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"Grand Theft Auto Online": Solo Missions S–W

"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.

Conquer missions S–W with this guide.

Conquer missions S–W with this guide.

Sometimes, it's hard to find a friend, and sometimes, it's hard to wait for one. That's why I've created this guide to help you complete the missions from GTA Online, solo-style (though sometimes it's necessary to have a partner). Some missions will get removed or added back from update to update.

Quick Reference Guide

Some of these missions, mainly the low-level ones, can be played at any Rank, but all missions open up at a particular Rank. This guide was written using a Rank 185+ character, but I mention at the end of each mission recommended Ranks on a case-by-case basis and why they are recommended. In this guide, I will also list the following at the beginning of each mission:

  • Given By: The character in the game that gives you the mission. Lamar, Simeon, and Gerald give you lower level missions, while Ron, Lester, and Martin give you tougher missions, but with better pay.
  • Rank Unlocked: You cannot get this mission until you have achieved this Rank. You can be invited to any Mission regardless of your level, but you should not bite off more than you can chew.
  • Possible Pay (after patch 1.16): I started writing this guide before Patch 1.16, but the mission payouts get adjusted, from update to update. I will post here what I got for the strategy you will read. Just keep in mind that the pay is time-based, so the keyword here is “possible." Results may vary.
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Once again, if you are a particular Rank, then you probably won’t have the weapon(s) I recommend. You should be at least Rank 60 so that you have a Grenade Launcher. 120 would be even better so that you have everything, but unlike Solo Survival, I have to judge each mission as it comes. I'm going to be vague with the weapon selection unless the mission is best played with certain ones. New updates come out with new weapons and everyone has a different preference, so this will be mainly open to those options.
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: In GTA Online, you can buy and store up to 20 vehicles (as of September 16th, 2014). You should have at least one of each vehicle type in your garage (for Races), in addition to whatever you fancy. Here is where I will point out the best Vehicle for a particular mission. Most missions will require speed but some will require a strong battering ram approach.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Sometimes, you get invited to a mission and it starts halfway across the map in somebody’s garage. That’s not kosher . . . There was a time when Rockstar had us start at the mission’s most important point, and that is the case with some or when Replaying it from the voting screen, but when you’re playing a Solo Mission, this spot is where you want to be when you launch it.
  • Rank Recommended: What Rank should you tackle this with? Would bringing another player along be a good idea? What items are necessary or helpful? Does anything differ version to version?

Other Ways to Play Solo in "GTA Online"

San Andreas Seoul

  • Given By: Lamar
  • Rank Unlocked: 16
  • Possible Pay: $7,110 (after patch 1.16) $9,980 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: None
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Clothing Store near Vespucci Beach (Binco)
  • Rank Recommended: You could complete this mission Solo at Rank 0 if you had to. I’m not saying it’s easy I’m just . . . yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m saying.

Steal the Tanker

Drive around the corner and get in the truck cab of the tanker. You could shoot the workers with a pistol or fight them directly with melee, but this will cause the police to come sooner. You can drive away from them without trouble and this will cause a delay before the police response.

Lose the Cops

You will receive a two-star Wanted Level. Drive away from the gas station. If you did not fire any shots on the workers then there should not be any nearby cruisers. Take this opportunity to do the Accessories trick and remove a star. Keep driving east, avoiding the blue vision cones. Remember you can leave the tanker and hide on foot too.

Deliver the Tanker to the Depot

Once you get rid of the cops the only challenge now is not blowing up the tanker as you run over things to kill the boredom of a long haul. Just drive to the depot and stop in the yellow marker.

Video Walkthrough

Satellite Communications

  • Given By: Trevor
  • Rank Unlocked: 60
  • Possible Pay: $15,120 (still the same after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle, Grenades
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Observatory (see first picture)
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 60, you can complete this mission Solo. The Special Carbine comes in handy . . . then again, when does it NOT?

