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Guide to Leyndell, Royal Capital in "Elden Ring"

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All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

The fulcrum around which all life in the Lands Between seems to pivot, Leyndell, Royal Capital is a must-visit dungeon if you're to make your way through Elden Ring. A massive city filled with danger, Leyndell is a major stepping stone for any player... assuming you aren't forever lost in Leyndell's labyrinthine streets.

This guide will help you make the trip through Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring. As the dungeon is so large, this guide will attempt to follow a logical progression through the city, but... no promises.

Reaching Leyndell

Likely to be the third major dungeon you visit in Elden Ring, Leyndell requires a bit of trekking to reach. You'll see its walls in the distance as soon as you reach the Altus Plateau, though there are two prerequisites for entering:

  • You must possess at least two Great Runes. Even if you breach the entrance you won't be allowed inside otherwise. Godrick and Rennala are the easiest, quickest bosses to aim for if this is the case.
  • You need to either defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel on the northern end of the Capital Outskirts or use the teleporter in Deeproot Depths, accessible via a trip through Nokron, Eternal City and the Siofra River Aqueduct. Given that you must defeat both Starscourge Radahn and the Valiant Gargoyles to use the second path, trying to beat the Draconic Tree Sentinel is by far the easier option.

Once inside the gate, you'll have the city all to yourself, though the trip through can take almost as long as the trip to get here. We'll start from the Capital Rampart Site of Grace.


Capital Rampart

Go up the elevator from the Site of Grace. You'll rise into a series of storage rooms and halls. Check on your right for three Magic Greases, and on your left for a Furlcalling Finger Remedy as you enter a small prayer hall.

The rest of the path takes you outside briefly, then back indoors to find the next Site of Grace. Along the wall you'll see a few commoners sitting around, doing very little. These guys are harmless, but in the city they will rise up after you walk by and stab you in the back. It may seem brutal, but get into the habit of killing the commoners whenever you see them. They're still obstacles.


East Capital Rampart

When you touch this Site of Grace you'll automatically enter into a conversation with Melina, and she will depart for a time, removing the ability to converse with her. She'll come back eventually, don't worry.

Activate the summoning pool in this room, then head outside to get your first good look at the city. In the distance you'll see a dragon carcass leaning up against the wall, and if you want to make a quick beeline through Leyndell you'll want to head for the dragon. You can climb onto its lower wing and use it to get into Leyndell's walls, beyond which is the path to the bosses of the city. If you want to thoroughly check out Leyndell, however, you won't be seeing the dragon much for quite a while.

The door on your right is locked, so take a left. Ahead along the wall are a number of Oracle Envoys, floaty creatures with horns that blow bubbles at you. As far as foes go they're pretty tame. Fight your wall down the wall to the south and you'll see a large Envoy blowing a different kind of horn. Kill it for the Envoy's Long Horn. To the left of this creature is a Golden Rune [10].

Further down the wall is an immobile creature, the remains of a Gargoyle, that will blow fiery dust at you. Rush it and quickly kill it to find a Golden Rune [7] at its feet. Before you go through the door behind it, however, double back and go up the stairs again. On your right is a small, semi-hidden pathway leading into a room. Entering through here will allow you to get the drop on a Page, standing behind the table on the right, who is waiting for people to come through the main entrance. A desk near the Page is manned by a corpse carrying a Smithing Stone [4].

Ahead is a path into the building the Gargoyle was guarding. If you take the door behind the now-dead Gargoyle you'll come to the same spot, though you'll get the drop on another Page. Either way, you'll come to an elevator. This is the path forward...

... though if you like you can drop onto the rooftops below from the previous walkway. The roofs are guarded by little imps that will spring to life if you pass them, including one right behind you as you drop down onto the roofs. Shoot them from afar to avoid ambushes. If you follow the line of rooftops you can find a Golden Rune [9], a Stonesword Key and a Golden Rune [12] in that order. You'll also have innumerable options for dropping down into the streets and exploring. This guide, however, will jump back to the Site of Grace for now, and continue down the elevator.

