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Guide to Blaidd's Questline in "Elden Ring"

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A detailed guide through Blaidd's questline

A detailed guide through Blaidd's questline

A Walkthrough of Blaidd's Storyline

A hefty warrior who looks much more monstrous than he is, Blaidd is one of the more interesting characters in Elden Ring. A capable combatant with a taste for justice and a desire to please his mistress, Blaidd is happy to enlist your help in his cause ... though as much as you may enjoy his company, you shouldn't expect him to be friendly forever.

This guide will show you the path through Blaidd's storyline in Elden Ring. Blaidd can be a bit of a sticking point for some other quests, so you can expect to see this guy a lot if you decide to get involved with the game's NPCs.

Step 1: Finding Blaidd

You'll first hear of Blaidd if you speak to Merchant Kalé, the first vendor you'll find in Elden Ring. He lives in the Church of Elleh, a short trip north of the mausoleum where you begin the game. Speak to him and ask him about the Mistwood, and Kalé will mention something about howling. He'll then teach you the Finger Snap Gesture.

Head to the Mistwood. It's in the east of Limgrave, where you'll find the region's Minor Erdtree. Here you want to find the Mistwood Ruins, which are across the main road and a little bit south of the Erdtree. Come here at night, and you'll hear someone howling. Watch out while walking through here, as there's an enormous bear that sleeps nearby.

Look up at the tallest building in the ruins, and you'll see someone at the top. Perform the Finger Snap at the base of the tower, and Blaidd will leap down. After some introductions, he'll say he's looking for a man named Darriwil.

Step 2: Defeat Darriwil

Darriwil is interred at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. It's located on the cliffs overlooking the bridge to the Weeping Peninsula, in the south of Limgrave. Take the main road towards the Peninsula, but go up the western cliffs as the road begins to dip into a valley. You'll find a magic circle in the south. This is the Evergaol. Step onto the center circle to enter the battle arena.

Darriwil is a formidable opponent at lower levels. He's fast, and his melee moves hurt quite a bit. He's also rather difficult to hit with slower weapons. Fortunately, if you're having trouble, you can activate Blaidd's summon sign once you're in the arena to bring the wolfish warrior into the fight. Blaidd makes the battle against Darriwil much easier. You'll earn the Bloodhound's Fang for defeating Darriwil.

Blaidd will be standing nearby once you leave the Evergaol. He'll give you a Somber Smithing Stone [2]. Speak to him again, and he'll recommend heading north to the realm of Raya Lucaria, where you'll find a blacksmith of no small skill. He speaks of Smithing Master Iji, who sits just across from the Road to the Manor Site of Grace in northwestern Liurnia of the Lakes. Go through the Kingsrealm Ruins as you head north along the western cliffs of the region, and you'll find him. Keep talking to him, and mention Blaidd, and he'll offer to sell you Somber Smithing Stones alongside his usual smithing duties.


Step 3: Meet Ranni

Though it's possible to meet Blaidd again through other means, your next meeting – if you want to go in order, that is – should be after you meet Ranni the Witch. A character you can discover as early as the Church of Elleh, you won't formally meet Ranni until you complete Caria Manor. It's found just north of Iji, and he warns you to avoid the place.

Ignore Iji's advice and follow the road to the manor. The grounds are littered with Spider Hands, so you'll need to fight your way through them and head to the left and upward until you're inside the manor. Here you can rise onto the walls and follow them to a set of double stairs, fighting or avoiding foes along the way. At the top of the stairs, you'll face Royal Knight Loretta, and besting her will open the way to the Three Sisters sub-region.

Head west through Three Sisters to find Ranni's Rise. It's a tower in the mists, protected by Glintstone Dragon Adula. Fortunately, you can run right past Adula – and past the three wolves loitering in front of the tower - to get to Ranni. Once inside, proceed to the top floor and speak to her to enter into her service.

Once you've accepted Ranni's proposal, keep speaking with her until she's exhausted her dialogue, then head downstairs. You'll find Iji, Blaidd, and a jerk named Preceptor Seluvis waiting for you in that order. Blaidd is on his way to find the eternal city of Nokron, and he enlists your help.

Go back up the tower and speak to Ranni one more time after you've exhausted the dialogue of the other three NPCs. She'll say she's entering a deep slumber and won't be speaking to you again for a while. This will allow you to leave Ranni's Rise.

Step 4: Siofra River

The path to Nokron requires visiting the Siofra River, and as Blaidd suggests, your path there is found beneath the Mistwood. Jump back to the Mistwood and check near the Minor Erdtree. Here you'll find the Siofra River Well, a squat structure with an elevator that will take you deep below the earth. Follow the main path through here until you reach the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace.

The path branches out here, but Blaidd is pretty easy to find. If you walk east, you'll find the cliff edge of this area. Follow it north and past some Ancestral Followers, and you'll find Blaidd. He's lingering near a Spirit Spring. Speak to him, and after a few attempts, he'll suggest you go speak to Seluvis. Exhaust his dialogue for more hints.

Step 5: Visit Seluvis

To proceed, you must first find Seluvis, as his phantasm is no longer at Ranni's Rise. He has relocated to Seluvis's Rise, which is found just down the cliff to the south of Ranni's Rise. Seluvis is acerbic at first, though if you ask about your task, he'll eventually refer you to Sorceress Sellen, who is said to be in Limgrave. He'll give you Seluvis's Introduction for this purpose.

Sellen is found in a small study in the Waypoint Ruins, on the southbound road towards the Weeping Peninsula. There's usually a large caravan of shambling commoners with torches near here if you need a reference point. Avoid the poisonous flowers in the ruins and check down the stairs. You'll have to fight a Mad Pumpkin Head – despite being a boss, it's basically just another Pumpkin Head – and past him is Sellen.