Steal the Trailer

Get in your PV and set a Quick GPS waypoint on the trailer. As you drive there, make note of the dirst road that is not marked along the route (see second picture). Remember this road for later, and go easy around it. Once you get to the top of the hill, take cover behind the construction office unit (see third picture). Kill the initial Lost gang members here, plus any that respond. Go into the yard along the left (South) side taking cover as you go. The Lost will also be in cover AND have shotguns. Keep your distance and pick them off one-by-one. Once the area’s clear re-heal and get in the truck cab of the trailer.

Deliver the Trailer to the Gas Station

You would think that the hard part is over. It typically would be if the trailer didn’t seem like it was made out of paper. If you so much as crash too hard into something the mission fails. As you follow the GPS route make use of that dirt road from earlier. It’s a little tight, but you can negotiate it at a steady speed. Just watch out for the telephone pole at the end, once you get to asphalt. That thing can wreck the mission. After that road, follow the GPS route to the letter. You should concentrate more on taking on the Lost. Like in “Out of Harmony” ram oncoming Lost motorcycles but DON’T DRIVE OVER THEM. The trailer’s wheels will ignite the gas tank and blow up. No more than three motorcycles will pursue you at once, and the trailer is essentially bulletproof. Apart from taking out Lost focus on not jack-knifing, crashing into anything, or blowing up while making the long drive to the gas station.

Note: This mission can be a little testy. For example, I had to play it about eight times before I wrote this walkthrough. Strange right? You wouldn’t think this mission can be THAT complicated, but it can be. Bring a friend along if you want someone to run interference on the Lost while you work on not wrecking the fragile trailer.

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Video Walkthrough

Show Me the Monet

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 55
  • Possible Pay: $12,780 (after patch 1.16) $14,190 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Light Machine Gun
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Convenience Store in Vespucci Canals
  • Recommended Rank: Wait for another five Ranks to unlock the Grenade Launcher before attempting this mission. You can take out the helicopter with an MG just fine, especially since you can auto-target the door gunners with it. You don’t actually have to destroy the chopper, just the guys shooting at you from it.

Steal the Van

From where you spawn, drive around the corner into the parking garage with the multi-colored panels (see first picture). The van will soon drive near this position, on the way to the docks. Equip a sniper rifle and zoom all the way in, targeting the driver. The passenger will push the dead driver out and take over. You might not be able to see HIS head through the splatter on the inside of the windshield but shoot him too as he drives the van toward you. Run to the van and get in.

Deliver the Van to Madrazo’s Lockup

Drive the van into the parking garage and up into the ramp on the left (see second picture). This will keep it safe during the following gun battle. Use your Grenade Launcher on the first responding Patriots full of Merryweather mercs. As well as a light machine gun on any mercs outside of their vehicles from the wall overlooking the street (see third picture). Eventually, a helicopter with Merryweather, using their own LMGs, will get to your location. Use whatever anti-aircraft means you prefer, it’s only a Frogger so the only threats are the door gunners. Once the area’s clear, the only hard part will be making the long drive to Madrazo’s lock-up.

Video Walkthrough

Stick Up the Stickup Crew

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 40
  • Possible Pay: $20,400 (after patch 1.16) $18,360 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Parachute, Heavy Sniper, Light Machine Gun, Grenades, RPG
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Ammunation in Little Seoul
  • Rank Recommended: Wait until Rank 60 to unlock the Grenade Launcher, by that point you will also have an MG.

Steal the Truck

Pause the game and open the map. Place a Waypoint on the La Puerta Freeway Bridge (see first picture). Go into the Ammunation and buy a Parachute if you don’t have one already. Now drive to the Waypoint you set and you should see a ship docked below on the left. Jump over the left side of the bridge, and immediately pull your chute. Glide to the top (or near the top) of the docked ship and climb to the top (see second picture). Equip your Heavy Sniper and pick off the gunmen around the area, but not the ones standing by the truck. Save those three for last, since the whole area doesn’t go on alert until you shoot them. Once the dock is on alert, they are just going to keep respawning. Equip your light machine gun and make your way down to the dock. Take cover (where you can) and thin out the group of enemies as you shoot your way to the truck. Once there, get in. Don’t bother hunkering down and killing all of the guys first, they just keep coming.

