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"GTA V Online": Money Making Jobs, Races, Bounties, and More!

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Grand Theft Auto Online gives you many options and opportunities to earn money. Generally speaking, the higher level you are, the more you will receive better-paying jobs from contacts like Lester, Lamar, Martin, and other characters. Keep in mind, however, you can be invited to higher-paid missions from other players and friends regardless of your level. Also, higher-level missions in Grand Theft Auto Online may be difficult for a low-level character.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rockstar has updated GTA V Online. Some missions only give half when replaying them. These are still good missions, however.

Earning Cash by Completing Jobs

There are many jobs (missions) in Grand Theft Auto Online. Here are some of the best jobs that you can complete to earn money.

Titan of a Job (Given by Lester) Level 24 & 1000 RP

This mission gives you $10,000 for completing it! Titan of a job is not a very difficult mission either. You can play with up to 6 players on it, although that is not necessary. An AC-130 airplane must be hijacked from the Los Santos Airport and be taken to the airfield in the country. The plane is inside a hanger at the Los Santos Airport, but there are over a dozen enemies that will shoot you on sight. It's a good idea to use your car as cover and snipe many of them from a distance. Once you (or another player) hijacks the plane and lands it at the airstrip then you will have completed the job and will receive the money.

Death From Above (Given by Martin) Level 24 & 1500 RP

This mission gives you $2500 (originally $5000) dollars for completing it. Most players will find this a bit more difficult than Titan of a Job, but this job can be completed a bit faster. Death From Above is a job where you need to assassinate a target that is located at a Mansion. Once this target is dead you have to photograph the body. Then take the photo to Martin and you will receive the money. What makes this job hard is the fact that the mansion is heavily guarded and the cops may be a problem. You can always use Lester to help call off wanted level, though.

No Hay Bronca (Given by Gerald) Level 9 & 1250 RP

No Hay Bronca is another good mission where you get a moderate amount of money, but do not need to be a high level to receive this from Gerald. This job involves killing gang members and blowing up cars. It's not super easy, but if you play with a few friends or players it's not too bad and payout of 5000 (pay cut in half since rockstar update) makes it worth it.

Base Invaders $25,000 (12,500 replaying it) Dollars! Level 27 (Given by Ron)

This is by far one of the best jobs/missions in Grand Theft Auto Online. You receive $25,000 dollars for it (12,500 replaying it) and only need to be level 27 to get this mission from Ron. However, as far as I know, you must complete Ron's other missions before being invited to it. Alternatively, other players and friends can invite you to it. Base invaders is a harder mission, but it's worth it in the end. You must destroy Lazer planes with sticky bombs and steal a Cargobob and take it to Sandy Shores Airstrip.


Easy Level Up Racing on Criminal Records

GTA V Online Races

Races in Grand Theft Auto V are an excellent way to earn money. Even if you do not win as long as you complete the race you will receive money and reputation points. Bear in mind, though, getting 1st place will grant significantly more money and reputation points. There are over a dozen races in Grand Theft Auto Online and you can play with anywhere from 2–8 players. You can use custom cars of your own if the host allows it.

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Some races are very short which is good if you are trying to earn cash quickly. One such race is called "down the drain." This is a very short track and if only 1 lap is set it's even shorter.

Betting can be placed on either yourself or other players in races. it's actually possible to make more cash than normal if you win a bet.

Players can easily make $10,000+ in a single race or about $4000-$7000 if they come close to 1st place.

GTA V Online Bounties

A great money-making opportunity is collecting bounty rewards on other players. Sometimes a bounty on a player can go the whole way up to $9000. If you kill a player who has a bounty on them then you will collect the reward. Tread carefully, however. Other players may try to kill you before you kill the player who has the bounty on them.

Bounties are either placed by other players in Grand Theft Auto Online or by the AI citizens who are angry because they got their vehicle stolen.

You can place bounties on other players by calling Lester once you unlock the option.

GTA 5 Money-Making Jobs and Missions

Note that this article just provided some good missions in Grand Theft Auto Online. There are many more that may be just as good or better. Here are a few more that are quite good.

RockStar has updated GTA V Online recently. These missions may be half of what they originally were when replaying them. The list will be updated!

  1. Quarry Quarry: $10,000, level 30
  2. Landing Strip: $7,000, level 22
  3. Out of Court Settlement: $9,000, level 22, 1,160 RP
  4. Crank Up the Volume: $10,000, level 30
  5. Los Santos Connection: $17,000, level 40
  6. Hack and Dash: $16,000, level 60
  7. Rooftop Rumble: $25,000, level 75
  8. Satellite Communications: $20,000, level 60


That One Person on February 02, 2014:

Go on Missions-Coveted you unlock it lvl 36, gives you 12,000 every time!

DATALOAD from Michigan on November 21, 2013:

There are some good ideas in here. One thing I love about this game and others like it is that there are so many ways to accomplish the same goal.

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