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Guide to Sorcerer Rogier's Questline in "Elden Ring"


A chipper, upbeat soul who appears to have some major problems, Rogier is one of the more standout NPCs in Elden Ring. Though you'll first 'meet' him as a wordless summon for battling Margit the Fell Omen, Rogier is much more than that initial appearance implies.

This guide will show you through Rogier's questline in Elden Ring. It's a bit convoluted and can end prematurely, so follow these instructions carefully.

(Having trouble with the end of Rogier's story? Skip to the 'Roadblocks to Rogier's Storyline' at the end of this article. It addresses two major situations that can prevent you from seeing the whole thing through.)

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Step One - Meeting Rogier

Rogier is camped out in Stormveil Castle, and at this point he is happy and healthy. You can find him by jumping to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace and heading north, out onto the ramparts. This area is full of belligerent hawks that try to throw explosive barrels at you, so move with caution.

Go down the first set of stairs on your right and onto the building roof ahead. There's a window you can enter that takes you into a chapel. Drop down into the chapel and check the main prayer hall. Rogier is here. Ask him about himself, purchase some Ashes of War, and head out.

Step Two - Roundtable Hold

Once you defeat Godrick the Grafted, the final boss of Stormveil Castle, Rogier will move to Roundtable Hold. He's sitting just outside the main chamber, on the balcony overlooking the Hold's entry hall, and there's obviously something wrong with him. Speak to him and he'll give you Rogier's Rapier +8, which has the Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War installed in it. He'll also provide normal merchanting services, as before.


Step Three - Back to Stormveil

Jump to Liftside Chamber in Stormveil, not far from where you first met Rogier. Leave the castle and take two rights. You'll see a corpse ahead, and beyond it what looks like a fatal drop. If you fall down back here you will land safely - albeit with a bit of pain - and you can keep descending, first onto a broken buttress, then onto several wooden platforms. This leads to a dark, narrow passage populated by rats.

Make your way through the passage and you'll find a drop-off into a wider corridor that's filled with twisted branches. When you drop down into it you'll get the attention of an Ulcerated Tree Spirit, a foul, malformed monster that writhes around its battlefield and makes life difficult for you. You can fight it in the open, but getting onto the huge face at the opposite end of the arena will confuse the Tree Spirit's AI, and it doesn't seem to know how to attack you properly. Much safer. You'll earn a Golden Seed for killing the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

Look near the face for a bloodstain. It's sitting next to a corpse with an item attached. The bloodstain is Rogier's, and it will show his death, or something close to it. Odd.

Step Four - Roundtable Hold

Return to Roundtable and talk to Rogier about the face you found. He'll tell you about the creature's true identity, and warn you not to mess with it too much. Not terribly helpful for a next step.

Next, speak to Fia. She lives in a room next to the blacksmith's anvil, and she'll ask to hold you. Agree to this and you'll receive a Baldachin's Blessing, which dispels status ailments when used. Do this again and you can 'Talk in secret' with her. Next choose 'Do you know...?' and 'About the Black Knifeprint'. She'll give you a Knifeprint Clue that will help you track down your next destination.


Step Five - Black Knife Catacombs

Your next destination is the aptly-named Black Knife Catacombs. You'll see a Minor Erdtree if you check the map Fia gave you, and it's the tree in the northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes. Head north along the eastern cliffs of Liurnia of the Lakes to the Runied Labyrinth Site of Grace, then go east, jump off the ledge, and follow the cliff's edge north. At the end of this pathway, past a tough spectral knight, is the Black Knife Catacombs.

The Black Knife Catacombs is short, but tricky. Many of the skeletons that reside inside are powered by necromancers, and will keep rising until you kill the necromancer. Ignore skeletons that have black clouds hovering around them and look for their power source instead.

