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Guide to Castle Morne in "Elden Ring"

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As one of the first significant dungeons you can arguably tackle in Elden Ring, Castle Morne is also one of the first you can come across. Found on the Weeping Peninsula, Castle Morne is nice and close to the starting point of the game, and it is full of enemies you can realistically defeat with a new character. Don't be fooled, however - this place is still tough to get through. It's just easier than a lot of other areas.

This guide will help you get through Castle Morne in Elden Ring. If you want to survive the trek, you should ensure that your character is at least at level 20 (perhaps closer to level 30) before heading to Castle Morne.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Castle Morne

Castle Morne is located on the Weeping Peninsula, to the south of Limgrave. You can find the Weeping Peninsula by going south of Lake Agheel and traveling along the main road. You'll descend through rocky cliffs and wind up at the Bridge of Sacrifice, a fortified location complete with ballista. Move quickly on your horse and you shouldn't have any trouble leaping through the defenses and making it through unharmed.

On the other side of the bridge and to your right is the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace. Ahead, on the left side of the road, is Irina. She's an NPC who's connected to Castle Morne. If you want to fully explore the story of Castle Morne, agree to help her find her father. She'll give you Irina's Letter. We'll get to her father later in this walkthrough.

Carry on down the road. Fight the enemies along the way as you see fit. The path will branch as you go south; keep going until you find a massive, broken perimeter wall. On your left is the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, as well as a Nomadic Merchant. Check out both.

Next, go through the wall and head south. Castle Morne is ahead, and it's defend by a Golem with a huge bow. This bow has a massive range, but the Golem's rate of fire is glacial. Jump and weave your horse around occasionally to avoid getting shot. Map: Weeping Peninsula is ahead as you ride, and if you check the bluffs on your right you'll find a Golden Seed sitting beside a tree. Otherwise, it's a straight gallop to Castle Morne.

(Side note: The Golem is missing most of its health when you arrive, so a few good hacks to its legs will take it down. Almost a free thousand Runes.)

Inside the front gate of Castle Morne you'll find the Castle Morne Lift Site of Grace, and beyond that an elevator. We'll start from there.


Castle Morne Lift

When you enter the grounds of Castle Morne you'll be in a large courtyard, filled with enemies. None of them are paying attention to you at first, which is very much to your advantage. Don't rouse any of them until you're ready to fight. The Summoning Pod for the area is at the door, so activate it before you head into the courtyard.

If you take a left from the entrance you'll find some stairs. There are a pair of ghoulish dogs up here, one in plain sight, one off to the side. Ambushing one will draw out the other. If you aren't confident about killing the first quickly then be prepared to fight with a shield. The dogs are guarding a Smithing Stone [2].

Back to the courtyard. There are two routes you can take through here, both of which end up in the same place. We'll take the sneakier route first.


Your first option is to skirt along the left side of the courtyard and avoid the big heap of bricks on the right. There are a ton of Misbegotten on the bricks, and they will gang up on you quickly if you disturb them. Follow the wall, take out the dogs one-at-a-time if you can, and go after (or avoid) the Pumpkin Head at the back.

Back here is a sort of alleyway. If you look to the left of the Pumpkin Head you'll find a Smithing Stone [1]. To the right is a Misbegotten that's busy brutalizing something. Kill the Misbegotten and you'll find a ladder. Climb it to reach the ramparts.

Frontal Attack

(Note that you can sneak through this part as well... you're just more likely to get caught and wind up in a big brawl.)

If you're feeling bold you can instead try to go up the heap of bricks. If you're careful - a ranged weapon helps - you can pull the Misbegotten off of the bricks one-at-a-time, rather than facing the whole lot. They're fast opponents, so facing them all at once is a bad idea. Be especially wary of the larger Misbegotten with the huge axe.

Behind the pile of bricks and to the right is a pathway leading inside. Along the way, just before you leave the bricks, you'll find a Fire Grease. Inside the next door down this path and on your immediate left is a Claymore in a chest, so don't forget it before you leave.

Go down the stairs ahead. You'll find two Misbegotten executing a soldier. If you're quick - and if you have a heavy weapon - you can knock all three of them off of the edge of the castle. Otherwise, just be careful not to fall off yourself. The soldier will fight the Misbegotten if he's not immediately killed, though he turns on you if he survives.

Go up the ladder and onto the ramparts. There are soldiers and Misbegotten fighting each other, and left to their own devices the Misbegotten will usually win. If you're going to join in then attack the Misbegotten first, then finish off the soldiers. Beside one of the gallows platforms is a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and at the far end of the area are two more Misbegotten watching over a Steel-Wire Torch.

There's another ladder near the spot where you first came up. It takes you onto the upper ramparts. Here you can drop down onto the section of wall where the 'Sneaking' part of this guide left off.

Southern Ramparts

Regardless of the route you took you'll wind up on the southern section of ramparts overlooking the courtyard. One Misbegotten will almost immediately come after you, so deal with it before you do anything else.

Ahead is a bridge across the wall. There's one Misbegotten in plain sight, as well as two ranged Misbegotten that will use their wings to stay out of your grasp while either shooting you with arrows, or, occasionally, swooping at you. Ranged attacks of your own work well on all three; otherwise, take out the Misbegotten on foot first before tackling the other two. Jumping attacks can bring them down to ground level easily, so long as you have good aim.

