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Guide to Mephistopheles' Storyline in "Demon's Souls"

An enigmatic figure whom a lot of Demon's Souls players will never see, Mephistopheles has a bloody agenda. She wants a lot of people in and around the Nexus dead, and she's willing to pay top Soul to get the job done. She's already got someone doing her dirty work, but you might wind up getting in their way...

This guide will show you the ins and outs of Mephistopheles' storyline, and just what she'll want from you. This is a horrible, population-draining quest line, so be prepared to get your character's hands irredeemably dirty to see it through.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Finding Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles is shy, and before she'll appear you'll need to oust her original partner, Yurt the Silent Chief. You'll find Yurt in Upper Latria, the second area of the Tower of Latria, and he's locked in a cage. Head to the large central tower, climb the stairs, head to the next, smaller tower, go up the elevator to the Dreglings casting magic, and look for a path onto a nearby platform. There's another, lower platform here where Yurt is waiting.

You'll need to free Yurt to kill him, and if you leave him be he'll be back in the Nexus the next time you kill a boss. He's hiding in a small alcove on the right side of the second floor. You can kill Yurt immediately after freeing him or in the Nexus, though the Nexus is the safer battleground. He'll drop the Gloom Set upon death and mention Mephistopheles.

Killing Yurt is only step one of finding Mephistopheles. Next you need to bring your character down to Pure Black Character Tendency. This is achieved by invading the realms of other players and killing hosts, or, if invading isn't your cup of tea, by killing helpful NPCs. You'll need to kill five NPCs to take your character from Pure White Character Tendency to Pure Black. Below is a list of NPCs that are 'safe' to kill:

  • The Crestfallen Warrior, who sits beside the Boletarian Palace Archstone
  • Saint Urbain's followers, in a candlelit area on the right side of the Nexus' lowest floor
  • Sage Freke's Apprentice, in a candlelit area on the left side of the Nexus' lowest floor
  • The Dregling Merchant, who appears throughout Boletarian Palace
  • The Dirty Man, who appears in the first two areas of Stonefang Tunnel
  • The Former Noble's Wife, who lives in the Tower of Latria's Prison of Hope
  • Graverobber Blige, who appears in the first two areas of the Shrine of Storms
  • The Dirty Woman, who appears in the first two areas of the Valley of Defilement

Most of these NPCs are merchants, and killing them will not permanently hobble your playthrough. They'll come back to life when you move on to New Game Plus.

Once you've reached Pure Black Character Tendency and Yurt is dead you'll find Mephistopheles on the second floor of the Nexus, leaning up against the wall and in plain sight of the stairs. She has jobs for you, if you haven't yet done enough murdering.



The thrust of Mephistopheles' job for you is simple: She wants you to kill NPCs, specifically ones that have a foot in the Soul Arts. Each time you speak to her she will give you a new NPC to kill, and successfully killing that NPC will earn you a prize when you speak to Mephistopheles again. If, for one reason or another, the NPC is already dead, Mephistopheles will move on to the next target on her list, and you'll miss out on a prize.

Saint Urbain and his Followers

The most difficult target is the first. Saint Urbain is first found in the Shrine of Storms, in a pit in a small room behind the first Reaper on The Ritual Path. Patches the Hyena will kick you down to him, and you'll need to kill the Black Phantom down here to send him to the Nexus.

Urbain is a bit tricky. If you follow him to the Nexus and outright attack him his followers, assuming they're alive, will jump to the Saint's aid. Fighting all three is a bad idea. Fortunately, you can either kill Urbain before he returns to the Nexus, or simply kill the two followers before attacking Urbain himself. He won't defend them, and they won't defend each other. Urbain is no pushover, and can use God's Wrath to inflict a ton of damage on melee attacks, so try to keep your distance.

You'll receive a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes for killing Urbain and company.

Sage Freke and his Apprentice

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Next on the list is Sage Freke, the magic vendor. Freke is locked in the Prison of Hope in the Tower of Latria, and you need to free him before you can kill him. You'll find the Special Key to his cell in the same room as the Dregling conjurer who keeps the Fool's Idol healed, on the right side of her Cathedral combat arena. It's hanging on the wall.

Like Urbain, Freke will be aided by his Apprentice if you try to fight him first. Either kill Freke upon opening his cell or kill the Apprentice before attacking the master. Freke uses some nasty spells, but he's a weak opponent at melee range.

You'll receive a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes for killing Freke and his Apprentice.


Patches the Hyena

The grinning trickster of the Souls series, Patches dies third. You'll already have met him when finding Urbain, and he'll be sitting up by the Tower of Latria Archstone. If he's not here you can find him either in the Shrine of Storms again or in The Tunnel City in Stonefang Tunnel, past the first elevator on your left and out in the area backlit by lava and filled with wooden platforms. You'll need to perform some careful jumps down the cliff to reach him.

