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Guide to Stormveil Castle in "Elden Ring"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

As the first of a series of Legacy Dungeons that will challenge your every skill in Elden Ring, Stormveil Castle is a wonder. A massive fortress filled to the brim with deadly enemies, Stormveil can be tackled in a number of different ways - though all lead to the same, gruesome boss at the end.

This guide will help you through Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring. Like all Legacy Dungeons, Stormveil has a lot of twists and turns, so this guide will be segmented into chunks for easier navigation.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Stormveil Castle

The trip to Stormveil is, for the most part, not a big deal. It's located northeast of the spot where you began the game, and you can reach it by following the road from the Gatefront Ruins. These will take you right to the front door. There are a lot of soldiers along the way, mind - including a gauntlet that brings a Troll out to play - but so long as you're on your horse you can manage.

Things get hairier once you reach the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace. Just beyond is a boss battle with Margit, the Fell Omen, and he puts every other 'mandatory' first boss in the Souls games to shame. You may not be able to get past him until you're at least level 30, though good reflexes, an upgraded weapon, summons, and a lot of practice can help you squeak through at lower levels. Sorcerer Rogier's summon sign is waiting right at the gate to help you if you need him.

Beating Margit will open the way to the castle's front gate proper, where you'll find the Stormveil Main Gate Site of Grace.


Stormveil Main Gate

If you check down the narrow path to the right of the gate you'll find a Furlcalling Finger Remedy and a dead end; drop onto the wooden pathway behind you as you walk back to the gate and you'll find a path under the bridge, where you'll find a Fire Grease. Another dead end.

Teleport back to the gate and go through the door to the left of the gate. There's a servant here who tells you not to take the main gate. You'll have the option to go through the main gate or, as he suggests, take the hole through the wall to your left. Say you'll go through the main gate and he'll order the gate opened when you approach. Inside you'll find a Golden Rune [1], a Golden Rune [2], five Ballista Bolts, and trouble. You'll almost immediately be fired upon and be driven back out.

There are, in sum, two ways to enter the castle, though there's really only one for most players. We'll have a look at both entry points.

The Main Gate

The chances that you can enter the castle via the main gate are slim, but they're not nil. If you have lots of health you can roll your way through the ballista bolts and into the main keep. Immediately go left when you enter and go up the stairs, killing the soldiers manning the ballistae. More soldiers will come for you as you do, so be ready to fight a slew of the guys. The soldier on the highest ballista is unreachable from here, but if you jump up and smack his platform he'll come down to fight you personally.

From there you just need to run like your life depends on it. Follow the path through the barricades, weaving through them, then run up the narrow set of stairs ahead and keep running. You'll come under fire by one more ballista, but the rest of the defenses past this point seem less active and easier to avoid. You want to keep going up stairs and running until you can see a Troll on a set of stairs. The boss gate is behind the Troll, as well as the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. If you can make it this far then you're golden... but you've also skipped ninety percent of Stormveil Castle. So. In short, the main gate is possible, but not recommended.

(That said, it is worth it to storm the front gates and then take a right. This will take you to a long hall full of knight statues, past which is the path to Stormhill. You can find a Boltdrake Talisman just before you reach Stormhill, and if you decide to brave the long bridge crossing and reach the teleporter you'll find the Divine Tower of Limgrave. It's no use to you yet, but... soon...)

There was a lot of stuff to collect along the main path, but the chances that you could stop and grab any of it were low. We'll get to it as we take the back route anyway.

The Side Path

Through the hole in the wall you'll find the summoning pool. This is a popular multiplayer area, so by all means participate. Otherwise, look left, grab the Golden Rune [1] from the corpse, then head right and hop onto the broken segments of wall. The body here has a Ruin Fragment. Follow the wall until it leads you to a grassy area. Jump down.

You'll come under attack by a hawk here. These things are very annoying, and should be taken out of the air swiftly. Well-aimed jump attacks or projectiles work, though you want to be facing the hawk from in front, not swinging wildly over your head. Once it's dead, take a left and hop down the ledges.

There are two more hawks down here. Kill them off and take another left. This dead end path will take you to ten Bolts. Double back and head forward, up the slope ahead. The path splits here; go left yet again. You'll see a hawk feasting on a corpse amid the greenery. If you try to ambush it you'll be ambushed yourself by two other hawks. Snipe them out of the trees or just rush in, kill the first hawk, and battle the other two. The body the hawk fed on has a Smithing Stone [3].