The elevator takes you to the base of a building with several slumped commoners out front, and again, you can use this small bridge to jump onto the roofs to your left and skip ahead. We'll continue into the building. The next room has a Depraved Perfumer in it, standing near a commoner. Rush the Perfumer before it can spread too much of its fiery powder. On the left side of the room are Preserving Boluses.

Go up the ladder in this room. Start by going up the opulent wooden stairs to the top of the building, where you'll find a Seedbed Curse, an item for an NPC. Next, go back down to the second floor. There's a balcony here that yet again leads onto the rooftops, though you won't find anything exciting on them. If you take a left you'll find a small clearing with two Perfumers and two commoners. Quickly dispatch the Perfumers before they notice you. A walkway beyond terminates at an Upper-Class Robe, though watch out for a hidden Page on your left. This is likely the first area where the commoners will start to attack you if you don't kill them first.

Drop down from the balcony to the first floor. Kill the two commoners, then proceed through the building and onto the ground floor, down some more stairs. The path splits in three ways here. Take a left to start and walk west. You'll find a small garden with a Page playing a flute. Lovely music, but... die. The Page is serenading a Smithing Stone [6].

Back inside the building you'll see a door on your left and another ahead, the latter clogged with boxes and barrels. Through the clogged door you'll find ten Miranda Powders, and you'll be standing behind a knight. These guys can charge their weapons with lightning, and are quite deadly if not quickly dispatched. Find a quiet way to kill the commoner behind the knight, then backstab and kill the knight.

If you take the other door you'll find a Page playing a flute and two Perfumers. This melee can get confusing, so kill the Page as quickly as you can before engaging the Perfumers. You can also try to lure the Page out of the room and fight before taking on the Perfumers. There's a Golden Rune [10] and five Warming Stones in this room.

Regardless of the route you take you'll finally be down in the streets. Head east to start, around the side of the building. There's a knight ahead, and if you try to backstab him the hidden soldier on the right will catch you. You don't need to fight these guys, though there are a bunch of Miquella's Lillies to harvest here if you want.

Head back west. Once the street widens and you start seeing piles of sand, take a left. There are eight Fan Daggers ahead, as well as a soldier who will try to ambush you if you grab them. Back on the street there's a knight sitting on the ground nearby. Try to ambush him before he can get up.

This path leads to a long avenue that runs from one end of Leyndell to the other. Check behind the funerial cart to your right to start for a Golden Rune [9]. Leyndell expands tremendously from this point on, and you'll need to pick a direction. For the sake of this guide, we'll start with the north side of the city.


Head northeast down the avenue. If you take a right through the first small gate you find and look through the grass and trees ahead you'll find a small back alley with a knight and a soldier. There's a second soldier here, and if you attack the two troopers in the open the third will call in a ton of reinforcements. Go around the other side of this building to get the drop on the horn blower. They're all guarding an Arteria Leaf and an Imp Head (Corpse) if you explore the alleys thoroughly.

Return to the main avenue and check the end of the street, heading east. There's a huge door ahead, and though it looks like just another part of the scenery you can open the door to reveal a path leading out of Leyndell. You can't go very far in this direction until you've completed the dungeon, so we'll ignore it for now, and come back this way once we've finished up a few things. (Many things.)

On the north side of the street is a courtyard with two open, adjacent buildings. Check the church on the right to start. Inside is a Crucible Knight with a huge, horned spear. The knight has his back to you, and you can easily sneak into the hallway on the left without alerting him. Beyond is an elevator that will take you up to the locked door from earlier, back to the Site of Grace. The knight is guarding a Hero's Rune [5], a hefty amount of Runes for you, and there's a Golden Rune [9] sitting beside the shortcut.


East Capital Rampart (Lower City)

Across the courtyard from the church is a small room with another elevator. Using it will take you to the 'lower' part of Leyndell, where things look smaller, more cramped, and not as opulent. If you hop onto the rooftops on your right and follow them southwest you'll find a Black Bow on a rooftop, and if you go as far as you can in this direction you'll find a Golden Rune [12] wedged up against a tree.