Deliver the Truck to Madrazo’s Lock-Up

Once out of the docks, go left. You will come to a fork in the road, go down the road on the right that leads to another dock area (see third picture). Get out of the truck and make your stand here, taking cover behind anything facing the road you just used. You might even consider dropping a Proximity Mine, or two, Use your Grenade Launcher or RPG on the enemy vehicles that will seem like an endless wave. Make sure to save a rocket for the enemy helicopter flying around or use your Minigun. Once the smoke clears make the tedious drive to Madrazo’s lockup.

Note: You don’t really need to bring a second player with you on this mission, but you should—and not because it's difficult. There are a lot of cool possibilities for coordination given the different approaches of the dockyard.

Video Walkthrough

Stocks and Scares

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 70
  • Possible Pay: $22,200 (after patch 1.16) $19,980 (after patch 1.32)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Heavy Sniper, LMG, Proximity Mines, Tear Gas Grenades, Heavy Shotgun, Grenade Launcher
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any that provides good cover
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Doesn’t seem to matter
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 70, the standard Sniper Rifle is sufficient but just realize that even the Heavy Sniper takes two body shots to kill Merryweather in this mission. It could be more with the normal Sniper Rifle. So wait until Rank 90, that is if you don’t want to do the go-up-the-stairs-through-the-front-door approach. Spoiler alert: IT WILL KILL YOU.

Go to the Merryweather Office

Get in your Personal Vehicle and drive to the staircase in the first picture. Ignore the mercenaries as you do. Run up the stairs and follow the catwalk. Equip your Heavy Sniper and pick off mercs from up here (see second picture). Keep in mind that they’ll keep respawning in this mission (like Dry Docking). It still helps to thin the herd, just don’t focus on it. Continue along the catwalk and down the stairs to the dock. Take cover behind the blue beams as you make your way along the dock, obviously taking out Merryweather as you go. Stopping to re-heal is kind of a moot point since the respawning enemies will flank you once you get to the main dock. So don’t hold up behind a cover spot for too long. Once you get close to the door (that I told you to ignore earlier), just make a run for it to the stairs that lead up to the Merryweather office. Run-and-gun is actually useful at that point.

Hack the Terminal

The hacking mini-game is the same as it is in Single Player. Place a Proximity Mine on the stairs, by the landing. Then press right on the D-pad by the terminal. The hacking mini-game is the same as it is in Single Player. If you’re not familiar with it just read the tutorials that appear at the upper left corner of the screen.

Crack the Safe

Equip your shotgun and shoot the mercs in the dock office. Before cracking the safe toss some Tear Gas Grenades on the stairs and another Proximity Mine by the top of the stairs. The safe-cracking mini game is not as hard as you might think. For the first number, you can either go left or right with the Left Stick. The first number is the easiest to get because if you screw up you can go back quickly. For the next two numbers you can only turn the dial left OR right, and doing the opposite will reset the whole sequence. When the tumbler begins to shake lightly LET GO OF THE LEFT STICK and tilt it gently in the direction you were going until it shakes violently. When that happens, wait a couple of seconds and you will have unlocked the number in the combo. If you miss it keep rotating until you come back to the hot spot. Unlike in real life, you won’t reset the sequence if you hit “0," but you will if you try to go in the opposite direction. In case you screw up, make note of the numbers.

Deliver the Briefcase to Lester’s Warehouse

If the responding mercenaries haven’t set the Mines off yet shoot them (er . . . well both things) as you leave the office. Follow the catwalk to the right (see third picture) all the way around until you can’t go any further. Dive into the water and swim out of the Merryweather docks. Going around to the left until you come across a ladder. Climb up, ignore/shoot any mercs outside, and get in your PV. Drive off the dock, and make a left, rather than follow the GPS route. Merryweather Patriots will show up. Park, take cover and blow them up with a Grenade Launcher. If you follow the GPS route, they will most likely crash into you, and the passenger will kill you instantly with AP Pistol (?). Once they stop coming drive to Lester’s warehouse and into the yellow marker.

