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Guide to Mohgwyn Palace in "Elden Ring"

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Learn how to find and complete Mohgwyn Palace in "Elden Ring."

Learn how to find and complete Mohgwyn Palace in "Elden Ring."

How to Find and Complete Mohgwyn Palace

An underground metropolis that's absolutely weeping with blood, Mohgwyn Palace seems to be a tragedy as much as a menace. Yes, everything living here is horrifying and ghastly, but it's all a little pathetic, too. Granted, you may be too busy repeatedly dying to appreciate the sentiment, but it's there.

This guide will show you how to find and complete Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring. You can get here somewhat early in the game – emphasis on somewhat – though making it all the way through, and past its boss will require a lot of leveling.

Finding Mohgwyn Palace

One of the tougher dungeons to find in Elden Ring, Mohgwyn Palace is located deep below Caelid, in the same general area occupied by the Siofra River and Nokron, Eternal City. You can't reach the palace from either of those locations, however, and to get to Mohgwyn Palace, you'll need to do one of the following:

  • Complete three invasions provided to you by White-Faced Varré, the first NPC you meet when you leave the introductory area. Later you'll find him at Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes, and completing his invasions - and one other small, grisly task - will earn you the Pureblood Knight's Medal. You can use the medal to teleport deep into Mohgywn Palace right before the boss fight.
  • You can use the teleporter in Consecrated Snowfield. To reach the Snowfield, you'll need to retrieve the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, one of which is in the Village of the Albinaurics, the other in Castle Sol. You can then use the Grand Lift of Rold to travel to the Consecrated Snowfield. The teleporter is along the southwestern cliffs of the region. You'll need to fight off a Sanguine Noble invasion before you can enter the teleporter.

As the first method will take you past the majority of the dungeon, we will start from the entrance at the Consecrated Snowfield.


Palace Approach Ledge-Road

Upon entering the area you'll find yourself in a cave, and when you emerge into the underground starlight you'll be on a narrow cliff ledge. Follow it until you see brickwork below you. Drop down onto the arch to reach the ground. Head east to find a Golden Rune [11], then go west to find the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace.

Head north. As you go down the slope you'll see a long line of lounging Albinaurics, some with red skin. The redheads are tumblers, and will fling themselves at you. Otherwise, these guys won't do anything to you. This spot is amazing for quick Rune farming, as each kill will give you just over 2,000 Runes, and there are a lot of Albinaurics. Grab the Golden Rune [11] on your right as you head down the slope.

As the slope dips towards red water you'll see a patrol of four red Albinaurics. Fighting all of them simultaneously is not recommended. Use a long-range weapon to ping one, draw it away from the group, and kill it. Repeat until all four are dead. There are five Bloodroses in front of you and a Smithing Stone [6] behind you.

Before you head down into the water, look along the rocks on your left. There's a dark, semi-hidden path here that leads to a ledge. This side path is more substantial than it initially looks, and connects up with the main path, so we'll look at both of them in turn.

Main Path

If you ignore the side path you'll find a large area occupied by more Albinaurics. Straight ahead of you is an item; kill the Albinaurics on the left and right side of the island to safely grab the Hero's Rune [4]. Look to your right once you've grabbed the item to see a small cave containing a Scarab that has Ash of War: Blood Tax on it, as well as a Somber Smithing Stone [9]. Be prepared for two Albinaurics to attempt to ambush you from behind.

North of here is a line of Albinaurics wandering around a stone pillar. Check the cliff edge to the right of this for a Ghost Glovewort [8], beside which is a hidden cave. Inside are a few Albinaurics to kill and the Swarm of Flies Incantation. Look outside the cave from this vantage point, and you can join the procession of Albinaurics, wandering around the base of the pillar and collecting items without them noticing ... so long as you time joining the queue properly, that is. You'll find eight Blood Tainted Excrements, four Drawstring Blood Greases, and a Hero's Rune [3] at the base of the pillar.

Just west of the procession is another pillar with an item against it. You can't tell immediately, but there are a bunch of Albinaurics sitting around the base of the pillar, several of which will rise up out of the water if you approach. You can pretty easily sneak up, grab the Smithing Stone [8] from beside the nearest Albinauric, and sneak away again without alerting the mob. The path south of here will take you to the side route we skipped earlier; you shouldn't approach it from this angle.