Patches is not a special fighter by any means, but his strategy of turtling up behind his shield can be annoying. Move sideways, wait for him to lash out with his spear, roll to the side, and catch him before he can put his shield up again. Patches' proximity to the rest of the Nexus' NPCs can be perilous, so you may want to bait him somewhere else before you really start fighting.

You'll receive a Colorless Demon Soul for killing Patches.

Biorr of the Twin Fangs

The sturdiest of your targets, Biorr is another NPC that's very easy to miss. He's locked away in a dungeon at the end of The Lord's Path, just before the Tower Knight battle, though the key to open the dungeon is in the Inner Ward. Proceed through the area until you see a slew of archers watched over by a Fat Official. Kill the Fat Official for the Iron Ring of Keys. Take them back to the door, pop it open, kill the Fat Official inside, and check the cells for Biorr.

Biorr will sit in front of the Valley of Defilement Archstone in the Nexus, though given his participation in the Boletarian Palace areas he won't stay there for long. Either kill him in the dungeon or head right back to the Nexus and take him down. Biorr is a dangerous opponent, fighting both close up and at a range, so you'll need to stay on your toes and catch him just after he launches an attack.

You'll receive a Colorless Demon Soul for killing Biorr.


Ostrava of Boletaria

Royalty in disguise, Ostrava is up next. You can first find Ostrava in Boletarian Palace, stranded by Dreglings just off the main path of the area. Proceed through until you emerge from the line of structures near the Dregling Merchant's little home. Turn left, drop onto the pathway below, and check the end of the path. Ostrava is down an alley here, and Dreglings have him cornered. Kill them off, remaining wary of the two soldiers that will appear behind you as you fight. Ostrava will hop down from his perch and thank you once they're all gone.

Ostrava continues to appear throughout Boletaria, and takes breaks at the Nexus each time you save him from a predicament. You'll find him on the crossbeam over the rune-covered floor in the middle of the Nexus. You can kill Ostrava here or anywhere in Boletaria, assuming he doesn't get himself killed fighting enemies. He likes to turtle up behind his shield and can dish out the hurt, but isn't that difficult an opponent.

Note that if you follow Ostrava all the way to The King's Tower he'll die on his own, and his Black Phantom will challenge you to a fight; getting this far will put Ostrava outside your reach.

You'll earn a Talisman of Beasts for killing Ostrava.

Yuria the Witch

The last on your list of targets is Yuria. She's another easily-missed NPC, and even when you know where she is you'll need to do some collecting before you can get her. Yuria is in a dungeon in the Inner Ward in Boletarian Palace, and you'll need the Bloody Iron Key from the Fat Official who's guarding Biorr to get to her.

Once you have the Key, check the walls at the very beginning of Inner Ward, near the wolves, for a thin alleyway. The Key opens the door in the alley, and more alleys lead to the dungeon. Inside is a Fat Official and Yuria, and both of them are on a level you can't reach unless you're wearing the entire Official's Set. The four items are carried by officials in the following locations:

  • Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds - There are three here: One in a back room where the wolves at you, one up on a platform launching fireballs at you (walk along the left side of the flimsy bridge to reach him without the bridge breaking), and one on the main path just before you reach the boss fog.
  • Stonefang Tunnel, Tunnel City - There's one here, down the tunnel to the left of the entrance.
  • Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward - There are two here, though the Official you need to kill is on the other side of the gate shortcut that's locked early in the level. Double back once the boss fog is in sight.

The Fat Official will let down a staircase for you once you're wearing the whole set of clothes. Kill him, remove the clothes, and speak to Yuria to send her to the Nexus.

Yuria is another powerful spellcaster, and she can do serious damage to you if you're not careful. Melee attacks launched up close should chew through her health before she can cause too much trouble.

You'll receive a Foe's Ring for killing Yuria.


Finishing Up

Once you've killed Mephistopheles' final target, whomever that may be for you, she will immediately become hostile and try to kill you. Yes, you're the true final target. Mephistopheles can be a dangerous opponent if you like melee fighting, and she'll both parry your attacks and use Soulsucker to ruin your day and de-level your character. Keep at a bit of a distance, attack after she attacks, and heal as necessary. There's lots of room to move around in the Nexus so feel free to run and recuperate if she's proving too much for you.

Like every other NPC on this list Mephistopheles will drop her things once killed. Collect them to earn your final reward and bring the quest to a close.

One Final Note

The very nature of Mephistopheles' quest line forces you to kill a lot of NPCs, many of whom are useful vendors. You'll also empty out much of the Nexus, leaving it a lonelier place. If neither of these things appeal to you, it's advisable to wait until you've almost completed Demon's Souls before you take on Mephistopheles' quest. Leave one easy Archdemon on hold, do everything Mephistopheles has for you, then come back and finish the game. All of the NPCs will come back during New Game Plus, and you'll have everything you earned from Mephistopheles to boot.

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