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Guide to Crumbling Farum Azula in "Elden Ring"

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A strange, airborne edifice far from the gentler coasts of the Lands Between, Crumbling Farum Azula is one of the final challenges of Elden Ring. Populated by Beastmen, Dragons, Skeletons, and all sorts of other baddies, this place will tax your adventuring skills to their limit, and it may prove to be a stopping point for many players. If you can get past it, though...

This guide will take you through Crumbling Farum Azula in Elden Ring. This dungeon is long enough that it almost qualifies as a region unto itself, so be prepared for a long stay if you want to find everything there is to find.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Reaching Crumbling Farum Azula

As the final mandatory dungeon of Elden Ring, Crumbling Farum Azula is understandably difficult to reach. To get there, you must make your way to the Mountaintops of the Giants, which requires completing Leyndell, Royal Capital, which itself requires acquiring two Great Runes before you can enter. Once you're on the Mountaintops of the Giants, make your way to the Forge of the Giants, beat the Fire Giant that's blocking the way, and get up on the edge of the enormous Forge. Phew.

Once you're at the Forge, make your way left along the edge of the bowl to find a Site of Grace. Sit here and speak to Melina. She'll offer you the chance to aid her in committing a 'cardinal sin'. If you agree - and ultimately you do have to agree for the story to progress - you'll be whisked off to Crumbling Farum Azula to see her mission through. Note that this is a point of no return of sorts, and many of the NPCs that inhabit Roundtable Hold will disappear permanently, aside from those that provide important crafting and mercantile services.


Crumbling Beast Grave

After an appropriately-cinematic cut scene, you'll appear on a long bridge leading to the Farum. Follow it to find a Smithing Stone [8], then drop through the wall on your right to find two floating stones below. The lower has a Golden Rune [9] on it. Drop to the balcony below the stones to officially enter the area.

Follow the stairs on your left, past the whirling cyclone, and you'll come to an area full of Beastmen. These guys are swift and a bit tricksy, but frail. Get used to them. Kill the one on patrol, then either take out the rest or ignore them, as they aren't that interested in you. Check on the left for three Old Fangs, then head through the western doorway.

There are two Beastmen in the next room, one of which is on your immediate left. Take it out quickly before the patrolling Beastman ahead notices you and joins the fray. On the right side of the room, you'll find a Lightningproof Dried Liver. Continue down the corridor ahead and you'll find the first Site of Grace, Crumbling Beast Grave.

Activate the summoning pool outside the chamber if you wish, then take a left. There's a long, curved stretch of ground ahead, and you'll be attacked by a Dragon when you start to cross. Run past it if you aren't interested in a fight to find a Smithing Stone [6], a Smithing Stone [8], and some Dragonwound Grease along the stonework. Take a left into the Farum when you see light and you'll find another Smithing Stone [8], as well as the path deeper inside. The Crumbling Beast Grave Depths Site of Grace is waiting right here for you.

(Though fighting the Dragon is entirely optional, you'll get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for taking it down. Employing a powerful summon like a Mimic Tear will go a long way to leveling the battle for you. Be sure, too, to stay away from the edge, as it's quite easy for the Dragon to sweep you off and immediately kill you.)

The next room over has two Beastmen in it, one on patrol, the other hiding between two biers. They're protecting a Smithing Stone [7] and a summoning pool. Through the right doorway the path splits, and if you look to your right, you'll see another Beastman at the far end of the hallway. Grab the 14 Lightning Greatbolts sitting through the northwest door.

Before you go through this area, however, return to the room with the biers. There's a very, very small balcony on the side of the room, and you can use it to get a Golden Rune [12] on your left, and onto a rooftop on your right. This leads to a large prayer room filled with holes in the floor. Carefully make your way through here, kill the two Beastmen on patrol, then sneak to the far end and kill one of the three praying Beastmen. Take on the other soldier Beastman next, then the magic user. You'll find a Great Ghost Glovewort where the Beastmen were praying, as well as a Smithing Stone [6] and three Gravel Stones elsewhere in the room.