Heading right and following the cliff will take you to a drop. Beyond here is another summoning pool and the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace.


Stormveil Cliffside

Near the Site of Grace is a rocky path leading up to a narrow wooden walkway. If you look to the top of the walkway you'll see a soldier patrolling back and forth. This guy has a horn, and if he sees you coming he'll call two other guards out to help him. It's not a big deal to kill all three, but if you want to fight them one-at-a-time, rush him when he turns his back. On the way up the stairs you'll find a Marred Leather Shield.

If you look around the corner of the circular room at the top of the stairs you'll find a Golden Rune [2]. You'll also come under attack from above by Fire Pots, so try to snipe the nearby soldier first. Head inside the castle and there will be two servants dead ahead; kill them before they can do anything.

Next up is a series of stairs. Start by walking under the stairs. There's a soldier with a big axe skulking down here, and if you're quiet you can grab some Hookclaws out from under his nose. Catching him by surprise will also earn you a quick kill. That done, double back and go up the stairs.

There's a heap of barrels ahead, and they will all explode if hit by a Fire Pot. If you get too close two servants, one above and one in front of you, will toss Fire Pots and blow them up. Goad them into throwing Fire Pots, back off to avoid the explosions, and rush the servant straight ahead of you. Take a quick left to kill the second servant before he can throw another Fire Pot.

Ahead is a locked door. You'll need a key. Beside this door and down a small passage are five Throwing Daggers. Head back to where the second servant was standing and you can hop into a hole in the wall on your right to find ten St. Trina's Arrows. Carry on down the walkway to find some Smouldering Butterflies, though be ready to back step, as another servant ahead is ready to throw Fire Pots. Rush forward and kill him.

Take a left and up the next set of stairs. There's another servant here to kill. If you drop down from here you'll find a Golden Rune [2], as well as a spot you can leap back over to the main path. Return to the next floor and all you'll find left is a door. Pop inside...

... and be ready to fight, as a powerful knight will appear. Worse, the door closes behind you. Your first order of business is to run straight ahead and grab the Rusty Key before the knight gets you. There's a Curved Sword Talisman in a chest in the corner of the room, but the knight will probably knock you around too much to get it without killing him first. Given the close confines of this room a big shield will make this fight much easier, though rolling can work as well if your timing is good. And if you die, well, at least you got the Rusty Key.

Fall down one level to the locked door and open it up. A ladder here will take you up another level. Go right to start. You'll see a servant ahead with his back to you. You can kill him easily, though watch out for a hole in the floor ahead of you that's easy to miss. At the end of this section of floor, across a thin walkway, is a Fire Grease.

Backtrack to the thin walkway and hop across the broken floor to the door in the wall on your left. There are two guards on the wall's walkways that will bar your passage. Kill them however you like, though fighting at a range works best given the narrow pathway. Inside the next circular room you'll find a Brick Hammer, as well as a quick path back to the ladder from earlier.

Return to the ladder and take the left this time. A servant will try to rush you as you move past the wall, so roll as you emerge to avoid his attack. At the top of the next stairs is a servant staring intently at a Silver-Picked Fowl Foot. Snatch it and take the door on your left.

Ahead is a staircase up a large, nonagonal tower. Walk along the lower ledge of the structure to find a Mushroom, then head back to the stairs and go up. At the top you'll see a large room with an elevator that's patrolled by a knight. This guy's halberd is no joke, and unless you're very sure of your strength you should try to sneak by him. Go up the stairs on your right.

On the second floor of this structure you'll see an item. Carefully hop over the two gaps in the floor to retrieve the Drawstring Fire Grease, then hop back. Ahead and on your left you'll finally find reprieve in the next room, where the Rampart Tower Site of Grace is waiting. If you want to farm the knight in the tower for his Banished Knight Halberd, an excellent weapon, this is the place to do it.


Rampart Tower

Here the path splits, and you have two options for making progress. One is more treacherous than the other, though both ultimately lead to the same place. We'll take the more obvious route first.

Past the Hawks

This route takes you through the door in the Site of Grace room and out onto the ramparts, where you'll find another summoning pool. Here you'll find a path with several hawks that will pick up explosive barrels and lob them at you. Though somewhat masked by their surroundings the hawks are visible on their perches from a distance, and shooting them from afar will make your life much easier. There are four hawks in all if you go all the way down the wall, the last of which is hiding near a Smithing Stone [2].

