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Guide to Volcano Manor in "Elden Ring"

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This is a grim place full of people who seem to have noble intentions. The keyword is seem. Volcano Manor is one of several optional Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring, and it's one of the most interesting. It's the only place that you can by and large entirely skip yet still fight the final boss, assuming you're willing to set your scruples aside and kill some people. And hey, given that we're talking Elden Ring here, a bit of horrible video game murder is always in the cards.

(Don't read too much into that statement.)

This guide will take you through Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. It's a later-game dungeon, but you can enter it pretty early on - and there's plenty of good stuff to be had at the manor even if you decide not to attempt the dungeon.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor is somewhat unusual among Elden Ring's dungeons in that there are three ways to reach it, though only one involves a minimum of travel. Your potential methods are as follows:

  • Receive an invitation from Rya. Rya is a servant of Volcano Manor, and you can find her in a small pavilion in the south of Liurnia of the Lakes. She's missing a necklace, and if you return it to her by bribing or killing the thief she'll give you a Volcano Manor Invitation. Proceed to the Altus Plateau and you'll find Rya near either the Grand Lift of Dectus or the Lux Ruins, depending on how you got up to the region. Talk to her and she'll teleport you directly to Volcano Manor.
  • Be teleported via Iron Virgin. If you make your way through Patches' questline he'll eventually share a story about an Iron Virgin that will shunt people to the Erdtree if they allow themselves to be stuffed inside its body. The Iron Virgin is at the bottom of the massive lift about a third of the way through the Academy of Raya Lucaria. It will instead send you to a side area of Volcano Manor, and when you emerge from said area you'll be on the Altus Plateau, on the path to the manor.
  • Walk. Just... walk. Make your way to Erdtree-Gazing Hill on the Altus Plateau and you'll be just downhill from an entrance to Mt. Gelmir, just beyond the Wyndham Ruins. This will take you to the spot where you drop down after being teleported into Volcano Manor's back entrance.

Those who opt for the latter two methods will need to walk the rest of the path up to Volcano Manor. Follow the canyon west until you reach Fort Laiedd, then take a left into the lava fields behind it. Go around the lava pool with the Magma Wyrm in it and follow the slowly spiraling path up the side of the mountain, through the Hermit Village and past Demi-Human Queen Maggie.

Keep traveling until you reach a cliff with a Grafted Scion at its base, then start climbing ladders until you reach the top. Cross a bridge to the south of the ruined military encampment up here to find the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace. There's a Spirit Spring here that you can use to launch yourself up onto the battle arena of the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast. To your right is a spiky ledge that will drop you down to the grounds of Volcano Manor. Gallop past the Troll at the front to gain easy entrance.


Volcano Manor

Once inside, speak to Lady Tanith. She's sitting near the Volcano Manor Site of Grace. If you came here via Rya, she'll recognize you and offer you a place among the 'family' of Volcano Manor; otherwise she won't know you, but will still offer you a place among them. Accept in either case and she'll give you the Drawing-Room Key.

You'll soon have a decision to make, but first you should have a look around the manor a bit. Start by looking upstairs. You'll find a huge banquet hall, at the end of which is a Smithing Stone [6]. Grab the Smithing Stone and an invader called Inquisitor Giza will appear and attack you. He hits very hard with his peculiar weapon, but his swings are a little on the slow side. You'll receive Giza's Wheel for defeating the Inquisitor.

Head back to the lower floor and check the hallway of doors on your left from the Site of Grace. You can open four of the five doors in this hallway with the Drawing-Room Key.

  • The first door on your right leads to a bedroom. There's a body in here with a Perfume Bottle on it. If you touch the wall beside the body you'll open a secret passage. This leads to the bulk of Volcano Manor's sizable dungeon.
  • The second door on the right leads to an empty room. This room is Rya's, though she won't move here unless you're progressing her questline.
  • The two open doors on the left lead to the same long hallway. Here you'll find Rya, and can perform more tasks for her; Knight Bernhal, who chastises you for being in the manor despite being here himself; and, if you've been following his questline, Diallos. You'll also find a Letter from Volcano Manor and a Recusant Finger on the dining table.

More can happen in the manor, though first you need to make a choice. To proceed through this area and reach its boss you'll either need to complete tasks for Tanith or go through the dungeon. Which will it be? We'll explore both options in this article, though first we'll go through Tanith.