With this room cleared, you can drop down through one of the holes in the floor and get the drop on a Beastman on a bridge. There are Beastmen patrolling the hallways on both sides of the bridge to kill, as well. One side of the bridge leads back to the room with the biers, while the other leads outside. Ignore the obvious central path on the lowest floor here and take the door on the right that leads outside. Through it is a lift. Check on your right for a Hero's Rune [2] behind some pots, then hop onto the lift.

You'll be shunted to an area below where you'll hear the sounds of coughing. This comes from Lesser Wormfaces, hunched, grotesque enemies that try to cough liquid onto you. Try to beat them off of the ledge, otherwise just keep hitting so they remain stunned and can't attack you. If you go to the right from the lift, you'll find a solitary platform with a Smithing Stone [8] on one end, guarded by another Dragon; if you go left, you'll find a pathway populated by Lesser Wormfaces. Stay on the upper section of this path to find a Fulgurbloom (watch out for the Wormface behind the tree), then drop down one level beside the Fulgurbloom, kill the hound in the little niche, and check the tree on your right for a Somber Smithing Stone [9]. You'll need to kill a Wormface to get it.

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On the left is a ladder that leads to the top of the bridge you're standing beside and under. Climb it and you'll find a Lesser Wormface at the far end. You can pretty easily knock this thing to its doom. It's watching over a Smithing Stone [8]. Grab it, then look on your right as you head back towards the ladder. You'll see a series of stones below that you can reach the ground...

... though if you specialize in ranged combat, don't go all the way down. To the southeast is a large pond, and it's home to a number of Lesser Wormfaces and one larger Wormface. You can use your ranged weapon (likely a bow, from this distance) to snipe the various Wormfaces without trouble. If that's not an option you can also sneak around their watery home to grab items, or simply fight them as usual. You'll find a Smithing Stone [8] on the edge of the pond, Rejuvenating Boluses in the pond, and the Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing [3] in the gazebo on the far side of the pond.

Carry on a bit further east and the road will end. You'll find five Gravel Stones in a corner, as well as one final Wormface. It's a bit of a trip back, so you might as well teleport to the Crumbling Beast Grave Site of Grace and save yourself the walk.

Return to the large room with the bridge in the middle and the two hallways on either side. It's time to go straight down the middle. Take out the Beastmen on the upper walkways to ensure they won't bother you, then look down the stairs to the east. There's an item right in the middle of the room, surrounded by four pillars. There's one Beastman behind the pillars on the left and two more behind the far pillars, all waiting to ambush you. Kill the first Beastman, then continue along the left side and kill the magic user. Take out the third Beastman as it attacks. There's one more Beastman ahead and on the right, but it shouldn't bother you. In the middle of the room is an Ancient Dragon Prayerbook.

Just past this hallway is the Tempest-Facing Balcony Site of Grace. Be sure to grab the Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing [4] that's sitting on the ledge ahead of the Site of Grace before you leave.


Tempest-Facing Balcony

From this point on, Crumbling Farum Azula starts to get a little more twisty-turny, offering multiple paths to the same destination, so this guide will attempt to find the most logical route for collecting all of the items along the way.

Take a left from the Site of Grace. There's a summoning pool ahead, as well as rocks for dropping down onto the next area. If you have a bow, you can also start sniping Skeletons from here, as several of them are roaming around below. Barring that, hop to lower ground and slowly make your way around, destroying Skeletons (and remembering to smash them against once they're down to finish them off). Don't run too quickly or you'll draw them all to you. Use rubble to hide from the archers, then take them out last. Look behind the pillars at the top of the curved stonework for a Golden Rune [9] and on a little island near the bottom for a Somber Smithing Stone [7].

Descend to the north and you'll see 14 Golden Arrows below you. You'll also start getting sniped by an archer to the northwest. Snipe it back or ignore it, then keep dropping. Below and on your left is a much heavier Beastman Skeleton with an axe. It does not stagger easily, so be careful if you choose to fight. Behind the Skeleton and on the left are three Gravel Stones.

Head down the slope and there will be a Somber Smithing Stone [9] sitting nearby. Look back west and you'll see another heavy Skeleton by a broken support beam; destroy it if you wish. Beside this support beam is a hole... but before you go down it, head east to find the Dragon Temple Site of Grace. We'll get to this place in a minute.

