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"God of War" PS4 Review

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God of War takes place after the events of the previous title of the Trilogy. Kratos is trying to make a new peaceful life for him and his son Atreus in the Norse realm of Midgard. The events of this title begin with Kratos and his son preparing to cremate his wife and Atreus' mother. They plan to set out on a journey to scatter her ashes at the tallest mountain in the realm. Little does Kratos know that the actions he took in his previous adventures would now haunt him in the Norse realms and would end up having powerful enemies chasing him throughout this new journey.


This game is a typical example of the amazing standards we've come to expect of next-gen gaming consoles. The game feels like it is at the peak of the powers gaming can provide, visually, it's mesmerizing and beautiful, the vast landscape of the game alone is enough to leave anyone who plays games in complete awe. The story is well-written and beautifully paced: every cut-scene and dialogue exchange is engaging and you find yourself completely lost in the narrative.


The combat in God of War is my favorite part of this game. The sheer graphical prowess of each encounter is enough alone to immerse yourself into the battle you find yourself in. Then the way Kratos handles in combat is so well designed, the brutal nature and power of the character come across as soon as you land that first hit. You feel so powerful as the gamer, Kratos has such raw strength you feel like there isn't any enemy you couldn't overpower. The over-the-shoulder camera really allows you to feel as if you're the one guiding Kratos through each encounter. The addition of being able to use Atreus in combat allows you to focus on the enemy in front of Kratos as, Atreus can pick off the other enemies while you deal with the prey in front of you.

Open World Traversal

This game changes from the original series and becomes an open world. There are various different activities and collectibles dotted around this vast landscape which cause you to veer off from the main story. This is something that adds to the game rather than takes away from it, as, each side mission and collectible feel integral to the concept of the game and allows the player to enjoy the wider scope of the game. The random encounter with enemies in the open world is enjoyable also as it allows you to keep your combat skills up to scratch so you feel prepared when you face bigger and more difficult enemies.


A welcome part of the game, in my opinion, is the character customization of both Kratos and his son Atreus. From crafting better parts to put on your weapons, to the armour, you feel like you can really make these characters your own and in keeping with how you like to play. The skill tree is also useful, as it allows you to get more techniques and allows you to change up your combat style and take down enemies in more enjoyable and brutal ways.



A huge strong point of God of War is the beautiful graphics. So much time and effort have been taken to create such a visually stunning game, often you find yourself taken aback by the sheer beauty of the game. The stunning landscapes you come across throughout your journey, really allow you to appreciate the sheer quality of this game, you almost feel like you're part of a blockbuster film. Each individual character, be it Kratos himself or a mob of enemies, have been designed and fleshed out superbly, nothing feels out of place. Add in a wonderfully compelling story into the visual excellence of this game, God of War has all the aspects to be remembered as one of this generation's greatest games.


The part of the soundtrack or in-game audio that particularly stood out to me was the voice acting and character interaction. God of War excels in creating wonderful cutscenes where you can just sit back and enjoy the story unfold in front of you. Part of this is the stories and the interactions that take place between the characters, the main focus of these interactions is often between Kratos and his son. The dynamic between the two is fascinating as Kratos often struggles with his anger and frustration towards the things his son does, but succeeds in teaching Atreus the harsh lessons that come with life. With this being the first game in the series featuring Kratos as a father, this game does a wonderful job of showing the progress Kratos and Atreus are both trying to make in regards to how they interact with each other.

Replay Value

With the addition of a new game plus feature, there is an immense amount of replay value. This feature allows you to experience the game in a different way when you play it the second time around. Be it taking more time to appreciate and engage with the story or find more time to undertake side missions and hunt for collectibles and secrets hidden throughout the game. There is so much end game content to enjoy so there is always something to keep you occupied in this game. There is no doubt to me that once you complete the game the first time you will get the urge to load it once again and click that new game plus.

The Wytch Reviews Verdict

God of War is no doubt one of the most complete games of this generation. It has everything you could hope for from a game with an engaging storyline, superb visuals, and a fantastic combat system, I would highly recommend that you get this game and experience it for yourself. God of War is probably one of the best PlayStation games ever made and with its huge amounts of success, opens the door for a series to start. Personally, I really hope this happens, as it would be a wonderful addition to an evergrowing library of fantastic video game franchises.

Our Opinion

The Wytch Reviews Verdict: 9.7/10

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