Before you go down the nearby set of stairs, have a look at the central section of rampart. If you look down on the right side you'll see a ledge below. This leads to more ledges that will take you to a Marred Wooden Shield far below. If you continue dropping you'll wind up on a stone outcropping that breaks, dumping you safely onto a ledge with a Scarab. Quickly kill it for Ash of War: Storm Assault.

Look to your left. There's a narrow path along the rock wall that will take you to a wider area. There's a knight here, his back to you, who's looking at a Somber Smithing Stone [2]. This guy is quite powerful, and can make mincemeat of you. Before you try to take him on, continue up the path ahead. You'll find the bottom of the octagonal tower, complete with an elevator that will take you back to the Site of Grace. If you don't feel up to fighting the knight you can send the elevator up, lure him into this room, and goad him into falling down into the pit. Regardless of how you beat the knight you'll earn Aspects of the Crucible: Horns when he dies.

Back to the ramparts. Go down the stairs you ignored before and you'll wind up on a roof. Grab the Golden Rune [2] from the body here, then check out the next building over. This is a chapel, and you can get down and into it multiple ways - though the most lucrative is to drop onto the lower roof and go through the window, as there are five Kukris on a body down here.

Inside the prayer hall of the chapel you'll find Sorcerer Rogier, a friendly NPC who may have helped you defeat Margit, the Fell Omen. Rogier has a quest for you, and if you speak to him here he'll jump to Roundtable Hold once you complete this area. He'll also sell you several Ashes of War that work well with magical builds.

Outside the chapel are two servants, and a knight and soldier patrol nearby. Kill the servants before the patrol shows up, then kill the soldier, then take on the knight. Fighting all four simultaneously is a bad idea. Down the path beyond this group is a room with a Golden Rune [2].

The next room over is multi-level, and there's a Grafted Scion patrolling the lower level. Take a left to start and kill the soldier that's loitering against the far well. Take a right and follow the path outside, ignoring the Scion for the moment. There's another room ahead, but ignore that too and hop over the wall on your right. You'll find a soldier overlooking the far wall, and there's a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot on a corpse to his right. To his left is a set of stairs.

Go up the stairs and you'll come to a line of windows overlooking a dining hall. Ignore these and walk to the end of the path, where you'll find a ladder to the roof. Check the left side of the roof for a gap in the masonry where you can drop down and kill a soldier. There are two doorways here, one closed and one not, and the closed one has another soldier to kill behind it.

This soldier is overlooking a pit full of bodies. If you drop down into it you'll find a pair of hounds, one of which you can likely kill by attacking as you fall. Kill the other, then check the bodies for a Lump of Flesh, a Golden Rune [1], and a Chrysalids' Memento. This last is a key item necessary for Roderika, the resident Spirit Tuner of Roundtable Hold. This room is connected to the Scion's chamber, so be prepared to deal with it if you jump down here.

Check the open door first. You'll find a platform overlooking the Scion's chamber, and there's a soldier up here. Kill him to get at a chest containing a Pickled Turtle Neck and a body with a Stonesword Key. Next check the closed door. It leads to a ramp down to the Scion's room, as well as a back door into the study you passed before. From here you can easily check the chest on the raised dais for a Mimic's Veil without alerting the knight that's patrolling.

On to the Scion's room. You can fight this thing if you wish - and win, as you're much stronger than the first time you fought one - but sneaking is wiser if you want to be thorough. Beneath the platform from the study above is a small kitchen with an Exalted Flesh to grab. In the middle of the room, beneath a huge painting, is a Highland Axe. You'll probably have to rush out and grab it to avoid the Scion. It can't follow you through narrow doorways so you're safe to grab it.

Before you go back outside, return to the Scion's room and rush straight through it. You'll find Staunching Boluses on your left as you run, and through the door opposite the wall with the painting is an elevator. This will take you back to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, in case you need it.

To the right of the elevator is the room with all of the bodies. To the left is a gloomy chamber containing a Somber Smithing Stone [2] and a fog door that requires a Stonesword Key. If you go through the fog you'll find an armory guarded by two soldiers with huge axes. Quickly dispatch them before they can get up and fight. The armory contains an Iron Whetblade, a Hawk Crest Wooden Shield, and a Miséricorde. There's also a door outside, though it leads to a very narrow platform with a soldier and naught else but empty air.

