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No-Death Pure Mage in "Gothic 3"



I have beaten the game without actually using any weapon. This is completely doable, and it was quite fun. I don't like melee fighting in Gothic 3; I almost despise it compared to Gothic 2. And I also decided to do it on Beliar's side for diversity. It is a pity that two water mages had to be killed; I honestly regret it. Other than that, it still felt as if you were on the good side.

I had Community Patch 1.75 installed. I also had Alternative Balance on. As far as I know, it is harder to play a mage that way, so it was an obvious choice.


Early on, you can get a Light Nomad Robe for free. It is hidden as a treasure between Myrtana and Varant. It is very useful if you don't want to explore Varant at night. The sun will not let your stamina regenerate.

I also suggest buying jewelry for missile protection when you start doing all the 'combat' quests. Even Neo can't dodge all the bullets. For melee, just keep your distance.

When you prove yourself loyal to rebels, buy the Fire Mage Robe. That will be your main armor.

Staff of Defense is the one I used almost the entire game. If you wish to dedicate some time to the game, you can open 43 Old Chests to get Staff of Protection.

Any Old Chest can spawn an Open Lock spell. Use it in Geldern to get the First Paladin's Helmet.

Level Points (LP) Distribution

  • Health and Mana: I always go with 1 to 1. You need both equally.
  • Ancient Knowledge (AK): I increased it with LP only till 250.
  • Spells: these are the spells I used
    • Fireball - the main spell until you side with any of the gods. A good half of the game you will be using exclusively a fireball. There is Firewave, but I never found it to be useful as you have to be close to your enemies which is deadly.
    • Lightning - never used it. It is a prerequisite.
    • Summon Lightning - I liked how it looks. That is the only reason why I chose Beliar's Path. #Chidori. You will also need a lightning spell against fire golems, fire lizards and dragons.
  • Skills: I learned the following skills in the order bellow.
    • Learn Quickly - Learn this as quickly as possibly.
    • Mana regeneration - A must-have for any mage.
    • Staff fighting > Magic Staves - To be able to equip Staff of defense.
    • Improved Robes - Doubling armor values, very useful.
    • Fire Mage - A small damage increase.
    • Permanent Potions - When you get 60 Alchemy, this is the one to learn.

Useful Information

AK Merchants. Mind that their inventory is fixed once you talk to them. They can spawn 0-5 tablets. I always try to get 3 and it may take a while.

  • Trelis: Khabir, Geldern: Jared, Mirzo, Hamil, Renvik, Peratur, Silden: Temmy, Mora Sul: Faesul, Ilja, Mezir, Gotha: Narkan, Cape Dun: Deckard, Montera: Basir, Faring: Koraz

Fireball can inflict burning. Burning does not kill when fighting in Arena. Don't rush to get a high AK. Some quests and arena fights require you to have a medium damage so you can finish opponents with burning. Focus on not killing the opponent. Losing a fight in Arena does not kill you, so you can reload.

If you don't want to learn other skills like hunting, keep the wolf furs you find in Cape Dun for orcs in Farring.


Follow these gameplay instructions.

Initial Walkthrough

Do all the quests in Myrtana and Varant that involve no fighting. There are lots of them and you can outrun any enemy, so reaching any city is not an issue. When you get to level 6, take the Learn Quickly perk. Put all your LP to AK after that until you get Mana regeneration. Don't forget to have 5 spare points to learn Fireball.

You will need 200 LP for AK, 7 LP for Learn Quickly, 5 LP for Fireball, and 30 LP for Mana regeneration. That is 242 in total. With level 23 you will have 247 LP. After that, you can start carefully doing quests where you have to fight. Remember to keep your distance and ensure you have jewelry for protection against missiles. If level 23 seems too high you can do two things.

  • When you learn Fireball, you can already do some quests like liberating Ardea. However, the more AK you have the better, as your damage depends on it.
  • You can read a few stone tablets or bookshelves before you get 200 AK.

After You Get Mana Regeneration

At that point, you should put points to Mana and HP 1 to 1. Go for 500 HP and Mana. Learn Magic staves and Improved robes when you feel comfortable. Slowly but steadily you will become more or less tanky. However, fighting large packs will still require some running.

The hardest part of a no-death run is not to rush it after you get Mana regeneration. There aren't many mobs that can kill you. The most dangerous ones are archers (but there aren't many of them) and various shamans. 500+ HP is recommended for fighting orc shamans. I started with killing small enemy packs. Basically, every city asks you to kill 10 of these and 5 of those, or some bandits nearby. Do such quests in Montera. With 200+ HP and Mana you will be able to do them in Varant

In Nordmar and in Varant ruines, don't get into the middle of a crowd. Clear all the areas gradually from point A to point B, so there is always a place to retreat. The hardest area for me was the mine in the Hammer clan. There can be two shamans at once. Be careful.

With 500+ HP and Mana

Pump AK to 250 and use all the stone tablets you have. Collect all the artifacts. You may have already grabbed some. The one in Gotha is easy to get. The artifacts in Varant are guarded by undead shamans (or priests). Protection from Ice will be useful. Get access to Ishtar and give them to Beliar so you can learn Summon Lightning.

You can kill every orc chieftan without aggroing the whole city. To kill Kan, you need to kill the inner gatekeeper where no one can see you. After that, you can run to the second floor of the nearest building on the right and aggro him from the window.

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