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Guide to Caria Manor in "Elden Ring"

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A gloomy mansion in the far north of Liurnia of the Lakes, Caria Manor is an easy place to overlook but a tough place to forget. Filled with ghosts, magic users, and an excess of fingers, Caria Manor is a great challenge for anyone above, say, level 40 to tackle - and for plot reasons, you'll want to come here at some point.

This guide will show you how to complete Caria Manor in Elden Ring. It's not the longest area in the game by far, but there are enough little twists that you'll want to know what's coming in advance.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Caria Manor

Caria Manor is located in the far north of Liurnia of the Lakes. It's easy enough to reach, too. Find a path onto the western shores of Liurnia of the Lakes - unlike the eastern bluffs there are many places in the west where you can get out of the water - and ride north. Eventually you'll hit the Kingsrealm Ruins, which seem like a dead end, but you can swat the final wall to reveal the Road to the Manor Site of Grace, and the remaining path to Caria Manor beyond.

The approach to Caria Manor looks safe at first, but soon after you set out showers of magical darts will begin to rain down from the sky. These appear with enough advance warning that you can easily steer around them on your horse and avoid damage. You should nevertheless make haste straight to the front door of the manor. The Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Grace is waiting for you just outside the grounds.


Main Caria Manor Gate

Straight ahead from the front gate you'll see a fountain in the distance, enshrouded by fog. There's a Smithing Stone [2] sitting in front of it, but if you run up to grab it you'll attract the attention of large and small Spider Hands. Like, a lot of them. They dominate the ground level of Caria Manor, so hopefully you have a good chopping weapon to kill them. The larger Spider Hands are quite dangerous, so if you find yourself getting killed a lot you may want some Spirit Ashes to take the fall for you. This guide will take a sneaking approach and try to avoid the big ones altogether.

Eastern Courtyard

The lower level of Caria Manor is pretty spacious, and you want to head left to get into the manor itself, so we'll start by exploring to the right. Hug the wall and walk along through the grass. Nearby you'll see a corpse with a Rimed Crystal Bud. Grabbing it will bring a giant Spider Hand down near you, so either fight it or run straight ahead. Stairs here will take you into a small side room with a ghoul to kill and the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook [6].

If you take a right when you go back outside you can follow the stone pathway a bit further. There are more casters along here, though they're easy kills since they barely move. Ahead you'll see an item, though if you approach you'll activate a trap glyph that will launch magic upwards after a few seconds. Bolt straight at the item to avoid the trap. You'll occasionally see more of these but they're easy to avoid once they're set off.

If you backtrack and take a right you'll see the courtyard below. There's another giant Spider Hang patrolling here, near an item. You can sneak up and grab the Rimed Crystal Bud without alerting the Spider Hand if your timing is good.

Look north along the grass and you'll see three smaller Spider Hands and one larger one. If you creep past them - going around the rock near them is much safer - you can find a rock in the north with an Ice Crest Shield on top of it.

That's all for the east side of the grounds. Turn back south and make for the central fountain. Along the way you can collect a Golden Rune [4] that's sitting behind the fountain. If you're quick you'll avoid any Spider Hand attacks along the way. Now for the west side.

Western Courtyard

Hug the wall of the courtyard again and go left. You'll quickly disturb a small Spider Hand that's hidden underground. Kill it and carry on. Nearby you'll see an item sitting in the grass, and if you look closely you'll see fingers jutting out of the ground. Try to grab the item and a giant Spider Hand will grab you. You can grab the Rimed Crystal Bud it's protecting by chopping the fingers, waiting for it to move, and rolling in to grab the item. Not far from here, near a crystal, are six Glintstone Fireflies. Watch out for another hidden giant Spider Hand near the crystal.

If you keep following the wall you'll run into two hidden Spider Hands, one small and one big, so walk along the lower rocks and kill and small Spider Hands that come for you. If you're going slowly you'll see two giant Spider Hands buried in the grounds nearby. You can cut right between them and grab a Rimed Crystal Bud off of a corpse.

Retreat back to the wall and keep following it uphill. There are a few more small Spider Hands, and one buried large one hugging the wall. Go around the large one and climb the slope to the stairs ahead. Several more small Spider Hands bar your passage, as does one large, awake one. Your only recourse here is to get their attention by quickly zipping up the stairs and into the manor where only the small ones can follow.

Go up the stairs here and you'll find a church of sorts. Under the table on the dais you'll find a Smithing Stone [4]. By the door at the end of the hall you'll find the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace.


Manor Lower Level

Things will get a bit easier for a while at this point. You're now up on higher walkways, and the Spider Hands are behind you. (Below?) Leave them behind and head out onto the walls.

Follow the path. Ahead you'll see two spectral soldiers rise out of the stone. They're basically the same as normal soldiers, though they can hurl bombs that launch magical missiles at you. Kill them before they can get their bearings. Two more will appear when you cross to the next tower. Same here.

The path splits here. Take a left to start. Follow the path and you'll be enemy-free until you round the second tower. Here you'll find a Rune Arc, and when you try to grab it a soldier will appear right behind you. Demolish him before you get the item. Two more enemies will appear around this tower as you circle it.

Before you head back to the main path, take a look on the right side of this tower. You can see a building within jumping distance below. This leads to another rooftop with a ladder into a hole. Go down the hole to find a storage room containing a chest with a Sword of Night and Flame in it. There's also a door you can unlock and open to get back to the courtyard.

