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"Grand Theft Auto V" Walkthrough: Spaceship Parts Locations

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GTA V is copyright Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

GTA V is copyright Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quick Info

  • Character: Franklin, though the other two can contribute after the mission has started
  • Location: Sandy Shores, just off the highway
  • Unlocked After: Friends Reunited

Spaceship Part Locations

Franklin's a nice guy. He's willing to do work for people, so long as he profits. And in the case of Far Out, he's helping a dude who may or may not be out of his mind look for some very precious mechanical parts. How will Franklin profit from this extended venture? Well, you'll see in the end . . .

  • Head to the waypoint on the map.
  • Talk to Omega. He has a sizable job for you: locate the pieces of a spaceship.
  • Leave the area. This should be fun.

Now for the painful part. You must locate all 50 of the spaceship pieces scattered throughout Los Santos and the surrounding region. There are a lot of them, so this task will probably encompass most of your playthrough. Look everywhere, as they're usually sitting a little out-of-the-way.

Your greatest ally in this quest will be your sense of hearing (and, well, your eyes certainly don't hurt). When you're within the proximity of a spaceship part, you will hear a faint humming. This is a sure sign that you need to hunt around for the part. This humming can only be heard when you're on foot, though, so don't spend all your time on a vehicle. Get out and explore.

(Note: Given the nature of this quest, you don't necessarily find the spaceship parts in a particular order. Consequently, the numbers beside these entries are largely irrelevent. So long as you can access these areas, you can get to these pieces in any order you like.)

1. Davis Hospital

The piece is sitting on the roof. Climb up the ladder at the rear of the hospital and look near the helipad.

2. Strawberry Freeway

Look under the freeway to the northwest of the strip club. You'll find a small tent city. The parts are near a lit lantern, beside an old couch.

3. Rancho Sculptures

At the southern tip of Rancho, just north of the bridge down to Elysian Island, is a small, fenced-in area full of decorative sculptures. The parts are sitting on one of the sculptures.

4. Elysian Island

On the southern docks of Elysian Island, there are two huge, semi-spherical structures by the water. Between them is a set of stairs leading up to the tops of both. Pick one or the other and climb to the top. A pipe links them, and in the middle of it is one of the parts.

5. Elysian Island Offshore

There's a large warehouse overlooking the ocean at the southern tip of Elysian Island, to the west of the Terminal. Jump into the water from the eastern edge of this warehouse and have a look around. The parts are in a bit of wreckage on the seafloor. (Be careful not to actually enter the warehouse or you'll attract a rather hefty police presence. Yeesh.)

6. El Burro Heights Beach, Part One

South of El Burro Heights is a beach, just east of the Cypress Flats bridge. Look for a stretch of dark brown sand soon after you get down onto the beach. This leads to a drainage pipe, and beside the pipe are some parts.

7. El Burro Heights Beach, Part Two

There are several small, rocky islands to the south of El Burro Heights. The spaceship parts are on the largest of the lot. Look for buoys to guide your way.

8. El Burro Heights Warehouse

Follow the outermost eastern road of El Burro Heights to the north. To the left of the road is a series of warehouses. On the inside of these warehouses, next to a walkway that leads to the roof, is a green container you can walk through. The parts are inside.

9. Murrieta Heights Freeway

Dominating Murrieta Heights in the south-east corner of the map is a massive, interconnecting series of freeways. In the midst of these freeways, near the bottom, is a concrete sewer works usually staffed by workers. Climb down to the drainage streams near the bottom and you'll find the parts sitting on one of the partitions.

10. Land Act Reservoir, Part One

Hidden in the Tataviam Mountains (East Vinewood) is a massive dam and reservoir. Make your way up to the top of the dam and look for a pier in the southern half of the reservoir. Jump into the water under the pier and you'll find more parts.

The mountains will hold some spaceship parts.

The mountains will hold some spaceship parts.

11. Land Act Reservoir, Part Two

Make your way to the north of the reservoir. (If you're lucky you'll run into someone with a boat on the way.) At the end of the reservoir, you'll find mudlands, and in the mudlands are five runoff pipes that lead down from the mountain's lip. The parts are sitting at the mouth of one of these pipes.

12. Eastern Beaches

There's a stretch of sandbars along the eastern edge of the map. One of them, not far from a Sea Race location and south of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, has a cove which leads into a large-ish bay. You'll know you're in the right spot if you see people with jet skis along the beach. The parts you want are on the inside of this cove, tucked against the cliff's edge and on beach level.

13. Ron Alternates Wind Farm

East of the Ron Alternates Wind Farm (but still on the property) is a cove set into the eastern shore of the island. You'll find a few jet skis floating outside it, and likely a boat inside. Get inside the cavern here and submerge yourself. The parts are underwater, sitting against the northern rock wall.

14. San Chianski Shores

East of Sandy Shores and beyond the San Chianski Mountain Range you'll find a beach house amid several rocky, tiny islands. (If you see a lighthouse you've gone too far north.) There's a boathouse on the shore of this small homestead, and inside are the parts.

