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Guide to Anri of Astora's Storyline in "Dark Souls III"

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One of the kinder souls you'll meet in Dark Souls III, Anri of Astora is a tragedy in motion. Traveling with their gruff companion Horace the Hushed, Anri can be found in a number of spots along your journey, and if you play your cards right, you can see Anri all the way to their destination. This is a tricky process, however, and one or two bad decisions will end Anri's story prematurely.

This guide will show you how to reach the end of Anri's storyline. Though the steps through this process can vary, there are a few key points that you absolutely must hit if you want Anri to make it all the way to their ultimate destination in Anor Londo.

(Note: Anri's gender changes depending on the gender of your character. If you're a male, Anri is female; if you're a female, Anri is male. For simplicity's sake we will use the gender-neutral 'they/their/' pronoun for this article.)

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Step 1 - Meeting Anri

Before you can begin Anri's quest, you need to first meet them. Anri and their bodyguard Horace can be found at the Halfway Fortress bonfire on the Road of Sacrifices, just after the gauntlet of Corvians. Speaking to Anri several times will trigger the quest, and the next time you move through here the pair will have left.

(Before you leave, be sure to speak to Horace as well. He has nothing to say, but he'll give you the Blue Sentinels Covenant item.)

Meeting Anri and Horace will unlock them both as summons in the Cathedral of the Deep. You'll find their summon signs at the top of the stairs leading down to the Deacons of the Deep boss battle.

Anri and Horace will move next to Firelink Shrine. They'll be standing behind the thrones on the left side of the chamber from the entrance, near the bottom of the stairs. Speak to Anri again here until their dialogue becomes repetitive and they will mention Irithyll of the Boreal Valley as their next destination.

Step 3 - Bad Ending Prep

If you want to see Anri's journey end badly for them - as well as unlock an alternate ending for Dark Souls III - you'll need to do some setup before you go any further. Assuming you haven't recruited Yoel of Londor already, you'll need to get him from the Undead Settlement. Head to the Foot of the High Wall bonfire and look at the broken end of the wall, away from the entrance to the Undead Settlement. You'll find a mass of dead pilgrims with stones on their backs. The one exception is Yoel, who is groveling on your right. Speak to him to send him to Firelink.

Head to Firelink and speak to Yoel, in a small room down a passage to the left of Blacksmith Andre. Yoel offers to 'Draw Out True Strength', and will offer this service again whenever you die. This gives you a free level. Do this five times and Yoel's dialogue will change, and he'll no longer give you power-ups.

Once you reach the Catacombs of Carthus Yoel will die. Assuming you used 'Draw Out True Strength' five times you'll find Yuria of Londor here. You need her in Firelink to proceed with the bad ending of Anri's quest.


Step 4 - Catacombs of Carthus

The path splits when you enter the Catacombs of Carthus from Farron Woods. You want to enter the section of Catacombs opposite the entrance, so you'll either be contending with a bridge guarded by a Carthus Swordsman or a Skeleton Ball going up and down a long flight of stairs. Either way, once you're past the huge first room you'll want to take a right and continue through the Catacombs until you reach a ladder. It's just past a group of four Skeletons.

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In the next small corridor, just before a dead end, you'll find Anri. They were separated from Horace, and ask you if you know where Horace went. You don't know at this point, so say nothing. Exhaust Anri's dialogue and continue through the Catacombs.

You'll find Anri again just before the end of the Catacombs. On the path to the area boss you'll come to a long, rickety bridge, and if you cross the bridge a horde of Skeletons will rise up and chase you. Rather than crossing the bridge, take a right at the chasm and look for a small path leading up a hill. Anri should be up here, still looking for Horace, and if you've proceeded in this order you still won't know where he is. Exhaust Anri's dialogue.

Step 5 - Smouldering Lake

If you cross to the other side of the bridge in the Catacombs of Carthus you can then smack the supports with your weapon, causing the bridge to collapse. After a few seconds the bridge will turn into a ladder. Climbing down and proceeding through the next few chambers will take you to the Abandoned Tomb bonfire, past which is a new area: Smouldering Lake.

The missing Horace is down here. Follow the wall on your right from the entrance and you'll eventually come to a cave. Enter the cave and follow it to find a sizable lake. Horace is here, and he's feeling hostile. You'll have to kill him. This is a compulsory step towards Anri's good ending.

If you tell Anri about Smouldering Lake before killing Horace Anri will go down to have a look, and he'll kill his old comrade, ending the storyline. If Horace is dead Anri will make a small grave for their companion but carry on with the storyline. On the whole, you'll save time and potential failure if you just don't mention Smouldering Lake to Anri at all.


Step 6 - Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

The last place you'll find Anri before the story branches is Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Assuming you've guided them properly Anri will be standing to the right of the Church of Yorshka bonfire when you enter the church. Speak to them and they'll give you a Ring of Evil Eye, as well as teach you the Quiet Resolve gesture. Exhaust their dialogue and you'll unlock Anri as a summon for battling Pontiff Sulyvahn, the area boss.

Once Anri is at the Church of Yorshka you have a decision to make: Good ending or bad? We'll explore both.

Good Ending

Seeing Anri through to a happier conclusion is trickier than the bad ending. Follow these steps after you reach the Church of Yorshka bonfire:

  • Kill the stone pilgrim who is hiding in the church. She's near the entrance, using a spell to disguise herself as a statue. She'll drop the Chameleon Sorcery. Do this before defeating Pontiff Sulyvahn or she'll move. Killing the pilgrim will block off Anri's bad end, as Yuria will no longer speak to you (assuming you got her to Firelink in the first place).
  • Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn and continue through the next area to Anor Londo.
  • If you haven't, head to Smouldering Lake and kill Horace. Anri's summon sign in the next step won't appear unless he's dead.
  • Just outside Anor Londo's huge double doors you'll find a summon sign. Use it to be teleported into the battle with Aldrich, alongside Anri. Help them fight and kill Aldrich.
  • Speak to Ludleth at Firelink. He'll give you Anri's Straight Sword as a reward for completing the storyline.

Although, in fairness, the story isn't quite done yet, and even the good ending ends badly. If you told Anri about Smouldering Lake after killing Horace you'll find them down in the pit where you fought Horace, and they will be hostile. If you didn't tell Anri about Smouldering Lake then Anri will be near the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire in the same area, on a hill near the stairs onto the Cathedral grounds, and they will also be hostile. You'll need to kill them either way. Eesh.

Bad Ending

Once you've set up Yulia of Londor getting Anri's bad ending is pretty simple.

  • Leave the stone pilgrim alone in the Church of Yorshka. She's easy to miss so this will be a simple task so long as you don't swing your weapon around madly near the bonfire.
  • Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn, then head to Firelink and speak to Yuria. Exhaust her dialogue and she will tell you that your 'spouse' is ready for your wedding ceremony.
  • Proceed through the next area past the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. Just beyond the bow-wielding Silver Knights you'll find a circular chamber with a large statue of a king against a wall to your right. (Gwyn, for players of the original Dark Souls.) Smack the statue to reveal stairs.
  • Down the stairs is a long hallway, as well as the stone pilgrim. Speak to her to receive the Sword of Avowal. (Make sure you grab the Brass Set of armor while you're down here, as well.)
  • Proceed to the huge chamber at the end of the passage. Anri is laying in the middle of the room. 'Interact' with them to complete the storyline.

Completing this quest will earn you three Dark Sigils, and if you return to this tomb later you can find Anri's Straight Sword. Much later, once you've completed the final boss of Dark Souls III, touch the bonfire to trigger the game's alternate ending.

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