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Guide to Biorr of the Twin Fangs' Storyline in "Demon's Souls"

A noble knight with a lost brother and a king seemingly gone mad, Biorr of the Twin Fangs is an easy NPC to miss in Demon's Souls. When the game begins he's secreted away behind a door you can easily walk right past, and failing to find him at just the right time will negate the purpose of his storyline. He's useful, for sure, but only if you can find him.

This guide will lead you to Biorr, and give you an idea of what to expect if you bring him along on your trip through Boletarian Palace. He's very helpful if you're not all that quick on your feet.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Finding Biorr

You'll come across Biorr's hiding place very early in Demon's Souls, though you probably won't realize it at the time. Just before you reach the Iron Giant boss battle on The Lord's Path (World 1-2) you'll pass through a passage guarded by soldiers and Blue-Eyed Knights. If you check to your right and left before you enter the boss fog you'll find two doors. One leads to the ramparts overlooking the bridge that lead here, while the other... is locked. Biorr is in the locked door.

You won't get the key you need to free Biorr until much later, as it's located in the Inner Ward (World 1-3). This area is blocked until you defeat at least one of the Archdemons, and there's a good chance new players won't come back this way until the very end of the game. You'll find the Iron Key Ring on a Fat Official about halfway through the Inner Ward, overseeing a small cadre of crossbowmen.

Inside the door you'll find a small dungeon, and another Fat Official is keeping an eye on Biorr. Kill the fiend - this will get you the Rusted Bloody Key for rescuing Yuria the Witch - then check the cells to set the knight free. He's cheerful, but won't offer you anything in way of recompense... besides, of course, the amusement of watching him fall asleep. Helpful.

After you've freed Biorr you can find him back in the Nexus, sitting in front of the Valley of Defilement Archstone. He'll tell you stories of Boletaria before things went badly.

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The Penetrator

Biorr won't show up again until you take on the Penetrator, the boss of the Inner Ward. Assuming you've freed Biorr he'll appear to aid you in the fight, and he's very good at keeping the Penetrator occupied while you chip at your foe from behind. On your first playthrough Biorr can even take the Penetrator out on his own, though subsequent playthroughs will see Biorr becoming less and less effective. Be careful with area of effect attacks or you could make Biorr hostile, compounding your problems.

If Biorr dies during this fight he will not appear again.


The Dragon

Biorr's final appearance is in the King's Tower (World 1-4). Once you reach the final ascent to the battle with Allant you'll run into a mighty Blue Dragon, and it will breathe fire back and forth to try and bar your path. If Biorr is here he will attempt to distract the dragon, absorbing the brunt of its attacks while you run past. Honestly he doesn't make this situation much easier, but it's better than nothing.

(If you kill the Blue Dragon before Biorr dies he'll congratulate you. Given the Dragon's massive health this is unlikely to happen.)

Biorr does not appear again after this, so if you want to kill him for his Brushwood Armor Set - or wait for the Dragon to kill him so you can grab it - now is the time. Alternately, if you want to pay for the Brushwood Armor Set, you can grab it from the Dregling Merchant in the Inner Ward. He's in a building across the street from the Fat Official who carried the Iron Key Ring, guarded by a Red-Eye Knight. The full set will run you over 200,000 Souls, so you're better off grabbing it from Biorr's corpse.

Killing Biorr

If you decide you want Biorr's armor set for free - or if you're targeting him for Mephistopheles - you'll have a tough fight on your hands. Not only does Biorr pack a punch, and have a crossbow for ranged attacks, his armor keeps you from inflicting much damage on him. Backstabs are advisable if you can get behind him, and magic works well if you can trick him into attacking. Don't trade blows with him, because Biorr will probably win unless you're extremely strong.

The dungeon where you find Biorr is full of wooden beams that make targeting him difficult, so it's recommended that you fight him at the Nexus. This will give you plenty of room to move around, as well as escape if you need to heal.

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