Back to the Scion's room. If you take a left from the elevator past the painting you'll find another large room that leads outside. There's a side passage here leading you to the second floor of this room where a servant waits to ambush you from above. Kill him, then check the walkway's opposite end for ten Arrows. Drop down and go out the door.

You'll immediately be faced by a wall of blockades and soldiers, and arrows will fly towards you. Retreat back into the room and lure the soldiers with swords in to fight you. Once they're dead, wait for the soldiers with crossbows to wander out and kill them too. With them gone you just need to deal with the soldiers manning the flamethrowers, which is far less daunting than it sounds, as well as any soldiers loitering on the edges of the blockades.

That does it for this path through the area. The alternative path from Rampart Tower winds up here as well, so we'll jump there and climb some rooftops.


Up the Stairs

If you decide not to go the route with the hawks from Rampart Tower you'll need to continue climbing the nonagonal tower. On the top floor, up the stairs near the central elevator, you'll find a soldier near a doorway and another one at your back, firing arrows. Kill the first, use the elevator pulley system to climb to the other end of the room, and kill the second. You'll find five Throwing Daggers over here.

Head back to the main path and follow the darkened passages of the tower out to the ramparts. The next open area has a ton of soldiers, and a soldier up on a platform will use his horn to alert them all to your presence. Kill him at a distance or sneak up to him if you want to avoid being mobbed. Once he's gone you can wander the area and kill the other five at your leisure. Grab the Golden Rune [2] from the horn blower's platform before you leave.

Now comes the perilous part. You need to jump from building to building in order to progress, and if you miss your jump you may or may not land somewhere safe. (Usually not.) Climb the pile of sandbags against the ramparts and hop to the right building from the door. You can then hop to the next tower over and drop through the top floor, gaining access to a room containing a Stonesword Key.

There's an item ahead and down on a much larger rooftop, but it's guarded by a particularly nasty hooded hawk. You'll need to battle it normally if you just drop onto the roof, but if you get it at the right angle you can fall out of the tower with the Stonesword Key and perform a plunging attack on its skull. This will throw it off balance and allow you to finish it off. This fight is harsh if you don't get the drop on the hawk, so you may want to just run to the other end of the roof, grab the Dozing Cross-Legged Gesture, and hightail it to the next roof over.

Cross the short connecting rooftop section and you'll be on another rooftop. If you go down from the other side of the roof you can get to the courtyard where we left off in the previous section, as well as the chapel. Prepare to climb before that, however. You can hop up a broken piece of stone on this roof and climb to a small open area with a lounging soldier. There are three more soldiers hiding out of sight, so be ready to fight if you enter this area. You can climb a ladder here to find a tower rooftop cluttered with eagles and containing a Claw Talisman.

Drop down to the lower levels of this section of the castle. You'll find yourself behind a knight and a soldier. Kill them off, then cross the bridge ahead. There are more soldiers to kill on the other side, as well as the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [10]. There's a ladder on your right that leads to two more soldiers and another bridge.

Across the bridge you'll see another knight. It looks like a fair battle, except there's a different, much more difficult knight waiting just to your right when you cross the bridge. You normally don't fight these enemies until much later in the game. If you want to fight it out, draw the visible knight across the bridge with ranged weapons, then run across and engage the hidden knight. The pair are protecting three Festering Bloody Fingers.

There's a ladder at the end of this section of the castle that leads to a winding walkway around the building, over to another ladder. You'll find ten Arrows along the way. The ladder leads to a Golden Rune [4], as well as a fog gate you can't open from this side. If you jump down to the lower ground you'll be at the front gate of the castle again.


The Courtyard

Regardless of how you got there, you'll now be in a sizable courtyard in the middle of Stormveil Castle. If you came through the castle you'll be facing a bunch of soldiers head on; if not you can catch them from behind. You should kill all of them regardless, and it's not nearly as difficult to kill them from head on as it sounds. Take them one-at-a-time, stay away from the fronts of the siege weapons, and lure those that will move into secluded areas.

