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Guide to Greirat of the Undead Settlement's Storyline in "Dark Souls III"

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The first NPC you're likely to shuttle back to Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls III, Greirat of the Undead Settlement is a friendly little guy who deserves better than he gets. Hailing from the Undead Settlement, Greirat will happily provide merchant services that rival the Shrine Handmaid's for the first half of the game - though unlike the Handmaid, you need to do some searching to find Greirat.

This guide will help you recruit Greirat for Firelink, as well as proceed through his little storyline. Greirat's tale is far from the most consequential in Dark Souls III, but it's still one worth seeing.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Step 1 - Recruiting Greirat

You need to find Greirat before you can embark on his story. He's locked up in a cell somewhere on the High Wall of Lothric, the game's first area (besides the introductory section), and you'll need a key to get him loose.

We'll start with the key. Proceed through the area until you reach a rooftop with a tree, surrounded by praying Hollows. If you see one turn into a Pus of Man, you'll know you're in the right spot. Ignore or kill the Hollows, then drop off the roof to your right. The path onward is around the next building straight ahead, where an archer is trying to shoot you.

Ignore this path and turn around. You can enter the building you were climbing on. Past a Lothric Knight ahead you'll find a large room with several wooden walkways along its outer edges. Carefully battle your way to the bottom, and use Firebombs or Pyromancies on the explosive barrels on the ground floor to wipe out most of the Hollows. Once you've gotten rid of everyone, have a look down a set of dead-end stairs on the opposite side of the room from the exit balcony. There's a Starved Hound at the bottom, guarding a Cell Key. Kill the Hound and grab the Key.

Now for Greirat. Make your way back to the Tower on the Wall bonfire and descend to the darkened floor with the two knife-wielding Hollows. There's a ladder here (as well as a hole) that takes you down into the basement. Follow this path through the basement, killing Hollows as you go, and you'll soon find stairs leading to a lonely tower. Inside is Greirat's cell.

Unlock the door and speak to the thief. He'll thank you and ask you to give a Blue Tearstone Ring to a woman named Loretta, living in the Undead Settlement. Agree and Greirat will jump to Firelink Shrine.

Step 2 - Find Loretta's Bone

Continue through the game until you reach the Undead Settlement. The Undead Settlement bonfire is located near the area's front gate. From here, make your way into the first building, kill the two Hollows out front, and go down one floor. (Smashing through the heap of debris on your right as you enter is a safer path.) On this lower floor is a balcony, and you'll see a body with an item strung up from a rafter. Smack the body down, then either jump down after it or continue through the building until you're outside. The body carries Loretta's Bone.

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Return to Firelink and give Loretta's Bone to Greirat. He'll thank you for your efforts, and when you leave and return he'll be despondent. Check him to earn the Curl Up gesture. Sad times. Leave and return again and Greirat will be back to normal.

Step 3 - Greirat's First Excursion

The next time you speak to Greirat he will propose going on an item-hunting expedition, saying that he can expand his wares if given a chance to look around the world. Agree and, the next time you return to Firelink Shrine, Greirat will be gone. He will return after your next successful boss battle, none the worse for wear, and he'll have new items for you to buy.

Greirat's first trip out is a piece of cake. His next... not so much.


Step 4 - Greirat's Second Excursion

Greirat will remain in Firelink upon his return until you open the way to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Speak to Greirat again once you've made it to Irithyll and he'll express interest in checking it out. Agree and, as before, he'll leave Firelink. Unlike his original trip, however, the journey to Irithyll will prove lethal to Greirat unless you complete one of the following tasks:

  • First, you get Siegward of Catarina to Irithyll at the same time as Greirat's expedition. To do this you'll need to meet Siegward in the Undead Settlement, defeat the Fire Demon with him, meet him in the well at the Cathedral of the Deep, retrieve his armor from Unbreakable Patches (through purchase or murder, up to you), and return the armor to him. Siegward will head to Irithyll next and Greirat will survive his expedition. You cannot beat Pontiff Sulyvahn before sending Greirat out, or Siegward will leave Irithyll and Greirat will die.
  • Or, second, you get Patches to save Greirat. This requires getting Patches to Firelink. Assuming you're already past the Cathedral of the Deep and did not get Siegward's armor from Patches, you can meet him at Firelink Shrine by purchasing the Tower Key from the Shrine Handmaid, going up the tower on the upper-right side of Firelink, and getting trapped in the Shrine's tallest tower by Patches. Whether you survive the trip back down the tower or not Patches will become a merchant in Firelink. Speak to him about Greirat and he'll save the thief. Again, do not defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn before doing all this.

If you're successful Greirat will return from Irithyll with an even larger store of goods for sale. If you fail you'll find Greirat's corpse in the sewers just before the small kitchen where Siegward briefly takes up residence. You can retrieve Greirat's Ashes from the body and give them to the Shrine Handmaid to access the items he found.


Step 5 - Greirat's Third Excursion

Greirat's final trip out into the world does not end happily. Once you've gained access to Lothric Castle by defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, speak to Greirat again. This time he will ask to plunder Lothric Castle. Doing so will send Greirat off, but regardless of how many bosses you defeat afterward he'll never return.

Head to Lothric Castle and proceed through the Grand Archives until you wind up on the roofs. As you're wandering along the edges of the roofs you'll see a balcony with a few praying Corvians. Jump down here and you'll find Greirat's body nearby. You can collect his Ashes and take them back to the Handmaid to access his goods from before, as well as a few extras he must have pilfered from Lothric Castle before his demise.

There is no way to save Greirat from this fate, and thus the only way to end his questline is to see him killed. If you'd rather Greirat survive Dark Souls III then refuse when he offers to go to Lothric Castle. He'll be annoyed, but at least he'll be alive.

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