Partway through the Catacombs you'll come to a room with three guillotine blades in your path. If you step on top of one after it has fallen it will raise you into the air, revealing a passage on your left. Jump down onto it and follow the corridor beyond. After several battles you'll come to a dead end. Slash the wall ahead to reveal boss fog, and if you've made the acquaintance of D, Hunter of the Dead his summon sign will be here.

The boss beyond is a Black Knife Assassin. This is an extremely swift enemy that will try to outmaneuver you and hit you from the side. Dangerous, but its attacks don't do a ton of damage and it staggers easily. If you bring D in he can more or less handle the Assassin on his own, and the two of you can corner and stagger the creature without too much trouble. You'll earn an Assassin's Cerulean Dagger and the Black Knifeprint for defeating the Black Knife Assassin.


Step Six - Find Ranni

Return to Roundtable Hold and speak to Rogier. Hand over the Knifeprint and he'll be overjoyed, asking to inspect it for a while. Leave Roundtable Hold and immediately come back. Rogier may have completed his inspection; if not, go off into the world and do something else for a while.

Rogier will tell you that you need to seek out Ranni, an important Demi-God, who lives at Caria Manor. Caria Manor is located far in the north of Liurnia of the Lakes, accessible via the western cliffs. This place is a moderately-sized dungeon with a lot of powerful enemies, so be prepared to die a few times on the way through.

Once inside, run through the courtyards filled with Hand Spiders and make your way generally to the left until you're in the manor. Here you can climb onto the ramparts, run past a bunch of spectral soldiers, and find your way to the upper gardens. The path to Ranni is up here, past a ton of enemies that you can, fortunately, sneak past by going through bushes. At the top is a large pool surrounded by chairs, and disturbing the pool will turn this place into a boss fight.

You're now facing Royal Knight Loretta, a powerful warrior with a long halberd and a variety of long-range magics. She's a tough fight, but her attacks are largely directional and can be avoided by attacking the opposite side of her horse. Watch her patterns closely and she shouldn't be too difficult to bring down.

Beating Loretta will open a path to Three Witches, a large sub-region just beyond the rear of the manor. Head west from the entrance and, past Glintstone Dragon Adula - you can run right past the dragon if you wish - you'll find Ranni's Rise, a tower covered in crystals. Ranni is waiting at the top of her tower.


Step Seven - Negotiations

Almost done. Speaking to Ranni will have her refuse your presence, and order you to leave. Go back to Rogier and he will recommend you enlist her aid by becoming her vassal. Speak to Ranni again with this in mind and she will accept your service, opening up her quest line. It's a long one.

Head back to Rogier. He suspects his time is nigh, and if you reload the area and check Rogier again he will he in a fitful sleep. Return again later and Rogier will be dead, leaving behind Rogier's Bell Bearing, the Spellblade Set, and Rogier's Letter, which leads into the story of D. This brings Rogier's part in Elden Ring to an end.

Roadblocks to Rogier's Storyline

There are two major stumbling points that can put Rogier's quest on hold, or end it altogether. It's important to keep both in mind as you progress through the story.

First, you cannot visit Redmane Castle in Caelid while moving through Rogier's quest. If you do this then it will move an NPC named Blaidd - who has no part in Rogier's story - to Redmane Castle. Blaidd plays into Ranni's quest, and both her and Rogier's quests will be put on hold if Blaidd is stuck at Redmane Castle. This will cause Ranni to disappear from Ranni's Rise until you defeat Starscourge Radahn, the boss of Redmane Castle. Since Radahn is quite powerful and difficult to defeat, you should avoid Redmane Castle until you've completed Rogier's quest.

Second, you cannot speak to Ranni before completing the majority of Rogier's quest. Doing this will put Rogier into a stupor, and he'll die shortly thereafter. In order to see Rogier's quest all the way through you need Rogier to suggest looking for Ranni. Note that this does not stop you from reaping the benefits of Rogier's quest - you'll still find his set and his letter on his corpse after he dies - but you'll miss out on some valuable information. Avoid Caria Manor altogether until Rogier sends you looking.