Head down the stairs from the elevator. As you walk you'll disturb the rest of zombie-like creatures that will follow you around and try to grab you. They're not a big deal so long as you don't let them get too huggy. There's a Golden Rune [9] ahead and on your right, and if you check the houses on the left side of the street you'll find a Gravel Stone.

Enter the small graveyard on your left. There's a Smithing Stone [4] right ahead, and going for it will bring a skeleton down on you. Be sure to smack its remains once it's down or the skeleton will return to life after a few moments. Two more skeletons and a zombie at the end of the graveyard protect a Stonesword Key.

At the end of the street is a lit building, and if you enter you'll immediately come under attack by soldiers, most of whom are on an upper level, hurling Lightning Pots at you. Quickly kill the soldier on the ground, then rush the soldiers further up before they can harass you too much. A corpse up by the soldiers carries Clarifying Boluses, and a cell on the lower floor contains another Stonesword Key.

If you go up the ladder in this room you'll find a path to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. This is a handy spot for exploring many areas throughout Leyndell. This path also takes you back to the upper half of the city, though we want to stick with the lower half for the moment.

Return to the lower quarter with the zombies. If you check the north end you'll find a large open area that's strewn with rubble. It's suspiciously empty, and rightfully so, as an Ulcerated Tree Spirit will rear up and attack if you enter the clearing. Stick relatively close and hack at its hide as best you can. You'll earn a Golden Seed for defeating the Tree Spirit, and you can find fifteen Golden Arrows and a Smithing Stone [6] in the battle arena.

Running alongside this area is a sewer system. There's a small, torchlit room at one end of the sewers, inside which you'll find a Cracked Pot. Also here is a knight, partially hidden on the right side of the room, whom you can ambush and kill if you're quick and quiet. Through the next door you'll enter the sewers...

... but first, go up the ladder ahead and on your left. This leads to a small church containing the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace. Also here is an Omenkiller, a former boss whom you should be able to kill without too much trouble. The Omenkiller drops the Omensmirk Mask. Check to the left of the church for a Smithing Stone [5], then inside the church for the Lionel Set, the Deathbed Dress, and a summoning pool.


Lower Capital Church

Into the sewers. Go back down the ladder, then down the stairs. A Spider Hand will drop down on your left, so be sure to kill it, and to watch out for more ahead. Take a right here to find a small room with two rats, a Hefty Beef Bone, and a Golden Rune [8]. Follow the culvert northeast and you'll find a dead end with a Guilty Hood.

Head back southwest, past the church. You'll hit a split in the path with enemies on both sides. Take a left, kill the rats, and walk down the next sewer tunnel. You'll see several Spider Hands ahead, clinging to the walls. Shoot down and kill the Spider Hands, then grab the eight Poisonbone Darts at the end of the tunnel. Turn back, then take a right down a side tunnel. This leads to a dead end with a Giant Spider Hand guarding the Lost Ashes of War. Be ready to kill another normal Spider Hand on your way back to the main tunnel.

There's a rat and a Spider Hand along the northwest tunnel. Kill them both to get the four Strings from the nearby corpse. A second Spider Hand will drop down if you continue straight down the passage. Here the tunnel splits, and if you take a right you'll run into a dead end with some Nascent Butterflies - as well as spawn some creepy-crawly enemies that will try to hug you and eat you. Probably not worth it.

At the end of the tunnel you'll find another malformed Gargoyle, facing away from you. Kill it to access a chamber with five Fan Daggers, a Holyproof Dried Liver, and an Erdsteel Dagger. You'll also find a ladder that will take you back to street level. You'll be beside a gate with Dragonwound Grease on it...

... and right beside you is the massive wing of the dragon. If you want you can climb up the wing and find your way to a Site of Grace, which in turn leads to the bosses of this area. We will skip it for now, but keep this spot in mind. It's easy to forget where to go in this city, and if you just want out, this wing is the place.

Down the street from the bottom of the wing are two knights facing away from you. If you follow the railings on the left side you can kill one knight from behind. There's a Golden Rune [9] on the railing. Continue killing knights and commoners as you head southeast and you'll find a path back to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. We'll head this way in a moment.