You can't jump back to the previous section the way you came, but if you look down you can leap to the bottom of it. Ahead is a broken hallway with two doors on the right, each one containing a Skeleton, the first containing a heavy axe-wielder. The first doorway contains a Golden Rune [12], and if you follow the hallway all the way to the end you'll find a Golden Rune [10]. (This path leads to the same spot the balcony would've take you, in case you were wondering.)

Go through the second door in this hallway and up the stairs to find a balcony with another Skeleton. To your left on the balcony are broken bits of masonry leading up the side of the building to another balcony, as well as a ladder. Climb the ladder to get revenge on the sniper skeleton who has probably been shooting at you all this time. It's guarding a Great Grave Glovewort, though three more Skeletons will hop down to fight you if you get the item. Knock them down before they can get their bearings. You can use rubble to the left of the exit to return to ground level and head for the Site of Grace.

(You probably noticed a path above this section of buildings. You can't reach it yet, so don't look for a way up to it too hard.)


Dragon Temple

Activate the nearby summoning pool, then enter the doorway straight ahead. On your right, a Banished Knight on patrol will clomp up and shortly attack you. These guys are quite powerful, though they stagger relatively easily, so once you get in a good hit keep going until they go down. Otherwise try to keep your distance and only fight them one-at-a-time. Their fire breath attacks are awful. On the right side of the corridor is a Smithing Stone [6], while past the rubble on the left you'll find a Golden Rune [11].

Down the next set of stairs is another Banished Knight on patrol. Wait for him to pass then get him in the back. Straight ahead is a balcony overlooking a long hall; don't jump down into it. That's boss territory. Take a right instead and you'll find an intersection, and a Banished Knight down a hall on your left. Take him out.

The stairs ahead take you to the aforementioned boss, so ignore them and go left. The hallway leads outside, and you'll see a Banished Knight with two swords guarding an item. These guys are quite dangerous, but this one, fortunately, is standing right near a ledge. Sneak up and knock him off. The item is a Stonesword Key.

Left of the knight is a doorway. Go inside to find a hall with yet another Banished Knight. Straight ahead, on a break in the floor, is some Dragonwound Grease. If you look down the hole you can see some stairs on the right and a stationary Banished Knight on the left. Ranged attacks are great here, and if you get the right angle you can hit him hard with a plunging attack. Otherwise, just jump down and fight him normally. At the top of the stairs near the Knight is a Golden Rune [12].

The doorway on the left yet again leads to the boss room, so ignore it and walk across the thin path ahead. This leads to a burial room watched over by another Banished Knight with two swords. Sneak up and pummel him from behind before he can perform any moves. This chamber connects to the first set of stairs leading down to the boss battle, and here you'll find a summon sign. You nevertheless still do not want to fight the bosses here.

Return to the Dragon Temple Site of Grace and look over the ledge that leads back to the previous area. You jumped down onto the broken stairs below before, though there's more to explore down here. Do so again, but this time, fall off the stairs and drop down to the east. You'll land on the lowest level of the Dragon Temple. Ignore the doorway ahead and look to your left. There's a Banished Knight here, guarding a Rune Arc.

Head back to the door and enter. Ahead and on the right is a corridor with a Banished Knight on patrol. He'll walk into a room with two more Banished Knights, so you'd do well to kill him now. You'll see the next Banished Knight dead ahead, looking at a funerial bier, and the third is off to the right of him, through a doorway. Either lure the second knight to you and defeat it or sneak over and take care of the third. Just make sure you aren't trying to fight them simultaneously, as the second knight has two swords and can deal serious damage. The bier the second knight was inspecting holds the Azula Beastman Ashes.

Take a right out of here to find a Somber Smithing Stone [9], then head left from the burial area. At the end of the hallway you'll find the Dragon Temple Transept Site of Grace. This leads to the boss area as well, and provides much quicker access to the arena, as well as the summon sign you saw earlier. Are you finally ready to try your luck?


