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Guide to Yurt the Silent Chief's Storyline in "Demon's Souls"

Found suspended over a bloody bog, trapped in a cage, Yurt the Silent Chief at first seems like he might be a sympathetic character. He doesn't seem to do a whole lot in the Nexus, though, and he's well-hidden enough that you may not even notice he's there. As far as Demon's Souls characters go, Yurt is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Don't be fooled, however. Yurt is very much active - you just don't know what he's doing until it's too late. This guide will show you what Yurt is up to, and how you can deal with him.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Finding Yurt

It's very easy to miss Yurt altogether if you aren't eagle-eyed. Proceed through Tower of Latria until you reach Upper Latria (World 3-2). You'll find yourself on a series of thin walkways, far above the ground, with a huge, circular structure in the middle.

Head towards the circular structure containing the enormous heart and climb the stairs inside until you reach a landing. (If this is your first visit the heart will still be here and you won't be able to ascend any further.) There's a path here leading to a nearby tower, guarded by Gargoyles. Cross to the tower, go up the stairs, and use the lift you find to reach the roof. Kill the Dreglings casting magic at the top, if you haven't already.

Up here you'll find another walkway to an adjacent platform, and you can hop in a cage here to descend to the bog far below. Before you do that, however, look for a broken walkway that leads to another, lower platform. Hop down here and you'll find Yurt's cage. You can free him or leave him to rot as you see fit, though leaving Yurt in the cage won't trigger anything.

How should you proceed? Well, let's see what happens if you let him go.

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Killing Yurt

Once you free Yurt he will 'patrol' his little platform in Latria, and won't leave the area until you've defeated a boss. You can use this opportunity to fight and kill Yurt. The battle isn't too difficult, though the size of the platform can put you at a disadvantage. Either backstab his health away and engage in normal melee or leave the platform, return to the ledge nearby, and fire spells or arrows at Yurt until he dies. He can't fight at a range so he'll be helpless.

Once Yurt dies he will drop the Gloom Armor Set. If you killed Yurt by somehow knocking him off of the platform and into the bog below, you can save and reload your game to find the Armor Set by his cage. It's worth noting that you can hop in Yurt's empty cage and use it to descend to the swamp.


Leaving Yurt Alone

If you free Yurt and don't kill him he will remain in Latria until you've defeated a boss. Once you do he will relocate to the Nexus, taking residence in a small alcove on the second level, just off the staircases that lead up to the Monumental. Yurt won't do a whole lot, though his dialogue is pretty ominous.

... you may also notice two bodies laying around the Nexus. One is on the right staircase leading to Yurt, the other against the wall near Yurt. Both have Souls so they're easy to spot. This should clue you in to Yurt's purpose: He's a murderer. And if you leave him be, he'll continue killing people in the Nexus, emptying the place out.

Your only chance is to kill Yurt now, before he can go for any of the named NPCs. Killing him will earn you the Gloom Armor Set, and have consequences we'll discuss below. If you decide not to kill Yurt, however, he'll start killing NPCs, and you'll find their corpses in the Nexus. Yurt will kill one NPC every time you defeat a boss, in this order:

  • Acolyte of God
  • Freke's Apprentice
  • Ostrava, if you've saved him in Boletarian Palace
  • Saint Urbain, if you freed him from Shrine of Storms
  • Sage Freke, if you freed him from Tower of Latria
  • Biorr, if you freed him from Boletarian Palace
  • Patches, if you met him in either Stonefang Tunnel or Shrine of Storms
  • Yuria, if you freed her from Boletarian Palace

Yurt will basically clear out every non-essential, important NPC in the Nexus, leaving it a much emptier place. If you speak to Yurt after he's killed at least one NPC he'll reveal his purpose and become hostile, forcing you to kill him. So... basically, he has to die if you free him from his cage. Fun guy.


Aside from losing NPCs, the consequence of setting out on Yurt's path is gaining access to another NPC: Mephistopheles. Once your character has reached Black Character Tendency by engaging all manner of misdeeds (killing NPCs or invading the worlds of other players and killing them) Mephistopheles will show up in the Nexus. She'll ask you to take Yurt's place, killing NPCs for rewards. Nasty business, which we'll discuss in another article.

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