Look under the dragon's wing. There's a pathway here that leads to a set of ruins in the southwest. Look near the lit end of the ruins for a Somber Smithing Stone [6], then climb up the sandy hill on your left. Over several ruined rooftops you'll see the sewers below, and hanging over them is a Smithing Stone [5]. In a small clearing nearby is a Scarab carrying Ash of War: Thunderbolt, though if you go for the kill a mob of those crawling things from before will descend on you. These monsters are awful, and you can flee into the sewers to make an escape if they prove to be too much.

Ahead and to the left of the Scarab you'll see an Albinauric Bloodclot. On the other side of the building is a tunnel that leads back to the battle site with the Ulcerated Tree Spirit from earlier. Another of those creeps is here, guarding a Pickled Turtle Neck. Grab both, then check the well beside the Bloodclot to find a ladder back into the sewers.

At the bottom of the ladder is a Rune Arc. There's also a door you can push open. This leads to a deeper, darker section of the sewers. Use magic or a Lantern to light your way, then head down the first set of stairs you find. You'll start to hear and see rats ahead, and if you look beside the stairs and behind you you'll see a small room with two of the things, just waiting to ambush you. Kill them both.

Forge ahead, killing rats and grabbing the six Poisonbone Darts on your left. There's a door ahead that leads to the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, a sub-region of Leyndell that's big and dangerous enough to warrant its own guide. Feel free to explore, but we will turn back for now and go topside, returning to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace.


Avenue Balcony

Return to street level from the Site of Grace. You'll be back on the long avenue that splits Leyndell in half. If you go left from here and head back towards the northeast end of Leyndell you'll come under attack by an Erdtree Avatar, a hefty beast with an even heftier staff. This is the same as the many Erdtree Avatars that live near the Minor Erdtrees elsewhere in the game, though the narrow street makes avoiding its flurry of magical bolts rather difficult. You'll receive a Lord's Rune for defeating the Erdtree Avatar, which awards you a kingly amount of Runes when cashed in.

Hop up on the carriage on your right to find a Holy Grease, check the body across the street for three Gold Fireflies, and go down the small alleyway across from the Fireflies to find a pack of three hounds guarding three Old Fangs. Head back to the street and take a left, to the southwest. The Site of Grace is on your right if you need healing after fighting the Erdtree Avatar.

If you follow the avenue to the end you'll find a huge gate guarded by soldiers and knights. You'll also find a side path leading to an upper level of Leyndell. Rather than taking the side path, however, look across the street from the door leading to the Site of Grace to find some stairs leading to the same area. It's a bit easier to go this way. At the top of the stairs and on your right is a stone gazebo with several soldiers and a Perfumer around it. Quickly dispatch the Perfurmer, then deal with the guards. In the gazebo is a Smithing Stone [4].

The path splits ahead, around a building. Go up the stairs on the left to start to find a street. Rush across the street and kill the two soldiers on the other side, then check down the alley near their bodies for a Golden Rune [8].

Go back to the street and turn southeast. There are three soldiers on the stairs ahead, two of them not looking your way. Take them out and go down the stairs. At the end of the street you'll find another messed-up Gargoyle atop a heap of sand. Wait for it to stop spewing fire powder, then run up beside it and whack it to death. You'll find a Somber Smithing Stone [5], a Golden Rune [8], and a Golden Rune [11] sitting in front of it.

Turn back and head west down the street. There are a ton of soldiers and knights ahead, and if you're spotted the knights will start launching some very painful lightning arrows at you. You can get behind the building to your left to avoid them - and find a lazy soldier sitting beside ten Lordsworn's Bolts - or to fight them with a bit more of a buffer.

There's a bridge ahead with two Gravel Stones on one side and a Golden Rune [13] on the other. Past them is a gazebo with one soldier out front and two hidden inside, as well as another looking through a break in a railing. Kill the first gazebo soldier to draw out the other two, then take out the last guy by the railing. Behind the gazebo are eight Tarnished Golden Sunflowers.