Godskin Duo

Let's be honest, this battle stinks. You're facing off against a Godskin Apostle and a Godskin Noble, and they're simultaneously trying to kill you. They also share a health bar along with their individual health bars, and if you defeat one, it will, after a time, come back to help the other. You need to completely drain their shared health before the battle ends. Some tips:

  • Get help. Seriously. This battle is extremely rough if you try to go it alone. You can, if you're over-levelled beyond belief (or just extremely skilled), but it'll take a long time and you'll be running for your life the majority of the fight. Either use the Recusant Bernahl summon outside the boss fight or use Spirit Ashes.
  • That said, don't summon too many fighters. If you bring in two summons - presumably a PC and Bernahl - the Duo gains a ton of health, and they become very difficult to defeat before everyone runs out of Flasks. One helper is good, or, if you want to avoid the extra health boost, summon Bernahl and a Spirit Ash.
  • Do your best to separate them. Both members of the Duo have attacks that can easily hit multiple targets at once, and if they trigger these attacks simultaneously they can quickly wipe you, or anyone else, out. By splitting them up, you can also dodge more effectively in general.
  • If you have the choice - this in particular goes for fighting alone - try to only let one of the pair reach their second phase at a time. If both members of the Duo manage to reach their second phase you'll be facing a much more dangerous battle overall. Prioritize killing the one with the least health if both of them are in their second phase.
  • Fight the member of the Duo you find easier to kill, and stick to them. Generally the Godskin Noble will spend the most time trying to close on you, and his bulk will often keep the Godskin Apostle from getting too close, though with careful movement you can still go after your preferred Godskin.
  • Use the pillars throughout the room to your advantage. They're a great tool for separating the Godskins - though be ready for them to be ruined if (when) the Godskin Noble starts to roll around.

You'll earn 127,500 Runes, the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing, and Ash of War: Black Flame Tornado for defeating the Godskin Duo. You'll also reveal the Dragon Temple Altar Site of Grace, which is where we'll pick up from in the dungeon.


Dragon Temple Altar

With the Godskin Duo out of the way, you can proceed into the next section of Crumbling Farum Azula. Look just north of the Site of Grace to find a summoning pool next to a flight of stairs. These lead back outside.

Whether you head left or right here, you'll ultimately have to go down, so your best bet is to drop through the floor and catch one of the two Beastmen below you off guard. Just be ready to deal with the second one as it sweeps up behind you. There's a small shortcut you can use to the left that will allow you to bypass the Beastmen entirely, though it's dangerous enough that just fighting them is recommended.

Go through the door to the left of the Beastmen. Straight ahead is a hound feasting on something near a Golden Rune [11]. Look west from here and you can snipe two more hounds, and in trying to get to you they will almost always fall to their deaths. The same can't be said of a Beastman on the other side of the windows to your right, and it will begin chucking boomerangs at you. Go through the windows to hunt and kill it. There are five Old Fangs near the Beastman's patrol route.

North of here is the path ahead. Before you go too far, however, check the ledge on your left. Behind the wall and over a gap is a Hero's Rune [5]. Leap over to grab it, then leap back. Carry on down the northern path, filled with statues of dragons.

Pretty soon a Beastman on patrol will head down this path towards you. If you want to get the jump on it - which is fair, it can do a lot of damage - you can use a precarious, fallen pillar on your right to stay out of its way until it turns around. Run straight through this corridor and out the other end to find a Smithing Stone [7] amid some rubble.

If you skirt around the wall to the left of the Smithing Stone you'll find a short, dead-end path leading to an item. There's a 'corpse' beside the item, and by 'corpse' we of course mean 'Beastman playing dead'. Try to walk past and a hidden Beastman on your left will attack. Shoot the Beastman on the ground to draw it out of its act, kill it, then sweep around the corner and kill the hidden Beastman. They're guarding five Lightning Greases.

Return to the previous corridor and you'll have two options for proceeding. Start by going up the stairs. At the top a Beastman will begin to patrol; catch it off guard before it can attack. Take a right down the first corridor and you'll find a single Beastman at the end that you can knock off a ledge. Watch out for another nearby Beastman that will attack you with boomerangs. Kill it if you can, otherwise head back down the hall to find it and another Beastman standing amongst rubble. Kill them to grab a Somber Smithing Stone [9] from the western edge of the platform, behind the base of a fallen pillar.

To the left of here is a fog door. If you have two Stonesword Keys to spare, you can open the door, revealing an elevator. It will shuttle you up to the Dragon Temple Lift Site of Grace. We'll have a quick look at the side area it reveals. If you're not interested, feel free to skip this next section.


