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Guide to Gael Tunnel in "Elden Ring"

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Finding the Entrances to Gael Tunnel

Another of the Lands Between's many mines, Gael Tunnel is a straightforward little dungeon that's nevertheless a bit confusing when you first visit. Locked away from visitors on one side, Gael Tunnel must be entered in a particular fashion before its secrets are open to you. Once you're in, though, there's nothing stopping you from plundering the place of its sizable stack of Smithing Stones [4].

This guide will take you through Gael Tunnel in Elden Ring. First, though, we need to address the elephant in the room for people who have only spent time in Limgrave: How do you get in? Fortunately, the answer isn't that far away.

Learn how to get into the Gael Tunnel in "Elden Ring" in this detailed guide to weapon upgrades.

Learn how to get into the Gael Tunnel in "Elden Ring" in this detailed guide to weapon upgrades.

Gael Tunnel is found on the border between Limgrave and Caelid.

The Two Entrances

  • The first entrance is on the Limgrave side. Make your way to Summonwater Village in the northeast of the region, then follow the cliffs east. At the bottom of the first slope, you can turn back west. Look along the cliffs to find the entrance to Gael Tunnel and the Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance Site of Grace. You can meet Iron Fist Alexander here, as well, if you freed him on the way to Summonwater Village.
  • The second entrance is on the Caelid side. Ride along the northern, eastbound road into Caelid, past Smoldering Church, until you see a stone wall that appears to be on fire. Hop over the wall, and you'll find the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace nearby, overlooking some ruins. If you go south along the rocks here, you'll soon find a small encampment with some Caelid soldiers out front. Drop down behind the soldiers, and you'll have found Gael Tunnel.

It's important to note that Gael Tunnel is only truly accessible if you go through the Caelid entrance. There's a locked door in your way if you go through Limgrave.

Gael Tunnel

Gael Tunnel

Getting Inside the Tunnel

Upon entering, you'll come to two soldiers overlooking a precipice. You can sneak up and kill the one that's standing by launching him over the edge, then kill the one that's getting to his feet on your left. Watch that you don't fall off the edge while fighting. Once they're gone, look down the left side of the ledge to see more ledges below, which you can use to find the Site of Grace. Be sure to collect the Somber Smithing Stone [2] that's sitting in a small side cave on your way down.

Activate the summoning pool at the bottom, then head down the mine shaft. There's a soldier ahead on a wooden platform and some stairs beside him. A miner will start walking up the stairs after a few moments, so backstab the soldier before there are two enemies. Take out the miner next.

Go down the stairs, and straight ahead, there will be a Golden Rune [5]. The stairs on the left take you through the rest of the dungeon, so ignore them for the moment and go right. Kill the soldiers sitting nearby – one is off to the left and is easy to miss – then take on the Land Octopus straight ahead. Grab the Smithing Stone [4] off of the wall on your left, then carry on down the tunnel.

At the end is a large room filled with small Land Octopi. This should be a sign that there's a much larger, more dangerous one nearby, and it's around the corner on your left. If you rush in and do a circuit of the room, you can collect two Smithing Stones [4], a Somber Smithing Stone [4], and a Cross-Naginata from the edges of the room before the larger Land Octopus has a chance to do much.

Head back to the main mining shaft and go beneath the wooden platform you were standing on earlier. There are a number of miners toiling away here, and if you look to the left, you'll see a soldier overseeing their work. Just to the right of him, sitting against a wooden support beam is a second soldier with a bugle. If he sounds it the miners will all rise up in arms against you. Kill the bugle blower before attacking the other soldier. You can find a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot behind some boxes near the bugle player, and there are two Smithing Stones [4] on the walls.

Past the stairs and to the northwest is another soldier. Attacking him will trigger the two miners near him to stand up and go after you. You should nevertheless kill the guard, as it will take the miners a moment to rise. Dispatch or avoid the miners, then carry on down the tunnel.

Ahead is a soldier by a ladder. Backstab him over the edge, then look down. Behind the ladder and a little to the left is another soldier, just waiting for you to jump down. He'll blow a bugle and bring the nearby miner into the fight if you give him a moment. If you're careful, you can leap down and smack him before he knows what's coming. There's another Smithing Stone [4] on the wall down here, and five Large Glintstone Scraps and five Grace Mimics on the two corpses.

Follow the tunnel at the bottom of the ladder, and you'll come to two doors, as well as a Smithing Stone [4]. Open the smaller door directly in front of you first, and you'll find the Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance Site of Grace, along with one last piece of Smithing Stone [4]. This is also where you'll find Alexander, assuming you're at the right point in his questline.

All that leaves is the double doors. Be ready; these lead to a nasty, fiery fight.

Magma Wyrm

Magma Wyrm

Magma Wyrm

Didn't expect a dragon down here, eh? Admittedly a little closer to a normal lizard in appearance, the Magma Wyrm is a vicious, hot-tempered opponent, and you don't have a ton of room to maneuver down here. Spewing lava and trying to hit you with a huge sword, the Magma Wyrm will turn its arena into a world of flame if you give it too much time to breathe.

Fighting Tips

  • If you're fighting the Magma Wyrm as a melee build, you want to get right into its face and smack it until it falls down, assuming it's not moving around. The Magma Wyrm staggers without too much trouble, and its attacks are slow enough that you should have time to get in quite a few good wallops. Stab it or smash it in the face once it is staggered.
  • If, by contrast, you fight at a range, then stay at a range, aiming at its hide. The Magma Wyrm will try to follow you around, but there's enough space - not a ton, but enough - to keep on its side and avoid most of its attacks. If it starts to rush at you, disengage your target lock and run to the side with the most clearance. Resume fire once the Magma Wyrm is facing away from you again.
  • Regardless of your build, try to aim for the head. You'll do more damage and build stagger more quickly.
  • Stay out of the lava. At all costs, stay out of the lava. Do your best to back away from the Magma Wyrm whenever it starts to spread the stuff around. If anything is going to kill you in this fight, it's the lava.
  • Because the Magma Wyrm is so large, it can be difficult to see what it's doing when you're right up against it. Watch for subtle body movements if this is the case to tell what it's about to do. In particular, you want to note if the Magma Wyrm goes rigid for a moment, as this probably means it's about to perform a wide-ranging, sword-swinging attack that's difficult to avoid. Get ready to roll the second the Magma Wyrm starts to move again.
  • Call in help. The Magma Wyrm is a tough opponent to tackle alone at lower levels, and a strong summon that hits at a range can help you even the odds a little. Try not to use anything that will wander around a lot, as summons are bad about stumbling into lava and dying.

You'll earn 7,500 Runes, a Dragon Heart, and the Moonveil for defeating the Magma Wyrm. You'll also bring your time in Gael Tunnel to a close. That wasn't so bad.