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"Grand Theft Auto Online": Solo Missions N–R

"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.

Check out this guide to solo missions N–R in "GTA Online."

Check out this guide to solo missions N–R in "GTA Online."

Sometimes, it's hard to find a friend, and sometimes, it's hard to wait for one. That's why I've created this guide to help you complete the missions from GTA Online, solo-style (though sometimes it's necessary to have a partner). Some missions will get removed or added back from update to update.

Quick Reference Guide

Some of these missions, mainly the low-level ones, can be played at any Rank, but all missions open up at a particular Rank. This guide was written using a Rank 185+ character, but I mention at the end of each mission recommended Ranks on a case-by-case basis and why they are recommended. In this guide, I will also list the following at the beginning of each mission:

  • Given By: The character in the game that gives you the mission. Lamar, Simeon, and Gerald give you lower level missions, while Ron, Lester, and Martin give you tougher missions, but with better pay.
  • Rank Unlocked: You cannot get this mission until you have achieved this Rank. You can be invited to any Mission regardless of your level, but you should not bite off more than you can chew.
  • Possible Pay (after patch 1.16): I started writing this guide before Patch 1.16, but the mission payouts get adjusted from update to update. I will post here what I got for the strategy you will read. Just keep in mind that the pay is time-based, so the keyword here is “possible." Results may vary.
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Once again, if you are a particular Rank, then you probably won’t have the weapon(s) I recommend. You should be at least Rank 60 so that you have a Grenade Launcher. 120 would be even better so that you have everything, but unlike Solo Survival, I have to judge each mission as it comes. I'm going to be vague with the weapon selection unless the mission is best played with certain ones. New updates come out with new weapons and everyone has a different preference, so this will be mainly open to those options.
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: In GTA Online, you can buy and store up to 20 vehicles (as of September 16th, 2014). You should have at least one of each vehicle type in your garage (for Races), in addition to whatever you fancy. Here is where I will point out the best Vehicle for a particular mission. Most missions will require speed but some will require a strong battering ram approach.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Sometimes, you get invited to a mission and it starts halfway across the map in somebody’s garage. That’s not kosher . . . There was a time when Rockstar had us start at the mission’s most important point, and that is the case with some or when Replaying it from the voting screen, but when you’re playing a Solo Mission, this spot is where you want to be when you launch it.
  • Rank Recommended: What Rank should you tackle this with? Would bringing another player along be a good idea? What items are necessary or helpful? Does anything differ version to version?

Other Ways to Play Solo in "GTA Online"

No Hay Bronca

  • Given By: Gerald
  • Rank Unlocked: 8
  • Possible Pay: $14,720 (still the same after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: SMG, Grenades, Marksman Rifle, Proximity Mine, Jerry Can
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Los Santos Custom is La Mesa
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 8, you use a DLC Assault Rifle; Sawn-off Shotgun, Marksman Rifle, and a Proximity Mine. Grenades are not unlocked until Rank 15. You can also take a lot of damage at this Rank, especially when climbing that ladder. Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.

Go to the Deal

From the LSC drive down the road to the deal. Go through the chain-link gates, take cover behind your PV, and equip your SMG.

Retrieve the Package

Shoot the red propane tank to start off your assault. Obviously, the guy at the top of the incline is a priority too. More gang members will arrive behind you. Take them out next once they do, but don’t toss a Grenade unless you’re sure you have a clear throw. It could bounce off the gate and kill you instead (been there . . . ). Once the reinforcements are dealt with, continue with the last couple of Vagos with the package. Once they’re all dead retrieve the package.

Deliver the Package to Gerald’s Apartment

Four enemy vehicles will come to the scene. While taking cover behind your PV (after you reverse back into the alley) use Grenades on them. Loot all of the bodies for Ammo, Cash, and Snacks. Drive to Gerald’s apartment.

Go to the Gang Territory

Pick up the Armor and Jerry Can here. The latter is useful, but not required for the next part; I’ll leave that up to you. Get in your PV and drive to the gang territory.

