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"GTA V: Online" Money Making Opportunities

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Bounties and Armored Trucks

Some interesting ways to earn cash in Grand Theft Auto V: Online (GTA V: Online) is by claiming bounties and attacking armored trucks. Bounties are often placed on players by either other players or civilians. If a player kills another player who has a bounty placed on them, then they will claim the bounty reward. You can receive anywhere from $1000 to $9000 on bounties depending on how much was put on that player. People who have bounties on them will be marked as red dots on the map. Armored trucks are another good way to earn money. You must be at level 19 for armored trucks to appear on the map, though. Armored trucks will occasionally appear on the radar mini-map when traveling throughout Los Santos or throughout San Andreas.

Armored Truck Heist Robbery

Armored trucks carry suitcases with a fairly large amount of money in them. In order to get the money out, you must either blow the back door out or shoot the door. The fastest way to get the cash from an armored truck is by placing a sticky bomb on the back door. Note, however, blowing up the back of an armored truck when it's moving may glitch the game, making the money not appear. My friends and I experienced this, but this may not always be the case. Just to be on the safe side, shoot the driver out of the armored truck and then either shoot or blow up the back of the door with a sticky bomb. Police will come after you when robbing these trucks. Always make sure to get out of the area as soon as possible when doing armored truck heists.


Claiming Bounties

Killing other players that have bounties on them can sometimes be a quick and effective way to earn cash. However, some players who have bounties on them will be harder to kill than others. This will largely depend on what level they are, what weapons they have, the car they have, and how skillful they are. The best-paid bounty is $9000! This is more than a lot of jobs in GTA V Online.

Tips for Claiming Bounties

Sticky Bomb Drive-by:

A fairly effective way of claiming bounties is driving towards players that have bounties and throwing sticky bombs when they're in their car. You can throw sticky bombs out the window and blow up their cars instantly! The only negative thing about this is that you will have to pay some money if they have insurance on their vehicle. But unless it's an extremely expensive car, it will not cost that much. In the end, you will probably make a big profit if the bounty was $7000 or $9000.

Sniping From Distance

A more stealthy approach to claiming bounties in GTA V is sniping players from a distance. You unlock a sniper rifle at level 21. Sniping them is mainly effective if they are on foot. However, if you are a good shot or get lucky, you can shoot them when they are driving. If you want to be even more stealthy, use the "Off the Radar" mode by calling Lester. "Off the Radar" lets you remain invisible on the radar for a minute. This option is not available until you reach level 40, however.

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Run Them Over With a car

This obviously will only work if they are on foot, but it can be an easy way to claim a bounty. Just make sure they do not shoot you out of your car. Drive as fast as possible and do not miss them.

Drive-by With Friends in Your Car

Sometimes it can be easier if you have a friend shoot out the window of your car when pursuing a bounty. You can split the money gained or one person can give all the cash to the other player.

Watch for Grenades and Sticky Bombs

If a player knows they are being chased, they may throw grenades or sticky bombs behind them in an attempt to kill you. Be extremely careful when chasing some players who have a bounty on them. It only takes one placed grenade or sticky bomb to blow you, your car, and whoever's in your car up. Personally, I have been blown up by sticky bombs in pursuit of players who had bounties on them in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Kill Them From Above Using Helicopters

An effective way to eliminate players with bounties is shooting them with helicopters from above. It will be much harder for them to kill you because you are in the air. The Buzzard helicopter can shoot missiles and a mini-gun. Helicopters like the Buzzard or the Annihilator are also quite fast, so you can catch up to cars.

The negative side to using a helicopter is that it may be hard to get a good shot at other players if they are hiding under a roof or some other obstruction. Also, if you are not good at flying, then this tactic may be difficult at first.


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Sassage on October 26, 2013:

I robbed about ten armoured trucks and haven't got a single dollar each time, another pointless glitch feature added to the game.

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