Dragon Temple Lift

When you emerge from Dragon Temple Lift, you'll be standing across from a fountain surrounded by Beastman Skeletons. Three of them are run-of-the-mill Skeletons, while the other two are more vicious and can breathe fire. Try to draw these guys over a bit at a time or you'll be faced with a heck of a brawl. Make sure you smash their bodies after they're down so they don't come back. They're all guarding a Lord's Rune.

To the left of the fountain, down a set of stairs, is a tree guarded by another Skeleton and a hidden hound. Destroy them both and grab the two Nascent Butterflies from the tree. In the rear of this small area are rocks you can climb to get up behind the closest building where you'll find a Smithing Stone [7]. Watch out for a nearby tree full of Skeletons that will start to drop down and attack you. Behind the tree is a Golden Rune [12].

If you go down the middle street of this area, you'll see a gazebo and a golden tree ahead. The tree, of course, has a Golden Seed in front of it, and beside it is a Rune Arc. Watch out for Skeletons while grabbing these items. Look to the left of the gazebo to find a lone Skeleton watching over a Smithing Stone [6].

Look to the right of the golden tree and you'll see a series of fallen arches. On the other side of the arches is a Scarab carrying the Golden Lightning Fortification Incantation. To the right of this is an item, sitting beside a sleeping Dragon. You can pretty easily sneak over and grab the Smithing Stone [8] without waking the beast... or you can wake it up and fight. Your choice.

Walk through the arches, killing any hounds along the way. Once you reach the cliff you can go down a slope to find three Dragonwound Greases on the edge of a scary precipice, past some trees. Grab them, then head back to the golden tree.

From here you can walk along the tops of the arches to get to a fallen building, leading to a long, relatively risk-free path back along the path you came. You'll find a Golden Rune [12], a Smithing Stone [7], and an Ancient Dragon Apostle's Cookbook [4] along the way, if you check thoroughly. This last item is in a slanted, circular tower at the end, and you'll be ambushed by Skeleton Beastmen if you don't find and destroy them before collecting the Cookbook. Jump to an island near the tower to collect a Somber Smithing Stone [8], then fall onto a ledge and an island below this ledge to find a Smithing Stone [8].

(If you've been keeping up with his storyline, you'll also find Iron Fist Alexander along this path. He's a keen admirer of your prowess, and you can fight him to end off the questline. Beating Alexander will earn you the Shard of Alexander and Alexander's Innards. Gross, but sad.)

With all that collected you're done with this path. Head back to the path we started at Dragon Temple Altar.


Dragon Temple Altar, Reprised

Return to the top of the curving stairs. To the southeast, across a gap you can jump, is a pillar leading to a crumbled section of wall. Time your jump carefully or you're in for a long fall. On the other side is an item guarded by another twinblade Beastman and a hound. Try to quickly kill the hound before you engage the Beastman by shooting it on the right, before you get onto stable ground. The pair are guarding an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

This leaves one path for you. Return to the corridor with dragon statues and go down the eastern hallway. A snaking series of broken stone chunks will lead you to the next building. Check on your right for a Golden Rune [12] as you make the trip down. Behind you after grabbing the Rune you can find a Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +2 at the other end of this chunk of flooring, hidden by the debris. A Beastman on an upper level can just barely target you with lightning as you approach the door ahead, so watch out.

(You'll probably notice a building nearby when you grab the Golden Rune [12]. It looks possible to jump there from here, but it's not. You'll die. Don't bother.)

Go through the doorway and you'll wind up at an intersection. There are two Beastmen to your left protecting... nothing... and to the right you'll find stairs. Halfway up you'll run into a hound, and the spellcasting Beastman from earlier is at the top. On your right at the top is a Dappled Cured Meat guarded by another hound. To the left of the Beastman's post is a pathway back to the previous tower, so don't bother.

Back at the intersection and straight ahead you'll find a courtyard with a broken dragon statue in it, watched over by a Lesser Crucible Knight. This guy will generally notice you nearby if you try to sneak up on him, so either go with a ranged attack from the start or just try to hit him with something heavy before he turns around. This fight is quite tough, so be prepared to either skip him or retry it a few times.