15. UFO Commune

East of the trailers of Sandy Shores is a gathering of hippies looking to contact UFOs. You'll, uh, know them when you see them. The commune is on the edge of a hill, and on the top edge of the pinted conrete, on a streak of yellow and green, sits a few of the parts.

16. Sandy Shores Loop

Just south of the trailers in Sandy Shores, you'll see a road that loops on the map. Travel to the loop and check the trails slightly west of it. On the side of a large rock formation is another hunk of parts. If you can see a major road to the north, you'll know you're in the right general area.

17. Sandy Shores Satellite Dishes

Just south of the Shooting Range in Sandy Shores is a line of six gigantic satellite dishes. Make your way to the left-most dish, and check the base of it for a ladder. The ladder will lead up to the bottom of the dish itself. The parts are hidden on one of the two sets of stairs.

18. Sandy Shores Offshore

A short ways northwest of the Ammu-Nation in Sandy Shores is an inlet with an abandoned building called The Boat House. Jump into the water behind this building and swim around the shallows. The spaceship parts are down here.

19. O'Neil's Ranch

As you travel towards Grapeseed from Sandy Shores (head north) you'll come across a sprawling farmstead called O'Neil's Ranch. Yes, the same place Trevor set on fire. Off to the side of the road is a spacious fenced area with a few cows. Search away from the sheds and you'll find the spaceship part near some bales of hay.

20. Mount Gordo

Running alongside the eastern flank of Mount Gordo, beside a major freeway that runs north of Grapeseed, is a dirt road. Follow it to find a small homestead. The parts are inside a busted-up garage, to the left of the entrance.

The Zancudo River hides some parts.

The Zancudo River hides some parts.

21. Zancudo Grain Growers

Just north of Mount Chiliad, in the far north of the map, is a crop-growing settlement with a ton of fields and labourers. (Look east of Los Santos Customs in this area if you can't find it.) Wander around the farm until you find a large barn for housing cows. The parts are inside.

22. Paleto Bay

Beside the Ammu-Nation store in Paleto Bay is a tall, greenish building that sticks out badly. Climb it and you'll find the parts on the second floor from the top.

23. Re-Hunting Elk

During one of Trevor's optional missions, you can go hunting with Cletus in the woods south-west of Paleto Bay. Head that direction and check out the hills off the road, a short ways northeast of the Cable Car station. The parts are in a small, concrete shelter built into the turf. Look for a log over the entrance.

24. Paleto Cove

North-east of the Sonar Collections Dock property is a rocky hill that juts out into the sea. You'll know it by the tree on top. Get down to the beach and run up onto this land to find the parts near the tree.

25. Raton Canyon, Part One

A bridge stretches across the Raton Canyon's mouth at the north-east corner of the game's map. The parts are sitting on the southern, outer arch that holds the bridge up. Yes, beneath the bridge. You'll need to steal a helicopter, fly it under the bridge, and land to snag the parts. Grab one from Sandy Shores and bring it to a careful, smooth landing on the strut. Assuming you're close enough, you'll grab the parts and hopefully be far enough in that you don't just fall off and hit the canyon floor. (In other words, not easy at all.) You can also parachute, but if you miss . . . well, needless to say, I'd rather just try to land the helicopter.

26. Raton Canyon, Part Two

Further up the canyon, you'll come to a set of train tracks built into a bridge. Beneath this bridge, down by the water, you'll find another set of parts. Be warned, it's not that easy to get back up to the road.

27. Mount Josiah

Grab a helicopter from Sandy Shores and fly over to Mount Josiah to the west. The mountain consists of a series of gradually-larger spines. Keep a close eye on the rocky outcroppings—the part is sitting on the second from the top, on a relatively small ledge. You can get up here other ways, but simply landing a helicopter above the ledge and sliding down is easiest.

28. Zancudo River Bridge, Part One

Check out the small bridge west of Sandy Shores, at the base of Mount Josiah. Follow the dirt path away from the bridge with the train tracks. Nestled on the west side of the Zancudo River, amid a small formation of rocks, is another part.

29. Zancudo River Bridge, Part Two

Head down the dirt road to another bridge on the Zancudo River, this one to the south. You'll soon see an old, covered bridge with cobblestone supports. Check behind the support on the east side of the bridge for more parts.

30. Grand Senora Residence, Part One

Between the Suburban and Discount clothing stores in Grand Senora is a large property in hilly country. You'll see a big boat propped up on the property; beside the boat is another hunk of the spaceship.

Parts can also be found in the canyon.

Parts can also be found in the canyon.

31. Grand Senora Residence, Part Two

South-west of Grand Senora's Suburban and tucked away in the hills is an abandoned home. The parts are sitting on the rear porch.

32. Redwood Lights Track

A ways southwest of the Redwood Lights Track is a fairly pronounced squiggle of a road (it looks like an inversed S). Tucked into the top bend on this weird little stretch of road, against the stone wall, is a part.

