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"Grim Dawn": Blind of Pain Deceiver Build Guide

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Copyright Crate Entertainment

Copyright Crate Entertainment

The name of the article already sums up what this build is all about. It is usually played as hitting once and then letting the damage over time take over and finish the opponent. This build utilizes the attaching constellation abilities to the best available skill that will trigger the ability often. Below are the example attachments that you can use.

  • Word of Pain – Elemental Seeker from Blind Sage
  • Inquisitor’s Seal – Elemental Storm from Rhowan’s Crown
  • Curse of Frailty – Arcane Currents from Attak Seru, The Mirage
  • Summon Familiar – Phoenix Fire from Alladrah’s Phoenix

Speed Leveling Guide

You won’t have much problem leveling up this build. Word of Pain is one of the best skills for speed leveling, and it’s already available as early as mastery bar level 1. Then get Word of Renewal as soon as it’s available as it gives your character increases in movement speed. For constellations, prioritize unlocking the Elemental Storm from Rhowan’s Crown as early as you can.


As a general rule for attributes, place majority of the points in physique since your character needs as much health as possible in order to survive hard hitting bosses in ultimate difficulty. Just put few points in both cunning and spirit until you meet the requirements of your desired gear.

Inquisitor Skills

  • Mastery Bar (50 points): Max this bar in order to unlock the skills you need for this build.
  • Word of Pain (16 points) – Word of Agony (12 points) – Death Sentence (12 points): From the name of this article itself, this is the primary damage dealer of this build. What the skill basically does is it continuously deals damage for 8 seconds. Adding Word of Agony makes this an effective area of effect with a chance to impair enemies, increasing your survivability. Not to mention the added damage. Death Sentence makes this deal more damage.
  • Word of Renewal (12 points) – Vigor (10 points) – Steel Resolve (10 points): Basically restores your health and increases movement speed. It also provides defensive bonuses, especially the increase in health and decrease of crowd control duration with Vigor. Steel Resolve on the other hand increases your elemental damage and damage against chtonics and eldritch. Plus a massive 30% increase resistance against aether and chaos.
  • Deadly Aim (12 points): Deadly Aim rewards you for landing critical damage. This passive skill is an excellent damage multiplier.
  • Inquisitor Seal (12 points) – Arcane Empowerment (12 points): This skill can boost your survivability and damage as long as you’re inside the seal. By the way, the seal also deals elemental damage.
  • Aura of Censure (12 points): The aura that it emits passively decreases the elemental resistance of your enemies around.

Occultist Skills

  • Mastery Bar (15 points): You’ll only need 15 points to unlock the skills that you need in occultist part.
  • Curse of Frailty (10 points) – Vulnerability (10 points): A powerful debuff skill that greatly weakens your enemies. What you really need from this skill is the Vulnerability which decreases the elemental resistance of your enemies.
  • Summon Familiar (15 points) – Mend Flesh (16 points) – Storm Spirit (12 points): The primary use of summoning this storm raven is the aura that Storm Spirit emits which massively increases your elemental damage. Mend Flesh also comes in handy as it heals your character. Put all you remaining skills points to Summon Familiar for the sake of increasing its health for survivability. Word of advice, put this summon on defensive stance so that it won’t die easily.

Note: You have to re-assign points in order to get everything that is required here.

  • Scholar’s Light: An excellent early constellation for this build. For only 3 devotion points, you get a good elemental damage increase plus high constellation bonus. Pick this up first.
  • Quill: It’s also a good value constellation that increases your elemental damage. Complete this next after scholar’s light to unlock Rhowan’s Crown early.
  • Raven: For boosting spirit and offensive ability.
  • Empty Throne: A good source of different resistances.
  • Owl: Boost elemental damage and its corresponding damage over time.
  • Rhowan’s Crown: Despite the constellation’s low requirements, it has a powerful Elemental Storm ability the deals damage over time in an area.
  • Oklaine’s Lantern: Constellation is for a caster-based character like this. Just make sure you’re using either a scepter, dagger, or a caster off-hand in order for its bonuses to work.
  • Alladrah’s Phoenix: Increases your fire and elemental damage. Its ability Phoenix Fire increases your survivability via damage absorption it grants.
  • Blind Sage: This is your primary tier 3 constellation. What you need most from this is its ability Elemental Seeker which deals heavy damage and from the name itself, it automatically seeks your enemies.
  • Attak Seru, the Mirage: The next tier 3 constellation to get. Its ability Arcane Current places a turret like spell that continuously fire elemental damage.

It’s up to you where you wanted to place your remaining devotion points.

Required Equipment

The only required equipment here is either a scepter, dagger, or caster’s off-hand in order for Oklaine’s Lantern bonuses to work.

Feel free to make your own variants of this build.

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