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Guide to Umbral Ashes in "Dark Souls III"

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All images copyright by FromSoftware.

All images copyright by FromSoftware.

The Shrine Handmaid is one of the key NPCs you'll visit in Dark Souls III's Firelink Shrine. An NPC who will sell you items and purchase your unwanted goods, the Shrine Handmaid's close proximity to the Fire Keeper is handy for scrounging up Souls to purchase your next level. Her on-hand goods seem less important, and they won't be all that useful as you progress through the game...

... or at least, that's true for a while. In truth, though, the Shrine Handmaid's stock can be expanded by defeating specific enemies and handing over Umbral Ashes. The enemies you'll doubtlessly run across while playing the game, but the Umbral Ashes are a little more wily. Appearing as normal items, each set of Umbral Ashes you give the Shrine Handmaid will expand your purchasing options, ultimately making her the best merchant in all of Dark Souls III.

There are two ways to get Umbral Ashes. We'll start with the Ashes you'll find by exploring the many areas of Dark Souls III.

Mortician's Ashes

The first set of Ashes you'll find are the Mortician's Ashes. These are hidden in the graveyard just beyond the Dilapidated Bridge in the Undead Settlement. Make your way through the graveyard, past the horde of farmer Hollows and the massive arrows, then take a left and up onto the hill covered in graves. Walk back along the hill towards the entrance to this area and you'll see the Mortician's Ashes behind a tree.

The Mortician's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Charcoal Pine Resin
  • Charcoal Pine Bundle
  • Grave Key (opens the locked door in the Undead Settlement's sewer)

Paladin's Ashes

Depending on which path you take after the Undead Settlement, you may come across the Paladin's Ashes next. These are located by the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire, before you enter the Cathedral grounds. Upon warping to the bonfire, check to the left to find a small, sloped dirt path. The Paladin's Ashes are at the end of the path, guarded by a hostile NPC. This guy likes swift attacks, and he will hurl knives at you if you try to remain at a distance.

The Paladin's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Undead Hunter Charm
  • Duel Charm
  • Morning Star
  • Crescent Axe
  • Canvas Talisman
  • Lloyd's Shield Ring

Dreamchaser's Ashes

Either the second or third Umbral Ashes you can find, the Dreamchaser's Ashes are found in the tower in Farron Keep, a short walk through the swamp from the Keep Ruins bonfire. At the top of the ladder on the tower you'll find the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire. Before you enter the tower to access the bonfire and the elevator beyond, take a right from the ladder and walk along the edge of the tower. At the top of some stairs there is an illusory wall hiding a passage back into the tower. Smack it to find the Dreamchaser's Ashes.

The Dreamchaser's Ashes are unique in that they trigger extra dialogue from the Shrine Handmaid. She'll ask to know where you got them; either answer is fine, and will endear Sirris to your character, opening up further interactions down the road.

Despite what the Shrine Handmaid says, the Dreamchaser's Ashes unlock new items for sale:

  • Hidden Blessing
  • Green Blossom
  • Black Bug Pellet
  • Gold Pine Resin
  • Gold Pine Bundle
  • Rotten Pine Resin
  • Titanite Shards
  • Composite Bow
  • Feather Arrow
  • Life Ring

Grave Warden's Ashes

Next are the Grave Warden's Ashes. Jump to the Catacombs of Carthus bonfire in the dungeon of the same name, halfway through the area. Head out into the hallway with the rolling skeleton ball and go down the stairs on your left when it's safe. Take another left and down the larger passage. Near the Carthus Swordsman skulking in the area is an illusory wall on your right that you can bash. This leads one level up where another Swordsman is waiting. Destroy the skeleton, then look nearby for the Grave Warden's Ashes.

The Grave Warden's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Yellow Bug Pellet
  • Kukri
  • Carthus Rouge
  • Titanite Shards

Excrement-Covered Ashes

Delightful name. The next set of Umbral Ashes is located in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Jump to the Distant Manor bonfire, then head into the sewers beneath the city that are crawling with Sewer Centipedes. In the rear of this small area are stairs into a kitchen. Before heading into the kitchen, check to your left to see a small, dead-end corridor where the Excrement-Covered Ashes are waiting.

The Excrement-Covered Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Blue Bug Pellet
  • Blooming Purple Moss Clump
  • Dung Pile

Easterner's Ashes

Also in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, the Easterner's Ashes are located on the rooftops leading to Anor Londo. After enduring the courtyard with the giants and the fire-slinging priests you'll wind up on large columns with thin stone paths that lead onto the adjacent building. Walk as far along these columns as you can before crossing over. The last stone support you cross runs over a set of stairs. Leap off and you'll find the Easterner's Ashes at the bottom of the stairs. This area is filled with Silver Knights, so grab the Ashes quick before they skewer you.

The Easterner's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Large Titanite Shard
  • Washing Pole
  • Dark Arrow
  • Onislayer Greatarrow
  • Eastern Armor Set
  • Eastern Shield

Prisoner Chief's Ashes

The Prisoner Chief's Ashes are located in Irithyll Dungeon, near the beginning of the area. To reach them all you need do is jump to the first bonfire, take a right into the dungeon, run down the first hallway until you see stairs on your right, go down, and pop open the cell at the bottom. The Ashes are inside...