Note: This is definitely one of those missions where bringing a friend with you won’t make you seem weak. It IS an easier mission than Dry Docking, in comparison, but the enemies respawn and attacking from two sides is never a bad idea.

Video Walkthrough

Teaser Trailer

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 40
  • Possible Pay: $14,200 (after patch 1.16) $12,240 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: RPG, Sniper Rifle, Light Machine Gun
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Convenience Store by Grove Street (after patch 1.29, it spawns you near the location of the trailer)
  • Rank Recommended: I mention an RPG, which isn’t unlocked until Rank 100, so you could use your Grenade Launcher, unlocked at Rank 60, if you arch your shots. Of course, at that point, you may as well just barrage everyone with explosives. RPG’s are at least more direct. Then there’s the MG, which is unlocked at Rank 50.

Steal the Trailer

Follow the road from where you spawn, going past the location of the trailer and head toward the location in the first screenshot. You will see a gate straight ahead (the one in the second picture). Drive through this gate and steal the Phantom semi-truck attached to a tanker. You’re going to need this truck cab. Drive out of the gate and head back toward the location of the trailer. Hold Right on the D-pad to disconnect the tanker as you go. Park the semi off somewhere to the side, near the green container (see third picture) that you’ll be taking cover behind. Equip your RPG and shoot the three parked Patriots on the dock. This will take out a couple of mercenaries, but use your sniper rifle on any others you can see from here. Once that’s done with, equip your light machine gun and take out the last few mercs by the trailer. Now that the area’s clear all you have to do is back up the semi into the trailer.

Deliver the Trailer to Lester’s Warehouse

Drive up the clear dock (the one opposite to where you took on Merryweather) and follow the GPS route to Lester’s warehouse. Mercs in Patriots will chase after you. Whether you want to fight them or not I’ll leave up to you.

Note: Patch 1.29 didn't necessarily make the mission more difficult, at least not for you, but the new spawn point has led to a slight rewrite of this walkthrough.

Video Walkthrough

The Los Santos Connection

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 40
  • Possible Pay: $20,400 (still the same after patch 1.31)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, Grenades/Grenade Launcher/RPG, Sticky Bombs, Sniper Rifle, Proximity Mine (maybe)
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast but provides good cover
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Convenience Store in Strawberry
  • Rank Recommended: If you like using an RPG, wait until Rank 100 to do this mission. By which point you will have the best LMG and almost everything else. If you’re not an RPG individual, at least wait until Rank 90 to get the Heavy Sniper. It's ok you don’t need it, but at least you’ll have a fully upgraded Combat MG.

Ambush the Drug Deal

Drive to the drug deal and take cover by the wall where the gunman is standing. Equip your SMG.

Check the Granger’s GPS

Shoot the gunmen in the immediate area (there’s only four) and use Grenades on the four more that show up. (Obviously don’t blow up the Granger with the GPS in the process). Shoot the green Supply Drop/Gang Attack Crate to get two drug packets worth $500 each, then get in the Granger.

Go to the Depot in El Burro Heights

Get out of the Granger and into your PV. Put a Quick GPS on Ammunation and go there (while either out running or gunning the guys in enemy vehicles). Buy some Body Armor. I know what you’re thinking, and YES, you can put on Body Armor anywhere from the Inventory, but why drink from the canteen when you’re sitting near an oasis? Drive to the depot when you’re done.