If you skim along the right side of the courtyard from the entrance you'll find a break in the railing. This leads to a Site of Grace. There's also a path near the dragon statue that leads to the Site of Grace... and an item. Problem is, the second path involves a risky jump. There's a Smithing Stone [8] on the other side of the jump if you're feeling brave.


Dragon Temple Rooftop

Drop down the rooftops to the south. You'll find two hawks pecking at a Smithing Stone [6]. Try to kill them before they can cause you trouble. A summon pool sits nearby, within view of a lightning-summoning Dragon. That looks fun.

(To the side of this little area is a circular tower with a lift at the bottom, obviously meant as a shortcut back to the Site of Grace. Do not try to jump down the hole. It looks doable, but, no. You'll die. This has been tested.)

This next area is filled with hawks and lightning strikes from the Dragon, making it somewhat of a nightmare to navigate. The Dragon has very little health, however, and a few strong whacks will kill it. Your best course of action is to get to the bottom of the ladder, collect the three Arteria Leaves on your right, then rush over to the Dragon and kill it as quickly as you can. The hawks are annoying, but most will give up the chase quickly. You'll earn a nice sum of Runes and an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for your trouble.

Poke around the stone circle the Dragon inhabited for eight Fulgurblooms and a Golden Rune [12]. Here the path splits in multiple directions. Start by Looking to the south, where you'll see a lone gazebo with a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone sitting in it. Next, follow the northbound cliff around the rocks, then onto a small roof and up under some arches. Three hawks, two hiding and one in plain sight, are protecting a Smithing Stone [7] and a Golden Seed.

As you take the path back from the golden tree and the arches you'll see a series of stone islands on your left, leading down to the balcony of the building you were just standing on. Inside you'll find some stairs guarded by a Banished Knight, and back outside at the top of the stairs you'll find a Golden Rune [12] guarded by a hawk.

Climb the ladder by the hawk and you'll find a landing with two Banished Knights, one on the left, one on the right. Go for the one on the right first, as he's more dangerous and can be knocked off a ledge. Turn and deal with the other one. The left Knight is guarding a chest that contains a Dragon Towershield.

Near the knights is an elevator. Hop in and it will take you up to a rough, stony path into the Farum. Ahead you'll see fighting as a Lesser Crucible Knight dispatches several Beastmen. If you don't feel like joining the fight you can run and hop your way past the melee to find a ladder on your right. It takes you up to a small window watched over by a hawk. It also contains a corpse carrying a Boltdrake Talisman +2.

Return to the stony circle where you fought the Dragon and head west. There's a slope under a a massive archway that leads to a temple. Along the way you'll see three dead Beastmen. They're all fakers. Kill each in turn, then take out a fourth Beastman at the top of the slope. A fifth is on your right as you clear the stonework. Beyond this is a very precarious fallen tower that serves as a bridge, and a Beastman on the other side will hurl boomerangs at you as you cross. Try to kill him from a distance.

The temple at the end contains two magic-using Beastmen, one hidden and one not, and one Beastman with a twinblade. Draw the twinblade out and fight elsewhere before going after the spellcasters. Check the altar in the room for the Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing [5]. To the right is a path to an elevator, beyond which is a very welcome Site of Grace.


Dragonlord Placidusax

We aren't quite done with the temple, however. If you want an extra challenge, hop back on the lift and return to the temple entrance. Check the left side of the cliffs at the far end from the temple at you'll notice a ledge below. Look a little closer and you'll see another, not-so-far-down ledge. Drop to this second ledge, then down to the lower one.

This leads to a series of rocks that will take you to the lowest point of Crumbling Farum Azula. Set into several decorative windows are bones, with one exception: An empty patch of earth. Lie down in it and you'll be treated to a very fancy cut scene that turns back time...

... and once all is said and done, you'll be going up against Dragonlord Placidusax, an enormous, two-headed beast. Placidusax is an optional boss, and we won't cover the details here, but if you want to take on one of the hardest fights in Elden Ring, here's your chance.


Beside the Great Bridge

When you emerge from the temple's upper floor you'll be, surprise, beside a huge bridge, one that you probably saw a number of times while wandering through this area. The end of Crumbling Farum Azula is in sight...