If you continue south past here you'll find a fountain. Near the fountain is a Perfumer, no big deal, and a giant hound with a blade, a much bigger deal. If you can, quickly dispatch the Perfumer before trying to take on the dog. Barring that, run further down the path to get the Perfurmer out of the way, then whittle down the dog's health as quick as you can. It's extremely fast, but can be handled if you throw up a shield to block most of its attacks. This path is a dead end, but will lead you to a Golden Rune [10] and a Hero's Rune [2].

Return to the gazebo and broken railing from earlier. You can leap from the upper level and down onto a larger gazebo below, so long as you time your jump correctly. On top of it is a Stonesword Key. This will also allow you to get the drop on the Perfumer beside the gazebo, as well as a knight that's sitting in a flower bed on the other side of the gazebo.

Across from this gazebo is a torchlit tunnel leading to a ladder. Go down the ladder and you'll be back in the sewers. Run to the end of the sewers and you'll emerge in a small bell tower that's right beside the church that houses the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace. Kick the ladder down to create a shortcut, then backtrack through the sewers.

To the northwest is a path that leads back to the main avenue, and the gate you skipped earlier. Just as the path widens there will be a horn blower on your left. Kill him before he can summon reinforcements. To the left of here are stairs leading back to the upper level, and you can find a Golden Rune [8] in the bushes besides the stairs.

At this point the only thing left is the gate in the west. Approach it and draw the first two soldiers down, away from the knight at the top of the stairs. Once they're dead you can more easily deal with the knight. Check the stairs for a Golden Rune [8], a Golden Rune [12], and a Lightningproof Dried Liver. The gate remains closed, however.

Dragon time. Go back down the street, use the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, go back to the lower sections of the city, kill the soldiers and knights in your path, and run up to the bottom of the dragon's wing. If you climb the wing to the point where it meets the wall you'll find that you can jump into the wall. Watch out for gaps in the wing along the way, and be warned that enemies can - and sometimes will - follow you up the wing.

Jump down into the wall to find a Rune Arc, as well as a ladder. Climb the ladder and the stairs beyond to emerge on top of the wall, beside a knight and five Gravel Stones. Kill the knight - knocking him off the wall is satisfying - and carry on into the next room, rolling at the top of the stairs to avoid the soldier who tries to shank you from the left. There's a Golden Rune [11] in here, and at the far end you'll find the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.


West Capital Rampart

South and outside the chamber you'll find a summoning pool, a pathway forward, and stairs leading into the wall. Go down the stairs and take two quick rights to find a Cane Sword, then carry on through the wall to find a balcony with a line of Oracle Envoys. Kill the lot, grab the Golden Rune [9] from the body, and use the lever on the balcony. This will open the gate you kept dancing around earlier.

Head back the way you came and walk south along the wall, but look to the break in the wall on your right before you reach the next clearing. You can drop down here to find a lower balcony with a Smithing Stone [6] on it. Behind you is a small room with a Page inside, as well as stairs leading back up onto the wall. Ignore this for now and jump down onto the street in front of you.

If you head southwest along this darkened road you start running into hounds. A titanic branch at the end of the road will lead you back up onto the wall, so ignore it and hop onto the stable on your right. Grab the Golden Rune [9] from the body, then use the stable roof to get into the larger building on the left.

(Anything look familiar? It really, really should.)

Make your way through the upper half of this building to find a Sanctified Whetblade, a Hammer, the By My Sword Gesture, a Hero's Rune [1], a Rune Arc, a Coded Sword, a Smithing Stone [5], a Furlcalling FInger Remedy, and a Seedbed Curse, then return to the second room you entered and go down the stairs. Grab the Smithing Stone [6] before you drop down the stairs, then enter the main hall on the lower floor. You'll find the Alberich Set sitting in the middle of the hall and a Smithing Stone [5] in the armory on the right side of the hall. From the armory you'll also find a back room leading to the Fortified Manor, First Room Site of Grace and the "Flightless Bird" Painting.