Hack the Laptop to Trace the Supplier

Ok so obviously we’re going to hack a laptop here, but you have a little bit of a gun battle to handle first. Take cover by the cement barriers (see first picture) and equip an LMG. Shoot the gunmen in this immediate area making use of any explosive objects they position themselves near. Grangers with more guys will show up. Use your Grenade Launcher or RPG on any that you see, but mainly they’ll disembark and you can shoot them on foot. It will seem like they will keep coming but they eventually stop. Also kill the enemies at the South end of the depot, taking cover by the box truck near the laptop. (Note: There’s a First Aid Kit in the container on the left and two $500 drug packets in the supply crate.) When you feel like you’ve cleared most of the gunmen out go over to the laptop and press Right on the D-pad. The hacking mini-game is the same as it is in Single Player. If you’re not familiar with it just read the tutorials that appear at the upper left corner of the screen.

Go to the Hanger at LSI Airport

Get in your PV and drive to an Ammunation. Buy some Body Armor and outrun any enemy Grangers chasing you. Once you get into the Airport; go to the far east end, along the runway, and drop a Proximity Mine in front of the private jet parked there. (Note: You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I’ll explain later.) Park your PV near the hanger, but a little away from the entrance.

Steal the Coke

Take cover behind your PV and equip your sniper rifle. Take out any gunmen you can see from here, (it’s not as many as A Titan of a Job) then rush in and kill the rest with your assault rifle, using the various vehicles as cover. Two guys will be upstairs on top of the back-right structure. Toss Tear Gas (see second picture) to snuff them out before going up there. You could rush them with a shotgun, alternatively, but they take cover behind the crates. Before you go upstairs make sure to pick up the eight $500 drug packets by the back of the hanger. Once the guys are dead, pick up the coke upstairs. (Note: There is Body Armor and Sticky Bombs here.)

Destroy the Crew’s Vehicles

From up on this position, toss Sticky Bombs on the two nearest vehicles (one between the box trucks if you put a Proximity Mine in front of the private jet earlier, you can only have five active explosives at a time). Don’t set them off yet. A lot of enemies are heading into the hanger. Use an LMG on the gunmen and your RPG on the Grangers. Make your way downstairs once you’re confident you have cleared some space. Use an RPG or Minigun on the enemy helicopter just outside the hanger. Then set off your Sticky Bombs. (If the bombs don’t take out some of the vehicles just use your choice of explosives to finish those off.)

Take out the Supplier

If you decided to place a Proximity Mine earlier then this will only appear briefly on your screen. If not run to one of the parked Buzzard Attack Choppers ad chase after the plane. Shoot down the supplier with Rockets. Ignore any enemies on the ground as you fly off.

Go to Madrazo’s House

While in a Buzzard fly north to Madrazo’s house and land in the yellow marker (either in or out of the chopper, I’ll let your inner adrenaline junkie decide).

Note: It goes without saying that having a friend, or two, come along is a good idea. However, this mission is not as hard to do Solo as others can be. Just make sure you have some time on your hands first. Solo it can take up to 20 minutes or more.

Video Walkthrough

Ticket to Elysium

  • Given By: Lamar
  • Rank Unlocked: 18
  • Possible Pay: $7,160 (still the same after patch 1.32)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Marksman Rifle (and maybe a Pistol)
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast (in case something goes wrong below)
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Tattoo Parlor in El Burro Heights
  • Rank Recommended: Thanks to the Last Team Standing Update, you can do this mission at any Rank, but if you want to lose the cops easier wait until Lester’s Remove Wanted Level ability at Rank 21.

Steal the Tanker

Get in your personal vehicle and drive to the intersection in the first screenshot. Equip your Marksman Rifle and take aim up the road. This is vital that you use THAT particular sniper rifle. If you try sniping the driver with the Heavy Sniper, for example, you will set off the tanker and fail the mission. Been there . . . (Really, I try all of the variables before I waste your time, or at least try to . . . ) When the truck comes into range shoot the driver. It could, and will most likely, take two shots. Aim for the head if you can, but make sure you won’t hit the tanker. It’s not ideal, but if you have to, chase after the tanker. Killing the driver diligently with however many pistol shots it takes. Getting in front of the truck to help slow it with your car helps too.