Assassination Quests

If you speak to Tanith she'll tell you that the letter in the drawing room contains a target for you to assassinate on behalf of Volcano Manor. You'll need to complete three of these killings for Tanith, each in different parts of the world. Check the letters you receive via the Info tab in your inventory to see the names of your targets. This will generate a red mark on the map, indicating where you can find the target. The targets are as follows:

  • Old Knight Istvan. Istvan's invasion sign is found just north of the Warmaster's Shack Site of Grace in Limgrave, near a large coliseum. Istvan fights with a large greatsword, and can use a gravity attack to pull you towards him. You'll earn the Scaled Set for killing Istvan, and Tanith will give you the Magma Shot Incantation when you speak to her.
  • Rileigh the Idle. Rileigh's invasion sign is found along the forested path to the Shaded Castle in the north of the Altus Plateau. Jump to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace and ride north through the valley beside it. You'll find the sign just before you can see the Shaded Castle in the distance. Rileigh is a powerful fighter with a dagger and a crossbow, and his hits will build up Scarlet Rot. Avoid getting into a back-and-forth with him. You'll receive Crepus's Vial and twenty Black-Key Bolts for killing Rileigh, and Tanith will give you the Serpentbone Blade when you speak to her.
  • Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood. Juno's invasion sign is found on the Mountaintops of the Giants, meaning that you must get through Leyndell before you can fight him. Proceed north through the region until you reach a long, frozen ravine. Normally you would head east; head west instead. Juno's sign is underneath a bridge, near a battle between monsters. Juno is a swift, deadly fighter who will try to slice you to death with his barbed whips while avoiding attacks with Sidestep. It's tough to get a bead on him, but he gets thrown off his game easily once you get in a solid attack. You'll receive Hoslow's Petal Whip and the Hoslow Set for killing Juno, and Tanith will give you the Taker's Cameo when you speak to her.

Each time you complete a mark, check the drawing room again for another letter.

Once you've completed the hunt for Istvan you'll unlock some new interactions in Volcano Manor. A fallen knight in the hallway will share a secret about Praetor Rykard, and if you speak to Bernahl he will offer to sell you a wide variety of Ashes of War. You can progress storylines for a few NPCs in the manor by continuing to complete assassinations for Tanith, just so long as you don't defeat the boss of Volcano Manor.

Once you've killed Tanith's three targets Tanith will offer to let you see the lord of Volcano Manor. Agree and she will send you to a small chamber just before the boss fog, where you'll find the Audience Pathway Site of Grace. If you enter the fog you'll be facing off against one of Elden Ring's Demi-Gods.

... but we have a dungeon to complete first, so we'll go look at that instead. The dungeon will, eventually, bring you to this same spot.


Prison Town Church

Activate the summoning pool outside the church, then look around. If you go left from the exit of Prison Town Church you'll find a chasm you can't cross just yet, so take a right. Ahead you'll see a Man-Serpent. These things are fairly tough, so try to ambush it before it notices you. You'll see plenty of Serpent-Men wandering around Volcano Manor.

The path splits here, and you can either walk down the road on your right or jump onto the roofs on your left. Sticking to the roofs can make the roads safer, so we'll go that direction - though first, go a short ways to the right, down the road, and past some hounds and a poison-lobbing peasant you'll find a small alley containing a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Don't go any further down this road yet or you're in for a bad time.

Return to the intersection and jump onto the rooftops. Ahead you'll see a Serpent-Man near a chimney. There's a peasant sitting on the rooftop on your left as you approach the Serpent-Man, and he'll get up and lob poison at you if you attack the Serpent-Man first. Kill them both. Leap to an adjacent roof and you'll find another peasant who will fling poison at you if you're on the ground. Take him out too.

(If you peer down into the small courtyard between all these buildings you'll see a rooftop with a Smithing Stone [5] on it. Given where you are now you can hop down and grab the item, though this will force you to get down to street level. Come back to this spot after you've cleared this cluster of buildings to find a safe path to the next area of Volcano Manor.)

Drop down one level. There's a bridge between two rooftops below you, and several peasants are guarding it, including one on a higher rooftop. Take them all out, then grab the Golden Rune [5] off of the bridge. If you look at the raised sections of roofing to the left of the bridge you'll find a path up to a circular rooftop with a Serpent-Man and several peasants on it. Kill them all. There's a Golden Rune [9] on a corpse near the Serpent-Man.