Return to the main hall. There's a door on your left that you can open, leading to a torchlit passage. If you enter the courtyard on your left - or try, anyway - an Abductor Virgin will appear down the corridor and rush at you. There's another in the courtyard itself, and tangling with both simultaneously is a bad, bad idea. Consider rolling around and away from them to collect items. If you follow the tunnel all the way to the end you'll find a Somber Smithing Stone [6]. The courtyard itself has three Nascent Butterflies and a Stormhawk Axe.

At the end of the courtyard is an elevator, activated by a lever. If you go up it you'll be taken to a rooftop archway with the Divine Bridge Site of Grace. Also up here is a Golem guarding a Blessed Dew Talisman and a teleporter that will shoot you to the Isolated Divine Tower. You'll need Malenia's Great Rune to open this tower.

(Does this area also look familiar? If you've visited the Weeping Peninsula, it's possible to find a warp point that will bring you here far, far earlier than you normally would. Now you know where it is. Yay!)

Warp back to the Fortified Manor, First Floor Site of Grace and head outside. The front of the manor is facing the gate you opened earlier. If you take a left you'll see one of the dragon's claws ahead, and two knights are near it. One will come forward to take you on while the other fires arrows from afar. Lure the melee knight away, kill him, then deal with the ranged knight. The melee knight carries a Gravel Stone Seal. Look in the stables on the right for five Old Fangs, behind the dragon's claws for three Gravel Stones, and on the second floor of the stable on the left for a Smithing Stone [6] and a Stonesword Key. You'll need to climb onto a claw and do some jumping to get these latter two items.

That's all for this street. Warp back to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace and continue your trip south down the wall. There's a clearing ahead with several Oracle Envoys around a golden tree, watched over by a Gargoyle. If you've fought the Valiant Gargoyles you'll know what to expect. Just stay near its feet and roll whenever you see it move its arms. For the most part the Oracle Envoys should leave you alone while you fight the Gargoyle, but not vice versa. You'll receive the Gargoyle's Halberd for defeating the Gargoyle, and, of course, there's a Golden Seed by the golden tree.

Continue to follow the wall under the roots of the Erdtree and you'll find an upward slope leading to a huge colosseum. This area is patrolled by a few Duelists that you can fight or avoid. At the top you'll find a Smithing Stone [5] along the rocks at the south end of the colosseum, a Star Fist inside the pillars in the south, a Ritual Shield Talisman by the front doors, a Furlcalling Finger Enemy inside the pillars in the west, and... nothing else. Yes, the colosseum is extremely suspicious, but for now you can't get inside.

You're close to the end. Make your way back down the hill. If you look down the massive roots of the Erdtree you'll see that there's ground below dotted with poisonous plants. Drop down here and look to the north to find the other end of a broken bridge from earlier. There's a Smithing Stone [6] on the end of it. Grab it, then run to the other end of this slope to find the base of one of the roots. Start climbing.

As you make your way up the roots of the Erdtree you'll run into the flower-covered Guardians that typically guard Erdtrees. These guys aren't a big deal normally, but your footing becomes precarious on the roots, and it's easy to roll off and die. Try to fight Guardians one-at-a-time by drawing them to you with a ranged weapon. Using a shield rather than rolling is preferable.

Follow the twisting roots until you reach a balcony at the top. Before you go inside, take a left and go down the thin root that's connected to a rooftop below. This leads to three Holy Greases that you probably saw earlier but couldn't reach. Watch out for the Guardian that's, well, guarding them around the corner of the building. That done, head back up the roots again to the balcony. It should be no surprise to you that the room beyond contains, at long last, a boss battle.