Lose the Cops

You will get a two-star Wanted Level (not immediately). Doing the Accessories trick will get rid of the one, but trying to lose the other in a semi pulling a tanker isn’t ideal. Even if you sniped from the intersection; get out and hide somewhere on foot.

Deliver the Tanker to the Depot

If you didn’t have to chase after the truck (the ideal outcome to the sniping strategy) you can just hang a right and drive up the hill (sans losing the cops). With a couple of well-placed shots, this is probably the quickest mission to solo. And yet I still made it wordier than need be . . .

Video Walkthrough

Time to Get Away

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 20
  • Possible Pay: $13,480 (still the same after patch 1.32)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: LMG and Grenade Launcher
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something quick but sturdy (if you want to use it as cover and/or escape faster)
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Convenience Store near Palleto Bay
  • Rank Recommended: I don’t recommend playing this strategy at Rank 20. Don’t ask, you know why. Wait until Rank 60 at least to get the Grenade Launcher.

Go to Donkey Punch Family Farm

Get in your PV and drive to… I’m not repeating all of that. Just drive there.

Rescue El Stupido

Take cover behind the woodpile (see first picture) and equip your LMG. From here, you can take out a lot of feds, but watch your sides, they can flank around you. Once you have shot all of the closest feds make your way forward, staying on the left side of the dirt road. Take cover behind the shack (see second picture) and shoot the feds guarding the entrance to the barn. DO NOT use explosives. As tempting as their cluster may be, you will kill El Stupido in the blast. Once the area’s clear, re-heal and go into the barn.

Take El Stupido to McKenzie Airfield

You have two choices here; chase or fight. If you decide to run away use the provided Ocelot Jackal. It’s fast and can maneuver pretty well. If you decide to stay and fight, take cover behind the log just outside the barn (see third picture). Equip your Grenade Launcher or RPG, and blast the enemy Grangers that appear on the scene. You need to be quick to avoid El Stupido from getting killed. Some feds will disembark on the nearby highway, shoot them with your LMG in-between blowing up Grangers. You can take out a couple of vehicles before they become an issue though. Once you’re all clear get in your PV, with El Stupido, and drive to McKenzie Airfield.

Video Walkthrough

Park here to give yourself cover from the rival crew.

Park here to give yourself cover from the rival crew.

Trash Talk

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 81
  • Possible Pay: $16,000 (still the same after patch 1.32)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sticky Bombs, Grenade Launcher/RPG, Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Sports or Super (there is a lot of driving involved)
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Doesn’t matter, always spawns at Martin’s house
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 81, you have everything you need for this mission, except the RPG which has good range for the far garbage trucks and enemy vehicle. You could just buy the Homing Launcher which has similar far-reach, or arch your 40mms.

Destroy the Garbage Trucks

There are four garbage trucks in transit around lower Los Santos. Speed to each one with a Sticky Bomb and blow up each one from behind the wheel. Probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t be nearby when detonating them.

Go to Rival Operation in El Burro Heights

Once the garbage trucks have been destroyed drive to the rival operation. Park your PV long-ways at the north end of the area (see first picture). You don’t have to drive directly into the yellow corona. Just take cover and . . .

Destroy the Garbage Trucks/Take out the Rival Crew

. . . blow up the nearby garbage trucks with your Grenade Launcher, or another choice of explosives. Hold your position, or make your way forward, taking out the rival crew as you go. Continue to destroy the garbage trucks as you do, and save one for the enemy granger that shows up at the other end of the yard. Use an RPG on them, and the far two garbage trucks at the south end, if you don’t wish to do much running. Once the last truck is destroyed finish off the rival crew.

The Crew Boss is Fleeing Take Him Out

Run back to your PV and run over the crew boss. Nothing fancy, just classic GTA vehicular homicide. Once he’s dead the mission’s over.

Video Walkthrough

Turbine Carbine

  • Given By: Ron
  • Rank Unlocked: 25
  • Possible Pay: $11,700 (still the same after patch 1.32)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle, SMG, Pistol
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something Off-Road class
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Ammunation in Tataviam Mountains
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 25 you have everything you need for this mission solo.

