"Diablo 3" Event Location Guide: The Guardian Spirits (Stinging Winds)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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This guide will cover the Guardian Spirits event in Diablo 3, providing information on how to complete and find it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

Finding the Guardian Spirits Event

The two possible spawn locations in the Stinging Winds.
The two possible spawn locations in the Stinging Winds. | Source

There are two spots which can possibly spawn the Guardian Spirits event in the Stinging Winds region of Act II. In the picture above, each possible spawn is marked with a blue dot, one of each is in each side of the region, divided by the Khasim Outpost. There are other locations which share these points, like the Lost Caravan, but it seems pretty certain that at the very least, if one of these spawns has The Restless Sands event which also shares these points, you will not find this one in your current game.

The fastest way to run and check both spawns is to take the Khasim Outpost waypoint and run to one of the two spots, check it, then portal back to town if you found a different one then waypoint back to the outpost to check the second spot. Remember you can leave game if you found restless sands in the first spot you checked since it rules the Guardian Spirits out as a possible spawn.

The right spawn will have a single path leading up a hill surrounded by impassible terrain. On top of this hill will be a small courtyard around a single structure with two Soul Prisons and the Dying Necromancer laying nearby. Talk to they necromancer to start the event.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

The Guardian Spirits event achievement.
The Guardian Spirits event achievement. | Source

Guardian Spirits

Talking to the necromancer to start the Guardian Spirits event.
Talking to the necromancer to start the Guardian Spirits event. | Source

"I came here searching for a powerful ghost named Ghezrim. We found him here, locked within the soul prisons. Cut the cultists wounded me gravely in the desert, and I dared not try to destroy him. You must do what I could not."

Destroy the spirits trapped in the soul prisons

There are two Soul Prison objects right nearby to where you start the event with the necromancer. Go towards one and activate to spawn a group of enemies which consists of a couple Deathly Haunts and some Bone Warriors. These should be pretty manageable considering some of the enemies you've been fighting so far in the area, especially if opened one by one. Once you've activated both prisons and defeated both groups the next phase starts.

"Ghezrim is free! I can feel his presence!"

Fighting off the first group of spirits.
Fighting off the first group of spirits. | Source

Kill Ghezrim

Your next and final task is to defeat a unique Skeleton Mage, Gezrim "The Bone Flayer" that spawns right next to you. Besides normal difficulty, this monster posses significantly less difficulty then the elite or champion mobs you'll find elsewhere, like most uniques, especially without having any host as backup. The one special attribute to take not of, if it's something you need to watch out for is the electrified modifier it has, shooting out bolts of lightning when struck. Once you've downed the creature, the event completes and you are given a gold and experience reward.

Ghezrim shows itself.
Ghezrim shows itself.
The event completed.
The event completed.

"The Guardian Spirits" Event & Location Video Guide

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      • profile image


        7 years ago

        take ~6 game to get this event Guardian spirits

      • profile image

        7 years ago

        Guardian spirits and Restless sands can indeed spawn in the same game. It just happened to me.


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