Godfrey, First Elden Lord

A golden titan of pure splitting power, Godfrey will give you a run for your money. Carrying a huge axe and capable of tremendous bursts of speed, Godfrey will rush around his small battle arena, trying to cut you in two. Getting hit by his axe is understandably bad news, and you want to avoid taking hits as much as you can. Some tips for fighting Godfrey:

  • Be patient. Godfrey moves quickly, and though his axe looks a little slow he can swing it very quickly. Get in one or two hits, then move out of the way.
  • Aside from the very first time you fight him, Godfrey will begin the battle by leaping up, then hurling his axe at you - and following it down himself. Dodge the first smash, then get in close and whack Godfrey a few times before he rights himself.
  • Never assume that you're far from Godfrey. He can move across this small room in an instant, and once he does he'll be attacking you. Always be prepared to roll.
  • Watch out for Godfrey's foot. Most of his attacks have obvious consequences, but Godfrey will trigger a cone-shaped eruption of spikes if he stomps the ground. Roll towards him or just out of the way.
  • Blocking is feasible in this fight, but Godfrey's attacks drain so much Stamina that you're generally better off rolling to avoid his axe.
  • Pull in a good, solid summon to distract Godfrey. Most of his attacks are one-directional, and you can put the hurt on him quite a bit if he's facing away from you. Just be ready for him to switch targets if you hit him too hard. Try to stand on opposite ends of the arena so Godfrey's attacks don't hit the summon... or you.

You'll earn 80,000 Runes and a Talisman Pouch for defeating Godfrey. Besting the First Elden Lord will also reveal the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace. You're not done yet.


Erdtree Sanctuary

With Godfrey gone you can look around his small palace. Start by taking a left. There's a door out of here at the west end of the room. Take a right just before you reach it to find a little side chamber with three Somber Smithing Stones [5] in it.

Take the western door and you'll be led to an elevator. This will take you to the highest section of road in Leyndell. Follow this path and you'll see Perfumers ahead; kill them both and grab the five Holy Greases from in front of the nearby tree.

Continue down the path and you'll start to see a shimmering trail. This will lead you up stairs that a Crucible Knight is descending. They're never an easy fight, though you won't have much choice if you want to explore further. Smack the knight once then retreat and wait for reprisals. Any more than that is too risky.

Follow the trail of golden tracks to the end of the road. The trail will continue to swiftly loop around a predetermined route, offering no clues as to what you should do. This is actually an invisible Scarab, and if you time your attack correctly you can hit it just as the insect is about to pass you. Wait for about a second before the golden trail reaches you. Smack it correctly and the Scarab will die, leaving behind the Barrier of Gold Incantation.

One last thing left to do. You doubtless noticed the enormous spear that's jutting out of the wall below you during your previous trips through Leyndell. Now that you're on the path above it you can drop down onto the chunk of wall it's sticking out of. Climb up the tip of the spear to find the Bolt of Gransax, one of the cooler spears FromSoftware has ever designed. Be warned, however: The knights on the road below can spot you, and one of them has a bow. He will happily fire lightning arrows at you. Try to grab the Bolt and teleport out before you get into too much trouble.

Return to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace. On the east side of the boss chamber is a balcony. Go south along the balcony to find five Holy Greases, then double back, head north, and use the root jutting out of the side of the building to get to the second floor of the sanctuary. You'll wind up on a small balcony overlooking the site of the boss battle. If you jump onto the railing on your left you can leap further left and onto the root. It's not as tricky a jump as it looks, though you'll want a small running start to make it over the gap. Check the dangling chair near the root for the Golden Order Principia. Continue along the root to reach the upper walkway, which leads to a Celestial Dew, an Erdtree Bow, and a ladder that will take you back to the ground floor.

Past the balcony and back outside you'll see a grand building ahead, the last on your trip before you reach the Erdtree. It looks vacant, but as you approach a Black Knife Assassin beside the door will stand up and attack you. Do as much damage as you can to the Assassin before it can stand, then put up a shield and strike out whenever the Assassin ends an attack. If you start getting overwhelmed, run inside and activate the Queen's Bedchamber Site of Grace before you die. You'll find the Blessing of the Erdtree Incantation on the bed in this room, whether you survived the fight or not.

All that stands between you and the end of the road now is a boss fog. What, did you think you were done fighting? Not a chance.