Steal the Van

From where you begin, put a Quick GPS Waypoint on the van. As you get to the Ron Industrial Windfarm you’ll notice you don’t have to follow the route to the letter (why I recommend an Off-Road vehicle). As you make your way through the windfarm, follow the dirt road until you get to an overlook (see first picture). Take cover behind your PV and equip a sniper rifle. From up here, you can take most of the gang members from up here (see second picture). Once most of the enemies have been dispatched (and some may get up the hill to greet you), drive down to the meet and take cover behind any of the numerous areas here. Refrain from using Grenades, or other explosives, to avoid blowing up the van. I know it’s tempting because of the vehicles all parked together, but just don’t do it. There should only be a couple of guys left over at this point. A close-range weapon like a pistol or shotgun is good enough to finish these guys off. Once the area is clear, get in the van.

Deliver the Van to Trevor’s Trailer

Follow the yellow GPS route as you go out of Ron Industrial Windfarms. When you get to the zig-zag section on the mini-map just drive straight to the highway. Lost on motorcycles will come after you. Ram them off the road and out of your way, when you have the opportunity, as you make your way to Trevor’s trailer.

Video Walkthrough

Violent Duct

  • Given By: Gerald
  • Rank Unlocked: 15
  • Possible Pay: Depends on time spent (after patch 1.28)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle, Grenades (carefully), Tear Gas Grenades
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something that provides good cover
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Strip club in Strawberry
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 15, and with the help of DLC, you have everything you need to do this mission solo.

Go to the Deal

From where you start, run to your PV and drive to the yellow corona. Park long ways to give yourself decent cover.

Steal the Coke

Toss a Grenade toward the two SUVs at one end of your PV. Then shoot the two Lost members, with an assault rifle, from the other. Or vice versa. The rest of the enemies will be a little harder to hit. They also have high accuracy (similar to Rooftop Rumble). Use Tear Gas Grenades on enemies to avoid blowing up the coke. Shoot the rest that survives the death clouds. Keep in cover and reheal whenever possible. Take your time and take out each enemy at a time. Once the area is clear, grab the coke.

Deliver the Coke to Gerald’s Apartment

Once you pick up the coke, and any loot you might grab, a Lost gang van will arrive. You could blow it up with a Grenade (risking the destruction of your PV) or just shoot the occupants through the windshield. Get in your car, provided it wasn’t blown up by the above first option, and take the coke to Gerald’s.

Video Walkthrough

Over view of the trailer park from up on the hill.

Over view of the trailer park from up on the hill.

War and Pieces

  • Given By: Gerald
  • Rank Unlocked: 30
  • Possible Pay: $9,900 (after patch 1.29)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Dart game location near Sandy Shores
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 30, you have everything you could need to do this mission Solo. Especially if you don't bother shooting every biker.

Steal the Coke

Put a Quick GPS waypoint on the coke and drive down the road to the trailer park. You'll drive over a railway crossing along the dirt road that leads up there. Go up the hill to the left and get out of your PV (see picture). Equip your sniper rifle and shoot the Lost gang members below. Soon, a hippie will try to drive off with the coke. Use an assault rifle to shoot him off his motorcycle from up on the hill. Do it as he drives past. From here you can kill the rest of the enemies below, or just grab the coke and drive off. (That's what I did).

Deliver the Coke to Gerald's Apartment

Get in your PV and make the long drive to Gerald's Apartment. You don't really have to stop and fight the bikers that come after you on motorcycles. It's actually more fun to ram them off as they speed toward you on the highway.

Video Walkthrough

Water the Vineyard

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 40
  • Possible Pay: $12, 240 (after patch 1.29)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle, Proximity Mine, Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Devin Weston’s Mansion (see first picture)
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 40, you have everything you need to do this mission solo.

Go to the Marlowe Valley Vineyard

Get in your PV and drive to the Marlowe Valley Vineyard. You don't drive into the parking lot, but go into the marker to trigger the next objective.