There are a bunch of bodies to check once you've killed the soldiers. You'll find the following in this area:

  • A Golden Rune [1]
  • Two Golden Runes [2]
  • A Golden Rune [4]
  • Magic Grease
  • A Pike
  • Five Smouldering Butterflies
  • Twelve Fire Arrows in one of the two wooden structures on the sides of the courtyard
  • A Wooden Greatshield in the other wooden structure
  • Five Kukris down the path to the front gate
  • A "Prophecy" Painting in a small room to the left of the northern stairs

If you check the south side of the courtyard, near the door that leads to the Grafted Scion, you can find an underground route. Beyond you'll find a group of rats, a Fireproof Dried Liver, and a Stonesword Key statue. Beyond the fog gate are two chests, one containing a Godslayer's Seal and the other a Godskin Prayerbook, and the passage to the fog gate we previously couldn't pass. Now you can.

Head back to the courtyard and walk towards the stairs in the north. Just before you reach the stairs you'll see something gleaming in a statue on your left, and a hulking ogre and its hound comrade will attack you if you approach the statue. At first glance it seems like the ogre can break the statue with its attacks, but not so. Kill your enemies and grab the Furlcalling Finger Remedy off of the stairs ahead.

To the left of the stairs is welcome respite in the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace. Activate it before you move on.


Liftside Chamber

From here the path splits in two again, and you have the choice of a frontal attack - less dangerous this time, though still risky - and a side path that's quite simple. First, though, we have a secret third path to check out, the most dangerous of the three.

The Secret Path

Leave the Liftside Chamber room and take two immediate rights. You'll be looking down an alley with a Smithing Stone [1] and a chasm at the end. This seems like the end of the road... until you look down. You'll see a ledge to drop onto, albeit by taking some damage, and a broken buttress below that. There's a Smithing Stone [2] on the buttress.

Beyond the buttress are several platforms to jump onto. Grab the Golden Rune [2] at the bottom, then head down the slope. This rubble-strewn ramp is populated by rats, including one giant rat. Kill them all, then pick your way through the ruins. There are three Poisonbloom to pick up, and a Scarab has the Rancorcall Sorcery. Pretty soon you'll wind up staring at a lengthy, open, conspicuous passage filled with vines...

... and if you jump down into it an Ulcerating Tree Spirit will burst out of the ground and attack you. Stick to the sides of the arena to avoid the Tree Spirit's explosive entrance. Fighting these things is always a pain, as they're essentially bosses, though if you run to the far end of this area you'll find a giant face to fight on that seems to mess with the Tree Spirit's AI at times. It may pause its attacks entirely if you're lucky, and if not it still doesn't seem capable of targeting you properly on uneven terrain. You'll get a Golden Seed for killing the Tree Spirit.

Check the ground in the Tree Spirit's arena for a Stonesword Key, three Smouldering Butterflies, and a handful of Throwing Daggers, then check out a body near the face for a Prince of Death's Pustule. There's also a blood stain beside the face, near the Pustule, that is part of Sorcerer Rogier's quest line. Check it before you leave.

If you go up the ladder opposite the face you'll wind up in an earlier chamber with a fog door you could unlock. You can safely ignore this and jump right back to the Site of Grace if you've already unlocked the two fog doors in the area.

The Main Path

Return to the courtyard and take a left. There's a summoning pool ahead, and beyond that some stairs guarded by a hawk. This is another of those hooded, fire-breathing hawks, so you should lure it down and fight it alone if you don't plan to run right through here. A second hooded hawk awaits a bit further up as well, and an archer will likely come down and help them.

Once all three are dead, take a left and go up the stairs beside you. There's a Smithing Stone [2] at the end of the ramparts, guarded by one lazy soldier. Head back to the main path and weave through the barricades to find a Golden Rune [2] beside some barrels, and beyond that a smaller courtyard. If you take an immediate right here you'll find a small side room, within which is Nephelia Loux, a friendly NPC. Exhaust her dialogue and she will help you with the area boss as a summon. Grab the Smithing Stone [1] in the corner before you leave.

Check the golden tree in the corner of the courtyard for a Golden Seed, then look down the final path of the area. There are two soldiers and a Troll ahead, guarding the last two staircases. Look on your right for an alleyway containing a Smithing Stone [2], then bolt past the soldiers and the Troll before they can rise and challenge you. The boss fog is straight ahead, and beside it is a room with the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. You've made it!

(Side note: This Troll can break the gleaming statue you saw in the courtyard. Lure it over and its attacks will smash the statue, leaving behind five Smithing Stones [1] and a Smithing Stone [2]. Not bad.)

