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"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: A Reward for All You've Done


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This guide will cover the "A Reward for All You've Done" assassination of Grigor, given to the player by the contact Rasputin, within the video game Saints Row: The Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

  • Target: Grigor
  • Contact: Rasputin
  • Subject: A Reward For All You've Done
  • Location: Camano Place
  • Cash: $500
  • Respect: 375

Message: "My faith in you was well placed. The time has come for you to claim your reward. The Morningstar are moving a large amount of cash. Find Grigor, their courier, near the Camano Place wharf. Take from him what is rightfully yours."

A Reward for All You've Done

The Grigor assassination hit is on the more complicated side of things, in a way differing from most of the other hits. Now there are no special requirements to make the target show up, you will simply have to drive to the targeted location in Camano Place and find him there, however it is what happens at this point that makes things tricky. Before we get into the hit itself, make sure to bring plenty of weapons, as many homies as possible, and plan a nearby location where you can clear your notoriety as soon as possible after completing the hit.

Now what brings the challenge in this assassination is that as soon as you get close to Grigor at the wharves, not only will you find that he is surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards, but you will receive a 5-star notoriety level with Morningstar as soon as he sees you. You will need to quickly take out your target and head to the nearest location where you can clear your notoriety to survive the hit without taking a chunk out of your pocketbook. The one benefit here is that one the target is down, you will not fail if you do succumb to the soon to arrive Morningstar onslaught as it is marked completed as soon as Grigor dies. Your homies will make a good distraction/barrier while you make it to safety.

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