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“Grim Dawn”: All Summon Cabalist Build Guide for Beginners

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Copyright Crate Entertainment

Copyright Crate Entertainment

If you’re the lazy type who just wants to let others do the dirty work, then this build will work for you. The all summon build’s play style is all about summoning as many pets as you can to overwhelm enemies with numbers.

Speed Leveling Guide

The fastest way to level up this character is by maxing out both Raise Skeletons and Undead Legion first.


As a general rule for attributes, place majority of the points in physique since your character needs as much health as possible in order to survive hard hitting enemies. Then just few points in both cunning and spirit until you meet the requirements of your desired gear.

Necromancer Skills

  • Mastery bar (50 points): You’ll be needing the best necromancer skills for this build.
  • Raise Skeletons (16 points) – Undead Legion (12 points) – Will of the Crypt (12 points): The first set of skills that you should be maxing out first. This is the bread and butter of this build, allowing you to summon multiple skeletons with different functionalities.
  • Bone Harvest (1 point) – Soul Harvest (12 points): What you only need here is the Soul Harvest, which gives bonus damage to your pets. Bone Harvest will also be used to trigger certain constellation ability of your choice.
  • Summon Blight Fiend (16 points): This is your big guy that works as the tank of the group. It has the highest amount of health among all that you can summon, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t deal a good amount of damage. Upon death, Blight Fiend leaves more powerful area of effect poison and acid damage.
  • Call of the Grave (6 points): All your remaining skill points can go here. Call of the Grave temporarily increases your pet’s All Damage and Critical Damage. Not to mention the bonus damage to your character as well, but you won’t be needing it since this build relies on pets for damage dealing.
  • Reap Spirit (16 points): Allows you to summon wraiths that adds to your pet army. By the way, it deals damage first to a single enemy before summoning the wraith. It’s also good for triggering constellation based abilities.
  • Master of Death (12 points): The exclusive skill specially designed for pet focus builds. At maximum level, half of your pet’s physical damage will be converted to vitality damage which works well for the bonuses that this build provides.

Occultist Skills

  • Mastery bar (50 points): You’ll also be needing the best occultist skills for this build.
  • Summon Familiar (16 points): The Storm Raven may be small, but it hits hard on long range.
  • Summon Hellhound (16 points): Upon death is what makes Hellhound shine the most. Its skill Blazing Death deals a huge amount of damage from the combination of physical, fire, chaos, and a percent amount of enemies health.
  • Bonds of Bysmiel (1 point) – Manipulation (12 points): Manipulation passively increases your pet’s all damage and total speed. This toggled skill can work at the same time with Master of Death from Necromancer since Bond’s of Bysmiel is not an exclusive skill.

Below are the recommended constellations for this build. You cannot have all of them, so just choose what suits your preferred bonuses for pets.

  • Shepherd’s Crook: The constellation’s ability Shepherd’s Call boost your pet’s damage by tremendous amount on high level. This is a highly recommended constellation.
  • Toad: The 4% attack damage converted to health for your pets may help on their survivability.
  • Nighttalon: It’s good for pre-requisite’s sake and it increases your pet’s damage.
  • Fiend: The fire damage increase to your pets works well with Hellhound. Fiend is a good early level constellation because of Flame Torrent which all your pets can have once it triggers. So the more pets you have summoned, the better you can maximize the ability.
  • Jackal: Provides health and attack speed to pets.
  • Hawk: Small boost to critical damage and offensive ability.
  • Raven: This constellation provides great value early for just few points of constellation, especially to your Storm Raven. It’s like this constellation is built for Summon Familiar skill.
  • Lion: Health and all damage increase.
  • Panther: Panther grants different kinds of increases to your overall damage.
  • Bysmiel’s Bonds: Not only it grants great all damage increase, but also allows you to summon an eldritch hound increasing the number of pets under your command.
  • Staff of Rattosh: Provides a balance increase to pet’s damage and defenses.
  • Ishtak, the Spring Maiden: Your ultimate constellation grants better survivability for your main character.

The constellations listed here are good for pre-requisite’s sake and provides either different resistance bonus to your pets or increase in health.

  • Empty Throne
  • Wolverine
  • Hound
  • Ulo the Keeper of the Waters


Below are the recommended items stats:

  • Bonus to All Pets, especially to All Damage and Vitality Damage.
  • + Summon Limit to Raise Skeletons
  • + Summon Limit to Summon Familiar
  • + Summon Limit to Summon Hellhound
  • + Summon Limit to Summon Blight Fiend
  • + Summon Limit to Reap Spirit
  • Summon Revenant of Og’Napesh
  • Summon Crab Spirit
  • Summon Stormhound
  • Summon Skeletal Servant
  • Raise Spirit
  • Invocation to Chaos
  • Swarm Mind

Feel free to comment out if I missed some item attributes that may help this build.

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