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Guide to Siegward of Catarina's Storyline in "Dark Souls III"

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The most genial soul you'll meet in all of Lothric, Siegward of Catarina is Dark Souls III's resident onion knight. Hailing from a kingdom seemingly full of friendly people, Siegward takes all problems in stride and never seems too worried about the dreary state of the world. Siegward is on a quest in Dark Souls III, and he is dead-set on seeing it through - though he has a tendency to get in trouble along the way.

This guide will help you move Siegward from one end of Dark Souls III to the other. The process isn't too difficult, but you need to do a few things in order or you'll lose your chance to satisfy Siegward forever.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Step 1 - Undead Settlement

Your first meeting with Siegward is in the Undead Settlement. You'll meet him when you enter the church that leads to the Road of Sacrifices, coming off the elevator that leads into the basement. Speak to him a bit and he'll ponder reaching the building's upper levels.

Hop onto the elevator and you'll go down. Immediately get back on the elevator and ride it back up. Siegward will be gone. Activate the elevator again, but hop off before it descends. You'll discover when it stops that there is a second platform, moving in tandem with the first. Step onto it and ride the elevator up until you hear Siegward humming and hawing to himself. Jump off of the elevator and down onto the wooden platform with lamps. Timed correctly you won't take any damage.

Siegward is out on the lower section of the church's roof, peering at a sizable Fire Demon that's wandering around some burnt buildings. Head into battle against the Demon and Siegward will leap down to assist you. The two of you should be able to make short work of the Fire Demon. Speak to Siegward again and exhaust his dialogue to earn a Siegbrau, as well as learn the Toast and Sleep gestures. (Yes, speak to him again after he nods off.)

Step 2 - Cathedral of the Deep

Siegward won't pop up again until you reach the Cathedral of the Deep. You won't find him until after you've opened the massive double doors that lead out to the Cathedral's graveyard, however. The doors are up an elevator near the fog door leading to the Cathedral's final boss. Check near the pews to find the elevator.

Once you've done that, return to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and look just outside the chapel's front door. There's a well on your right, and Siegward has fallen into it. He says that someone has stolen his armor, and you'll need to get it back before he can free himself. The thief is Unbreakable Patches, and there are a few ways you can get the armor from him:

  • Assuming you haven't gone up to the roof of the Cathedral yet you can find Patches, wearing Siegward's armor, down the stairs to the right of the big blue doors leading to the graveyard. He's pondering a narrow pathway across the Cathedral, and if you cross it he'll activate a switch and send you to the lowest level to fight a Giant. (Though if you've already killed both Giants he'll get angry and rant for a while.) You can kill Patches before getting on the moving pathway to receive the Catarina Set.
  • Alternately, after being tricked by Patches you can find him by going up to the roof of the Cathedral and dropping down from the arches to the path leading to the Rosaria's Bedchamber bonfire. Patches will grovel for a bit and become a merchant. You can either purchase the Catarina Set from him now or later, when he moves to Firelink Shrine. Killing Patches in either location should also earn you the set.
  • Assuming you lit the Rosaria's Bedchamber bonfire and left the Cathedral of the Deep Patches will no longer be there. To find him, head to Firelink and purchase the Tower Key. This allows you to open the locked tower door up the right set of stairs and outside Firelink. Proceed up the tower and into Firelink's larger, central tower. There's an elevator inside. Go up the elevator and the door leading in here will close. Come back down and Patches will be leering at you through the bars. To get out you'll need to drop down the tower and onto coffins jutting out of the walls. Whether you live or die, you'll find Patches in Firelink as a merchant, and you can barter with him - or kill him - for the Catarina Set.
  • Last, assuming you're on your second playthrough and you acquired a Catarina Set in the first playthrough, you can give that to Siegward instead.

Drop the entire set down the well once you have it and Siegward will, somehow, free himself and leave.

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Step 3 - Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Siegward's third encounter is in the lower levels of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. On your way through the area you'll go through sewers filled with Sewer Centipedes. Just past the sewers is a small kitchen with a roaring fire. If you saved Siegward from the Cathedral of the Deep he'll be lounging by the fire. Exhaust his dialogue to receive a Siegbrau.

(Note: If you're trying to expand Greirat's inventory you'll need Siegward here to ensure Greirat survives his trip to Irithyll. If Siegward isn't here Greirat will die in the sewers.)

Step 4 - Irithyll Dungeon

Siegward's next stop is Irithyll Dungeon. You can speak to him by entering the pit with the Giant that's filled with rats. He's been locked up and can't get out on his own.

To free Siegward you'll first need the Old Cell Key. You can find it in a chest near the Giant's head. Proceed through the area until you find a short sewer. At the end of the sewer are two chests. The one on the left is a Mimic; the one on the right is the Key. (Though, as with any chest, it's best to smack them before you open them, just to be sure.)

Though you can speak to Siegward from the Giant's feet you need to find the cell door to free him. This is a trickier task if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Jump to the Profaned Capital bonfire, then make your way out of the bonfire's broken tower and down into the swamp at the tower's base. Across the swamp from the tower is a ladder, lit by a torch. Go up the ladder, skim around the roof of this building, and climb the first set of stairs you see. These lead to the upper rooftop, as well as more stairs. Stop short here and look at the wall on your left. There's an unlit doorway you can jump to. Siegward's cell is in here. Free him and he'll give you a Titanite Slab. You'll also find a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring in his cell.

Almost done. At this point you can't miss the finale of Siegward's story.


Step 5 - Yhorm the Giant

Head into the Profaned Capital from the bonfire. The trip to Yhorm's fog door is not long, and when you enter it for the first time Siegward will join you. Grab the Storm Ruler at the far end of the room, by Yhorm's throne, and equip it. Use its charge-up Weapon Art to bring Yhorm down. With Siegward's help the battle is an absolute cake walk.

Once Yhorm falls, speak to Siegward. He'll thank you for your help, give you a Siegbrau, and settle down for his usual post-battle reverie. Leave via the bonfire (or get teleported away, if this was your third Lord of Cinder battle), then return to Yhorm's throne room to find the Catarina Set, the Pierce Shield, and another Storm Ruler sitting in front of the throne. Quest complete.

If you did not free Siegward from the well he won't make it this far, though you can go back and give him his armor to free him. You'll then find him in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley kitchen, Irithyll Dungeon, and the boss room, as above, with different dialogue. You'll get the same items, just in a different order.

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