Warp back to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, cross the walls, kill the enemies, and take the path straight ahead. More enemies will bar your way as you go, but it's more or less a direct path to an elevator, and it's tough for anyone to stop you if you go full tilt. The Manor Upper Level Site of Grace is waiting for you here.

We aren't quite done downstairs, however. Take the elevator back down, go down the stairs, and look on your left. There's another building below that you can drop onto. Grab the Rimed Crystal Bud from the corpse on the wooden platform attached to the building, then check to the left. Beneath the stairs you'll find a Golden Rune [3]. Go back up and to the right and you'll find a wider area with several Spider Hands around a torch. Kill them, then check the body against the nearby wall for an Urumi.

If you continue to follow this lower pathway you'll see an Abductor straight ahead, though it won't activate until you try to go past. Dash past it and jump to the lower platform on the other side of the wall. You'll find a corpse carrying a Somber Smithing Stone [3]. You'll also have no choice but to jump back down to the courtyard, so warp back to the Manor Upper Level Site of Grace.


Manor Upper Level

Leave the room with the Site of Grace. Straight ahead is a summoning pool to activate, and across the garden from you is a golden tree with a Golden Seed. There's also a wolf here, though one much larger and tougher than most you've seen. Sneak up on it to dispatch it. Another patrols nearby, and you don't want to fight both at once.

If you stay in the grass you won't have much trouble, and you'll find another wolf guarding a Rimed Crystal Bud. Things change quickly when you go up the stairs, as you'll soon see a big set of double stairs guarded by a number of magic users and a well-armed Troll. You can storm the keep if you like...

... or, if you look to the left of the doorway to this heavily-guarded area, you'll see a ladder across a short gap. Hop over and climb up. A single, weak sorcerer bars your path, and on your right you'll find Magic Grease on a corpse. Grab the item and go up the stairs near the sorcerer.

At the top you'll find a tree surrounded by bushes, and hiding in them another weak enemy. Kill him, then hop around the corner of the building. Kill the next guard up and you'll be past the Troll and facing the double stairs. Both sets of stairs have a tough bow-and-rapier enemy on them, though if you go up the right set you'll face only one, while a hidden one drops down onto the left stairs. The item on the left set is a Rimed Crystal Bud. If you die here you'll almost certainly be brought back to this spot by the Stake of Marika positioned on the central platform dividing the stairs. Check this grassy spot for a Golden Rune [4].

The Stake of Marika heralds a boss fight, but we don't want to do that just yet. There's one more spot to check. Look to the left, through the greenery, and you'll see a doorway backlit by the sky. Go through and you'll find a series of wooden platforms arranged against the wall, giving you access to the ground far below. Run and jump rather than just jumping or you won't get enough air to safely land on each platform.

At the bottom you'll find a large Living Jar and a cloud of smaller Living Jars. Take out the big one, then dispatch or ignore the smaller ones. Look to your right, against the far wall, for eight Crystal Darts, then check the rocky cliffs on your right for a Cracked Pot.

There are two more small Living Jars on a lower outcropping of rock, and if you follow the outcropping you'll see another larger section of land with yet more Living Jars, including two large ones. Try to draw one of them out and destroy it, then tackle the other. There's not enough room here to avoid two of them. Behind their resting spot you'll find a Smithing Stone [3].

Drop down onto one more stone outcropping and you'll see a section of wall that's otherwise inaccessible. Jump onto it and you'll find the Carian Grandeur Ash of War.

That's all for the manor grounds. Return to the top of the double stairs and enter the room beyond. You'll find a wide pool surrounded by chairs. The moment you disturb the water of the pool you'll summon a boss, and the fight is on.


Royal Knight Loretta

The final protector of Caria Manor, Royal Knight Loretta is a normal knight enemy ramped up to eleven. She canters about on her horse, blasting you with magical darts or swinging her halberd at you. She's more manageable than a lot of bosses, but still pretty challenging until you know her attack patterns. Here are some tips for fighting Loretta:

  • In the first phase of the fight you can avoid Loretta's projectiles by running to the left or right rather than dodging. This will allow you to outrun them, then run up and smack Loretta. In the second phase this is harder to manage, as her homing projectiles become much more plentiful.
  • Because of her weapon and her high vantage point, shields don't work all that well against Loretta. She'll stab you right over them. Consider stowing your shield and rolling through most of the fight.
  • Loretta's attacks are largely directional. If you can find a way to get behind her horse, away from the halberd, you'll have room for several free shots before she gallops away.
  • Attacking from behind will earn you a swift kick. Only hit there once or twice per assault.
  • Never assume when Loretta is swinging her halberd that you're out of range. It has a longer reach than you think, especially when it starts to look a bit like a lightsaber in the second phase. When she swings it, roll.
  • If you get close enough to Loretta her swings will often go right over your head. You can use this to your advantage to smack her a few times. She has a downward stab, however, so be prepared to roll away from her at all times.
  • Summoning of any kind is a great asset in this battle. Loretta has no area of effect attacks besides, arguably, her halberd strikes, so you can get right behind her while she's distracted and do a ton of damage before she reacts.

You'll earn 10,000 Runes, the Loretta's Greatbow Sorcery, and the Loretta's Slash Ash of War for defeating Royal Knight Loretta. This also brings your time in Caria Manor to a close and opens up Three Sisters, a plot-important area you'll probably be visiting a number of times.