"Gravity Rush": Sony's Forgotten Masterpiece

Updated on September 25, 2019
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Scott enjoys writing and reviewing video games that are near and dear to his heart.

PS Vita Box Art for "Gravity Rush"
PS Vita Box Art for "Gravity Rush"

Gravity Rush is one of my favourite games of all time. From the art to the soundtrack—the general feel of the game seems absolutely perfect. But sadly, this game didn't receive the attention it deserved. During its original release cycle on the PS Vita, it only sold 200,000 copies. Thankfully, the game was brought back to life with a PS4 remaster. The remaster was accompanied by so many positive reviews, which warranted a sequel that only adds to the appeal of the first game.

Why Gravity Rush Is Seriously Underrated

Now, let me tell you why this niche series means so much to me and why I would love for more people to experience this amazing game for themselves.

To start, we’ll go through a very basic summarisation of the story. Then we'll move on to the more complex components that make this game so great!


The journey of this game is one I’m sure everyone will love; this summary only scratches the tip of the iceberg of what Gravity Rush has to offer.

Gravity Rush starts off with a young girl named Kat being awakened by an apple lightly rolling into the back of her head. As she comes to her senses, she realises that she has no idea where or who she is. Then, she’s greeted by a cat whose fur seems to resemble the stars in the sky. Curious about the creature, she follows it through the alleyways of an unknown town—during this, she has a run-in with a desperate man begging her to save his child. Kat ends up agreeing to lend a hand and goes to see what the commotion is. The man leads her to one of the various streets in the town where a mysterious, yet deadly, black hole has appeared, swallowing all in its path. The desperate father urges Kat to do anything she can to save his son who’s trapped in their house due to the black hole. At this point, Kat has no clue how to help or what to do. Thankfully, the mysterious cat comes in to awaken Kat's secret power—the power to shift gravity to her will. Using her newfound power, she easily helps the boy and stops the menacing black hole from causing any further damage.

The Hero of Hekseville

After her heroic display, the people of the town Hekseville will rely on her and her cat companion, Dusty, for any problems they might have—including the dangerous enemies named the ‘Nevi.’ These black and red enemies come in all shapes and sizes, and will be Kats biggest foe throughout the game. Nobody knows where they came from or how they got to Hekseville, but it's up to Kat to protect the citizens.

Comic Book Storytelling

The game introduces each chapter though comic book style graphics. Not only does it help the player understand what is happening in the story, but it is also stylistically gorgeous. It is yet another reason why this game makes itself so unique and charming.

Kat and Sid having one of their many interactions throughout the game.
Kat and Sid having one of their many interactions throughout the game.


Gravity Rush shines brightly thanks to its great characters. Kat is honestly one of my favourite protagonists of any game, and that’s because of her never-give-up personality, which you can see very early on in the game. Thanks to that personality, you’ll have no issues enjoying her adventures through Hekseville. Besides Kat, you’ll also meet Sid, a policeman who loves to do the absolute minimum to get by. But he looks out for Kat and makes sure she’s always on the right path. Gravity Rush 2 gives you a plethora of new, amazing characters . . . but I'll let everyone discover them on their own, as certain ones could spoil it.

Kat maneuvering through Hekseville.
Kat maneuvering through Hekseville.


Gravity Rush is blessed with amazing and engaging gameplay. This game plays like nothing you’ve played before. The fluidity and freedom of flying through Hekseville is honestly one of the best video game experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks to Kats' power, you’re able to freely fly to wherever you need or want to be. There is also the option of using the train and an airboat, but who needs those when you’re able to shift gravity?

Not only is Kats' power good for getting around, but it also adds a great amount to the combat. Physics-defying moves like the ‘Gravity kick’ help you defeat the Nevi. Adding on to the combat and manoeuvrability, if you want to upgrade Kats' attacks, you’ll need to locate special gems scattered throughout the game. Thanks to these gems, you’ll make short work of the Nevi and be able to get around quicker and more efficiently. The use of gravity-enhanced combat is very easy to pick up, which thankfully opens the door for many people who are new to games and want to give something different a go.

Ramzae's Brilliant Game Overview

The Fandom

For this last bit, I want to talk about the amazing fandom that’s behind the game. It's very unusual for a niche game like this to have a fan base as big as it does, one of the biggest accounts for the fandom is a twitter account named ‘Gravity Rush Central.’ (Their @ is @GravRushCental.) Thanks to their work, they’ve accumulated 3000 followers, all of whom share the same passion for this franchise. I'd also like to make a quick shootout to a YouTuber Ramzaes, who recently uploaded a brilliant video on the first Gravity Rush game which you can find above. It’s thanks to this amazing fandom that this series will continue to be remembered as the masterpiece that it is. Who knows, their dedication might be rewarded with the long-awaited prequel to the series. But for now, all I can do is thank these people for their effort in keeping the franchise alive, and I'll always be overjoyed that there are so many people who have had the amazing experience that is the Gravity Rush series.

Kat going toe to toe with a Nevi.
Kat going toe to toe with a Nevi.

If You Liked 1, You'll Love 2!

For the full Gravity Rush experience, I highly recommend you play both the first and second game. Although the first game is outstanding in regards to what it has to offer, the second just improves on everything—from the combat to character development; I can guarantee that anyone who plays it will end up having a blast.

The beautiful scenery that surrounds the world of "Gravity Rush 2."
The beautiful scenery that surrounds the world of "Gravity Rush 2."

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