Have a look down from the rooftop to the northern street. An Iron Virgin will meander along here once you get its attention, and several hounds are waiting to attack you. You can use this spot to safely destroy every enemy. If you look to a lower rooftop from this vantage point you can also see a Scarab. It drops a Somber Smithing Stone [5] when killed. Watch out for the Iron Virgin, as it can reach you here. Killing the Scarab from a distance is safer.

Next comes the street. If you feel confident you can leap down and destroy the Iron Virgin, though you should take out the hounds before you do. It's more likely, however, that you'll just want to avoid it. Jump down and you can find ten Fire Arrows near a corpse a hound was chewing on, and if you go up the street to the north you can jump onto a rooftop to reach a Smithing Stone [6].

With the enemies on the rooftops gone you can, somewhat more safely, jump down to the courtyard in the middle of all the buildings. Look near the fire and you'll see an Omenkiller loitering about. He's a tough enemy, but manageable if you cleared out all the poison-flinging peasants. It's also pretty easy to snipe him from the rooftops if you have a ranged weapon. The Omenkiller drops the Great Omenkiller Cleaver when defeated, and checking around the courtyard will yield you a Golden Rune [6], three Drawstring Fire Greases, and an Erdtree Seal.

There's a side passage from the courtyard that will take you into a room with two hounds. Kill them off, then continue through the next passage. You'll be facing a cliff. Look on your right and you'll see a set of broken stairs. If you run at the edge of the stairs and leap you'll cross the gap and land on the other side. There's a Stonesword Key here. If you miss, well... you'll fall. (Surprisingly, if you land in the lava you'll only take some damage, not immediately die.)


Go left upon landing and you'll find a cave filled with gravestones. There are a bunch of Living Jars here, large and small, though most of them aren't interested in messing with you. On a ledge in the rear of the cave is a Golden Rune [9], and behind the large Living Jar is a Smoldering Shield. Leap across the lava to the central island to find a Smithing Stone [6].

Run through the cave and out the other side to find several half-sunken buildings. Hop to the nearest rooftop and you'll find a route onto the rocks beside you, guarded by a few peasants. You can use the jump from the last ledge at the top to return to the courtyard.

At the end of the courtyard is a gate. Kill the peasant standing watch in front of it, then look to your left to find another one that will hurl poison if ignored. If you go up the stairs to the west of the gate you'll see a bridge on your left and a fog door on your right. Use a Stonesword Key on the fog door and you'll open a room with... another Iron Virgin in it. Ugh. Run past it and up the stairs on the other side to find a broken upper floor with three peasants and a Crimson Amber Medallion +1 on it.

Head back outside and cross the bridge. Kill the Serpent-Man at the end and you'll find a locked door behind it. Take a right here and go around the building it was guarding to find another Serpent-Man, staring at a Smithing Stone [4]. Kill it, grab the item, and backtrack towards the front of the building. You'll see a ladder on your right before you reach the front.

On the roof you'll find a broken window that you can use to drop down into the building, but it's a wasted effort. Instead, check the left side of the building from the front door to find an Albinauric Bloodclot and a side door. Inside the building you'll find a number of Albinaurics, pinned up in torture devices and largely incapable of doing anything to you. Open the front door to create a small shortcut, and check the right side of the building for a Beast Blood.

Go through the rear door in the south. You'll find stairs here, and there's an Albinauric sitting on it, though these ones look a bit different - no faces, for starters - and will rush at you and try to grab you. Kill it before it can cause any damage. Go down two flights of stairs and you'll find several more under the stairs; kill them one-at-a-time so they can't rush you. Note that any you see laying on the floor will get up, so start attacking them before they can. There's a Golden Rune [9] down here.

In the rear of the room with the stairs is a hallway, and you'll see al Albinauric suspended from chains. If left alive this pitiable creature will shriek, drawing another, more violent Albinauric over to attack you. Kill the shrieker first. At the end of the hallway there's a door on your left and a larger room to the right; take two rights and you'll find the next Site of Grace.


Guest Hall

Make sure you kill the two Albinaurics in the previous room if you refreshed yourself at the Site of Grace. They can still cause you trouble. Activate the summoning pool, then have a look around. There are three doors here, one of which you need to open. Check the balcony that connects the other two doors for five Explosive Greatbolts - watch out for a Serpent-Man patrolling out here - then go through the closed door.