Destroy the Gang’s Vehicles

Shoot the red tank next to the Vagos in the alley. Then toss a Grenade near the fence to the right to get it out of the way. Go into this first lot and climb the ladder by the garage (see first picture). Climb the ladder quickly since a lot of angry gang members will be shooting at you all at once—including the guy already on the roof of the building, kill him first, then gun down every gang member you see from up here using your Marksman Rifle. Once the area is clear (as clear as you can make it from here), climb back down and shoot the red tank to blow up the Cavalcade. Run across the alley and take cover behind the second house to the left (see second and third pictures). Equip a shotgun and use it to weed through most of the reinforcements. Watch your surroundings in the back on your right, they can flank behind you there. Once you have made the situation comfortable for yourself run out to the main road (the one across the street from the Vagos neighborhood where you can find gang cars). Run up the street to the left, to the house with the white driveway (see fourth picture). Toss a Proximity Mine in front of the Phoenix parked here, but not so close that it blows it up. Run back into the alley and go down to the lot at the bottom of the hill (the one with the single red blip). Shoot the leftover Vagos and the red tank next to the Phoenix parked here. Next, go to the middle lot, with the two red blips, and pour gas from a Jerry Can on both (with a stream between). Or you could use a Grenade, but what the hell, save $250 and just burn them.

The Gang Leader Is Escaping, Take Him Out

If you planted the Proximity Mine earlier, this part will not be an issue. If you decided not to (why I don’t know) run out to the street and spray the gang leader’s windshield Michael Mann style. Sometimes he almost always crashes into a pole making his escape. If that didn’t work (still, you got mines dude . . . ), chase after him in your PV and shoot him from behind the wheel. Once the gang leader is dead, the mission is over.

Video Walkthrough

No Smoking

  • Given By: Lamar
  • Rank Unlocked: 30
  • Possible Pay: $9,900 (after patch 1.16) $7,430 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle, Grenades, and Micro SMG/AP Pistol (depending)
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Ammunation/Shooting Range in Rancho
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 30, you have everything you need to complete this mission solo. Sans the Grenade Launcher.

Go to the El Burro Heights Train Yard

Drive around the corner to the train yard. Once you drive through the main gates go to the left. Make a right at the trailers on the right (see first picture).

Steal the Trailer

Flank around the Vagos following the tracks you will come to a switch operator’s platform (see second picture). Climb the ladder to the top and equip your assault rifle. You can kill all of the Vagos from up here. Don’t use explosives, or you could risk blowing up the trailer. Once all of the bad guys are dead; climb back down and get in the semi-truck.

Deliver the Trailer to the Depot

Drive out of the train yard and follow the GPS route. Enemy vehicles (three at once) won’t attack until you cross the intersection before the Ammunation/Shooting range. Disembark the semi-truck and use Grenades or Grenade Launcher on the enemy vehicles. Alternatively, you could keep on trucking, at full speed, and crash through. From here you can use the weight of the vehicle to push theirs' off the road. You will get hit a few times, but not as bad as taking on several gunmen with no cover. Before you get to the depot take it easy around the nearby turn, you could flip the trailer if you turn too hard.

Video Walkthrough

On Maneuvers

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 65
  • Possible Pay: $13,140 (after patch 1.16) $15,330 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sticky Bombs or Grenades, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Minigun/RPG/Homing Launcher
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any, one that gives good cover specifically
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Beeker’s Garage in Paletto Bay
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 65, you obviously don’t have a Minigun unlocked, but the Homing Launcher is more than capable of taking out the jet if you can line up the shot. It flies slow enough for it to work, but might take a couple of shots.

Go to the Army Training Grounds

From Beeker’s Garage, just drive up the hill behind it.

Steal the Annihilator

Equip your Sticky Bombs or Grenades and blow up the two Barracks trucks parked below. Next, take cover behind your PV and equip your sniper rifle. Take out the soldiers below, a couple of them don’t even react to the initial attack. Finish those guys off with an assault rifle from closer. There are also two soldiers behind the bus wreckage. Your view is obstructed, by a tree, from up on the hill. So just take them out from here. Once all of the soldiers are dead get in the Annihilator.