... but first, we'll have a look at the bottom of the bridge. Head north towards the building at the end of the bridge and enter the lit doorway. Check beside the stairs inside for a Beastman waiting to ambush you, then head through the next door. You'll emerge on a balcony. Head left to find several legitimately dead Beastmen, as well as one playing dead that you can lock onto. Kill it. There's a Somber Smithing Stone [8] on the balcony.

Check the right side of the balcony. You'll see a ladder here that leads to a long walkway covered in Beastman bodies. At the far end, in a tower, is a chest. If you try to enter three Beastmen will come out of hiding to kill you. They're very efficient at destroying you in this small space. Approach the doorway at an angle and you can shoot the Beastmen from a distance, drawing them out of the tower one-at-a-time and killing them. Once all three are gone you can enter and grab the Old Lord's Talisman from the chest.

Return to the balcony. Look over the railing on the left to see a lower balcony with a live twinblade Beastman on it. Kill it from a distance or leap onto its head to take it out. It's guarding five Lightning Greatbolts. Also down here is a lift that will take you back to the area with the falcons, then deeper. Check along the lowest balcony to find a chest containing the Drake Knight Set.

That is, by and large, it for Crumbling Farum Azula, with one exception: the massive colosseum at the upper end of the Great Bridge. Warp back to the Site of Grace and head up the slope. There's a Draconic Tree Sentinel guarding the colosseum, and though you can fight it you can also run right past. At this angle and without a horse the Tree Sentinel has the advantage anyway. It's guarding a Golden Rune [12] and a Somber Smithing Stone [7], both sitting out on the bridge. If you do defeat the Tree Sentinel you'll also gain the Malformed Dragon Set.

At the end of the bridge you'll enter the colosseum. Get ready for the grand finale.


Beast Clergyman and Maliketh, the Black Blade

You've reached the final obstacle of Crumbling Farum Azula! Congratulations! Unfortunately, the grand finale is perhaps the most difficult part of this area. Coming one after the other, the Beast Clergyman and Maliketh, the Black Blade share a health bar, like the Godskin Duo before them, and the fact that they don't fight together should be cause for joy.

It isn't, though. This pair is tough, and though the battle will be short it's also likely to be quite vicious. The Beast Clergyman isn't so bad, but if you make one wrong move on Maliketh you'll be headed back to the Site of Grace for another try. Both combatants are incredibly fast, especially Maliketh, and you'll want to do as well as you can on the first phase so when Maliketh shows up you'll have a surplus of Flasks still available. Some tips for winning the fight:

  • Get the Clergyman out of the way as fast and as painlessly as you can. He's tough, but he also doesn't have a ton of moves, and most of them can be blocked by the pillars in the arena. Preserve as many Flasks as you can for Maliketh.
  • Speaking of the pillars, use them. Both phases of the fight are made much easier if you learn to dodge around the pillars and hide away from attacks. They won't block everything - especially Maliketh's long blade attacks - but they'll shield you from a hearty majority of strikes, and will give you room to breathe.
  • When fighting the Clergyman, especially as a melee fighter, circle around him constantly. He has a few area of effect attacks, but most of his strikes are quite directional, and many will miss if you keep circling.
  • When fighting Maliketh, by contrast, you'll want to keep near the pillars and away from him as a ranged fighter, and nearby - or under him - if you're a melee fighter. Melee fighters will have trouble hitting him until he stops moving, and if you stay under Maliketh most of the time he'll land right beside you and be open to attack. Many of his moves will just miss if you're under him, as well, and he'll be less likely to use his ranged slices.
  • Use a shield, if you have lots of Stamina. Shields work great against most of the Clergyman's attacks, and are decent against Maliketh. Just keep an eye on that Stamina meter, as Maliketh in particular can drain it.
  • Summons are, as usual, great in this fight. That said, if you bring in some Spirit Ash, try to get it through the first phase of the fight with as little damage as possible. No Spirit Ash will last long against Maliketh, but every little tick of health helps, and Maliketh doesn't have a ton of his own vitality to spare. One way or another, the second phase won't last very long.

You'll earn 220,000 Runes and the Remembrance of the Black Blade for defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade. You'll also watch an epic cut scene, and once it's done you'll be shot back to Leyndell for the final few battles. Elden Ring is almost done, and if you can beat Maliketh, you can probably go the final stretch as well.

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