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Guide to Iron Fist Alexander's Questline in "Elden Ring"

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Iron Fist Alexander is one of the stranger (yet more jovial) beings you'll meet in Elden Ring. A giant, sentient jar, Alexander yearns to be one of the greatest warriors in the land, and he travels around trying to make his dream a reality. You can help Alexander become a great warrior (or show him up, at least) though you'll spend the entire game catching up to him.

This guide will take you through Iron Fist Alexander's questline. It spans almost the entirety of Elden Ring, and by the end, you'll have made quite the friend.

Let's free Alexander.

Let's free Alexander.

Step 1: Free Alexander

Your first meeting with Alexander is a bit embarrassing for him. Travel east along the northernmost road in Limgrave - it sprouts off from the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace, on the path to Stormveil Castle - and, once you get past a military encampment, you'll hear someone calling for help. Get up onto the bluffs and you'll find Alexander, wedged into the ground and helpless. Aid the poor fellow by hitting him in the rear a few times. He'll pop out and thank you.

You'll receive an Exalted Flesh for releasing Alexander, and you'll learn the Triumphant Delight Gesture. Keep talking and he'll tell you that his next destination is Redmane Castle, in Caelid.

Step 2: Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance

You'll next find Alexander hanging out in the Gael Tunnel, on the border between Limgrave and Caelid. The alternate entrance to Gael Tunnel is on the Limgrave side, a ways east of Summonwater Village, and set into a cliff. Alexander is inside, and a locked door has stymied his progress.

If you enter Gael Tunnel from the Caelid side (by going into Caelid and then traveling along the border until you find the mine entrance), Alexander will probably still be there, and he'll thank you for your help in reaching Caelid. If he's already left, well, don't worry. The questline continues.

Step 3: Redmane Castle

Your third meeting with Alexander is in Redmane Castle. You'll find it on an island in the far south of Caelid, easily discovered if you follow the road. If you come here before getting another Great Rune the bridge to Redmane Castle will be bombarded by catapults and you won't get inside, but once you have a Great Rune the castle grounds will be deserted.

Use the teleporter on the east side of the bridge to jump into the castle. You'll find a courtyard inside with a number of combatants, Alexander included, all preparing to battle in a 'festival'. This is a boss fight against Starscourge Radahn, another of your Demi-God targets, and you can summon Alexander (among many other fighters) to help you during the battle.

Once the fight is over you'll find Alexander scooping up the remains of warriors on the hill where Radahn started the battle. He'll bewail his poor performance during the fight and vow to get stronger.

Step 4: Free Alexander... Again

Once the festival at Redmane Castle is over you'll find Alexander just south of the Carian Study Hall. It's located in the east of Liurnia of the Lakes, along the road to the south of the Artist's Shack Site of Grace. If you've run into a Tibia Mariner then you're very close to Alexander.

Alexander has gotten himself wedged into yet another hole, and will ask you to free him. Smacking his backside doesn't work this time, however, and he requests you hit him with something slippery instead. What he wants is an Oil Pot. Oil Pots can be crafted if you have the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [17], purchased from a Nomadic Merchant on the Siofra River. You can access the Siofra River via the Siofra River Well, at the base of the Minor Erdtree in Limgrave's Mistwood. The merchant is in a secret nook at the top of some wooden scaffolding, west of the Worshippers' Woods Site of Grace. You'll also need Melted Mushrooms, which are found in abundance along the Siofra River.

Craft an Oil Pot, return to Alexander, and chuck it at him. Give him a few smacks after he's thoroughly coated in oil and he'll pop out of the hole. He'll give you three Exalted Fleshes as thanks. Keep talking and he'll tell you that he's headed north, to a fiery mountain. There's only one place that could be.

Mt. Gelmir

Mt. Gelmir

Step 5: Mt. Gelmir

Alexander's next stop is the fiery slopes of Mt. Gelmir. To find him you'll need to travel west from the Altus Plateau to reach the volcano. The quickest way is to go up the slope from the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace - the spot you come out at if you climbed the Ruin-Strewn Precipice - and past the dragon battle. You'll find the Erdtree-Gazing Hill at the top. Go up the rocky hill with the statue on the top to the north. Beyond it are the Wyndham Ruins, and just west of here is the valley that leads to Alexander.

Follow the valley path to Fort Laeidd, a small castle occupied by Fire Monks. Out back of the fort is a blasted field that terminates in a vast lava pool. When you approach the pool you'll be challenged to a battle by a massive Magma Wyrm. Target its head for quick staggers and stay away from the lava. If you fought Magma Wyrm Makar (and there's a good chance you did, if you know where the Ruin-Strewn Precipice is) you'll know how to handle this battle.

Once you've defeated the Magma Wyrm, head right around its massive lava pool. You'll start to hear a distant voice, and as you wander along the edges of the lava you'll see Alexander way at the back. He looks inaccessible, but there are small juts of red rock among the lava that you can jump to reach him. You'll be able to talk to him once you reach the last rock.

Alexander is happy to see you, and he'll give you a Jar for coming to such a perilous place. He'll then quote a saying which serves as his next destination, which, in all likelihood, you won't be getting to for quite a while.

Step 6: Mountaintops of the Giants

Your next meeting with Alexander isn't so much a conversation as an offer of aid. Assuming you've gotten him this far along, Alexander's summon sign will appear shortly after you enter the battle arena of the Fire Giant. In order for it to show up you need to enter through the northern (left) entrance. A few seconds after the fight begins the sign will appear.

Alexander does not inflict much damage on the Fire Giant, though he does provide a) A much-needed distraction, and b) Progress towards staggering the Fire Giant. Both are useful, so long as you don't mind the boost to the Fire Giant's health.

Farum Azula

Farum Azula

Step 7: Crumbling Farum Azula

Your final meeting with Alexander is in Crumbling Farum Azula, the last dungeon in Elden Ring. You'll find Alexander beyond the fog door that leads to the Dragon Temple Lift, not long after you face the Godskin Duo. You'll need two Stonesword Keys to enter the fog door.

Once you're in, head straight down the main road towards the golden tree, then take a right. There's a series of arches you can cross to reach a fallen building. Cross the building to find Alexander on a rooftop, looking down at the rest of the Farum.

Impressed with your might, Alexander will challenge you to a duel. Agree and you'll fight. He is, unfortunately, pretty easy to beat. Once Alexander goes down, speak to him again and you'll watch his final, glorious death throes. You'll receive the Shard of Alexander and Alexander's Innards for completing the quest, which now, sadly, draws to a close.