Sellen is a master, of sorts, and will teach you Sorceries. Become her apprentice, then show her Seluvis's letter. She'll explain that accomplishing Ranni's task requires the defeat of General Radahn. He's one of the Demi-Gods you need to kill anyway, so that's convenient.

Go back to the Siofra River. Blaidd is still here. Report what you've discovered and he'll say he's headed off to defeat Radahn, and suggests you join him.


Step 6: Defeat Radahn

Starscourge Radahn is located at Redmane Castle, a location in the far south of Caelid. You can reach it either by going out of the bog and through Sellia, Town of Sorcery, then south or by following the long road from Limgrave's northeast border with Caelid. Both will eventually take you to Redmane Castle. You must have gained at least one Great Rune to gain access.

(Don't worry if you didn't go back to the Siofra River after speaking to Sellen. Blaidd will note that he didn't see you again, but things will otherwise proceed as planned.)

Within, you'll find a festival underway, the purpose being to kill Radahn. Blaidd is participating alongside a slew of other warriors, some likely familiar. Watch the introduction, then go through the church and down the elevator beyond. You'll be taken to the beachfront, where a teleporter awaits. Radahn is on the other side.

This fight is unlike any other in the game. Radahn is massive and very difficult to fight alone. Unless you're a staunch solo fighter, the key here is to sweep around Radahn's enormous battlefield and summon warriors to help you. Summon signs will keep popping up, so hop on your horse and continually summon them whenever old summons go down. Contribute to the damage whenever you get a chance. Radahn is a brutal enemy, so stay on your horse and generally keep out of his range.

After you defeat Radahn you'll find Blaidd at the top of the hill Radahn was originally standing on. He'll congratulate you on a battle well fought, then point out that Nokron, Eternal City, has been opened thanks to Radahn's defeat. He'll meet you there.

Step 7: Nokron, Eternal City

The defeat of Radahn brings falling stars down on the Lands Between, and one will crash into Limgrave. If you head to the southeast corner of Limgrave, to the Fort Haight West Site of Grace, you'll see an enormous hole in the ground with a mass of rocks floating over it. This is the path to Nokron, Eternal City.

Head into Nokron and make your way through the dungeon until you've defeated the Mimic Tear boss and made your way to a grassy area populated by Ancestral Followers. Go along the southern cliffs to find the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. You can leap from the cliff near the Site of Grace to a nearby building, which will take you into the Night's Sacred Ground sub-region. The item you're looking for, the Fingerslayer Blade, is in a chest at the very end of this straightforward little area beneath the corpse of a massive humanoid.

During all this you'll probably wonder what happened to Blaidd, since he's not in Nokron. You'll instead find Blaidd trapped in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, where you fought Darriwil together. You can speak to Blaidd by standing on the stone disc at the center of the Evergaol. Blaidd will tell you that he was trapped there by Iji, and won't know why. You can opt to free Blaidd or leave him in the Evergaol. The next step will proceed in the same way, regardless of your decision.

(If you speak to Iji he will explain why Blaidd is in the Evergaol. You can find Iji just south of Caria Manor, by the Road to the Manor Site of Grace.)

Step 8: Free Ranni

You won't see Blaidd again until you complete Ranni's questline. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Return to Ranni's Rise and speak to her. She'll give you the Carian Inverted Statue.
  • Head to the Carian Study Hall in eastern Liurnia of the Lakes. It's just east of the Academy Gate Town, accessible via the shores to the northeast. Use the statue on the altar in the entrance hall to flip the dungeon, then descend through it until you're on a platform. This will take you to a long bridge, a Godskin Noble you can fight or ignore, and the Divine Tower of Liurnia. At the top of the Divine Tower is the Cursemark of Death on a corpse.
  • Return to Three Sisters and head to Renna's Rise, a short walk west from the rear of Caria Manor. Climb to the top to find a teleporter. It will shoot you to Ainsel River Main. Check the coffin near the Site of Grace for the Miniature Ranni Doll, then follow the river through ruins and an ants' nest to find Nokstella, Eternal City. Speak to the doll at the next Site of Grace multiple times, and Ranni will eventually speak back.
  • Make your way to the elevator to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin. It's located on the left side of the river that runs through Nokstella. Follow the caves straight ahead from the Site of Grace, and you'll come to a clearing where a Baleful Shadow lives. Destroy it to earn the Discarded Palace Key. Continue past and down another elevator to find the Lake of Rot.
  • Jump to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This is Rennala's room, and it contains a locked chest. Open the chest to find the Dark Moon Ring.
  • Return to the Lake of Rot. Straight south of the entrance is the Grand Cloister. Jump down the ledges from the next Site of Grace, then follow the river through the temple to a waterfall. Coffins here will take you to a boss arena for Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. Defeat the big bug.
  • The elevator on the other side of Astel's arena will take you up to the Cathedral of Celes Manus. Drop into a hole to the right of the next Site of Grace, and interact with what you find at the bottom. This opens up a new ending for the game, as well as earns you the Dark Moon Greatsword.

Step 9: Find Blaidd

The final step of this storyline is a tragic one. Return to Ranni's Rise after you've finished Ranni's quest. Blaidd is sitting outside, mumbling to himself, and he's hostile. You'll need to kill him. He's a strong combatant, similar to the Baleful Shadow you fought earlier, though with a leaping, ice-based area of effect attack as well. Watch out for Glintstone Dragon Adula nearby if you haven't driven it out of the area.

Defeating Blaidd will end his quest. It will also earn you the Royal Greatsword and Blaidd's Set. (Though if you want to complete the look, you'll need the Black Wolf Mask, which is found on the outer walls of Seluvis's Rise to the south.)