North of this pillar and to the west of the pillar patrolled by Albinaurics is a small torch with two Albinaurics sitting by it. Near the torch are eight Blood-Tainted Excrements. Walk through the water northeast of this little camp, and you'll see a cave ahead, in line with the last two. Inside are four Albinaurics that seem pretty apathetic about your presence, as well as a Smithing Stone [6] and a Golden Rune [13].

Dry land is ahead, and since this will take us out of this area, we had best have a look at the side path before we go too far. Warp back to the beginning of the area.

Side Path

If you take the side path and jump off the ledge, you'll wind up in another watery area with a Giant Crow. These things are quite powerful and difficult to kill, so unless you're sure of your horsemanship – or just very strong yourself – try to avoid it. The Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [24] is on the cliff edge to the east of the crow, there's a Ghost Gloveworth [8] in a bush near the edge of the crow's patrol route, and there are three Rot Greases at the base of the pillar the crow stalks beside.

Go behind the pillar by the crow. On the rock to your right, you'll see three hounds laying around, and straight ahead are five Bloodroses. If you go for the item, a Nameless White Mask will invade you. This is a tough, fast enemy that loves Bleed attacks. Stay out of the Swarm of Flies he summons and use a shield to block his dagger. His attacks are very fast, so try not to get into a melee exchange, or you'll probably lose. You'll get the White Mask and the War Surgeon Set for defeating the Nameless White Mask.

Travel west of here, and you'll see a graveyard ahead. Another Giant Crow will leap down into the middle of it, though it won't notice you. Grab the Stonesword Key ahead of you, then skirt along the opposite edge of the graveyard from the crow and check the graves along the western cliff to find a Haligdrake Talisman +2.

To the north is yet another Giant Crow, this one pecking at the ground. Grab the Ghost Glovewort [9] from the bush on your left, then prepare for some quick action. There are three items to get, one under this crow, the other two near a crow in a pool to the east, and you can't get them without ruffling feathers. Hop on your horse, grab the item the first crow is picking at, then wheel around to the right and do your best to grab the remaining two items before the second crow can stab your eyes out. You'll grab a Holy Grease, a Smithing Stone [6], and a Golden Rune [13] in all. Run for cover back near the graveyard. Be prepared to die, as the crows seldom give up on their prey and are difficult to fight.

There's one more thing to check in this area. Near the very first Giant Crow you met, you'll see a geyser in the water. On the left of this is a rock, and if you get past the geyser and over to the other side, you'll find a golden tree with a Golden Seed. You'll also have to contend with several hounds, and after a short time, a second Nameless White Mask will appear to bother you. Kill the hounds before the Nameless White Mask can reach you, then fight it up on the rock to ensure you don't draw the nearby Giant Crow over for a look.

Almost done. Down the ledge from the golden tree and on your right, you'll see a small island of rocks and bushes. On the other side of it are Clarifying Boluses. Make sure you sneak through the bushes to get the item, or the nearby Giant Crow will spot you and come after you. This encounter is made even worse by the appearance of the last Nameless White Mask, who will invade you when you emerge near the Boluses. Draw him down the path on your right to fight him without interruption.

This bend in the water also leads you back to the main path, and the two areas converge. Head north onto the grassy area to continue.


Main Path

Back on dry land, you'll find a wide path to the northwest with two items, a Golden Rune [12] and a Smithing Stone [7]. There's also an Albinauric, and he will summon a giant skeleton to attack you if you approach either item. Get behind the tree stump pillar near the skeleton and ping the Albinauric with arrows or another projectile while hiding from the skeleton's beam attack. This will cause the Albinauric to saunter over for a melee fight. Killing him will dispel the skeleton.

Follow the geography on your right to find a Rune Arc behind a pillar. Go any further northwest than this, and three more skeletons will rear up and open fire at you. Stick to the right side of the forest, kill the nearest Albinauric to get rid of one of the skeletons, then head to the left side and kill the other Albinauric. The third Albinauric is standing atop the rocks in the rear of this area, and killing the second will leave him vulnerable. The collective summoners are protecting a Sacremental Bud and three Nascent Butterflies. Neither is really worth the risk, so feel free to ride your horse straight through here and out of danger.

To the southwest of the summoners is the Mohgwyn Dynasty Memorial, in front of which is a Ghost Glovewort [9]. Sitting in the middle of this ruined structure is Map: Mohgwyn Palace. Judging by the map, you don't have that much further to go ... right? Head up the stairs from the map to find the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace.


Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

Activate the summoning pool near the stairs, then head on up. There are zombies roaming along the stairs that seem pretty tuned out, and they won't care that you're walking near them. They will, however, occasionally clutch their heads and explode, and if you're in the resulting blood cloud, you'll take Bleed damage. Weave away from any that look like they have a migraine. You'll find a Smithing Stone [7] and a Numen's Rune along this straightforward path.

Partway up the hill, you'll come to an enormous, bloody blob. Though your hits won't do much damage, you can smack it with a heavy weapon and force it off of the path and onto the ledges on the left. Under it are some Staunching Boluses. There's a group of praying zombies at the top of the hill; check to the left of them for eight Bloodroses.

Head into the mausoleum at the top of the path. This area is dark, so you should probably activate a light source. You'll soon hear music playing, and you'll gain the ability to summon, which should be a sign that trouble is incoming – namely, a Sanguine Noble. Similar to the Nameless White Masks from earlier, Sanguine Nobles love to inflict Bleed damage, so bringing in a summon to distract him is wise. Just past the Sanguine Noble is a Nomadic Merchant, though in this case, he's an Imprisoned Merchant. Watch out as you head back to the split in the path, as a second Sanguine Noble will appear in the same spot as the first.

Go right from the split, and you'll see a Lord's Rune dead ahead in a wide room filled with tombstones. To your right is a pit with more zombies keeping watch over a Great Ghost Glovewort. To the left and behind you is a room with a Smithing Stone [8], though entering will cause a Sanguine Noble to appear behind you and attack. Be ready. Head north up the stairs near this small side room to find a Ghost Glovewort [9] behind a gravestone.

To the east and up some stairs at the rear of this large room, you'll emerge from the mausoleum. Waiting for you is the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace.


Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint

Almost there. Carry on up the next set of stairs, and you'll find a congregation of Albinaurics staring up at a statue, with a Sanguine Noble leading the pack. There's a chest in front of the statue, and any attempt to reach it will alert everyone to your presence, turning the whole place into a shooting gallery. If you can find a quiet way to take out the Albinaurics, do so; otherwise, hit one, lead the mob away from the temple, and then run up and kill the Sanguine Noble to get to the chest. Behind the temple is a Golden Rune [13], and inside the chest in front of the statue is a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

That's all for Mohgwyn's Palace. Near the temple with the worshippers is a lift. Step on and you'll ascend to the top of the palace, to an obvious boss arena.


Mohg, Lord of Blood

The brutal, delusional final boss of Mohgwyn Palace, Mohg, Lord of Blood will give you a run for your money. A powerful trident-wielding blood mage, Mohg's multi-part battle is a true war of attrition, and you'll need to hone your skills in the first half if you want to stand a chance in the second.


  • Mohg's trident swings are simple but powerful. In the first half, at least, you can usually get away with blocking. This is less of a possibility in the second half. In either case, be warned that the trident has a massive range and can hit you from surprisingly far away.
  • During most of the battle, you'll want to stay relatively close to Mohg. That said, back off whenever he reaches into the sky, as he's about to use one of many Incantations, most of which hurt at a close range. Back off, let him finish, and close in again.
  • Mohg's bloody spray attacks leave lines of fire on the ground that will linger for a while before petering out. In the second half, you'll need to contend with many patches of fire while you dance around the battlefield. Pay as much attention to the flames as Mohg himself.
  • Most of Mohg's attacks will raise your Bleed meter. Equip anything you can to mitigate Bleed buildup, and be prepared for Blood Loss at any time. It's going to happen during this fight.
  • Do everything you can to avoid taking damage and using Flasks during the first half of the fight. Eventually, Mohg will begin to stab the sky and count, and once he does this three times, he will set off an arena-wide attack that will hit you with Blood Loss three times in close succession. You'll likely need at least two Flask charges to survive this attack, and then you'll be facing a much more vicious opponent ... with wings. Oof.
  • Use Spirit Ashes rather than summoning other players. There are two benefits to this. First, Mohg already has a lot of health, and giving him more only makes it harder to kill him. And second, Spirit Ashes don't worry about the Bleed effect, something that plagues every player in this fight. Pick a beefy Spirit Ash and point at Mohg. You'll be surprised how much longer they last through this fight when Bleed isn't an issue.

You'll earn 420,000 Runes, Mohg's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Blood Lord for defeating Mohgwyn, Lord of Blood. You'll also create a new Site of Grace and gain access to a fantastic view of the Siofra River, standing atop a vantage point that you could previously only glimpse from the world far below.