The ladder out here will take you down to a small, sinking cluster of buildings, populated primarily by slow-moving slugs. Check straight ahead of the ladder and around the right corner of the adjacent wall for a slug guarding two Fireproofed Dried Livers, then head into town.

The lava floe cuts the buildings into two halves. Start by looking to the right. The building directly ahead of you has a dirt pile on its right side. You can use this to climb onto the roof, where you'll find a Somber Smithing Stone [6]. Make sure to kill the peasant lounging on the roof before you get back down again.

Jump across the lava stream to the other half of this small area. There's a peasant on a nearby rooftop whom you should kill before he starts throwing things, and on the right are two hidden peasants that you can take out from the left side before they ambush you on the right. There's a Golden Rune [9] sitting on what looks like the top of a fountain here, surrounded by slugs, and if you get onto the left rooftops at the far end you can double back to find a Smithing Stone [6] on the edge of one roof.

If you continue to use the rooftops you can climb to a cage-covered platform on the right, bypassing a number of enemies. Kill the patrolling Serpent-Man - watch out, his whips have a considerable range to them - and look around. There are two cages on your right that you can climb into. The cage on the left will take you far above, to the next leg of your journey. We don't want that just yet, so hop in the cage on the right. It will take you down to the lava floe.

Walk east and you'll see a large, empty cavern. It won't be empty for long, as a Magma Wyrm will rear up and attack you once you enter. The stretch of land where you first engage the Magma Wyrm is pretty small, so jump back the way you came to give yourself more room. Summons are useful, though they do tend to die in lava pretty quickly. You'll get a Dragon Heart for killing the Magma Wyrm, you'll find six Smoldering Butterflies on the hardened magma where you first encountered the dragon, and if you wade through the lava to the rear of the room you'll find a Smithing Stone [7].

Return to the upper platform and use the left cage. It will take you far above the lava and back to the main manor. Check on your right to find a Somber Smithing Stone [5] on a corpse dangling over the precipice, then take a left. There's a powerful Blackflame Monk on the nearby stairs that will try to fry you with his magic, though he's pretty easy to stagger. At the top of the stairs is an ominous-looking church.

This is, unsurprisingly, a boss room. Before you enter, go left from the church entrance. You'll find a pair of massive wheel mechanisms, as well as a gear to activate. Doing so will raise a bridge that leads back to the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. Refresh yourself before you take on the boss.


Godskin Noble

Despite his hefty appearance, the Godskin Noble is a swift, agile enemy. Fighting with a long rapier and some nasty black flame magic, the Godskin Noble will follow you relentlessly around the church, trying to skewer you... until, at least, you reach the halfway point of the fight. Then it starts to roll around, using its puffy coat to turn into a swift wheel that tries to run you over. You'll need good reactions and proper use of cover to survive this fight. Some tips:

  • Try to fight on the sides of the Godskin Noble. Aside from a few area of effect attacks that you'll see coming, most of the Godskin Noble's strikes travel in a straight line. Constantly trying to back up and away from it will see you getting hit more often than you should, especially when it starts to use rapier combos.
  • Use the pillars to your advantage. The Godskin Noble will usually hurl a black flame at you when you try to heal, but the flame will hit a pillar if one is in the way. Pillars are also useful for avoiding the rolling attack, and can stop the Godskin Noble from fully carrying through on a rapier flurry. That said, do not hug the pillars. The Godskin Noble's rapier will go right through them - they just deaden the Noble's attack range a bit.
  • Beware the Godskin Noble's range with its rapier. It will step forward when thrusting, adding a significant reach to each attack. Blocking works well in the first half, though when the Godskin Noble begins flurrying more rapidly in the second phase of the fight blocking will often see your Stamina drained to zero.
  • Call in some help, but try not to use Spirit Ashes that rely entirely on close-range melee attacks. The Godskin Noble uses a few area of effect attacks, particularly one involving black flames, that will decimate melee summons.

You'll earn 50,000 Runes, the Godskin Stitcher, and the Noble Presence Incantation for defeating the Godskin Noble.