Take out the Judge

Keep following the road until you get to a bridge with cement walls, stop here (see second picture). Get out of your car and face left (see third picture). Toss a Proximity Mine at the top of the slope that goes below the bridge. Then equip a sniper rifle and climb on top of your PV. At this point, there is one of three ways you can kill the judge, and it all depends on your luck and/or skill.

  1. Shoot one of the gunmen; this will make the judge run to his car. Hit the judge as he's getting in (clearest shot). The down-side is you'll have to fight all of the gunmen before you can take his picture (or else they will keep interrupting it every time you get shot).
  2. Shoot the judge (driver side obviously) with your sniper rifle or spray the windscreen with an assault rifle as he speeds down the hill. The car will still set off the Proximity Mine though. Which brings me to . . .
  3. Do nothing or miss, and the judge blows up from the Mine as he escapes down the hill.

Approach the Judge/Take a photo of the judge

Drive or run down to where the flaming wreckage stops and take a picture of the judge. By the way, if you're heavy into role play and details, and don't want to take a photo of a crispy corpse, you can chase after the judge. Then shoot him with a Micro SMG, AP Pistol, or Machine Pistol. It's not really a chase though, once he hits asphalt he'll obey traffic laws. Either way, kill him and take his picture.

Go to Madrazo's House

Get back to your PV, shooting gunmen and an enemy Granger along the way, and drive to Madrazo's House.

Video Walkthrough

Wet Work(ers)

  • Given By: Ron
  • Rank Unlocked: 55
  • Possible Pay: $14,910 (after patch 1.29)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Light Machine Gun or Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Hookies Bar in North Chumash (see first picture)
  • Rank Recommended: An Assault Rifle, preferably the Special Carbine, is enough for the up-close portions of the mission. If you want to use a light machine gun wait until Rank 50 before doing this mission Solo.

Steal the Boat

Get in your PV and put a Quick GPS on the location of the boat. It's just up the road. When you get to the bottom of the dirt road equip your Grenade Launcher and blow up the Lost van furthest away from you. You can nuke them both, but it's just a waste of a 40mm since no enemies are hiding behind it. The Marksman Rifle is good enough for sniping the Lost gang members on the pier below. Shoot from the wood fence (see second picture) before going downstairs with a light machine gun or assault rifle equipped. Be careful of the guys that take cover behind the white water containers, they seem to be the most accurate shooters. When they're all dead, run to the end of the pier and jump down to the boat.

Deliver the Boat to the Meth Lab

Just like A Boat in the Bay, drive up the river of Raton Canyon. Actually, that's probably why they deleted that mission . . . Anyway, ignore the Lost shooting at you from the shore and drive up the current (see third picture) when you get to the waterfall. Once you're in the Alamo Sea stop in the yellow marker.

Take out the Lost

The only hard part here is getting up onto the dock, to cover, while getting shot at. Once you're up on the pier take cover behind the nearest water container (see fourth picture). Fire a couple of Grenades (aim high because they arch) to blow the Lost vans near the house. Then use your light machine gun or assault rifle for the rest. After you have thinned the herd a bit, make your way up the pier. Even after the bombardment, there will be a couple of stragglers.

Video Walkthrough

Where Credit's Due

  • Given By: Simeon
  • Rank Unlocked: 5
  • Possible Pay: $4,580 (after patch 1.29)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: None
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Arm Wrestling activity marker in Elysian Island
  • Rank Recommended: You’ll be fine at Rank 5. This is probably the easiest mission next to All In The Game.

Repo the Zion

I'm sorry in advance, but I really saved the hardest for last . . . not really . . . Drive to the Zion and get in. Make sure you drive away before the girl in yoga pants attacks!

Lose the Cops

Soon after taking the Zion you will receive a one-star Wanted Level. Hide in one of the many nearby alleyways until you lose them.

Deliver the Zion to the Dealership

Just drive to Simeon's dealership and park in the yellow marker.

Video Walkthrough

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