Morgott the Omen King

The final obstacle keeping you from the Erdtree, Morgott - or was it Margit? - is a brutal opponent, one of the harder ones you'll encounter on your journey. A powerful swordsman, spearman, knifeman, and spellcaster, Morgott throws everything he's got at you in this fight, making the Margit battle look quaint and simple by comparison. You'll almost certainly have to fight Morgott a few times before you walk away victorious. Some tips:

  • Do not get greedy with your hits. This applies to almost every boss, but Morgott in particular is unforgiving of sloppy attacks. Not only does he often retaliate with long combos that can slaughter you, he jumps around a lot, and trying to hit him more than once or twice at a time will lead you to whiffing your shots and unnecessarily draining your Stamina. This fight is the complete opposite of a button masher.
  • Always assume, as with Godfrey, that Morgott is nearby. He's not quite as quick to fly across the arena, but Morgott can close the distance between the two of you very, very quickly, and unlike Godfrey he will often try to dash around your defenses as well.
  • Use a shield for the first half, if you have the Stamina. Morgott's sword strikes hit hard but can't get past a good shield. In the second half, however, his combos will likely break your poise and leave you vulnerable to his attacks.
  • Give Morgott about a half second on his melee attacks before reacting. He almost always has a little bit of lag time before he launches a strike, even his combos, and if you roll too soon you'll get hit anyway.
  • Get away from Morgott when he starts to yell and doubles over. This means the fight is halfway over and about to get harder, and Morgott will start it over with a large area of effect attack. You also need to back off if you ever see a big cloud of swords appear above him, as this, too, leads to an area of effect attack.
  • Summon in some help. Melina's summon sign is right outside the boss arena. That said, Melina usually doesn't provide enough aid to make up for the extra health Morgott receives. Either go with other players or a good, strong, beefy Spirit Ash.

You'll receive 120,000 Runes, Morgott's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Omen King for defeating Morgott. You'll also gain access to the Erdtree, though it... well, see for yourself. Needless to say, the game isn't over.

Return to the arena and rest at the newly-formed Site of Grace. Melina will show up and chat with you, asking you to journey with her to the Mountaintops of the Giants. You'll receive a Rold Medallion to reach the Mountaintops.


Leaving Leyndell, Royal Capital

The Erdtree is the end of the road, and with it shut, you'll need to find a different path out of Leyndell to continue your journey. The answer to this is found beyond the huge double doors that you opened early on during your trip through the city.

Hop back to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace and run to the northeast end of the road. If you didn't open the door before, do it now. Beyond you'll find a ruined, sand-filled section of Leyndell, populated by Misbegotten. Look on the other side of the carriage on your right to find two of them, hovering over three Beast Bloods.

Ignore the stairs on the left and continue straight. This next area is filled with hounds. Check behind the sunken building ahead for two of them near a Golden Rune [9]. Ahead and behind a carriage is a Misbegotten and a hound that you can ambush, both of them checking out a Lightningproof Dried Liver. At the end of the path is a Leonine Misbegotten and a hound. If the hound gets into the fight, try to kill it before dealing with the Misbegotten. They're guarding a Perfume Bottle.

Climb the stairs. There's a dirt ramp on your left halfway up, and a Misbegotten will leap out at you if you go up it. Go up the hill to the north and you'll see a Misbegotten idling by two Soporific Greases. Approaching it will bring two hidden Misbegottens out at you, so try to find them in the bushes and kill them before going for the item.

Down a dirt ramp near here you'll find a statue with a Misbegotten praying in front of it. Behind the statue is a Somber Smithing Stone [6]. Drop down in the Misbegotten's skull for some decent introductory damage. Past here to the south is a small graveyard, and a bunch of Misbegotten are praying here. This includes another Leonine Misbegotten, and if it spots you from a distance it will wander over and attack. Get its attention and fight it away from the rest of the group before approaching the graveyard. You'll find three Nascent Butterflies on the stairs and an Exalted Flesh hanging near the stairs.

Past the graveyard is an elevator. Hop aboard and pull the lever. This will take you up onto the walls that lead out of Leyndell, and on the lengthy (but not that difficult) path to the Grand Lift of Rold.