from afar.
  • Blast: Medium-low firing rate gun with high output rounds. This weapon has an "oracle reserve" system enabling you to store OP and fire special rounds.
  • Shotgun: Designed for close range shooting. Capable of firing while in motion and it's light weight allows users to quickly approach Aragami using the "Rush Fire" ability.

2. Pick the Right Shield for You!

In God Eater: Resurrection, even the shields have different capabilities! Be sure to try them all out and use the guide below to choose a shield type that will best suit YOUR needs and playstyle!

God Eater: Resurrection - Tower Shield
God Eater: Resurrection - Tower Shield


  • Buckler: Lightest class of shields in God Eater. This shield type deploys almost instantly but only mitigates SOME damage.
  • Shield: Medium class shield. Deploys slower than buckler but mitigates most damage taken while blocking (as long as stamina permits).
  • Tower Shield: Heavy class shield. This shield takes the longest to deploy, but as long as there is enough stamina this shield will block ALL damage taken.

God Eater: Resurrection - Database, Ogretail
God Eater: Resurrection - Database, Ogretail

3. Use the Database!

Using the storage/upgrade terminals located near the entrance to the den will also allow you to access the database. The database is more than an upgrade hub, however! It's also a place you can go to access help topics for descriptions on advanced weapon tactics, bullet types, system terms and aragami weaknesses!

Finding yourself stuck on a boss or dealing minimal damage to an enemy? Drop in on the database, look the aragami up and not only will it list the aragami's strengths, but also it's weaknesses. The database will also suggest a weapon element/type to take with you which will make your journey to endgame a breeze!

God Eater: Resurrection - Skill Sheet
God Eater: Resurrection - Skill Sheet

4. Pay Attention to Your Skills!

Like other games in the genre - ie: Monster Hunter, Ragnarok Odyssey and Toukiden, God Eater also has a skill system. Be sure to pay attention to skill points and descriptions! A good skill setup can be the difference between success and failure, minimum and maximum damage or even whether or not you get that rare drop you need to farm for!

This game has skills for everything - Skills for melee, skills for ranged damage, skills for defense, skills for recovery, shield usage, even drop rates. Don't neglect to make a skill setup that you like and can compliment your playstyle or current activities!

God Eater Resurrection - Upgrades
God Eater Resurrection - Upgrades

5. Upgrade!

Always be sure to upgrade your gear. Upgrading your shield allows you to take less damage even when it's not deployed. Upgrading your weapons means you'll deal more damage to the aragami and will make your fights easier and faster overall. For a while your progress will be gated - you will be unable to make a piece of gear stronger than your current story progression. For an example:

You cannot make a rank 5 weapon while in difficulty 4 missions. You will have to reach difficulty 5 to upgrade to a rank 5 weapon - even if you already have all of the materials for upgrading on hand.

This feature was added in the recent "Resurrection" title and was not a thing in God Eater Burst. My only guess as to why they did this was to allow the player to experience the thrill of battle without making it too easy, boring and cheap via upgrading early by grinding out lower difficulty enemies to the point of near insanity (trust me, I did it).

Never be afraid to grind or redo missions until you get the drop you need. Even if it's a low chance drop rate the upgrade will be well worth it. Also be sure to note that while on the mission selection screen you can press the square button to see what drops that mission has a chance to give!

God Eater: Resurrection - Multiplayer
God Eater: Resurrection - Multiplayer

6. Co-Op All the Things!

God Eater: Resurrection may be story driven, but it's still a game in the hunt genre. Like other games in this genre, you can and are encouraged to go for the full co-op experience. The game supports up to four players and you can experience the story from start to finish with your friends! All you need is an internet connection and a friend (and a Playstation Plus subscription if you are playing this on a PS4) and you're good to go! Not only will the fights be way faster, you'll make a lot more progress, and farming those drops isn't nearly as boring when you have a friend along.

You can also trade avatar cards with your co-op friends and take their avatars along as NPCs in your offline adventures if you so choose. Once you have that friend's avatar card you can also copy their custom created bullets! Be sure to trade lots of cards to see all kind of bullet creations as well as earning some sweet sweet restorative items in your storage!

Using the above tactics, there's no doubt in my mind that you are now equipped with the knowledge, know how and sheer awesomeness necessary to be a great God Eater! I left out one major detail if it wasn't already known - have fun! In games like this people often get swept away by only using what causes maximum damage to the enemy, but its not a game if you're not having fun so don't forget to enjoy yourselves!



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      The first time I watched the anime...it was screaming...''Attack on Titan''

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