Deliver the Annihilator to the Airfield

Take off immediately, heading south over Mt. Chiliad. A jet and two Buzzards are on their way to your location to shoot you out of the sky. The jet undoubtedly will get there first, but don’t react as you would in Free-Roam, this is an A.I., not a rival player. As you ascend the mountain the jet will circle you, trying to line up a shot. You can dodge these Missiles, but if you hear a warning beep then he’s coming right at you. (Note: If you're like an expert at air combat with the Annihilator then just ignore the following, how you do the mission from here is entirely up to you.) Once at the top of the mountain, land near the wooden observation platform and disembark the Annihilator. Run a short distance away so it doesn’t get hit by any stray Missiles, that is, if the jet has time to line up that kind of shot. Equip any anti-aircraft weapon (I used the Minigun) and take it out of the sky before it has time to line up a kill shot. The two Buzzards still approaching from the south are a lesser threat. You’ll be able to see them coming in the distance as you fight the jet. You could try sniping the pilots with your sniper rifle, or just use the Homing Launcher once they get within range to take them faster. You could also spray them with the Minigun. Once all bogies have been shot down, get back in your Annihilator, and fly to the airfield.

Video Walkthrough

On the List

Added With The High Life Update

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 18
  • Possible Pay: $13,360 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Proximity Mine, Sniper Rifle, Micro SMG or AP Pistol, and Grenades
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Super class or Buzzard Attack Chopper
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: It always starts you at the Kortz Building in Pacific Bluffs
  • Rank Recommended: Rank 21 to get the Sniper Rifle. It's essential to completing this mission.

Take out Targets

There are two ways to doing this mission; on the ground or in a Buzzard. The on-the-ground method is not impossible (even with the 10-minute timer), especially if you have a Super class vehicle (or anything fast you’re comfortable with), and follow the route in this walkthrough (going from north to south). Use Quick GPS to put a waypoint onto the next target after each kill. Of course, you could use your Buzzard Attack Chopper to make the mission faster and easier, but you should still go north to south.

  • Dune Buggy guy in Vinewood Hills: Starting from here on the map (see first picture) follow the dirt road around toward the Observatory. Drop a Proximity Mine on the dirt road, sort of in the center (see second picture). Then keep going past the target, he’ll bolt past you (or crash into you) and drive over the Mine. If you’re in the Buzzard just use a lock-on Rocket.
  • Billboard guy in Alta: Get out of your car and shoot the target between the billboards. Use a sniper rifle to get a better mark on him. If you’re in a Buzzard, use your Machine Gun, in first-person view (old or new gen), and spray him.
  • Motorcycle rider in Pillbox Hill: You can knock this guy off the bike then shoot him, or chase and shoot him, or beep the horn then shoot him? You get the idea. If you’re using the Buzzard he’s slightly tricky to lock-on to, but not impossible. He just keeps driving around the block.
  • Gang members in Chamberlain Hills: These guys have a couple of guards with them. You can run them over then shoot, or drop a Grenade as you go by. Either way, don’t waste time trying to make it dramatic. Just shoot them and keep going. In a Buzzard, just spray with the Machine Gun or use a Non-Homing Rocket.

Take out the Final target

Martin will text you about a target, in a boat, who will spawn at the Marina. The timer will reset to five minutes. When you get to the Marina run down to the dock and steal one of the boats parked here. Chase after the final target using your AP Pistol or Micro SMG. If you can’t catch up to them they will slow down around the Airport. An enemy boat will come to defend them. Don‘t worry about that, the mission will be over the moment you kill the final target. If you are in a Buzzard use Homing Rockets. Just make sure you have the right distance and altitude or else they will just explode in the water below the boat. (Note: Depending on how you want to tackle this mission has a lot to do with this. You could shoot the Billboard target with a marksman rifle, but the standard sniper rifle has a longer zoom. It’s up to you, but I would say wait for the sniper rifle.)