Temple of Eiglay

Activate the Site of Grace after defeating the Godskin Noble. You can now look around the temple at your leisure. Straight ahead on the altar you'll find the Serpent's Amnion, a key item needed for Rya's questline. To the right of the steps leading to the altar is a lift that will take you to the temple's upper floor. You'll find a Golden Rune [9] on the walkways.

The two doors at either end of the walkways lead to a connected balcony. You can jump off of the balcony and down to the lava floe, though watch out for slugs as you land. Activate the summoning pool on your right as you land, and check the slope beside the summoning pool for a Golden Rune [12]. The slugs in this little area are guarding four Smoldering Butterflies.

(Just across from the Butterflies is a thin path between the rocks and the temple. This leads to a shortcut you'll open later. Don't bother going down the path now.)

Cross the rock bridge to the east, killing slugs as you go. At the top of the hill is a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Jump down to the path below and follow it until you're looking at a vast lava field. This probably looks like a boss arena, but it's not. Hop along the rocks to your left.

An Iron Virgin will appear nearby and block your path. If you don't feel like fighting it you can run past it and hop into a window on your left. Get away from the wall, as the Iron Virgin can apparently swing right through it. Ow. At this point the path splits, and your options are a door, on your right, and a ladder, straight ahead. We'll look at the ladder first.

Descend the ladder and you'll find four Drawstring Fire Greases at the bottom. Nearby are stairs that curve downwards, and on them are crawling Albinaurics that are just waiting for you to get close enough. Shoot them from afar, then descend the stairs. You'll find two more spellcasting Albinaurics on the lower floor, protecting a cell. Take them out, then check the cell for the Missionary's Cookbook [6].

Return to the upper floor via the ladder and go out the door. There's a Man-Serpent ahead, and from this point on their weapons are fiery, and will do additional damage. Kill it, then look over the railing to your left, away from the lava. Below, sitting on a small ledge, is a Crimson Tear Scarab. You'll need to jump to another ledge from here and loop back around, past the Iron Virgin again, to return to the main path.

The next room ahead contains an Albinauric, and it will launch itself at you from your left as you enter the door. Near where the Albinauric was standing is a lift, mentioned earlier, and it will take you back to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. It will also, if you're paying attention, take you to a chamber just below the upper one, so be ready to jump off early. Inside is a peasant to kill and a Stonesword Key. Jump out of the window in this chamber to find a path to a Scarab that's holding a Somber Smithing Stone [5].

Look to the other side of the lava floe, opposite where you killed the Scarab. There's a line of serpentine statues over a thin path that winds along the edge of the manor. Partway down this path you'll be ambushed by two Man-Serpents coming out of the lava, so watch out for them. Ultimately the path leads to a small chamber under the manor where you'll find a horde of Basilisks guarding a Somber Smithing Stone [6]. Fighting them in here is a nuisance, so it's much easier to just run in, grab the stone, and run back out before the chamber fills with gas.

Before you return to the room along the elevator route, look on the opposite lava floe from the window you jumped out of. There's a small room here which will be empty unless you're progressing through Rya's questline. If you are, she may be here. Otherwise, you'll just find a ladder leading back to the main path.

Climb the ladder. There's a Serpent-Man patrolling at the top for you to kill. This passage has one more Serpent-Man at the end, this one with a fiery whip, and there are a bunch of peasants wandering around. If you kill these peasants they will release a poisonous puff upon death, harming you if you're nearby. Kill them from a distance, if at all. Walk out onto the head of the second serpentine statue on the right for a Commoner's Headband.

The end of the passage will take you back into the more opulent hallways of the manor. Open the door ahead and on your right and you'll find a throne room of sorts, filled with more poisonous peasants on the lower floor and three Serpent-Men on the upper floor. (And yes, that thing on the throne is just another Serpent-Man. Its head is stuck in an egg shell.) Lure the Serpent-Men down towards you one-at-a-time rather than trying to kill all three at once. The peasants are standing in front of Man-Serpant Ashes, and will only raise a ruckus if you try to grab the Ashes.

At the rear of the room, beside the throne, you'll find a balcony. This leads to a teleporter that will take you to the boss fog. If you don't have any Stonesword Keys - or don't want to spend any - or perhaps just really need a Site of Grace - then use the teleporter now. Otherwise, look across the chamber from the throne and you'll see a side door leading to a fog door. You'll need two Stonesword Keys to part the fog.