... but first you'll need the Jailer's Key Ring to open the cell, which requires more legwork. Make your way through Irithyll Dungeon until you reach the Profaned Capital bonfire. Descend from the bonfire and use a crack in the wall on the base level of the tower to get down to the swamp at the bottom of this area. On the other side of the swamp, near a torch, is a ladder. Climb the ladder, take a left, skirt around the edge of the building you're on, and keep climbing stairs until you reenter Irithyll Dungeon. Take a left through a curved hallway and you'll eventually come to the Jailer's Key Ring.

The Prisoner Chief's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Rime-Blue Moss Clump
  • Pale Pine Resin
  • Karla's Set

Xanthous Ashes

Also located in Irithyll Dungeon, the Xanthous Ashes are found in a jail cell just before you reach the Profaned Capital. Jump to the Profaned Capital bonfire and head back into Irithyll Dungeon. Take a right in the area filled with roaming Jailers and check the nearest jail cell. One of the bodies inside has the Xanthous Ashes. The Jailers can corner you in this room, so if you're coming from a different direction it's wise to either kill a bunch of them or lead them elsewhere first.

The Xanthous Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Xanthous Set
  • Gold Pine Resin
  • Gold Pine Bundle
  • Young White Branch

Captain's Ashes

Available only if you have the Painted World of Ariandel DLC installed, the Captain's Ashes are found in a broken village patrolled by Millwood Knights. Proceed through the area until you're being chased by wolves. They will force you towards the village before giving up. Once in the village, head past the broken homes and towards the large tower on a hill. Up a spiral staircase, past a Millwood Knight, and up several ladders you'll find the roof. The Captain's Ashes are sitting on a corpse at the end of a precarious plank of wood.

The Captain's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Millwood Set
  • Millwood Greatarrow

Dragon Chaser's Ashes

Unsurprisingly, the Dragon Chaser's Ashes are located on Archdragon Peak. Make your way to the Great Belfry bonfire. Nearby is a passage to an open courtyard full of archways and patrolled by Serpent-Men. Hug the left wall as you head through the courtyard and you'll find a small pathway that snakes around the outside of the far building. You'll find the Dragon Chaser's Ashes just past a Rock Lizard.

The Dragon Chaser's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Mossfruit
  • Titanite Chunk
  • Twinkling Titanite
  • Titanite Scale

Murder Most Foul

The remaining Umbral Ashes require you to be a little more cutthroat. It is possible to kill almost every NPC in Dark Souls III, and the NPCs that are merchants will typically drop Umbral Ashes. You can give these to the Shrine Handmaid to add their items to her stores. There are a few exceptions where you can get these Ashes without outright murdering their NPC, but most of the time you need to go a-killing.

Be warned! Most of the NPCs will not take kindly to being murdered, and they will fight back. NPCs are on average tougher than normal enemies, and they can kick your butt if you come at them unprepared.


Greirat's Ashes

The little thief of the High Wall of Lothric is your first potential victim. You'll find him in a jail cell in the High Wall, requiring the Cell Key from that same area to open. You can kill him here or in Firelink Shrine, and he's not that tough compared to the other NPCs.

You can also have Greirat get himself killed. Once you give him Loretta's Bone from the Undead Settlement Greirat will offer to go scavenging for items to expand his stock. If you send him to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley without ensuring that Siegward of Catarina is also visiting the area you'll find Greirat's Ashes, surrounded by Sewer Centipedes, in the sewers. Alternately, if you don't get Siegward's armor from Patches, you can tell him to go save Greirat... so just... don't do that. Last, if you send Greirat to Lothric Castle, you'll find his corpse on the rooftops of the Grand Archives.

Greirat's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Bloodred Moss Clump
  • Throwing Knife
  • Rope Firebomb
  • Bandit's Knife
  • Longsword
  • Bastard Sword
  • Mace
  • Spear
  • Light Crossbow
  • Buckler
  • Elkhorn Round Shield
  • Round Shield
  • Kite Shield
  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Boots
  • Standard Helm
  • Hard Leather Armor Set
  • Chain Helm
  • Chain Armor
  • Thief Mask
  • Fire Arrow
  • Standard Bolt

Hollow's Ashes

The Hollow's Ashes are found in one of two ways. The first is to reach the alternate version of Firelink Shrine that's found past Untended Graves, within a secret wall after the final boss of the Consumed King's Garden. Check the small side room where Yoel of Londor is normally found and you'll find the Ashes. The second way is to simply kill Yoel of Londor. He won't fight back, so it's an easy win.