Note: You can do this mission yourself, you have to rush but it can be done. If you want, bring a buddy along. They could take out the two lower targets and you could take out the guys from the north up. Then you both can fight over who will get bragging rights for dealing with the final target.

Video Walkthrough

Out of Court Settlement

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 22
  • Possible Pay: $7,250 (still the same after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Any Pistol or Micro SMG
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Los Santos Customs in Burton
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 22, you can do this mission no problem. If you can block the lawyer’s car, and are quick on the trigger [errr Bumper] it’s a piece of cake.

Take out the Lawyer

From where you spawn drive to the intersection near the Ammunation in Hawick. Block the lawyer’s car and shoot him from behind the wheel.

Pick up the Evidence

Get out of your PV and pick up the briefcase of evidence.

Lose the Cops

Soon after you get back into your PV you will receive a two-star Wanted Level. Drive into any of the numerous alleys in the area. Also, use the Mask trick to remove a star.

Deliver the Evidence to Madrazo’s House

Now with the cops off your back drive to Madrazo’s house to finish the mission.

Video Walkthrough

Out of Harmony

  • Given By: Trevor
  • Rank Unlocked: 50
  • Possible Pay: $14,700 (after patch 1.16) $12,600 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle, Grenades, Proximity Mines
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Clothes Store (Suburban) in Sandy Shores (starts you near Cement Works in next-gen)
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 50, and thanks to DLC packs, you have everything you need to complete this mission Solo. Although, having a friend come along doesn’t necessarily make it more complicated. They can run interference on the Lost motorcycles while you deliver the trailer.

Go to the Cement Works

From where you spawn drive up the hill behind the Suburban. Park at the edge (see first picture).

Steal the Trailer

You will receive a text message from Trevor and a 6-minute timer. From where you are, take cover behind your PV and throw a Grenade on the Lost van down below. It’s far enough away that you won’t blow up the trailer. Shoot the other guys in the area below (see second picture). More will spawn to the North, but don’t sit around to finish them off. They just keep spawning and you don’t have the time. Get in the semi-truck and pack it up into the trailer.

Deliver the Trailer to the Boat

Drive straight ahead and ignore the yellow GPS route. Go cross-country, but carefully. Lost gang members on motorcycles will come after you. For now, they are not a problem, just concentrate on not tipping over the trailer or crashing into anything. In fact, turn onto the dirt road here (see third picture). Then when Sandy Shores Airfield comes onto the mini-map, merge onto that. When you get to the road, start following the yellow GPS route. You can take out the motorcycles, that come at you head-on, by swerving into them. Avoid crushing them under the wheels of the trailer, they have a tendency to explode because of that. Once you get near the boatyard drive easy down the dirt road, even with angry bikers chasing you go easy. At the end of the road, park in the yellow marker.

Protect the Shipment

The timer’s gone now; you can relax. Except for the wave of bikers that are about to attack. Set up some Proximity Mines on the hill (see fourth picture) and take cover behind the wrecked van by the road. Use your assault rifle when they get in close. Use Snacks when you get low on health.

Go to the Buyer

Once the last Lost gang member falls, go to the guy by the dock to finish the mission.

Note: There definitely seems to be more enemies around the Trailer in next-gen.

Video Walkthrough

Pier Pressure

  • Given By: Gerald
  • Rank Unlocked: 6
  • Possible Pay: $9,400 (after patch 1.16) $6,890 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Heavy Pistol
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Mask Shop in Vespucci Beach
  • Rank Recommended: You can do this mission Solo at any Rank. It is one of the first ones given, and it’s pretty easy.

Steal the Meth

Drive to the yellow marker. There are two entrances to the tunnel below the pier. It doesn’t really matter which direction you choose. However attacking from the south entrance would require something with more range than a pistol; unless you get in close, firing as you go. Apart from that just shoot every gunman you see then rush in to finish off the last few. Pick up the meth.

Deliver the Meth to Gerald’s Apartment

Get in your PV and drive to Gerald’s apartment. There is a chance that Lost gang members will come after you on motorcycles, but that’s not always the case. If they do, you can easily avoid them.

Video Walkthrough