Halfway across the bridge is a corpse carrying a Golden Rune [2], the body dangling through the southern fence. Grab this on your way to the next larger platform. If you look around the side of the tower here you'll find a ladder leading to a lower wall, with a Misbegotten and an item at the far end. You look like you have the drop on the Misbegotten... except a second, hidden Misbegotten will leap out from behind a stack of barrels if you get too close. Kill one and then the other. The corpse the Misbegotten was butchering has a Smithing Stone [2] on it.

Head back to the upper wall. If you want to carry on without extras, ignore the next section and drop through the broken fence ahead and on your right to find a Site of Grace. Otherwise, go down the ladder on your left.


The ladder leads to the last, unvisited section of broken wall. You'll find more Misbegotten fighting soldiers here. Intervene or ignore them as you wish, though grab the Golden Rune [2] off of the body in the midst of the fight either way.

Head to the far tower. Up the stairs and at the top you'll find Edgar, Irina's father, sitting on a bench. He's understandably forlorn, but will nonetheless give you a Sacrificial Twig. If you want to carry on with his and Irina's storyline you'll have to come here, and go back to Irina, several times. You'll also need to defeat the boss of Castle Morne.


Behind the Castle

If you drop through the wall that leads out of the castle you'll find the Behind the Castle Site of Grace. This area gets a bit easier past here, though don't let your guard down yet.

Drop down the cliffs to the rear of the castle. If you look on your left you can drop onto a narrow wooden platform, upon which is a Stonesword Key. To your right is more wall to cross, and a number of inattentive Misbegotten. Kill the first, then head into the first building on your right. There's a Misbegotten in here, guarding a Pickled Turtle Neck. Trying to grab the Neck will also bring a blob down on your head. Unless you have Fire Pots or some form of fire weapon, you should just ignore the blobs from here on.

Continue down the wall, killing Misbegotten as you go. Your next destination is over the wall and further down, but if you go all the way across you can attack and kill a larger, axe-wielding Misbegotten. It's protecting a tower. Climb the tower once the way is clear to find a chest containing a Twinblade Talisman.

Drop through the break in the walkway to land on a pointed roof. Drop off of the roof and onto the rocks below to find a red Teardrop Scarab, and, at the foot of the tree on this small outcropping, a Tarnished Golden Sunflower. Keeping hopping down ledges from here to land on a rooftop with a hole in the middle of it. Carefully drop onto the crossbeams inside this hole and down to the bottom. The uppermost crossbeam has a Smithing Stone [2] on it. There are three rats and a Misbegotten at the bottom, so come down ready to fight. Grab the Whip in this small room before you leave.

Almost done. Go outside - the battle probably took you out there anyway - and check on your left. There's a side area with the Beside the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace. You'll be using this spot to make boss runs.


Beside the Rampart Gaol

Last Site of Grace for the area. You can run right to the boss from here, but let's explore a bit first.

Start by heading to the right and checking out the west side of this platform. If you look over the edge you'll see a beach populated by small crabs. Near the beach is an inlet, inside which you can get Fire Arrows. If you do this, however, you'll attract the attention of a Giant Crab, and it can hit you with a bubbly spray when you're inside the inlet. This crab isn't that tough, especially compared to the Giant Crabs from Dark Souls III, but if you don't need arrows this side trip isn't worth it.

Stretching from the main platform to a tower just off the beach is a bridge. Below it are a number of Spirit Jellyfish. They'll leave you alone unless you attack one. Crossing the bridge will see you attacked by a pair of Misbegotten, but if you go down onto the beach with the Jellyfish you'll find a ladder that will allow you to catch the Misbegotten off guard. You'll also find a Somber Smithing Stone [1] if you search the back of the tower thoroughly. The Misbegotten are guarding some Throwing Daggers.

There's only one thing left to do now: Check the boss fog. It's down on the beach and past the Jellyfish, sitting in plain sight. What you face on the other side is a fair bit more difficult than everything up to this point, however.


Leonine Misbegotten

The final boss of Castle Morne, Leonine Misbegotten is a vicious foe. It uses lightning-fast attacks with a greatsword to gut you, and can do so with great efficiency. You can expect a series of quick swipes, sword-and-claw combos, and extremely quick leaps. This is a fight of reflexes, and on your own you might have some trouble. Some suggestions:

  • Summon Edgar. If you've spoken to him his summon sign will appear just outside the boss fog. The two of you fighting together can stagger the Misbegotten much more quickly than you alone, and staggering makes the fight much easier.
  • Get other Ashen Spirits. In some fights they tend to be taken out quickly, but the Misbegotten doesn't quite do enough damage to immediately eradicate even a weak group of spirits. This is especially handy for magic users who need time to launch their spells at the Misbegotten.
  • Roll rather than using a shield. The Misbegotten attacks quickly enough that it will chew through your shield defenses in a hurry unless you've a) Got a really good shield, or b) Have a ton of Stamina. Learn to roll under most of its attacks.
  • Try leaping attacks. Jump and perform a heavy attack at the Misbegotten and you can rock it into a bit of a stagger. Roll away before it can swipe at you, then prepare to do this again. Always wait until the Misbegotten has performed an attack of its own before you try this or you will likely jump right into a combo and get slammed around.
  • Parry. This is for more advanced players. The Misbegotten's moves are fast, but its horizontal swipes are ripe for parrying, and you can quickly demolish its health if you know when to swing your shield.

You'll receive 3,800 Runes and the Grafted Blade Greatsword for defeating the Leonine Misbegotten. This is needed for completing the quest with Irina and Edgar, so go back to Irina, and then Edgar, and then Irina, more or less in that order. Them aside, you're all done with Castle Morne.