33. Weird Onlookers

Head east of the Redwood Lights Track, then west a smidge. To the right side of the road you'll see a homestead up on a hill, notably with a windmill and an American flag on the property. Have a look around the home and you'll find a bunch of people sitting around one of the parts. They, uh, have a 'Welcome' sign for the aliens above 'em. Huh.

34. Tongva Valley Waterfall

South-west of the Tongva Valley Ammu-Nation (north-west of the map) are several bridges, near which run several waterfalls. Descend to the base of the second waterfall and hop in the water. The part is in here. Be careful not to get swept over the falls!

35. Tongva Valley Vineyard

West of the previous location, surrounded by bending roads and rather large in its own right, is a vineyard. Run into the fields of the vineyard and check through the bushes. The part is in one of the rows (look around the middle).

36. Tongva Valley Stream

Get on Tongva Drive, east of the vineyard, and drive south until you see a stream on your left side. This leads up into the mountains. Follow it until you see a massive rock formation on your right. At the base of it, on the side you're approaching from, is a small cave. Inside is one of the parts.

37. Banham Canyon Home

North-east of Chumash is a great deal of hilly territory, and on many fo these hills are rather opulent homes. Look for a home situated on a snakey bend in the road, one with wood-panel walls on the outside. The piece is in the backyard, by the pool, near a telescope.

38. Richman Glen

North of the two tennis courts on the edge of Richman is Richman Glen, a little gated community with a bunch of rich snobs in attendance. Approach the largest house on the lot, then look around at the nearby greenery. Nestled beside the roots of a tree, right beside a small pool, is another part.

39. Gallileo Observatory

Climb to the roof of the Observatory in Vinewood Hills (north of the Tequi-la-la property). You'll find the piece beside the left dome, overlooking the front of the Observatory.

40. Vinewood Hills Tower

North of Vinewood Hills (but still in the district) is a nice, S-shaped lake. On the east side of it is a small, white tower with a part on its roof. You can't climb it; you can't pull a car up to it. All you can do is a) land a helicopter on the roof or b) parachute down to it. Make your choice and take the plunge. I recommend landing, because you have a really long way to travel back if you miss with the parachute, but . . . your call.

The parts are near.

The parts are near.

41. Vinewood Hills Tower

Whether you were successful or not with the previous part, you can still make use of this lake. Swim to the southern curve in the lake, where the water terminates at a large concrete barrier. Look for a scaffold attached to the wall and dive beneath it. You'll find a part at the bottom of the water.

42. GWC and Golfing Society

Head to the ritzy golf club in Vinewood. In the south of the course is a water trap, and in the middle of the water trap is a small island. Guess where the part is waiting.

43. Richards Majestic

Enter the Richards Majestic lot and head towards the back of the lot, where they keep a green-screened set full of houses. Climb around on the roofs of the houses and you'll find the part. (Be careful when you search for this part—only Michael's allowed on the lot later on, and before then . . . well, security won't be happy if they see you.)

44. Burton Hotel

There's a large, beige hotel down the street from the local Los Santos Customs branch. Grab a chopper and fly it to the roof, or pilot a plane over and jump out. On the roof, you'll find a drained pool. The part is inside.

45. Rockford Plaza

The Rockford Plaza, practically across the street from the hotel in the previous section, has a series of roads running through it. Enter through the rear of the plaza and you'll find a road leading to a small loop with a grassy section. Jump out and check the grass for another piece, hidden in the greenery.

46. Penris Building

Located in Billbox Hill, not far from the Medical Centre, the Penris Building is distinct only because it has some parts on its roof. You don't have much choice in the matter—grab a chopper and alight up there to get it.

47. Underground

This is a tricky one. In order to pick up this piece, you need to enter the tunnels beneath Los Santos. There are many ways to do so, though the closest is via the canal in East Vinewood. Drop down into the concrete and you'll see a tunnel nearby which you can drive or run into. Follow the canal's tunnels until you find a wide-open area beneath Pillbox. Off to the side of the tracks are the parts.

(I recommend killing yourself to get back out again. It's faster.)

48. Textile City

East of Pillbox, nestled between two buildings, is a thin alley where a ton of textile merchants have set up shop—hence, Textile City. (There's a Movie Theatre across the street if you need guidance.) Wander through the alley until you see a sign with 'Fabric' as the last word. Beside a ladder to the side of this stall are the parts.

49. Liquor Hole

Look for the big store called the Loquor Hole just north of the Vespucci Canals. At the rear of the store is a pole with a ladder. Climb the ladder to get up to the advertisement in front of the store. The part is at the very top.

50. Airport

The final spaceship part can be found at Los Santos International Airport. It's located at the rear of the south-east building on the lot, basically overlooking the ocean. It is highly, HIGHLY advised that you use a boat to infiltrate the rear of the airport, rather than going through the front—you'll face very stiff competition from the autorities if you try to bust down the gate and power your way in.

After you've found them all, make your way back to Omega. Your prize for victory is . . . well, you'll see. Yoooooou'll see.


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