The Side Path

The Liftside Chamber also has another, much less risky path you can take to Secluded Cell. Hop on the elevator just off the side of the room and you'll be taken to an upper level. Through the next door you'll find a gaggle of Living Pots on your left - watch out for the big one in the back - as well as two Cracked Pots. Grab the Pots quickly and run for it if you don't plan to fight.

The path ahead is a broken downward slope, and at the bottom you'll find a Scarab holding the Stormcaller Ash of War. Before going down, check the left side of the upper floor for eight Kukris. When you drop down you'll find the summoning pool, and straight ahead is the Secluded Cell Site of Grace and the boss fog. Much easier.

All done? Not quite. If you hop from the spot where you got the Kukris you can land on the decorative ledge on the wall. Follow this to a pair of windows on the right side of the area. Go through to find a landing and a torchlit door on your right. If you go down into the open area you'll see a hawk and one of the draconic knights feasting on something. Quickly kill the hawk, then duel and defeat the knight. There are three Lumps of Flesh beside them.

Go back up and through the torchlit door. You'll wind up a level about the spot with the Living Pots. On your right is a precarious jump that will take you to a Smithing Stone [2]. To the left you can climb rubble to several broken rooms containing a Golden Rune [2] and a Smithing Stone [1]. Through the next door you'll find a large granary filled with servants who will do their best to stop you. They do little damage but can be dangerous in groups. Collect the Manor Towershield from the sack on the lowest level.

Go outside. There's a Smithing Stone [3] on a corpse and a message from Rogier that serves as a heavy hint. Look to the left for a chunk of rock you can fall onto, then keep falling until you're back on stonework. A corpse at the bottom has a Golden Rune [5], and a corpse through the next door has five Rainbow Stones. From here you can unlock the conspicuously-locked door in the room with the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace.

All done? Still no. Go back out the previously locked door. You'll see that you can hop along broken buttresses and platforms to reach an item. There's a giant bat guarding the Arteria Leaf, so smack it when it drops down in front of you. Drop down into the room underneath the platforms and you'll find two more giant bats, as well as a less painful path down into the area with the Ulcerating Tree Spirit.

All done? Yes, now we're all done. At last. Time to fight the boss.


Godrick the Grafted

The big bad of Stormveil Castle, Godrick the Grafted is quite the menace. He has a big axe and a lot of different attacks, many of which can hit you from a surprising distance. He also changes significantly in his second phase, and if you're not ready for the change Godrick can really catch you flat-footed. He's beatable, of course, but you'll need some practice... or maybe just some help.

Here are some tips for defeating Godrick:

  • Don't roll too early. Godrick's attacks tend to have a little bit of lag time before they go through, and if you roll out of the way too quickly he'll smack you regardless. Wait about a second on the average attack before you dodge.
  • Don't get greedy. You can hit Godrick two or three times per assault, depending on the speed of your weapon and how distracted he is. After that you should back off and wait for Godrick's next attack, which really won't take long.
  • Immediately scurry away if Godrick raises his axe to pound the ground. He's going to generate a small earthquake, and you'll take serious damage if you're too close. You should react similarly if he summons wind, though the damage you'll take isn't so bad.
  • Along that vein, watch out when Godrick summons winds. He'll follow up with one of two attacks: Either he'll perform a series of cartwheels towards you and try to crack your skull open, or he'll launch two windy projectiles that move quickly, one after the other. Be ready for either attack.
  • When Godrick starts to yell and hits himself, immediately launch into an offensive. He's about to switch to his second phase, and so long as you aren't standing in front of him you'll get a number of free attacks. This will, hopefully, make his second phase shorter.
  • Watch out for fire. Godrick can breathe fire in his second phase, and it can really put a damper on your day. If he's aiming away from you this is a free hit; otherwise, move around him constantly until he stops spewing flames. Depending on your placement you can jump right over the fire.
  • Get help. Godrick's boss fog is a busy place for summons, and if you spoke to her earlier Nepheli Loux will aid you in this fight. Spirit Ashes also do well, so long as you use one stronger ash rather than a lot of weaker ones. Forcing Godrick to split his attention really helps.

Defeating Godrick the Grafted will earn you 20,000 Runes, Godrick's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of Godrick the Grafted. You'll also open the path to Godrick's throne room, which itself leads to Liurnia of the Lakes, the next major area. Make sure to grab the Shabriri Grape from the corpse on your way out of Stormveil Castle.