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Guide to Irina and Edgar's Questline in "Elden Ring"

A father and daughter whose lives are not going well, Irina and Edgar are minor NPCs in Elden Ring who implore you to help them. Found far to the south on the Weeping Peninsula, this duo is in the process of losing their home to a band of horrible monsters. You can help them out of their troubles... to an extent.

This guide will lead you through Irina and Edgar's questline in Elder Ring. As with most things in the Souls world, it doesn't end happily.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Step 1 - Find Irina

To trigger this quest you must first find Irina, and that means finding the Weeping Peninsula itself. Head south out of Limgrave and you'll find a path to a bridge guarded by soldiers. Cross the bridge and you'll find the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace on the other side, just off the road. You'll also find Irina, sitting on the side of the road, near the entrance to a rocky valley.

Speak to Irina and she'll tell you that Morne Castle, her former home, is under siege by monsters. She'll ask you to deliver Irina's Letter to her father, who continues to defend the castle. Agree and she'll hand the letter over.


Step 2 - Find Edgar

True to Irina's word, Edgar is still at Castle Morne. If you continue straight down the road from the Bridge of Sacrifice, through the valley, past the broken castle walls, and past the giant that's trying to shoot you with a massive bow, you'll arrive at Castle Morne's front door. Go up the elevator.

There are two ways through Castle Morne. You can either go up the heap of junk on the right side of the main courtyard, getting into fights as you go, or you can sneak through the courtyard and check down the alleyway on the right side of the far rear wall. Both will lead you on paths to the rearmost wall of the castle, where you'll find several Misbegotten - two on foot, two flying - waiting. Kill them all off.

Normally you would hop down the wall to the rear of the castle. Instead, jump off the wall to the next section of wall, facing north, where you'll see soldiers fighting several Misbegotten. Kill the whole lot, then head to the end of the wall and climb up to the far tower. Edgar is sitting up here, and he's in despair. He can't leave until Castle Morne's sacred blade has been retrieved from the Misbegotten, and he'll tell you to say as much to Irina. He'll give you a Sacrificial Twig before you leave.


Step 3 - Kill Leonine Misbegotten

Once you've spoken to Edgar, proceed through the rest of Castle Morne. You'll need to jump your way down the rear walls of the castle until you reach the beach. Down here is a small island with a fog gate in front. You'll be fighting Leonine Misbegotten, a greatsword-swinging beast that's extremely aggressive. You can fight it on your own, though if you're still at the beginning of your Elden Ring adventure summoning help is a good idea.

When defeated Leonine Misbegotten drops the Grafted Blade Greatsword. You need this for the quest.


Step 4 - Bad News

Jump back to the Bridge of Sacrifice after getting the greatsword. Irina is right where you left her... only someone, or something, has killed her. Not so good. Make absolutely sure to Examine her body before you leave.

Return to Castle Morne and speak to Edgar again. He's happy that you've found the sword, and he says that he'll head off to find Irina. (Apparently you don't bother to tell him she's dead...?) You're finally done with Castle Morne after you've exhausted his dialogue.

Return to the Bridge of Sacrifice one last time. You'll find Edgar bowed over Irina, grieving her loss. He'll vow revenge on the creatures who did this to her.


Step 5 - Edgar the Revenger

The remainder of this quest takes you far from the Weeping Peninsula and over to Liurnia of the Lakes. Travel northwest through the waters until you're just north of the Minor Erdtree. You'll find that the bluffs dip, allowing you to get out of the water and walk up onto the western cliffs.

Head south along the road. After a bit of travel towards the Minor Erdtree the path will take you into a combination of forest and rocks. Weave through them and you'll find the Revenger's Shack hidden away here, as well as a Site of Grace of the same name. Check the Site of Grace really quickly...

... because, assuming you've completed Irina and Edgar's quest, Edgar the Revenger will appear as an invader, right beside the shack. He'll immediately attack, and you'll need to defeat him. Edgar is a powerful opponent if you give him a chance to wind up his halberd, though a series of smaller attacks can keep him staggered. He'll occasionally use Incantations, so watch out for surprise magic.

You'll earn a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, a Shabriri Grape (which is important for another quest), a Banished Knight's Halberd +8, and a Raw Meat Dumpling for defeating Edgar the Revenger. The Halberd on its own makes this quest worth the effort. This will also bring the whole questline to a close. Not the happiest ending, but at least you got some nice gear out of it.