The Hollow's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Purging Stone
  • Poison Throwing Knife
  • Ring of Sacrifice x3

Cornyx's Ashes

Cornyx of the Great Swamp is found in a jail cell in the Undead Settlement, atop a building near the Cliff Underside bonfire. You'll need to drop off a cliff near a bunch of explosive barrels to get to the bonfire, then get onto the rooftops via the bonfire's exit. Once Cornyx is at Firelink Shrine you can kill him. Despite looking harmless Cornyx can do a lot of damage with his Pyromancies, so stick close and smack him around before he can do much casting.

Cornyx's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Fireball Pyromancy
  • Fire Surge Pyromancy
  • Great Combustion Pyromancy
  • Poison Mist Pyromancy
  • Flash Sweat Pyromancy
  • Pyromancer Set

Irina's Ashes

The woeful, spiritual Miracle supplier of Firelink Shrine, Irina is first found in the Undead Settlement. You'll need the Grave Key from the Shrine Handmaid to unlock the sewer path that leads to Irina's cell. You can kill her here or at Firelink. She won't fight back...

... though killing Irina will tick off her defender Eygon, and though he's slow he's no pushover. Be prepared for him to come for you in Firelink Shrine if you kill his charge.

Irina's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Heal Miracle
  • Caressing Tears Miracle
  • Homeward Miracle
  • Replenishment Miracle
  • Saint's Ring

Orbeck's Ashes

The mage of the Crucifixion Woods, Orbeck can be killed where you first find up, in his secret study just above the final approach to the Crystal Mage, or back in Firelink Shrine. He uses his Sorceries to fight, though his dual-wielding a knife causes him to make some dumb choices that often make this one of the easier fights.

You can also gain Orbeck's Ashes by finding all of the Scrolls in the game and giving them to Orbeck. He will then depart Firelink Shrine, and you'll find his Ashes on the upper level of the Grand Archives, shortly after leaving the rooftops.

Orbeck's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Great Soul Arrow Sorcery
  • Heavy Soul Arrow Sorcery
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow Sorcery
  • Soul Greatsword Sorcery
  • Farron Flashsword Sorcery
  • Magic Weapon Sorcery
  • Magic Shield Sorcery
  • Spook Sorcery
  • Aural Decoy Sorcery

Patches' Ashes

The resident rogue of the Souls series, Patches is the NPC players will be most tempted to kill on their first playthrough thanks to his trickery. You can either encounter him while accessing the bell tower in Firelink Shrine, at which point he'll lock you in and force you to jump back down, or in the Cathedral of the Deep, where he'll steal Siegward's Armor and trick you into getting on a moving column, after which he'll lower you down into a fight with a giant. You'll find him up a flight of stairs from the entrance of Firelink either way. You can kill him in Firelink or the Cathedral.

Depending on when you fight Patches, you either be facing a turtling spear-wielder or a heavily-armoured swordsman with Siegward's moveset. Both fights are reasonably tough, though Patches will go down a bit easier if you're fighting him after he removes Siegward's armour.

Patches' Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Red Bug Pellet
  • Black Firebomb
  • Rope Black Firebomb
  • Human Pine Resin
  • Alluring Skull
  • Rusted Coin
  • Rubbish
  • Parrying Dagger
  • Shotel
  • Winged Spear
  • Poison Arrow
  • Black Leather Set

Yuria's Ashes

A mystery NPC who is crucial to a few questlines, Yuria of Londor is tied to Yoel of Londor. She won't show up in Firelink Shrine until Yoel is dead, after you enter the Catacombs of Carthus - though even then Yuria won't appear unless you chose the 'Draw Out True Strength' option with Yoel five times. You'll trigger these stat boosts by dying. Becoming sufficiently Hollowed will change Yoel's dialogue, and after he dies you'll find Yuria watching over his corpse. You can then fight her. She's not too tough.

Yuria's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Purging Stone
  • Poison Throwing Knife
  • Londor Braille Divine Tome
  • Dark Hand
  • Untrue Dark Ring
  • Untrue White Ring
  • Ring of Sacrifice

Karla's Ashes

An all-purpose magic user trapped in Irithyll Dungeon, Karla is found in the room patrolled by Jailers just before you arrive at the Profaned Capital. She is locked up, however, and you'll need the Jailer's Key Ring to open her cell. Consult the instructions in the Prisoner Chief's Ashes section above to get the Key Ring. Killing Karla here or in Firelink will earn you the Ashes.

Karla's stock depends on the Tomes you've brought her, and these will carry over to the Shrine Handmaid. Karla's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid besides any spells she possessed:

  • Affinity Sorcery
  • Dark Edge Sorcery

Old Woman's Ashes

An old pilgrim, identical in appearance to Yoel of Londor, who watches over the Ringed City in the DLC of the same name. You'll meet her near the Dreg Heap bonfire, just before you enter the Ringed City itself. You can get the Old Woman's Ashes immediately if you kill her before leaving; alternately, you'll find the Old Woman's Ashes in this same spot if you complete the DLC and come back.

The Old Woman's Ashes add the following items to the Shrine Handmaid:

  • Rusted Coin
  • Splitleaf Greatsword
  • Divine Blessing x1
  • Hidden Blessing x1
  • Ember x5
  • Rusted Gold Coin x3