You'll find yourself in a room full of cages suspended on chains. Ignore the cages altogether and look to your right. You can fall off of the ledge and land on a platform below. This leads to a set of stairs up to a wider chamber, within which you'll find a Serpent-Man on the lower floor and an Albinauric spellcaster on another set of stairs. Take them both out and go up the stairs. This will take you back to the room filled with cages...

... though now you'll be on the other side of it, near a Dagger Talisman. From here you can drop onto a cage below, then down to another section of floor. Kill the Albinauric upon landing, then grab the nearby Rune Arc.

From here you can drop down more cages to the floor far below, but don't go down too quickly. If you scan the southeast floor from atop the lowest cage you'll see a bunch of Albinaurics skulking around on the floor. This is a good spot for ranged attackers to do some sniping. Drop down once you've killed four of them - you'll take some damage on landing, so be ready for it - and kill the two trapped Albinaurics that want to raise an alarm. There's one last Albinauric waiting for you in the southwest chamber, guarding a Seedbed Curse.

At the far end of this hall you'll find a well-appointed chamber with Ash of War: Royal Knight's Resolve in it. Follow the pathway on your right and you'll find a door that will lead you back to the NPC-filled hallways of Volcano Manor. If you didn't go through the teleporter earlier, you'll have to redo a few sections of Volcano Manor to reach the boss.

Regardless of how you got here, via Tanith or the dungeon, you've now reached the Audience Pathway Site of Grace. Activate the summoning pool nearby and head into the boss fog. This next fight is going to get a little gross.


God-Devouring Serpent and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Now this is a messed-up boss battle. Consisting of two fairly-different phases, the fight against the God-Devouring Serpent and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy is one of FromSoftware's iconic forced weapon scenarios. If you're not using a very specific weapon the battle is much, much harder, to the point it's not even worth fighting. Fortunately, you'll find the Serpent-Hunter on your left as you enter the boss fog, and you can safely equip it before anything bad happens. The Serpent-Hunter is a Great Spear that allows you to launch bursts of wind when used. (Though only in this boss chamber.)

The first half of this fight is against the God-Devouring Serpent. It will slither slowly towards you, dragging a pool of lava along with it. You're supposed to remain at a distance, dodge its bite attacks, and fire the Serpent-Hunter at its head... though if you have plenty of health, you can much more easily get right into the lava and chip away at its hide or head. Even without protective gear the fire damage from the lava is slight, and the Serpent can't do much to attack you when you're snugged right up against it, if it attacks at all. Hitting the head will stagger it more quickly, but that's by and large not a big deal.

Things get a bit hairier once you defeat the God-Devouring Serpent, as Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy comes out next. Though he moves more slowly and is a bit easier to predict, Rykard has more tricks up his sleeve and won't fall for the same attack-from-the-lava schtick. You'll need to stay at a distance during this phase, firing shots at Rykard's head and avoiding his sword sweeps. They're long, slow, and easy to dodge, but they hurt quite a bit when they connect. If the air goes orange and things start to fall from the sky, circle constantly to avoid damage until the attack eventually comes to an end.

On the whole, yes, this is a gimmick fight, and it's one that favors characters with higher amounts of health. Keep healing and firing, though, and you'll be victorious sooner or later.

(One fun hint: If you have the Mimic Tear Ashes you can make a joke of this fight. Summon the Mimic Tear when you have the Serpent-Hunter equipped and it, too, will have a Serpent-Hunter. The two of you can utterly demolish the Serpent and Rykard by working together.)

You'll gain 97,500 Runes and the Remembrance of the Blasphemous for defeating the God-Devouring Serpent and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Look near the new Site of Grace for an Eye Surcoat, then warp out of here. You're done with Volcano Manor.

... almost. You're almost done. Return to the main area of Volcano Manor and speak to Tanith. She'll be largely okay with the defeat of her lord, and wish you farewell. Check the hallway near the drawing room for the My Thanks Gesture, then reload the area. Tanith will be gone... though you can find her back in Rykard's battle arena. She's, uh, well... she seems to have some screws loose.

If you kill Tanith now, you'll immediately be invaded by Tanith's Knight, a fairly standard Lesser Crucible Knight. There's lots of room down here, so you have ample opportunity to avoid the knight's attacks. Defeating it will earn you Aspects of the Crucible: Breath Incantation. Check Tanith's body for the Consort's Set.